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Prophecy 11:
But the flesh is always at war with the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) within you. You must overcome the flesh to minister. You can succeed if you do it in MY NAME. But there is always a war. After every prophecy MY Prophets have to war against their flesh as it rears up and says who do you think you are to speak to YAHUVEH's people and say he speaks it? If this doesn't happen to MY Prophets and they don't admit about this war, then I am not speaking forth out of them.

A sure sign MY Spirit has spoken or written out of a person is if they encounter that voice, which causes them to wonder is that really you YAHUVEH? The one writing you now, your sister has this battle constantly for she feels unworthy to be used in this way. I have to remind her as I am going to remind others by causing this to be shared with others, do you really think you can speak so beautifully, and full of anointed power? Do you really think you have this much wisdom? Always MY True Prophets have to say, "You're right, this can't be me." Do you really think you have this kind of boldness?

Then say, "Forgive me, Heavenly Father it has to be you, for I can't, neither would I desire to do such a thing as to say, thus sayeth YAHUVEH when it's not true." This is the mark of a true Prophet; they doubt the flesh, but have confidence in the RUACH ha KODESH that uses them. They know they can do nothing or desire to do nothing without the RUACH ha KODESH anointing them to do it. Stop fearing the gifts I have given you. I won' t force you to feed MY Sheep and you will still go to Heaven, but your rewards will not be as great and I shall raise another up to fill the place you should have been. There are souls waiting for you to minister to them.

Prophecy 13:
My Children serve ME, and put ME first in their lives, live Holy for ME, and witness for ME, suffer for MY NAMESAKE. MY Children tithe, give offerings to support the work I have commanded other ministers to do, using Holy tithes and offerings.

MY Children know I have promised, the same reward this minister receives in Heaven for ministering to the people, bringing souls to ME, praying, teaching, setting captives free in MY NAME. Speaking out against unholiness and speaking forth MY Prophetic Messages. The same treasure is laid up for whoever supports, encourages, and prays for these Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers those that set the captives free for MY Glory. They will also receive the same rewards stored up for them in Heaven.

You will know you are truly MINE, when you desire to tithe and get excited as you get this into your Spirit. When you tithe you are only storing up your blessings in Heaven to be released when needed and quick answers to your prayers.

If you're MY Child and you're not giving tithes and offerings then you're not obeying ME.

Prophecy 17:
MY True Prophets are the ones rejected for speaking forth the truth, the harsh truth. MY True Prophets shudder in fear at changing one word even grammar, which this world would consider inappropriate. MY True Prophets say, "YAHUSHUA, must I speak this for I don't want to offend anyone. I want to be loved by all and stay in unity?" Yet there can be no unity between unholiness and Holiness. Yet I say to them, "There can be no unity between those filled with the evil spirits of satan and those filled with the RUACH ha KODESH."

Prophecy 18:
Those that are MINE and you know who you are, you have a relationship with your Savior and you love and put ME first in all you do. You recognize the counterfeit as satan mocks ME in Garland, Texas. You are not deceived, you know your YAHUSHUA comes again quickly and when the mocking and counterfeiting is taking place you will not be deceived. You MY Beloved treasures more valuable than words can say you know what NAME you rely on to deliver you and your souls. Your children are safe and secure in the palm of MY hand and MY other hand shelters them like they were a newborn chick. I will protect those that belong to ME, those that desire to belong to ME, I wait for you. I do not have any desire to beat you with MY ROD of affliction. MY ROD and staff is to comfort you to protect and guide you.

MY Beloved Children know religion is not going to save them only a loving relationship with YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, YAHUVEH, and the RUACH ha KODESH will save them. Only the truth there is no salvation except through the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, the Blood I shed for you at Calvary and the Holy Word can save you when it is spoken in the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Only repenting and turning away from sin and striving to lead a life of Holiness and obeying ME can save you. Knowing you're not perfect but you daily work to please ME and do what you know I want you to do.

Prophecy 19:
I am your first love; all others are second to the Almighty GOD YAHUVEH you serve.

Prophecy 20:
I love those called by MY NAME, doing MY commandments, living Holy as I am Holy, washed in MY Beloved Son's saving Blood, helping to spread the prophecies to far and near, supporting those who speak forth these things in your finances as well as your prayers.

Prophecy 21:
Oh, Oh, but I can hear MY Babies, MY True Babies, MY Children, both babe and mature, both who eat the meat and still suckle at the milk of MY breast and they say, "Not me, surely not me, I live in America what will become of me?" Tears stream from some of your eyes in fear, others blink away the tears.

Prophecy 24 part 1:
The time was long to build the ark and collect the animals. Just as it is hard for the Prophets of old and Prophets of today, it is not easy to speak forth MY Words. It takes boldness and you will offend more than bless. YAHUSHUA was offensive to many. So MY Prophets that speak not words that are for itching ears, but instead words that convict and speak forth MY secrets, warning to repent, yet also always offering hope and mercy.

Only MY True Children will desire to help the Prophets to speak forth and not muzzle the Prophet or tie the oxen feet as they pull the plow. Pray for the Prophets especially the Handmaiden speaking this forth.

Satan especially hates the Prophets. The office of the Prophet is not easy. No one is a Prophet unless they are familiar with suffering. They have suffered for the anointing to prophesy.

Call unto ME now in YAHUSHUA's NAME. I am a Heavenly Father that will not cast out those who listen to these words and receive them and obey them.  

