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Beloved Sister Linda,

I feel led of the Ruach to post your letter below in feedback. What you say is true about Israel. I am still trying to reach the Hebrew people and especially a well known journalist and author we both know.

People think when we are told to pray "peace for Jerusalem" we are speaking of no more wars and yet we know when the words "peace peace then the end will come". We are to be praying for the spiritual peace of receiving YAHUSHUA ha Mashiach as the only Messiah and King of Kings and LORD of Lords! The Son of YAHUVEH who is the crucified and arisen Saviour who's shed blood is the only redemption of sin, the Only holy blood sacrifice, there is no other way to YAHUVEH except through the name of YAHUSHUA and the BLOOD of YAHUSHUA! Everyone that receives the blood of YAHUSHUA is a JEW they are grafted in to the branch of the tribe of the Lion of Judah. It is not the physical blood that makes us a JEW it is the spiritual blood. Revelation 2:9

We do pray for the nation of Israel. Sadly without Messiah, YAHUSHUA also called by some (JESUS CHRIST) the people of that nation will suffer the same fate as any other YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH rejecting person. Without YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) any ministry sent to them is as AIR. A puff of nothing that has no eternal value IF they are not speaking forth the truth and because of the love of their souls dare to offend them with the truth. This Ministry dares to offend Jews and gentiles with the truth that will set them FREE if they will but accept YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH the Son of YAHUVEH our KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS! Only in the name of YAHUSHUA (JESUS CHRIST) will our prayers be heard to our Creator YAHUVEH.

Dearest Elisabeth Sherrie and Nicko,

Please READ this article [below]. It fully CONFIRMS your prophecy, "Beware the Trojan Horse".

Also it confirms the latest prophecy the Holy One gave to me. You put it on your great web site, "American and The End of The Age." As I was in prayer in morning, BEFORE I read your above prophecy, I repented for being in America, and for being an American. Awesome how the Holy Spirit is working among the CALLED OUT ones. As this nation's government prepares to go to WAR, I am sick about the entire matter.

As you read the article below, you'll again see how this government is NOT against terrorism at all. My main prayer lately has been for MERCY. Only The mercy of the Almighty will keep His children in the palm of His Hand when all hell breaks loose. And we DO stand for Israel, and we do pray for that nation, but sadly without Messiah, Jesus Christ Yeshua, the people of that nation suffer the same fate as any other Christ rejecting person. Without Jesus Christ, any ministry sent to them is as AIR. A puff of nothing that has no eternal value, and I hope you see what I'm trying to say here.

Until later . . . Love as always,

Bush’s Vision For A Terrorist State

By John Roberts, July 9, 2002

While Palestinian suicide bombers continue to kill and maim innocent Israelis the U.N. Security Council late Tuesday, March 12, 2002, approved a U.S. SPONSORED resolution that "affirms a vision" of a Palestinian state. Fourteen of the 15-member council voted in favor of the resolution, with a Syrian abstention the only exception.

This is the first time the United States has voted for a resolution that includes language regarding a Palestinian State. President Bush is also the first U.S. President to openly support the reduction of Israel's national borders to the pre-1967 boundaries, with the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, including U.S. and U.N. recognition of a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem.

Bush has now finally come forward and publicly explained his actions to the overwhelming number of Americans that support the nation of Israel. In an internationally televised speech President Bush proclaimed that he has "a vision for a Palestinian State." Bush’s vision calls for Israel to pull out of the "occupied territory," remove all settlements in the West Bank, and accept the establishment of a terrorist Islamic state on their land, with a Palestinian capital set up in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

In the Bush vision Palestinians need only stop blowing up innocent Jewish women and children and "change their government" in exchange for a Palestinian state.

Notice how carefully Bush worded his vision. He did not call for Yasser Arafat to step down. The Bush spin doctors have chosen words that allow the Israelis and the Palestinians to interpret Bush’s words in two different ways. Israelis want Arafat gone. But in the eyes of Palestinians Bush was merely calling for Palestinian elections. If Arafat should get reelected then the Palestinians will have complied with Bush’s vision.

I find it quite alarming yet prophetic that President Bush, the man that declared war on terrorism, now has a vision for given the Egyptian born Islamic terrorist Mohammed Abd al-Rahman abd al-Bauf Arafat al-Qud al-Husseini, a.k.a. Yasser Arafat, his own country on two-thirds of Israel’s land.

Isn’t Yasser the Chairman of the PLO terrorist organization? Isn’t Arafat the terrorist that would sneak across the Jordan River to blow up Jewish school children? Didn’t this same Chairman ordered the attack on Jewish athletes at the Munich Olympics? Haven’t the Israelis recently found documents, payments, and weapons in Arafat’s headquarters bound for Palestinians suicide bombers?

It is a fact that Yasser Arafat led an attempt to take over the country of Jordan. After losing that war he fled to Lebanon where he led a Palestinian incursion to take over that country. After being thrown out of Lebanon Arafat has now set his sights on establishing a base for Islamic terrorism in Israel.

Arafat is an Egyptian terrorist in search of a safe haven from which to export terror upon the West, Christians, Israel, and Jews. Bush’s vision would give Yasser what he wants.

The truth is Mexican Americans, Spanish Americans, and the 500 tribes of American Indians have a much stronger historical and legal case for being granted their own independent state than do Arab Palestinians. But with our open boarder with Mexico and new laws granting illegal aliens free education and free medical and Indian casinos in every town it’s becoming a non-issue; they are taking control of the U.S. in their own way.

The point being how would Americans feel if Israel sponsored a U.N. resolution expressing a vision for a Mexican American homeland in the Southwest, Spanish state in Florida and California, and two-thirds of the the rest of America to go back to the various indian tribes?

Who was on the land first? Isn’t it true that the American Indians and Mexicans were established on the land now called Texas well before it became a state? At least Israel can say they were a nation established thousands of years ago, well before anyone called themselves Palestinian Arabs.

That brings us to another potential solution to the crisis in the Middle East other than the President’s vision of taking Israeli land and giving it to Islamic terrorists. Why not set up a Palestinian State in Texas? The President’s home state does cover an enormous amount of land, and Texans are always bragging about how big things are in the lone star state. I believe all of Israel would fit many times over into the boundaries of Texas.

In fact the millionaire Bush family owns vast tracts of land in Texas. How about setting aside a few square miles on their ranch to be used as the site of a Palestinian capital? Then the Bush family would be close to Yasser Arafat; the Egyptian born terrorist that inspired the President to sponsor a U.N. resolution expressing "his vision" for a Palestinian homeland.

How do you think Texans would feel about giving up their land for Yasser Arafat and his PLO? And how do you think Americans would feel about having Palestinians in their back yard? These are the same people that threw block parties and celebrations after hearing of the 9-11 terrorist attacks that took thousands of American lives.

Don’t you think these Islamic terrorists would make great neighbors? If the President is not willing to stick the PLO on his ranch then maybe he should stop trying to put them on Israeli land.


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