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At the beginning I should probably write about how I have found your website. My beloved MAMA RUACH HA KODESZ has reminded me again about the Prophecy from the Book of Judges (Jael) and I again started to look for the meaning of the name 'Jael'. I was led to look for Semitic names. So I looked in the search engine for this name. I got results and among others I received the name YAHSZUA, and under this name were links to your Mission. So I've read the meaning of the name 'Jael'. It is a name of a mountain Nubian goat living on the mountains of Israel. Then, I found Amightywind Ministry website with the Prophecies.

When I started to read the Prophecies, I was immediately convinced they were from YAHUVEH and that they are true. I didn't have even a shadow of a doubt. I felt it was my food and that I've found a priceless gift. I arrived quickly to the teachings on Sabbath and to the request for a Russian translator. Therefore, later I sent a request to a well known internet TV station in Poland. It was established by a Russian man. They didn't answer me, but I will remind them, and I left for them e-mail addresses to the Prophecies.

I will write to you very interesting testimony, how our GOD led us in this matter.

I have shared this prophetic Word with my close Sister in faith. I found the Prophecies on her computer and we both read them aloud. We read that the HOLY SPIRIT is female and this also heard her believing son and they received the truth.

I have also copied for the church a Prophecy that teaches on Sabbath the Pentecostal Church 'ZBOR NOWE ZYCIE ' in Czechowice Dziedzice, Poland. I went for the morning prayer on Sunday before the service (These prayer meetings were organized thanks to my calling by YAHUVEH). I fervently prayed with my whole heart on my knees, as YAHUSHUA has taught me, for blessings and that HE allows me to share this wonderful Word (because earlier YAHUVEH has revealed to me poor spiritual state of this congregation).

I was blessed when I could see with my own eyes Christian clones with words exactly the same as in the Prophecies. I have no time, later I will read, I am not interested.

After the prayer ended, the pastor came, so I asked him for a permission to read the Word of YAHUVEH. First he said he had no time. I held the Prophecy in my hands, then he asked me whether he could acquaint with it, but in a moment, he put it aside and said he will take it home to think it over. So without hesitation, I took the Prophecy and I knew this wasn't my church and that I had to leave this church. When I took the papers, he began his devilish judgment upon me. He accused me that my devotion (kneeling) is for show and this is my pride because I am raising myself above the congregation. He rebuked me that I judged him and the whole congregation (But in reality, it was YAHUVEH who judged them and only gave me grace to learn his judgments) when I interceded for them in prayer on my knees during one hour prayer in the morning, and in pain and tears already for almost four months. He accused me to be his enemy who is attacking him and the congregation. He asked me whether I would be next Sunday to be judged by him and the elders of the church. In addition, he added a satanic lie which I immediately recognized in my heart, and threats.

I was sad not because of me, but because of YAHUVEH. Then I said boldly, 'If there is anything I did wrong to the congregation, I take the responsibility and I reminded him that GOD is my JUDGE, and the JUDGE of the pastor and the congregation and I submit to HIM entirely to HIS Judgment.'

I left the prayer room and I saw a terrified face of his wife. I was repelled from her. I wanted to go out, but I went to the toilet where I met my beloved Jolusia. She saw my sadness and asked what has happened. At this point came my sister Maja and I said I cannot stay here. She requested but I took her hand and we run away from there.

Besides this congregation, I was earlier introduced to another congregation. Today, I understand why YAHUVEH let me know about them. These leaders were thirsty for Holiness of YAHUSHUA.

So from the first church, we drove to the other congregation. I asked for a prayer, protection because of the prosecution. They knew earlier about my problems. I told them a few words about the incident with Prophecy. Even though I didn't pray for opportunity to proclaim JAHWEH Prophecy, they asked my to stand behind the pulpit and to read everything. At the end, I gave glory to JAHWEH. I asked them to pray for discernment of the Spirit of this Prophecy, and they did. This congregation looks great when we all knelt before ELOHIM. It was not unpleasant for them that we were together 30 minutes beyond the schedule to hear the Word of YAHUVEH. Afterwards we were speaking with Roman. He is truly anointed by the RUACH HA KODESH and he received Sabbath teachings without problem as well as the Hebrew line of Messiah.

I struggle presently with unequal yoke. I desire to start the Jericho march. I look at it now already and pray. And though all is a little bit complex in regard to my marriage since it involves variety of spiritual experiences, but my beloved RUACH has lead me to entire removal of any compromise. There are only three possibilities to which I submit entirely, a divorce, his death, or a new man in YAHUSHUA.

If you can, please pray about it, pray for my freedom that all my house may worship ELOHIM.

Sister I

March 7, 2010

My beloved, I am very happy by this splendid news. Do with my testimony as you wish. I will be happy if this will built anyone up.

On Sunday, I will be with the other congregation. There is a man called Roman, whom I consider to be a part of a true Bride of YAHUSHUA. It was he, who mainly prayed for discernment in regard to the Prophecy of YAHUVEH. I will be speaking with him and it will be revealed what Spirit he is of.