Prophecy 25:
America, you think you are god. But not MY Babies, not MY Bride, you are MY Babies, you are MY Betrothed. These words warm your heart, where the enemy's heart is cold.

I have written MY Word on your Spirit and soul. You have MY Spirit within you. You know what is going on in America right now.  

Prophecy 26:
I will protect all those who insist on being Holy as I am Holy, living Holy, thinking Holy, speaking Holy, a living witness to the heathen. MY Bride, MY children you have been set apart for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's Glory alone. I delight in blessing those who do these things.

MY True Sheep and Lambs will never have any other god before ME.

For MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect 1999 will be a year full of deliverance for those who put ME first. MY Children will know great blessings for boldly keeping MY Sabbath Holy and who know the importance of keeping MY Commandments. MY Children also know when they sin against ME and repent; turning away from that sin only YAHUSHUA's Holy Blood shed at Calvary will wash them clean again.  

Satan will even deceive using MY NAME YAHUVEH. You MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, will recognize the evil done in the name of science, government and religion.  

MY True Children will arise in victory, for they have given their all, they hold nothing back. Even if need be, they will give ME their lives.  

Prophecy 27:
Together, those that I put together with you will be as a jigsaw puzzle and no other pieces will match perfectly. Keep your eyes open for others. I am bringing a troop of Prophets, Apostles, Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors and yet they will work as one unit. Never thinking more of themselves than what they are. Knowing standing together they will accomplish doing what I ordained to be done. A great harvest of souls will be reached and this will be one of the greatest soul bringing ministries to walk the face of this earth. For I the FATHER YAHUVEH, MY SON YAHUSHUA and MY RUACH ha KODESH's Glory. Many would not have been saved if I had not raised up this ministry.  

Prophecy 28:
Woe be unto those in these end times that accept the ways of satan and live a life of ungodliness, for your life will be fruitless and every blessing you have shall be cut off. But for those that do try and keep MY Commandments, have no other GOD but YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and only listen to the voice of the RUACH ha KODESH and follow not after the seducing spirits your life will be full of blessings on earth and in Heaven. I will never leave nor forsake you, just believe. Cast not your faith away as you see the coming Judgment day.

Prophecy 31:
Eat the bread of affliction called matzoh bread. Eat it not only because this is a symbol of what the Israelites ate when they fled before the bread could rise. I also want you to partake in the days of unleavened bread and eat the bread of affliction as a reminder of YAHUSHUA and how he paid the price as the bread of affliction. He was afflicted for your sakes. The bread is hard for the price HE paid for you did not come easily. Partake in the Lord's Last Supper as YAHUSHUA did. Do this on the eve of March 31, 1999. Do this in remembrance of the Blood that YAHUSHUA poured out so that you would be saved and the Bread that was dipped in the Blood, for YAHUSHUA is the Bread of Life and his Body was sacrificed so you could have fellowship with 'I AM' and the remission of sins so you could have a way of escape from the flames of Hell. Satan has no claim to those that are truly MINE.

For those that love, serve, try hard to obey 'I AM's commandments, knowing when you fail you have a PASSOVER Lamb whose Blood was shed at Calvary for your sins, yet you also know you do not test ME and purposely sin because you think you can.  

Prophecy 33:
It is wisdom to fear the Lord. It is wisdom to try to be pure. It is wisdom to keep living Holy and shun unholiness. You take the Word of God and you hold it in the heathen's face and say, "Thus saith the Lord." Watch and see, your neighbor's house will be flattened; plagues, sickness, death, destruction and poverty will come and watch how I cover those who are MINE. I cover those who entered MY Passover. Those who are MINE, who entered into MY Passover, you will Passover the HORROR of MY judgment to come."

Prophecy 35:
To MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, "I AM" says, "Blessed I call you and will prove I reward those that diligently seek after ME and strive to obey MY laws. Blessed are those who strive to be Holy as "I AM" is Holy. Blessed are those who store up their treasures in Heaven and not on Earth. Who run towards the mark of the high calling. To become MY Bride is the highest calling of all." This is the greatest treasure of all. There are guests and there are Brides. Strive to become MY Bride. I do not call all, MY Bride, only those set apart for MY glory will be called MY Bride.

Prophecy 36:
Oh MY Little Ones, how I long to cradle you in MY arms yet you shun MY very touch. For MY touch is Holy and for ME to touch you convicts you. So I must touch you in a way I would rather not, like a Father spanking a child I shall get your attention one way or another. But those who trust in ME, those who long for MY touch, I shall shelter you and protect you. I shall cradle you in MY arms and nurse you like a mother nursing a wounded child. I tell you MY beloved the coming days shall not be a thing to dread as long as you keep your faith in the God you worship, love, serve, and strive to obey. I shall not leave nor forsake you! Do not fear man instead fear the God you serve. If you are not listening for MY voice you shall miss your directions.

You will one day very soon answer to the God of Creation. You sell your pills and give your surgical skills I gave to save life and instead take innocent lives. You physicians will pay for using the gifts of knowledge I have given you to murder innocent lives. The babies' souls who are unwanted return back to their Creator and back into MY arms but it is you that shall pay for what you are doing. It is the nations that do these things I shall cover MY ears in the time they are butchered. But again MY anger will not touch those who belong to ME those who weep for the atrocities done in disregard of what is right and wrong.

