Now is the time for everyone to see the faces of our Associate Pastors/Ministers who stand behind the Pulpit for all the times when we are not able to be there physically. Our Church Services are done in Samoan and English. There is not a more loving physical Branch of a Church then our Church. I tried to keep you out of the battle on YouTube but YAHUSHUA said to trust HIM and know not one hair on your head shall be harmed. I am a Momma Eagle that just wanted to hide you from these brutal enemies.

I love you all so much, I thank you for the videos and your willingness to show your faces just to be a blessing to me. You are so special to us. I am so grateful to be called your Pastor and most of all your Momma R.m. I know when one of us hurts we all hurt. When 1 of us is insulted we are all insulted. I am sorry your Pastor is attacked like this on YT by these vile people who pretend to be Christians but truly belong to satan. Our New Zealand Church is so beautiful YAH wants everyone to know It is the main physical branch in New Zealand. Our Worship Team is called AmightyWind Holy Golden Eagles and now their music shall be on YT, the Samoan Sermons shall be on YT, we shall not hide our Church anymore. I wanted to wait until the lawsuit was over, but the legal stuff with suing these many people takes time, so we can't wait any longer.

* * * * * * *

AmightyWind and AlmightyWind Ministry's associate Pastors from the New Zealand branch and physical church TESTIFY that AmightyWind Ministry is Heaven sent and ordained by the Creator of Heaven and earth; ABBA YAHUVEH, SON YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ), and Precious IMMAYAH the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit). YAHUSHUA said to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah NOW is the time to introduce the AmightyWind Ministry Church in New Zealand to YouTube, for everyone to be able to see the faces of our Associate Pastors Samson, and wife Moera they stand behind the pulpits for all the times when Prophet and Pastor/Apostle Elisabeth Elijah, and her husband is not able to be here physically. In these videos we also introduce our Worship Team; AMIGHTYWIND Holy Golden Eagles!.. who will be singing also for YAHUSHUA's Honor and Glory!

We testify that Prophet Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah is a true Prophet of the Most High YAHUVEH GOD, and we testify that YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA speak forth THEIR Words straight from Heaven through Elisabeth Elijah in these End Times. We warn the enemies of this Ministry who have mocked Elisabeth Elijah, the Bible says to not touch YAHUVEH's anointed and to not do HIS Prophets any harm. The clock is ticking, time is running out, YAHUSHUA is coming to Judge the living and the dead. Enemies of AmightyWind Ministry and Prophet Elisabeth Elijah, please REPENT. You are not coming against a woman. You are coming against the Creator of this Ministry. When you attack this Ministry and our Pastor Elisabeth Elijah, you are attacking and harming us also. GOD will take Vengeance. Please repent now and get right with YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, accepting HIM into your heart for that is what we stand for.

We celebrate with Pastor Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah her birthday, and the Birthday of AmightyWind Ministry. 23 Years ago YAHUVEH birthed AmightyWind Ministry through Elisabeth Elijah, and 16 years it has been on the internet. Now is the time for us to come forth and celebrate this Holy time with her as YAHUVEH has used and continues to use this Ministry to reach millions of souls all around the world, leading them into the loving arms of YAHUSHUA the Messiah for Salvation.

This is the word of our testimony, with which we overcome satan and his servants who have attacked this Ministry. Through YAHUSHUA's Name and Blood we have the Total Victory. HalleluYah for HIS Glory. Please also enjoy the singing of AmightyWind Holy Golden Eagles, the worship team of AmightyWind Ministry.

Please come to YAHUSHUA for salvation today, and go to and to read the Prophetic Words GOD Almighty speaks through Elisabeth Elijah for you to prepare for YAHUSHUA's coming, and for the troubled times to come; the Great Tribulation.

~AmightyWind Ministry New Zealand Branch & Physical Church. [Our church services are done both in Samoan and in English]

Associate Ministers
Samson and Moera



* * * * * * *