My name is Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah and my Title Apostle and Reverend is a reminder of who I rever, worship, love, serve ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and Sweet HOLY SPIRIT /RUACH HA KODESH IMMAYAH! I am entrusted by YAHUSHUA with the Title Apostle/ Prophet/Pastor, and also Evangelist. The Titles are a constant reminder to me to do as YAHUSHUA spoke to me in a audible voice, "feed MY Sheep and Lambs" No one said it would be easy to be persecuted for YAHUSHUA Name sake ,but it is worth it!

I didn't quit and now the Ministry is in 28 languages! I am called Momma R.m and a Prophet to the nations. We are reaching Israel as it was prophecied many years ago.

Don't Give Up And don't Quit!

Elisabeth Elijah Tells YAHUSHUA,
"I Quit! Go Find Someone Else To Minister To Your Sheep!"
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Forgive ME YAHUSHUA! I was wrong! I don't know very many ministers who haven't at some point wanted to quit.  A few years ago I reached that point.  Then someone sent me the Teapot Story which ministered to me and bound up my wounds, giving me the strength to go on.   Please read about when I went through one of the lowest points in my life. YAHUVEH has said to be not ashamed of my past, but to use it for his glory. If this has encouraged even one minister, then this has been worth it. When your done read the Teapot Story to see why we must suffer.

Below is a graphic, property of this ministry, again no one is allowed to use it without permission. Carol Waggoner, is the graphic artist, we hired her to do this beautiful work. The bare vine is US, before salvation! When we don't have YAHUSHUA Messiah as LORD (ruler of our hearts and lives! After Salvation, the Holy Spirit comes (symbolized by the dove), and brings us life which is YAHUSHUA Messiah and draws us to the saving arms of YAHUSHUA Messiah, through the price he paid at Calvary so we would be saved from HELL!

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I received a story about a teapot today, from another prophet, Rick, who doesn't even know me. I don't even know how he got my email address.  What he sent me I needed, for it encouraged me! I am posting the article and this confession in hopes this will encourage others who are ready to give up and quit! Maybe even have. I am humbling myself before ALL of you and YAHUSHUA Messiah, obeying him by writing this.

I pray it blesses you also if you are like me and wonder "WHY LORD YAHUSHUA are you letting this happen?" I was so discouraged recently that I said "That's it I am NOT going to get my pastors license renewed! I QUIT BEING A MINISTER!" But I have since REPENTED! I would sooner quit breathing then ministering for YAHUSHUA Messiah! This is my sole purpose in life to obey YAHUSHUA Messiah, To Love Him! to bring other souls to HIM! To bind up the wounds of the broken Sheep! To preach the good news! To be HIS mouthpiece and speak forth His Holy Prophetic Messages! My Prayer is "Dear YAHUSHUA, Please USE this broken vessel of Clay More for your Glory! For I admit I cannot do anything without your strength, anointing, wisdom, and guidance! Without your Love and Mercy! I am ordained by YAHUSHUA Messiah and licensed by man. Partners may come and go, but there is ONE partner that promises he will never leave nor forsake me! His name is YAHUSHUA Messiah of Calvary & Nazareth! He is the only True Love of my Life!

Forgive Me YAHUSHUA as I confess before others, I sinned for24 hours when I told my Lord I QUIT! When this Clay says to the Potter Almighty, "Go find someone else to suffer under the financial load! I QUIT! I can't take the abuse, and ungratefulness anymore from those we try and help! Preachers that should be standing by my side, other brothers and Sisters who attack for preaching the ENTIRE Gospel of YAHUSHUA Messiah! Partners that come and Go like ships passing in the night. I am tired of the loneliness LORD! But now I REPENT! I repent before YAHUSHUA and HIS PEOPLE! This is what I am! I repent for I let the spirit of Rebellion for 24 hours and I said I will just sit here and be quiet and stay saved. Who needs this hassle, especially the financial burden! I QUIT! I only said this ONE other time and had a nervous breakdown for a year after I said those words! Nearly 6 years ago. You can't run from what you're ordained to do! 