Prophecy 43:
MY true Apostles and Prophets do not need a prophets' school. They are schooled in the schooling of hard knocks as they are knocked down again and again in the flesh but when they arise it is with a greater anointing and no longer the flesh that rises up but MY RUACH ha KODESH that rises up. A prophets' school cannot teach what only the RUACH ha KODESH can teach. What price can be put upon such a gift as I bestow to MY apostles and prophets? Who dares teach how to prophesy? Woe be unto these false fleshly teachers of lies merely to line their pockets with gold and silver.

Prophecy 45:
RISE UP, you with a Spirit 'Likened' to a King David. What a blessing you are to ME, Oh MY Son with the Spirit like unto a King David and yet without the sin he committed. You have a heart after YAHUVEH and I am well pleased with you. You wrestle the roaring lion defeating it and wrestle with the bear defeating it putting the enemy on the run. You are greatly feared in Hell for you do this not in David's name but in the NAME of YAHUSHUA and applying MY Blood and Word causing the enemies to flee in 7 different directions. This word is directed to you who loves, sings, dances, prophesies and serves ME like the heart of King David of old. Like David MY anointed shepherd boy, I will use you to slay the Goliaths that come against you and the Prophets, people and ministries I have called you to protect in MY NAME YAHUSHUA. You are a true guardian of MY anointing.

Prophecy 49:
Just as in the times of the Evil Pharaoh, when the spirit of the evil pharaoh comes again, so too will the miracles come again, like Moses and the children of Israel. If thou can believe, then miracles yet untold you will see. I will still have martyrs for it is predestined and they already know in their spirits and are prepared, but MY Children who put their faith in 'I AM' and hearken to MY voice, will know what to do, and where to go, and will escape the hand of the enemy time and again. Not all will get Glorified Bodies, for not all believe. Some want to test ME and stay with their unsaved loved ones. Have faith for the miracles needed, to try and warn them not to accept the Mark of the Beast, others know they are going to get Glorified Bodies, this is why there is such division, both are right. I have already put it in your spirit if you are MINE, whether you will be martyred, or whether you are to be the dead in MESSIAH, and you will die first, arise, or whether you are caught up to meet ME in the air while you are yet alive.

Prophecy 50:
MY True Shepherds know not where the next dollar comes from, but they know that the great ELOHIM 'I AM' will supply their needs. It is these that I will bless and continue to bless for they weep and they wail for what they see. But they do not stay silent. For there is fire within their bones just as surely as this handmaiden feels like she's on fire for it is MY Fire, MY Fire that burns within them. They cannot keep silent even though they want to. They cannot stop weeping, though they want to. This is the Mark of MY True Ones. This is the Mark of the Chosen Ones.

Prophecy 51:
I, YAHUVEH am pouring many gifts into you. MY hidden ones have much Godly wisdom. Not only in this world but also in the RUACH ha KODESH spiritual realm have I blessed you. You have worked alongside the world and yet you stayed hidden. Many of you are geniuses. I have hidden you as doctors, lawyers, teachers, philanthropists, bankers, inventors, investors, artists, computer intellects, electricians, in the police force, all form of governments, senators, congressmen, statesmen, sales, owner of stores, franchises, real estate, captains, owners of ships, restaurants, all modes of transportation, actors, movie industries, singers, investors, brokers, writers, chefs, designers, contractors, there is no career that I don't have MY Beloved children hidden in. These are MY disciples who follow MY Son YAHUSHUA, and desire to obey YAHUVEH's laws and these hidden ones are spread all over the world. The standard they use to measure man's laws is this: Does it line up with the Scriptures? This is the standard they measure everything by; if it is truth the Torah and the Scriptures will confirm it.

I, YAHUVEH always send the prophets and apostles to speak, not only to repent, but also to forewarn of the dangers to come and how to escape the enemy's clutches. MY hidden ones are to be bold when you share your hidden knowledge and revelations, that I, YAHUVEH am giving you daily. I caution you, rely not on your own strength, but rely on YAHUSHUA's strength, for it is sufficient enough for you no matter what you face. Is anything too hard for YAHUVEH to conquer? You face what you perceive as insurmountable walls that you can't climb nor go around. With MY RUACH ha KODESH anointing, you will not fail. I YAHUVEH, am breaking down the walls that keep you in bondage in the prisons where you have been set apart from others.

There is no grace or mercy when Moses will judge at the Day of Judgment. If it was that easy do you think I would have sent MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA to suffer and die in your place? All have sinned and fell short of a perfect Creator. How much better for MY children who know they are sinners and yet do the best they can to obey and repent, asking forgiveness in YAHUSHUA's NAME and know that YAHUSHUA is their Blood Covenant who also was sacrificed for their sins. YAHUSHUA will judge those who have accepted him as such, not the law of Moses, nor Moses. YAHUSHUA will judge the heathen who refuse to live holy lives before ME and refuse the only holy sinless blood atonement for sins.

Do not say that there is not yet time to do this or that. Instead realize am I not the Father of all time? The keeper of time, I YAHUVEH am time itself. Who else can stop time, speed it up, or back it up? Beloved child and all children of MINE who call YAHUSHUA by NAME and know they can do nothing without that Sacred NAME I have raised you up for such a time as this. You are part of MY hidden anointed ones. Although the enemy will gnash their teeth trying to harm you and they have written down your names, I also have written down their names in the book of damnation and these evil ones shall spend eternity in the lake of fire, reaping for what they are now sowing!

