*** Winds of Change Prophecy spoken on April 2001 ***

This is a Prophecy Given to me from YAHUVEH through a prophet from Canda back in 2001. I did not realize at the time what was being prophecied in my life, but now I understand who YAHUVEH GOD was truly speaking of at that time.

YAHUVEH gave a warning through this prophet saying "There is a spirit of jealousy, and misunderstanding that stands against thee like a rock, but I say unto you as I increase your knowledge in Me, I will show you, and teach you how to understand the reasons for these attacks."

Now as I read this prophecy with new eyes I can truly say that what was prophecied 15 years ago in my life has truly come to pass. I pray this prophecy will be a blessing to you as it is to me in YAHUSHUA's name!

Winds of change Prophecy:

YAHUVEH is still preparing you for that special person. I really feel like YAHUSHUA, is still working in areas of your life that you are still vulnerable in. He is making you for your husband, and he is making your husband for you. Time has nothing to do with it. This one will be for keeps! The work must be completed between both of you by the hand of YAHUSHUA. If you all are going to work together in YAHUVEH. Then there must be a very special bond that only YAHUVEH can place between both of you, because of the greatness of the work. I feel that the timing is not too far away, but just like we are in this fiery furnace. It is going to happen for you in YAHUVEH's timing. Hold on a little longer precious woman of YAHUVEH. YAHUVEH is going to make it good for you. The man that I saw has some gray hair.

He is made for you.

YAHUSHUA sees the finish product. You might not agree with me at this time. But YAHUVEH is preparing this man to be able to handle you as well. To handle your strong side. Praise YAHUVEH. It will happen between both of you. Don't fear! Continue to be the woman of YAHUVEH that you are. And continue to be the lady that you are. They are not too many ladies left today. I feel like you are one of those rare gems. I feel like you are a lady. A lady being made for a special man. He is going to come. Continue to believe, and expect for YAHUVEH to do what He promised.


I feel also to add this Scripture below the two verses...

When the enemy shall come in, LIKE A FLOOD, the Spirit of YAHUVEH shalt lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19

If I whet my glittering sword, and mine hand take hold on judgment; I will render vengeance to mine enemies, and will reward them that hate me. Deuteronomy 32:41

"If any man love not YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, let him be ANATHEMA. MARANATHA!!!" 1 Corinthians 16:22

This is a POWERFUL verse!!!

Anathema means given up to the curse and destruction, accursed!!

Maranatha means our Lord has come!!! An exclamation of the approaching DIVINE JUDGMENT. BACK OFF DEVIL AND DEMONS IN THE NAME OF YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH!! THE BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA IS AGAINST YOU!!

* * * * * * *


Bless YAHUVEH! We speak YAHUVEH's abundant blessings upon you in this holy hour, in YAHUSHUA's name.

I want you to know that you have been a great help to us, and YAHUVEH have made note of your love, and your faithfulness to his work.

YAHUVEH shares: That you are getting ready to soar into a higher plateau of Ministry. You are in preparation stages for greater things. You have done well in many areas that he has entrusted into your hands. He judges your heart. He judges your faithfulness, and your commitment to him. There are areas within your life that sometimes may cause you to feel like you do not add up, but YAHUVEH sees your heart, and your willingness to please and obey Him in all that he asks. He looks at the finished product.

YAHUVEH said, that you were a woman with rank in his army, because of the stripes you had bore just like Paul, had suffered many things for the name of Christ.

You had bore some hurts and abusive situations in which YAHUVEH allowed to get you to where you are now. For those stripes you are walking in Rank, in the army of the Most High YAHUVEH. Let no man tell you otherwise, YAHUVEH saith! It is he that has elevated you to this place spiritually. You are a Warrior for Christ!

YAHUVEH is aware of the attacks that are coming against you. But YAHUVEH shares for you to keep on going forward. Do not retreat. Keep on obeying Him, and doing what he tells you. He has your back, and the devil will bow. YAHUVEH said he is aware of the circumstances that has crept through your door, but he stands strong with you in this fire. Hear ye the word of YAHUVEH! YAHUVEH said: Don't look to the bigness of your needs. Look to the Bigness of your YAHUVEH. Your circumstances are hindrances to seeing my abilities. If you keep your eyes on your circumstances the devil will use your circumstances to defeat you, and then without thinking he will TRY! TRY! He can only TRY! In a subtle way to get you to accuse the word of YAHUVEH. The written and the Living Word. Your Victory is in keeping your eyes on the bigness of your YAHUVEH, and his abilities. He has promised to take you step, by step, by step, not all at once, but step, by step, and each step will be a miracle.

The Ministry that I have placed into your hands thus saith YAHUVEH, is not only for this place, but for nations, and distance lands. These places awaits thee. Yea foreign nations awaits thee, thus saith YAHUVEH. The devil will at times oppose you from reaching your goal in me, but remember my child, without spiritual battles, you cannot enjoy the Victory after. Many of the devil plans and strategies have been destroyed concerning you. Satan have sent very evil generals against thee and thy Ministry, that I YAHUVEH thy YAHUVEH has given unto thee. I stood against his vicious attacks coming towards thee, thus saith YAHUVEH. No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper my child, thus saith YAHUSHUA! Hear ye my word my child: Only be thou strong and very courageous, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that I tell you. Turn not to the right nor the left that thou mayest prosper wherever you go. Yea you shall prosper in all that you do for Me, saith YAHUVEH. Be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for YAHUVEH thy YAHUVEH is with thee wherever you go.

There is a spirit of jealousy, and misunderstanding that stands against thee like a rock, but I say unto you as I increase your knowledge in Me, I will show you, and teach you how to understand the reasons for these attacks. This saith YAHUVEH. Some will not receive the ministry that I have given unto thee. As you have found out, YAHUVEH says. But know that I will vindicate thee, and fight for thee. I will prove thee. Trust Me saith YAHUVEH. You will not run with the mainstream church. For I have separated thee for Myself. I will bring new Ministries, and Ministers to help and work besides thee, saith YAHUVEH. Be watchful! There is one that monitors your site. This one belongs to satan. He speaks against the work of your hands, but My Blood covers your work, thus saith YAHUVEH. This evil one seeks thee out in the realm of the spirit. He operates out of the wrong Kingdom. But know that I have overcome the evil one. My Spirit lives in you, and you have overcome this evil spirit, because of My Power that generates from you, thus saith YAHUVEH. I will give you strategies for your site, YAHUVEH saith.

I will cause the finances to flow. There is a stronghold in the realm of release. It is causing some that I have told to bless you to hold back, YAHUVEH says. There will be a release, and there will be financial help, YAHUVEH says! I am opening up new doors to thee, thus saith YAHUVEH. My Angels shall visit thee and bring unto you understanding in it's season, YAHUVEH saith.

Something's I am going to give thee for the vision up ahead you will have to keep and not share. For there are those who are not really with you. A change is coming. Yea for the winds of change is blowing in your direction, thus saith YAHUVEH.

Praise YAHUVEH, and Amen!

I purposely did not read any of the prophecies that was on your site page. I did not want anything to get in my spirit. I am really careful to say YAHUVEH said, when he did not. These words are what I believe YAHUVEH has given me for you.

I know that I am very tired in the realm of my flesh, but I believe YAHUVEH strengthen me in the realm of my spirit to share these words with you.

Be especially blessed this night, in YAHUSHUA's name. You are loved in YAHUSHUA's name.