Everyday Satan taunted me to just kill myself, I had given up my only purpose in living, and that is ministering! I was substituting the peace that passes all understanding with Zoloft 200mgs. Now I started out with 25mgs and got lost in the grocery store for hours! Yet 8 months later, I was taking 200mgs to 250mgs. and it wasn't touching the deep depression and hopelessness! or suicidal spirits! Those that I had ministered to saw their pastor no longer having faith to pray for them or barely herself, lost respect for me, but since that time it has been restored! Thank you YAHUSHUA!

Other ministers, when I lifted my hands up for help, shot them down with their mouths like a machine gun! for daring to ask for HELP! What I was created for I had given up on! YAHUSHUA brought me OUT of that despair 6 years ago! by reminding me I can't give up what I was created for! It is my identity! Who I am through YAHUSHUA Messiah my LORD!

Now Satan was trying to pull the same trick again, it appeared to be working! But Almighty YAHUVEH had other plans this time! Praise YAHUSHUA !

I heard YAHUVEH tease me and say aren't you even going to give me a 10 day notice? I told YAHUSHUA OK, I will give you a 10 day notice to change my mind! That night I had these dreams that showed me the future, and confirmed I am to minister to YAHUSHUA Messiah's sheep! Most of all I repented for allowing the devil to put the spirit of rebellion on me!

A whole commercial plane will come to YAHUSHUA Messiah, and I prayerfully will lead the entire plane to YAHUSHUA and HE lands the plane safely! It will be headlines in the newspapers one day! Newspapers will be forced to glorify to YAHUSHUA Messiah as the passengers and pilots admit only YAHUSHUA Messiah could have landed that plane safely! Want to come fly with Us? :)

Many MORE souls will be saved because of the evangelism he showed me especially Jerusalem! He will use another lady and I, and showed this ministry's part with all of the souls getting saved! Devout Jews becoming believers in YAHUSHUA as Messiah! I will recognize the people I met in my dream!

I Called my friend so fired up yesterday morning, I knew I couldn't quit! For this is my identity, this is ALL Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah is about, I can't stop preaching, talking, praying, ministering, I will die if I even try! I will have no purpose in living! OK, THIS ISN'T EVERYONE'S LIFE, but it's My reason!

Leading souls to YAHUSHUA is my Sole purpose in life! Not anything I have done special, just the deep calling, and anointing, gifts I have been given for the sole purpose of giving mankind a choice, salvation or damnation, but they must know their choices!

I must intercede for the lost sheep, the abused sheep, warn where the evil shepherds are, the false prophets, the wolves in sheep's clothing! This is who Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah is! This is my identity. I have no other!

Child, warrior, bride, minister, prophet, and anything else he wants to call me! Most of all a sinner saved by mercy, and grace! We all have a divine purpose and this is mine!

Please pray for me. I am attacked by the enemy for standing against evil! Yes, even by the brethren who don't believe a woman can be used like this.

I was reminded by YAHUSHUA through the dream the only thing that brings me pleasure in life is helping others, leading them to YAHUSHUA Messiah's cross at Calvary! To the ONLY good shepherd! There is no greater reward! Than being a blessing to others, at least attempting to be!

The only thing I get to take with me to Heaven is the knowledge we are used to bring others there! Praise YAHUSHUA! I get to be used to Bless others!

As YOU are! While YAHUSHUA Messiah gets the PRAISE, HONOR, and glory! There are others standing with us.

A woman who wrote me New Years and said YAHUVEH used this broken vessel of Clay to stop her from KILLING HERSELF! What price can I put on that? Everything in my life I would do over again, just so this soul would be saved from HELL!

This site is used like a Church! I love the souls YAHUSHUA has me minister to, or fellowship with. There is NO greater reward than serving YAHUSHUA!

Before my family, I humbly repent I ever said these words to my dearest Lord and Master YAHUSHUA Messiah! I repent, and Now before YOU I repent, even if I only had these thoughts for LESS then 24 hours, I sinned by thinking them at all!

I didn't have to acknowledge this sin, yet I do! for only YAHUSHUA would have known, yet this gives the devil a black eye when I confess what would have been rebellion if I had done this!