I shall prove to MY children once again, if you listen to MY voice and walk in MY footsteps, you will outwit the enemies that seek to destroy you and all MY children that are seeking to hear MY every word and who obey ME, or at least strive too and knowing that when they do sin they have YAHUSHUA's blood for the remission of sins. I your Father, YAHUVEH, shall confound them with the evil ones' own technology. I will confound them with their own inventions. For no earthly or scientific reason the traps set for MY children will instead only entrap and boomerang back upon the evil ones that seek the followers of YAHUSHUA's destruction. What I did once before with the evil pharaoh I will do again. By YAHUVEH's hand alone the Goliaths of this world shall forever fall.

Beware enemies of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA; your very weapons of mass destructions will come back upon yourselves. You will send it out one way and the angels in heaven will turn it another way. I shall protect MY children as a mother lion protects her cubs. Beware enemies of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, for you see, I hear MY children cry out in fear and wonderment, for I have taught them to be peacemakers and not warmongers and this causes them astonishment at the level of wickedness of man's inhumanity to men, women, boys and girls. I hear MY children's cries of fear, for they realize in the natural realm they cannot protect themselves, now you see why I call them MY sheep and lambs. What lamb or sheep can protect themselves? Does a lamb or a sheep have sharp claws, or sharp teeth, like I have given to other animals? No! A sheep only depends on the Good Shepherd to lead them to green pastures and clear water. MY true sheep and lambs have no shortage of manna, or Living Water. MY True Sheep trust I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA as the Good Shepherd. MY NAME is YAHUVEH. MY Sheep will come only to the voice of "I AM," and MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA, and will only hear our still small voice by the RUACH ha KODESH. (Holy Spirit)

The most off key singers that have hearts set to do MY Will, and live their lives in holiness, putting all that YAHUSHUA is, before their own wants, and desires, and needs. This is the highest form of praise music in MY ears. Not your choreographed praise dancers. True dancing in the RUACH ha KODESH is not taught, nor choreographed by anyone, but the RUACH ha KODESH. It is not done simply because you want to dance before YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA; it is your feet being anointed to do so. No one can teach this. I turn away when I see worldliness in the temples and the churches.

Are you one of these that hear YAHUVEH's voice speaking forth and that will love, and desire to help, and support MY true apostles, and prophets; to open your homes to them, and to help ease the burden to reach MY people with the messages from heaven? MY true apostles and prophets pay the price for the anointing and are accustomed to grief, suffering, rejection, and persecution.

Prophecy 52:
Dearest Beloved Children of MINE how many of you cry out to ME with wails and tears and try and hide your fears from the world and your friends, yet confide in your Daddy YAHUVEH and MESSIAH YAHUSHUA. You come to us with tear stained faces in the NAME of MY Son YAHUSHUA saying, "What do we do now? Where do we go?" Darlings of MINE, Oh I am not angry with you at this time, it is the evil ones that I am livid with anger. I see the evil one's plots and schemes, and it is just like in the time of old with the serpent in the Garden of Eden, seeking to beguile you, and make you think that you cannot win without worldly knowledge. Your FATHER I, YAHUVEH is all knowledge and when you seek I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH you are seeking truth, and knowledge.

The evil ones strive to protect themselves, and they think themselves wise to even inoculate their own families, and loved ones, and friends, and yet, I, YAHUVEH will nullify that protection. To the degree that the evil ones, the pretenders, seek to harm MY children, that is the degree that the harm will come back upon themselves. Start praying for this now. There is great power in prayers said to I, YAHUVEH in the NAME of your MESSIAH, MY only begotten son YAHUSHUA. Pray that I, YAHUVEH will give you greater spiritual weapons to use against the carnal ones who raise up against MY beloved ones, who seek MY face and will daily.

MY hidden ones have the knowledge, and a way around every weapon of the enemy that seeks MY children's destruction, and this world's destruction. Lean not on to your own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge I, YAHUVEH and I, YAHUVEH shall direct thy paths. Your own understanding will cause you to fear the unknown. I, YAHUVEH do not sleep. I, YAHUVEH will not slumber. MY eyes are on the nations where MY people cry out to ME in prayer to save them. Listen not to the doom and gloom soothsayers. They speak and write that I, YAHUVEH will not provide a place of escape for MY beloved ones that are following YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and are doing their best to obey MY laws. Why do MY Children seek to obey I, YAHUVEH? Because they love their Heavenly Father.

Show ME in your Scriptures where I did not deliver MY people that followed MY commands and loved and put I, YAHUVEH first in their lives? I, YAHUVEH will deliver MY children from the snare of the fowler. All you have to do is pray and have faith and believe that I am greater than all these fearful things that try to come upon MY children! I, YAHUVEH will answer your prayers when you call to ME in the sacred NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Come boldly before MY throne, and give ME your petitions. I, YAHUVEH am not angry with MY beloved children. At times you go astray, disobey, and the wolf is ready to devour you, all because you do not obey. So like sheep, I am forced to break your leg, but then I lovingly carry you in MY arms until you mend and are able to walk again. Where does a Good Shepherd ever leave his sheep unattended? Where does a Good Shepherd beat the sheep and lambs? Never! But I do promise I will make the ones that seek to devour you regret the day they were born.

