Rhonda's Dream About A False Rapture
Posted 1.11.06

I have been given the mandate to warn of a FALSE RAPTURE which is meant to steal our faith. Those that are faithfully obeying, loving, trusting and looking for the Brides Rapture with YAHUSHUA, will think they have been left behind. Satan wants more than your life, he wants your souls and that requires you and I forsaking the Messiah YAHUSHUA, and our faith in him and HIS saving Blood shed at Calvary, and also his promise of "Pray that you will be counted worthy to escape the tribulation to come." Beware as the scriptures say, 'Even the very elect will be deceived IF possible,' for satan will come with lying signs and wonders.

Mind control and deception are some of satan's devices. Satan cannot do anything new, he is not a creator but a imitator. Satan is known to copy everything YAHUVEH does and satan is going to counterfeit and stage a false rapture. Satan also always goes before YAHUVEH and HIS timing so it is quite possible the false rapture will come before the real rapture. In the prophecy given to me "GET READY FOR A SHOCK, GABRIEL HAS BLOWN HIS HORN", YAHUVEH warns of a false rapture around the same time the real one occurs. Don't be fooled.

Another prophet wrote me, she is my beloved friend and she told me she saw the beginning of the fake rapture! Remember in the Bible when YAHUSHUA comes and he says, "Will I still find faith on the earth when I come?" If this false rapture happens before YAHUSHUA's real rapture of HIS Bride. How many disappointed Christians will there be that believed the false rapture, how many will be deceived and give up their faith? This is what it is all about. Yes, there is a real rapture, but does the false one come first?

The audible words of YAHUVEH given to me were "First one rapture, then another for those that I love." I know when he speaks through prophetic messages that there is more than one meaning. Just don't give up your blessed hope, but be alert to a false rapture that may come first.

Here is a dream another sister submitted to me:


I had a dream where it is evening and I was at a church. I went outside and looked up in the sky. I saw a huge orb up in the sky, heading for the earth. As I watched, all of a sudden the image of YAHUSHUA was up in the sky. I heard him say something to the effect of "All the prophecies have been fulfilled and I am your Messiah, and I have come back to rule and reign on the earth." I looked at this in wonder, the next thing I heard was" NO, this is Operation Blue Beam"! Then I woke up.

Yes indeed, there is talk of Operation Blue Beam, a plan to stage a false rapture of the church. Do your own research. Put the words "blue beam" in search engine. You will be amazed at what you find!

This dream was submitted by a trust worthy source and she is not easily deceived. Been a friend for years. Take her warning seriously and make sure your visions line up with the Word OF YAHUVEH the Holy Bible.

Love, peace, blessing, in YAHUSHUA's name,

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah


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