Is The VeriChip Mobile Coming To YOUR Town?

IS THE VERICHIP MOBILE COMING TO YOUR TOWN? Here are the 7 places. Will you protest against this or get in line for the chip? Contact people in these states and read revelations to them. Contact the company and let them know we are protesting this. This warning is for the World!

PRAY AGAINST THE VERICHIP centers COMING TO YOUR TOWN AND PRAY THE PEOPLE WILL REFUSE THIS CHIP. THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS BEING BIRTHED BEFORE OUR EYES. This isn't the mark of the beast yet but it is the birth of the beginning of it! BEWARE pastors you are held accountable for not warning your congregations! People IF you have a pastor ask him or her why they are not warning against this before its too late! Remember it has to be made to sound like it is harmless but need I remind you what the end will be? Read revelations and see! 

Oh prayer intercessors raise up now and pray this will be stopped by the hand of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Pray we will have more time to reach the lost souls! Pray that America will fail at promoting this for the people will say NO! Pray for our armed services who will be forced to take this sometime very shortly. Pray the children won't be forced to take this! The prayers of the righteous availeth much! If you are one of the hidden prayer warriors and know spiritual warfare PLEASE COME FORTH NOW IN THE NAME OF YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. THIS MINISTRY NEEDS ANOINTED PRAYER WARRIORS TO COVER US AS WE STAND IN THE FRONT LINES WILL YOU JOIN US IN BATTLING THE HORDES OF HELL IN THE NAME OF YAHUSHUA? WILL YOU PLEASE PRAY FOR AMERICA AND ISRAEL'S PROTECTION AND CRY OUT FOR MERCY? WE NEED FAITHFUL PARTNERS ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah


This is REAL!
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Applied Digital Solutions, Inc., an advanced technology development company, today announced the launch of a national "Get Chipped"(TM) promotion for VeriChip, a subdermal personal verification microchip. The first 100,000 registrants and all qualified ADSX shareholders will be eligible for a special introductory savings of $50 at the time of "chipping." Details on the "Get Chipped" promotion will be posted soon on the Company's website:

The Company also announced that it has established four new Authorized VeriChip Centers for "chipping" and distribution in Arizona, Texas and Florida. Including these new centers, there are now seven Authorized VeriChip Centers in the United States: Phoenix, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas; Naples, Florida; Port St. Lucie, Florida; McLean, Virginia; Boca Raton, Florida; and Sunrise, Florida.

The "Get Chipped" registration program will assist the Company in determining where and when to establish future Authorized VeriChip Centers. The Company's fully equipped mobile center - ChipMobile(TM) - has increased its marketing efforts in the Southeast region, maintaining a full schedule of visits to recreational and STADIUM events and general "awareness" locations. The ChipMobile itself is a distribution center and mobile "chipping" facility. Those interested in seeing a photograph of the ChipMobile, or in learning more about its schedule of community visits, are invited to visit

Today's announcement comes two days after the Company issued a press release describing a ruling by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that VeriChip is not a regulated medical device "for security, financial, and personal identification/safety applications."

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