Prophecy 55:
MY beloved [children], you always remind ME that I chastise and rebuke those that I love. But MY beloved, do you not realize that I also reward diligently those who seek after ME. You diligently, 24 hours a day, even in your sleep, you diligently seek after ME. How much more will I reward MY Children who diligently seek after MY Every Word?

Prophecy 57:
MY Children be assure of this, those who are MINE are in MY Ark. Those who hear MY voice and those who weep and cry out for mercy, for you're in fear that I will spank you when I spank the rest who refuse to obey, you need not fear. I have pockets around this world and you are safe in MY pockets for MY wrath is not appointed for MY Children. When I strike I, YAHUVEH knows who to strike, MY hand protects those that I protect. No one can pluck you out of MY hand. Not one hair on your head can be touched unless I allow it and if I, YAHUVEH allow it, then MY Children shall only become like more Stephen's that raised up more Paul's and great shall be your rewards in Heaven. (Acts 6-7)

Prophecy 58:
Israel, you are watching and waiting in anticipation for you know your judgment is not afar off. I have told you again and again to return to the Creator of your Forefathers. But do you listen? Do you return back to Holiness? Do you Praise ME for all I have done? Not all of Israel is the apple of MY eye. Only those that seek 'I AM' and who follow after Holiness and dare to speak out against all that is unholy is the apple of MY eye. Only those that accept the gift I gave to Israel and through them I blessed the world when I gave MY Son YAHUSHUA, but when you deny HIM you deny, I, YAHUVEH.

WOE be unto you if you don't heed this warning. I speak through MY Apostles and Prophets, the ones that pastors don't want in their churches, those who refuse to compromise MY Words, refuse to be censored ahead of time and refuse to set their feet under any other table but MINE. Those who refuse to soften MY Words just so they won't offend. MY True Apostles and Prophets will not be muzzled. It only causes them to shout louder. You drive them out of your churches, and yet you only drive them into MY arms for comfort and they realize that most churches in America and around this world are whores for satan, sold to the highest bidder.

You mock the Apostles and Prophets for they don't have a church. Yet the church is not the building, nor the pastor, the church, MY Temple, is the Body of YAHUSHUA, and that is MY People who hear MY voice and obey and love and put I, YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH first in their lives. Even before the wishes of their families, even though it means a dividing sword separates them from their loved ones that deny ME and MY Son YAHUSHUA and the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH. Woe be unto you if I did not send MY Apostles and Prophets to intercede and warn you like I am doing now. Woe be unto you for I send MY Apostles and Prophets to warn before I send MY wrath and judgment. But how few even bother to thank them? How few have even cared to try and help sustain the one even now that types MY Words. 

When you are truly MY Apostle and Prophet, you will fear 'I AM' being offended more than any person on the earth. 'I AM' the one you are held accountable to. 'I AM' has warned you this day, be grateful and bless MY Handmaiden that has a mandate to help prepare the Bride of YAHUSHUA for the Bridegroom doth come sooner than any of you think.

I have anointed MY Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah to be a blessing unto you and not a curse, and there is no in-between. She has a mandate to not bless what I, YAHUVEH have cursed and not curse I, YAHUVEH has blessed. What will you do with the words you have read this day? I am YAHUVEH and I will protect the few that have heard MY voice and will be a blessing unto her in YAHUSHUA's NAME. As I blessed the widow of Zarephath in a time when you think not, in a way you think not, I will sustain you with miracles.

Prophecy 59:
Dare not say that the hedge of protection is around America for this is a lie straight from satan's prophets' mouths. The hedge of protection is around MY People, those that call out in MY NAME. Those that worship YAHUSHUA and those that honor MY True Sabbaths, those that repent and humble themselves, those that look up and know that redemption draweth nigh. MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Nnes and Elect, these are the ones the hedge of protection are around. I have torn down the hedge of protection around America and you shall see that flag burn. Be not angry at MY Apostles and Prophets that I send to warn the doom will come. Instead thank ME that I care so much to warn.

What would you say if I didn't hold it back anymore? Then will you believe MY Apostles and Prophets? Is this what you really want? I have held it back for the sake of those that shudder in fear and tears. MY Little Ones, MY Babies that I cradle in MY arms. I hold it back thus far, not for the sake of a glorified America who have made themselves a god in their own eyes. But I have held back MY wrath, for MY Little Ones who, like a little child, looks up with trust and love to their Father with their eyes. But America, you shall burn. I know this Prophet that speaks forth, her voice is not going to want to be heard. It goes against The Prophecy Club's messages, those that speak of abundance and prosperity, and those that speak of protection though it's undeserved.

You want to know the ones I honor the most, like this Handmaiden and her household. They possess nothing of worldly goods; they know not where the next meal comes from. They have laid everything on the altar of sacrifice. They have walked away from their worldly possessions. Even their family and their friends think that they are mad, insane, for they follow after ME, they follow after MY word, they follow after MY footsteps. They do not build up their earthly treasures in this world. Instead they store up their Heavenly treasures for they are not of this world, even though right now they are in this world. These are the ones that I honor. These are the ones that will reap their rewards. These are the wealthiest of the wealthy. For you cannot see their Heavenly treasures, you cannot see their rewards because they are in MY treasury in Heaven, where they are stored. You cannot see their mansions. You cannot see their beautiful garments. For you look at them through eyes of this world, but I look at them through the eyes of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Prophecy 60:
The earthquake fault lines are already there, but think not when this happens to a region that any of the wicked will escape for they shall go down and it shall be I, the Great GOD 'I AM' that tramples them underground. But the righteous ones that stand forth in MY NAME, the ones who are not ashamed of the NAMES of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, the ones that honor MY Sabbath Days and keep them Holy, the ones that know to love ME is to obey ME, the ones that love MY Scriptures and hide the word in their heart. These are the ones that have built their homes on the solid rock and they will not sink deep into the sand. For I am shaking this world in MY rage and in the days coming you will see earthquakes unprecedented as any time before, for they will be shaking in a greater magnitude as a parent that has lost it's temper and shakes that child. This is how I will shake this earth and say, "WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!"