I was distressed by my Jola who returned like a dog to its vomit. YAHUVEH has tested her heart and revealed what I didn't know earlier. But ABBA YAHUVEH is good for HE said in the Prophecy we shouldn't be sad when we see it. I was sad because of her may she yet manages to convert. I am sending you a copy of a letter for which I was judged, prosecuted, but I rejoice because today I know it is YAHUVEH who revealed to me a Word that came after a period of difficult prayers and it seems to be true. The Word says that HE will visit this church and try them twice and will divide true grain from the chaff upon HIS own threshing floor with HIS own winnowing fork. Forgive me that I am referring to the HOLY SPIRIT as 'HE', I didn't know better at that time.

The letter to the pastor of the Pentecostal Church 'ZBOR NOWE ZYCIE ' in Czechowice Dziedzice, Poland.

Dear pastor,

GOD knows I am a person who has difficulties to express myself, to be well understood and therefore it is better for me to write than to talk.

I am undertaking it because I see the situation requires it. I don't have the right to judge you, Pastor; neither do I know you more than GOD know. Our judgments are often false, therefore they are unjust.

Nevertheless, it is different when LORD Himself, through HIS mercy, reveals to us things hidden from us, so that they may receive grace of Holy Prayer to change a particular thing, and I hope that you, Pastor, understand it.

It was truly a miracle that I could become a child of GOD, in the Kingdom of GOD in heart, and also to have real fellowship provided by a church of Christ, indispensible for every Christian. But real sadness and indescribable pain for CHRIST Himself, for the FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT was when CHRIST allowed to be disgraced and got atrocious stripes by his torturers, and we are the torturers because of our sins HE was beaten and pulverized so that GOD could love us like HIS own SON, raised our spirits to life to be a part of eternal GOD HE has left us upon HIS narrow way and has given to us HIS HOLY SPIRIT who searches the deep things of GOD MOST HIGH so that we can go with Jesus living Holy life. For without HIM the work of the Cross cannot manifest in Christian life.

But we, people can backslide so easily, make a mistake, transgress and it can pass unnoticed and their results are miserable.

Dear Pastor, there was great godly joy in my heart when I had found you. I have today many precious ties in this congregation, but Holy life requires much more than human ties, for we are heading towards FATHER in Heaven and there is a battle for our life and death everyday this is how valuable we are.

The SPIRIT lives in me fully and has led me through many godly moments, of which however, I am deprived today. Perhaps this will be tough talk and not pleasant, but truth is separating marrow from the bone.

GOD is more important to me than my own life. Those giving lives to GOD are the most misunderstood ones, hated and prosecuted even by their own. Every Prophet, Shepherd or Servant experience it and I am not an exception Jesus and the Holy Spirit visited me, healing my flesh and enabled me to receive powers of God so that I could tolerate Shekinach and to understand the power of GOD 'Dunamis'. I have started a diary where I describe in details GOD's visitation and also demonic visitations, but this isn't the purpose of this writing, but to tell you, Pastor, about a Prophecy related to the congregation and a calling me to pray for this congregation.

GOD has spoken to me in a terrifying manner, showing me the heavy weight of guilt and a curse that is upon the congregation as a result of living unholy life. Here is the Word of the Lord:

You grieve the HOLY SPIRIT. Wrath of GOD is upon you; uncleanness of the hearts; religious spirit. If you don't repent, the Church will die in its numbness.

I was terrified since I could see Holiness of GOD. So lying, shaking from fear, I broke into tears incomprehensibly and prayed for mercy for two hours. And yet this day, I met with Jola to share with her this revelation.

This is how Lord has called me to the Prayer Service and I have fulfilled it fully. I have informed you, Pastor, that there was a Word that the Prayer came before HIS Altar and the Lord has appointed time of visitation, so that HE could clean HIS threshing floor with HIS winnowing fork.

The biggest pain in all this is this that dead word and grieving of the Spirit is being felt in the Lord's heart I feel it, with pain perhaps I am wrong God knows.

But I pray for Pastor, so that GOD will make Pastor to be powerful not only in knowledge, but the power of His Word, in power working Dunamis, that comes from the Holy Spirit, to whom we must give place as King in the Church it is He the most important on Earth, the most important! Only He will lead us with JESUS to the FATHER. We should be His vessels and servants, and not He ours. It is He that is refining us like gold! He is our blacksmith! But we despise Him, devalue and offend, what a shame!

And this Word, which describes our congregation:

Oh, you foolish Galatians, are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh? Gal 3:3

This terrifies me, hurts and repels. I don't want any more to stomp the Holy Blood of JESUS with those who don't discern CHRIST body, to receive His Blood with filthy heart, to poison myself with a sweetened Gospel. I have no more strength to resist, for already I suffered in Spirit and now I need help through a fellowship with strong ones, well rooted in CHRIST children of GOD.

May GOD of Peace bless us so that we don't hold any grudges against each other in our hearts.

With Lord GOD

Sister I

Comment: When reading the testimony about the Church where the pastor refused to read the Prophecy, the Pentecostal Church 'ZBOR NOWE ZYCIE ' in Czechowice Dziedzice, Poland, Prophet Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah heard YAHUVEH speaking: This church is now Ikabod (Glory of YAH departed, 1 Samuel 4:21)