A member of my congregation told me she wanted to confess a sin before me because the devil was taunting her. She did confess to me, and I said remind the devil your sins are washed in the shed blood of our Lord and Master YAHUSHUA Messiah of Calvary!

That's when the devil started tormenting me by saying the same thing, so to shut HIS mouth! and give Glory to YAHUSHUA Messiah! I confess my sin of rebellion before the world! and Heaven listens and all HELL SHUDDERS AS Satan is defeated again!

See when I sin, YAHUSHUA has me blast it from the housetops, in this case, the internet! Rebellion is a SIN! Not our will but YAHUVEH's Will be done! This life is NOT my own, I gave it to YAHUSHUA Messiah, 23 years ago, along with my heart, mind, body, spirit, and soul! Confessing ye sins one to another, keeps us humble before each other also. More ministers are needed to do this, it would knock them off their self-made and media-made pedestals!

YAHUSHUA said to me (Nov. 20, 1997) something he told me long ago when I told him "I don't want to call myself a prophet," they KILL the prophets! YAHUSHUA said it doesn't matter what you call yourself, it only matters what I call you and I call you not only a prophet, but my minister that will continue to feed and lead my sheep to me! That's a thus sayeth YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA Messiah! He said he is NOT letting go of his ministers so easily! So I encourage you when the devil comes against you, don't give up and quit! Recently my brother above felt led to tell me to read Prophecy 7 again (No More Crumbs). YAHUSHUA spoke it through me, and now I was told to reread it again! READ IT! What a blessing! These prophecies are not meant to be read one time and thrown away, or say "I read that before", it is ALIVE! the words took on GREATER meaning to me than before! If you believe the prophecies are YAHUSHUA Speaking then his Words are LIFE!

YAHUSHUA didn't panic when I told him I QUIT! He just said "Elisabeth, you can't minister with this attitude," and I said "Don't worry YAHUSHUA, I won't!" You who are running from what you are ordained to do, listen to my words! Repent before its TOO late! You know you are MISERABLE there is a VOID that only Obeying the Will of Daddy YAHUVEH can Fill!

In less than 24 hours, YAHUSHUA got my attitude back the way it should always be. NOT my will be done, but YAHUSHUA Messiah's perfect will be done!

Humbly and a broken vessel of clay, I make my enemies rejoice at thinking they almost won! But by posting this before the world I say to all those that sent out that spirit of destruction upon this ministry and the leaders, vengeance is Mine sayeth YAHUVEH HE alone will repay YOU!

We forgive you, for you're nothing more than a puppet Satan has used against US! With me confessing this before the congregation, TOGETHER we will cut your power in YAHUSHUA Messiah's name!

No weapon formed against US shall prosper and every tongue formed against US is condemned! This is the heritage of the saints!

I am back more angry and full of hatred for Satan and his workers than ever before! More determined than ever! I have decided to follow YAHUSHUA Messiah! To minister for YAHUSHUA Messiah! and there is NO TURNING BACK!

My name is Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah, and my title is about who I revere, serve and who I teach others to revere, love and worship, and that is YAHUSHUA Messiah! But its a reminder of my calling to FEED YAHUSHUA Messiah's SHEEP!

Warn the sheep where the wolves are! WARN the wolves GET away from YAHUSHUA Messiah's sheep!

The B lood of YAHUSHUA Messiah is against you Satan! and all your demons also and all those that send evil curses in OUR directions! The Blood of YAHUSHUA Messiah is against your evil Spirits of Occultism, Voodoo, Witchcraft, New Age, Satanism!

When I was going through this time of testing, and I know its not over with yet, anyway a friend and I were praying and over a cordless phone with voice scramble we heard VOODOO TIN DRUMS BEATING! There even was a cymbal clanging! I changed stations and it was as if I did NOT change anything, it only beat harder and louder, and my friend heard a howling wolf!

We prayed in the HOLY SPIRIT tongues and YAHUSHUA had a prophecy for the one listening and praying to their gods against US! Believe you me they had better shudder in fear, for they weren't coming against US, but YAHUSHUA Messiah! The noise stopped!