Prophecy 61:
I love you, MY Beloved Children, those who now are not afraid to do everything I say, those that respect the Holy Days, those that cry out and long for YAHUSHUA to come. They have the oil in their lamps as they wait and they have extra oil besides for they know not what hour or what day. They know HE [YAHUSHUA] will return on a Shabbat, but what Shabbat? I have told this Handmaiden, it will be on a Rosh HaShanah and one (1) coming shall be, but what Rosh HaShanah?

Prophecy 62:
Hide yourself, MY Children, for yet just a little while. For all of Heaven rages, and against satan and his demons war rages. It is waged, for the KING IS COMING! The Earth quakes and shutters in fear in various parts of the world. You are seeing floods, these are MY tears. Remember when the floods came in the time of Noah. Remember how he was mocked and they mocked up until the time the rains came. But I told MY Children, Noah and his family to get in the ark and bolt the door, and when the floods came the ungodly ones pounded on that door. Then they wanted in, then they believed who 'I AM', but it was too late for them and the floods swallowed them.

Such it will be again. Those that stand in MY Son's righteousness, those that have anointed their homes, those that hide in MY Word, those that strive to obey, those that love and serve and put ME first, those that know the treasures of this earth will not be what they can take to their Heavenly home. In this world they realize thieves break in. Moth and rust does corrupt that which you think is a treasure on earth you cannot take with you when you leave this earth.

Instead, MY True Children, instead MY True Bride build up their Heavenly treasures where moth and rust and thieves cannot corrupt. Thieves cannot steal your treasures in Heaven. So many go in lack, but they do it for MY sake, forsaking luxuries so souls can be saved. These are MY Beloved; these are MY True Treasures on earth. Those that cry out in MY Son's NAME, in the NAME of YAHUSHUA and pray so many times a day they cannot even begin to count, These are MY Children, these are the ones the KING is coming for.

I told this Handmaiden this day to warn you of the coming quarantine for man makes diseases that are not created by ME. Then man creates what they call a vaccine. But beware, MY Children, there's death that they will inject in you. Trust not in the inoculations of man. Trust in Psalm 91. Believe in MY Son's NAME, and call upon ME and on Psalm 91 stand, that I will keep the plagues from your dwellings. And as you honor ME on the True Sabbath Day, as you try your best to obey, as you put ME first in your Love and your life, and as a husband takes the rightful place over the wife, they will be a protection to come upon your homes, for it is MY Son's Blood shed for you at Calvary that will cover and protect you and those that are called by MY NAME, those that have godliness within.

Prophecy 63:
YAHUSHUA's Blood sacrifice is the only human sacrifice that is Holy enough to wash away the sins of all mankind. If mankind will but accept and obey this new Blood Covenant I gave at Calvary through MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA, this is MY promise to MY faithful children who love YAHUSHUA and accept this new Blood Covenant. As I didn't leave MY Beloved Son in the tomb, I raised HIM from the dead and He ascended into Heaven, so will I do the same for you. All MY Children have to do is receive, believe, love and try your best to obey MY Commandments. Is this so hard?

Prophecy 64:
But MY True Shepherds, those that I have given the anointing to protect the lambs and the sheep, who have the anointing to lead them to ME. They have the desire to provide to feed and to clothe MY Baby Lambs and Sheep.

They have the anointing to love and allow the love of YAHUSHUA to flow through them. They love enough to warn of Hell. They have enough love to warn that I am a GOD of balance. This is how you will know whether MY RUACH ha KODESH is in a shepherd. They do not puff themselves up with pride. They do not build multi million dollar churches. You will discern whether or not MY RUACH ha KODESH resides.

MY True Children desire to please ME. Be Holy as 'I AM' Holy. Hide MY Words in your heart. Memorize Psalm 91 and put ME in remembrance of MY Word. For truly I am coming again and I am coming to catch MY Bride away. But are you loyal, are you faithful? I will not take a wife that is not faithful. I will not take a wife that is not loyal. I will not take a wife that does not put ME first even if it means it requires her life. Worry not what man can do to your flesh. Worry about the destruction of your soul, about going to Hell and the Lake of Fire, for this is where the unfaithful go. It is better that your name never be found in the Lambs Book of Life than to be blotted out for being an unfaithful wife.

The evil have grown more evil but the GODLY have grown more GODLY, they have more wisdom than the evil shepherds that sit in the churches of sin. So flee MY Children, flee the churches of Babylon. Those that have been rejected, those that have been cast out, those that have been ignored, those that have spoken the truth and even prophesied and all they have got is the pastors hatred and scorn. These are MY True Mighty Warriors. These are the ones I wrap MY arms around. These are the ones that the Fire of the RUACH ha KODESH burns bright.

