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These Songs Are For The Lazarus End Time Generation!!!
Thus saith the Lord,
"I have anointed you as Isaiah 61, to bind up the brokenhearted, to set the captives free in the mighty Name of YAHUSHUA. It has been decreed. I use this one, My handmaiden speaking to call the Lazarus' forth, for she also is one. Lazarus was bound from head to toe as he was put inside that tomb. But even the meaning of the world 'bound' as the Lazarus' are bound. Bound with the cares of the world. Bound by the attacks of Satan. Bound by the spirits that have hurt them and they must be freed, and this is why I'm sending you forth. To unbind the Lazarus Generation...My children, the one's that I raise up that are on that wall that Elisabeth was told to assemble the troops is all part of the Lazarus End Time Generation."

Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia


Please read the lyrics and listen to the Real One Audio files. If you feel led by the Lord to write music to go with the tone of the voice, please feel free to do so and send a copy. Thank you!
These are songs that will truly set people FREE!
Remember, these songs are coyrighted and cannot be recorded without permission from this ministry.

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The next song is called "Help Me Sweet Lord". I guess I've had to be in bondage to be able to know what it feels like, for the Holy Spirit to be able to crush the grapes and bring forth the new wine in a song of deliverance for God's people, for me. There is where I was at one day. I was dealing with a violent man and fearing for my life. I called Oral Roberts' ministry.

You know, sometimes you have to be careful who you get on the telephone. Even though they're supposed to be of the Lord, seems like the Devil has his people tucked in all sorts of places you wouldn't expect like Oral Roberts' ministry. And this woman tried to tell me that this man had a right to be able to beat on me, that perhaps I had done something wrong. Well, I certainly wasn't getting any kind of answer from the Lord from her and after I hung the phone up…it takes a lot for me for me to be able to ask anyone to pray for me. It's easy for me to minister to others but very, very difficult for people to be able to minister to me. I don't know. Maybe I intimidate them in some say.

But anyway, I fell on my knees after that phone call, feeling as if that woman had beat me up now, and I started crying out to God. First I started praying in tongues, and then I started crying out to God in English. And the first lines of this song came…Help Me Sweet Lord. So the first verse you hear is the first verse the Holy Spirit gave me. And then in a matter of hours the entire song was written. And I am believing that this is a deliverance song and the anointing is on it, not only to deliver me, but to deliver all those who will believe and receive. For Jesus Christ is our deliverer.

It's called, "Help Me Sweet Lord."

Help me, oh, help me, sweet Lord
For I just can't take it any more
Deliver me, deliver me
This I do pray
From the hand of the evil enemy this very day
Hear me, oh, hear me, my God YAHUVEH, YAH-VEH!
Won't you hear me in YAHUSHUA's Name, I pray
Please answer me quickly without delay

Hear me, oh, hear me, my God YAHUVEH, YAH-VEH!
Won't you rain on me miracles from Heaven above
Send forth a sign of Your love
Satan seeks to take my life
He burdens me down with sorrow and strife
He's robbed my health, prosperity, peace and joy
He took away the wilderness any more
Then my God reminded me
He's given me all power and authority over this evil enemy
I'm to tread this serpent underneath my feet
And I am now victorious and Satan you're the one
That lives in hellish defeat
I command you Satan, in Jesus' Name
Give me back all you've taken seven fold
All my God's blessings that you stole
Don't you know, Satan, you've no right
For my life now belongs to only Jesus Christ
Thank you, Oh, thank you, my sweet Lord
For the Blood, the precious Blood that was shed for me
On Calvary
Thank you, Oh, thank you, my sweet Lord
For Satan can't harm me any more
When I'm pleading the Blood, the Blood, the Blood, the Blood
Satan can't harm me any more
Satan you can't take that Holy Blood off me, PRAISE GOD! / Satan you can't take that Holy Blood from me, PRAISE GOD!
It covers my sins eternally
And Satan you can't take that Holy Blood from me

Help me, oh, help me, sweet Lord
For You know I just can't take it any more
I stand on Your Holy Word
I believe in what I've heard…

Deliver me, oh Lord from my enemies. I flee unto Thee to hide me. Quicken me, oh Lord, for Thy name's sake and Thy righteousness' sake and bring my soul out of trouble. And in Thy mercy, cast off my enemies and destroy all those that afflict my soul for I am your servant. Cast Thy lightning and scatter them, shoot forth Thy arrows and destroy them. Send Thy hand from above, rid me and deliver me from great waters and from the hand of strange children…

Hear me, Oh, hear me, my God, YAHUVEH
Oh won't you hear me in Yashua's Name, I pray
I am but a broken vessel of clay
If You don't answer, how will I live to see another day
My body, spirit and soul feels crushed
Oh my God, help me, I hurt so much
The pain, the pain, the pain, the pain
When you don't answer, I feel such pain
For You're my only hope, my Father God YAHUVEH
I wonder when the deliverance comes

God look at the destruction the enemy has done
When will I be set free from this heartache and pain
That besets me
Oh, listen God YAHUVEH, YAH-VEH!
Won't you send deliverance this very day
In YAHUSHUA's Name I do pray
In faith I thank You
For sending help this very day
For You are faithful to Your word
And see that it is performed
In every way

Thank You, oh thank You, my sweet Lord
For You knew I just couldn't take it any more
Thank You for delivering me
From the hand of this evil enemy
Thank You for bending down Your ear while I pray
Thank You my beloved YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH
I love and praise and need You more each and every day
Again I say…

Beloved Father God Jehovah, my God YAHUVEH, beloved YAHUSHUA Messiah, my Lord Jesus Christ and Savior, beloved Holy Spirit, teacher, anointing teacher, comforter…

I love and praise and need you more each and every day

Please sweet, sweet, sweet Holy Spirit
From me in Jesus Christ Name, I pray
Don't ever go away.

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