BACK OFF DEVIL! YOU HAVE NO CLAIM ON THIS MINISTRY! OR I, OR THOSE WHO HELP ME WITH THEIR PRAYERS, AND SUPPORT! We take back forcefully now and demand back seven-fold, Satan All you have stolen! For we caught you stealing Satan! We rebuke the devourer! Bind it up and cast it away in YAHUSHUA Messiah's Holy name! And the bible says seven-fold must be returned to us!

We rebuke the devouring spirits and the spirit of poverty and lack you have tried to send to this ministry and the ministers! And those trying to support the ministry through prayer and finances! We bind up all evil spirits sent against  us and this ministry and we stand on the word of YAHUVEH that says "Whatsoever is bound on earth is bound in Heaven! What is loosed on earth is loosed in Heaven! We loose the spirits of Prosperity and abundance to this ministry and the ministers and those praying for this ministry!

We send the Evil spirits back to the senders! Thousand-fold! In the name of YAHUSHUA Messiah let it boomerang! Those who cursed this ministry and the ministers, and the finances, the curse is now upon the one who sought our destruction! You will reap what you have sowed! So BEWARE! Repent before its too late!

Victory In YAHUSHUA Messiah is OURS! Eternal Defeat is YOURS! who serve Satan and try and destroy YAHUSHUA Messiah's Servants! Those that stand with US on YAHUSHUA Messiah's side will stand.

Those that stand against US on Satan's side will FALL! Immediate destruction shall befall those being used of Satan, repent! The evil spirits of destruction you sent shall take you OFF the face of the earth and into the bowels of HELL! The Holy Spirit writes this through me under the anointing!

I prophecy this in the name of YAHUSHUA Messiah of Calvary and Nazareth! Under the Holy Spirit's anointing and direction! e-mail and repent before those you have harmed so you will be forgiven! You know who you are!

We already know who sent you and your purpose, there is forgiveness at the cross of Calvary, but you must repent before YAHUSHUA and US, who you have wronged! Any curses sent our way, (beware witches and Satanist), will be returned seven-fold upon your own heads! The bible says they will boomerang! I cut the UNGODLY silver Cords that you use and lay lines the blood line is drawn and Satan you and your Cohorts can't cross the blood line of YAHUSHUA Messiah of Calvary!

The Blood of YAHUSHUA Messiah is against you Satan! and All your evil spirits! And those you send to destroy me and this ministry! In YAHUSHUA Messiah's name I stand! So for your OWN sakes those that wish to harm me and stop this ministry, BE WARNED because I serve a YAHUVEH that will Protect me even if it means taking your life! Vengeance is MINE sayeth YAHUVEH I will repay! I forgive, he repays is it really worth it????? This has been a warning to my enemies spoken under the anointing of the Holy Spirit!

Vengeance is Mine sayeth YAHUVEH I will repay! It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of Almighty YAHUVEH! Almighty in Love and Mercy, Almighty in WAR! Beware enemies of the Cross, the name and the blood of YAHUSHUA Messiah! It's NOT US you have offended but ALMIGHTY GOD YAHUVEH who sent US!

This month (November) we need sowers to sow seed into this ministry which is fertile ground. Pray they will come forward to share in the blessing of this harvest. Thank you! Please pray for those who will become sponsors of this Internet Church. Thank you !

Now we also need hope and encouragement. We never ask anything from YAHUSHUA Messiah's people but your prayers, this I am asking again. Satan recently tempted me to put advertising on this website, after all many ministers are doing this, and the advertisers pay to advertise per ad! But I can't do it! YAHUSHUA and the Holy Spirit has NOT given US peace in this, so he has to raise up the money to cover the costs of this ministry in another way.

PRAY He does! Is that asking too much for you to do? Write us (see my email addresses below). Let us know someone else cares please! It's YOU we are ministering too! Please let us know you're standing with us. Even YAHUSHUA was grieved when only ONE leper came back out of ten to thank him. Nine were healed and they never even said thank you! Are you that special grateful ONE or are you the one getting blessed, but never returning to say thank you? Never even offering a prayer for this ministry?

This candle is in honor of the many women whose lives have been affected by violence. Read my testimony and see how I can identify. Place this image on your homepage to keep the Candle Light vigil alive.

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