Stop grieving MY Children those that have been kicked out of the churches of Babylon for you have been rejected by satan, not rejected by YAHUSHUA your MESSIAH. You have been rejected by the spirit of the anti-messiah. So rejoice MY Children for this would not have happened if MY RUACH ha KODESH wasn't truly within you.

You are the ones that can hear MY voice. You are the ones that want MY every footstep. You are the ones that desire to be Holy for ME. You are the ones that I will use and greater works will you do, as together you all join together, all those that I have called out of the churches of Babylon. For the great apostasy has already taken place in the majority of the organized churches, they have sold themselves like a whore to the highest bidder. So grieve not MY Children when I tell you to flee the churches of Babylon instead rejoice MY Children for you need not have to be in a building to sit at MY feet. I tell you the truth MY Children that's when you will be eating MY meat.

Prophecy 65:
But MY Beloved Children, those filled with MY RUACH ha KODESH I'm not angry with you. I embrace you, I cover you with kisses, and when you fall I'M there to lift you up and brush you off and cradle you in MY arms. You who seek the truth, the complete truth and will receive no lies, yours are the ones MY Children who's lamps I fill to overflowing. You are the ones the Shkhinah Glory shines bright through, for your bodies are the lights the lamps that I overfill with MY RUACH ha KODESH and you have more to spare because you minister to others in YAHUSHUA's NAME. You know this oil can't be bought but it does come with a price, and that is to be ye Holy as 'I AM' Holy. Keep your minds Holy, keep your bodies Holy before ME and the only way that can be done is through the Shed Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH of Calvary.

Prophecy 68:
But to MY enemies I speak, I know your beginnings and I know your end. So go ahead and dare to offend. Shake your fists at ME and rail. I shall laugh in your face. It is only because of the mercy and the love I have shown through MY Son YAHUSHUA that I do not erase the entire human race. But I have those that I call MY Children, those that weep before ME, those that intercede before ME, those that try their best to obey ME, and honor ME. It is for these that I do not destroy the entire human race. MY Son is coming again! You need not only depend on the testimony of men, read MY Word, study MY Words. Those that truly love ME, MY Son YAHUSHUA loves. Those that truly desire ME, those MY YAHUSHUA truly desires. These MY Beloved Children are your sisters and your brothers.  

Prophecy 69:
For those that dare to mock the 2nd coming of YAHUSHUA, I tell you once and I will tell you again, HE'S not coming for the Church. He is not coming for any organized Church. He is coming the next time for HIS Bride and not just anyone is called YAHUSHUA's Bride. Are they loyal, are they truthful, are they faithful? Will they choose to obey HIM? Do they walk Holy before ME? Is MY NAME on their lips daily? Are they crying out in the NAME of YAHUSHUA? Or are they throwing MY Ten Commandments down, trampling them underneath their feet till they crumble to pieces on the ground? Are they telling the people listen not to the ways of old for we do things a new way, we do things our way?

This is MY sign MY Children as I now have set you apart, for those who already are marked they have MY seal of protection. The angels have marked you for the year 2003. Evil shall befall many who call themselves by MY Sons NAME and they will wonder why. It is because of this reason, because you dare to mock, because you dare to throw out that which I have spoken forth, because you look at the messenger and not the message. You just see a lone woman, and because you cannot behold MY face of wrath you can hurl your words at her, but I want you to know, not one word that you have spoken has not come before MY ears as you have attacked her so you too have shoved a needle in MY eyes, so when you cry out in pain, your very voice I will despise.

Yes, I will have martyrs for just as surely as Stephens blood spilled into the ground there stood a man named Saul, who I changed his name to Paul. As Stephen's blood splattered on him, as he held his coat, the anointing on Stephen came upon Saul who became Paul. So what am I saying when I say this? A martyr's blood is never wasted. It only raises up more Stephens, more Saul's who became Paul's. To MY Beloved trusted ones filled with MY anointing who look to ME each day and pray, 2003 will hold blessings for you as I burn the dross away. For the trials of your faith MY Children are more precious than any gold. Learn to praise ME MY Children no matter what your life holds.

Again I say, you will not know each other by each others name. You will not care about each others past. You will recognize your true family of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA by the anointing that is within. Especially to the Apostles and Prophets I speak, I have set you apart for you incline your ear to ME, 24 hours a day your asking ME, "Oh Father GOD YAHUVEH what words do you want to say?" You made your bodies a Temple of Sacrifice. You have been willing to be persecuted for MY Son YAHUSHUA's sake. Think not that I have taken anything for granted, of all the sacrifices that you make. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT shall be your rewards in Heaven, but I shall not forget to bless you right here on earth. Nothing have you given up will I not replace 7 fold but it is true MY Children it comes with persecution as the mockers and scoffers as those who threaten your life you behold.

Prophecy 71:
Beloved ones, this world is not your home. You are just travelers passing through. Your mansions, treasures, and rewards await you in Heaven. Store up not, earthly treasures that you cannot take with you, but store them in Heaven, let your storehouses be full in Heaven. (Matt 6 19-20) (Mal 3:8-12) So Children, as you see this world consumed by I, YAHUVEH a GOD that is a consuming Fire (Heb 12:29). Know this, it is the Living Water, (John 4:10) the NAME and the Blood of YAHUSHUA that will protect you from the fire of MY wrath. Know this Children, it is only the NAME and the Blood of YAHUSHUA that hides you and only if you are worshipping and serving YAHUSHUA and strive to obey. 'I AM' YAHUVEH and I will not be mocked.

