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"What You Have To Do, Do Quickly!"

Message Received 4/23/02

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I've told you before, this ministry tests the metal of the people. Again I repeat to My son, Chuck, something that I've told My daughter again and again she has not shared. I prophecised many years ago, this ministry will entertain as well as inform this end time generation, for their hearts are hardened and they are used to entertainment so I will give them the entertainment, I will give them the beauty. You write these words down and you tell the people, this is why this is done under the anointing, but I also inform them. 

I send my apostles and prophets to warn before My judgment comes. You tell the people that this ministry blesses, to start writing to other ministries on the internet and ask them to come and view this ministry and link to this ministry. If everyone will do their part, this will be the number one Christian site. But that's when the enemy comes in, that's when there's a fight. My son Chuck, I will show you how, you are to put a way up there, people can vote for this to be the number one Christian site. Get their opinion. Rate it. This may seem trivial, but on top of this 40,000 search engines, on top of the people making the duplicate sites, on top of them giving it to other ministries, the links, this will even have a far reaching impact. But this will also get the enemy's attention even more and I'm sorry to say they'll be breathing down your back with jealousy and covetousness. For I have given this ministry, which lacks in finances thus far, more than I gave those of wealth. And none can compare with the anointing of this temple without walls.

Joseph is to be reminded as I put it on my daughter's heart. He made a vow to Me to take these words of this ministry, words of fire and words of anointing power and put it into Cantonese and put it into Chinese. But he has been hindered and he has been stopped. He needs to be reminded, the work he's going to do, he'd better do quick! Or I will raise up another one.

You see, I'm even testing David, My son. Will he do what he vowed to do? Mary **** made a vow not to forsake you. But see how easily their vows are broken. Now David is being put to the test. Will he really do his best?

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