Prophecy 72:
Foolish man to think you can use mathematics to calculate the date that I, YAHUVEH will use a planet in MY wrath to cause mass destruction to MY enemies. A word of prophetic warning to the rich and powerful who think they will be safe in the underground cities full of your treasures stored up, delicacies of food, etc. The underground cities you built and are still building will be your watery tombs and you shall die with your treasures of earth and I, YAHUVEH, have delayed that judgment for the prayers of the true believers in YAHUSHUA's NAME, those obedient, walking Holy before ME will be spared and I have had mercy thus far for the sake of MY Children that call out for more time to reach more souls for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Prophecy 73:
But I have a few, oh so very few, who I call MY Children and MY Treasure, who weep and who wail before ME, who say, "Let not this sin be counted against us." And just as surely as I spared Noah and his family, just as surely as I spared Lot and his family except one, just as surely I will provide a way of escape, a way to bless, a way to hide MY Beloved Ones. Go and hide yourselves, MY Children. You had better crawl underneath the shelter of MY Wings; you had better make sure the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA is covering every sin. For MY wrath is mighty, as mighty as MY NAME and the Great Tribulation that is to come is not so very far away.

First I weep and then I am angry and now MY Children hide yourself for a little while longer for your ABBA is very angry. But not at you MY Little Ones, not those that call upon MY Son, not those that try to do their very best to bring a smile to MY face and MY Son. Not those who say, "Oh, we are so ashamed that we are part of this human race that brings our Heavenly Father such disgrace." I stroke your heads, I kiss your brows, I say, "Hide yourself MY Children for just a little while longer" while Judgment comes upon MY enemies. Around this world sea to sea, Judgment shall come upon MY enemies.  

Prophecy 74:
Oh, you decree war and you occupy on the seed of Ishmael, but you forget that is still Abraham's seed. MY Children, I alone am your shield. You who live in America weep and mourn, for I have decreed war on America. For she is the bully of all the nations, so puffed up with pride, no longer acknowledging that it is in GOD you have trusted. Even wanting to strip the word GOD and anything Holy out of the peoples view. Oh, but you other nations that listen from far and wide, you also are no better, for your politicians have led you astray. People, you have taken part in that which you do not know. Why do you not know? Why do you not believe that I, YAHUVEH have decreed war on this planet earth? Because you shake your fist at ME. Because you say from your laws I will be set free. Then you will taste of MY wrath. But not for MY Children, not for those that put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their love and their life. Not for those that cry out "We want to know YOU, show us your will, show us your way, show us how we can please YOU today." You are not MY enemy and I will shield you in this day.

You who fill the Churches, so pompous and so proud. You say which commandments should be kept, which commandment is antiquated, no longer to be followed. You say you know ME but none know ME but MY Son. But MY true Children are crying out "Oh, Father we want to know you, Oh just like Moses did, Oh ABBA we want to know you, Oh YAHUSHUA our soon coming Bridegroom we want to know you." The first fruits that are redeemed, they now are also saying this prayer, for I have put in their hearts to weep and to care.

Beware of the doom Sayers that give prophecies without no hope interred. This Ring Maiden always speaks forth words of warning to the enemies but never do I ever prophesy of what will be, without also leaving you the hope that I have control, that I am watching over and I, YAHUVEH will protect those that are truly MINE. How do you become MINE? By accepting YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH who the Greek call Jesus Christ. For never do I do anything without first warning MY Prophets so I send forth this Ring Maiden now to warn you of what is to come. The greatest way for you to prepare is to seek MY Face, seek MY will, for I have safe pockets still. Picture the hand of the Almighty Creator YAHUVEH in a rock fight from Heaven. But you think that you have rocks to throw back and yet I say, "You have none," America I laugh at your red alerts, for destruction shall come on this nation. Those that I have deemed that are only worthy of destruction and it will come from the hand who created the Heavens as well as the earth.

Oh foolish, foolish man, what will you do when you realize too late, war has been decreed from Heaven. But those who truly belong to ME, those who take the Torah literally, those who believe I am able to protect, those who have put ME first in their life and their love, those who have laid everything on the altar of sacrifice, you will find I am YAHUVEH that cannot lie. Oh foolish earth, the evil ones that dwell on this earth, it is true as I told this Ring Maiden long ago when she saw the earthquakes, when she saw the wind with it combined and the floods and the volcanoes, those that survived that were evil and even those who are righteous through MY Son she heard these words, "Now, end of round one, now for round two." It is as a boxing match, how many rounds? And this will happen when you are least aware, that is why I told you MY Children "Hide yourself for just a little while." Hide yourself in the presence of MY bosom; hide yourself underneath MY Wings for it is only I, YAHUVEH that will protect you then. The same one that protects you now, I will protect you then.  

For you see, MY Children, he had made the wealth of this world more important than the GOD he claimed to serve. So too nothing has changed and for this I grieve. Oh, where are the children with the Alabaster Boxes? Oh, where are the tears? Who will wash MY Sons feet? Where are the ones who will grieve, weep and lament at the sins of this world, that brings ME so much grief? Why do you only cry over your own soldiers? Why do you not cry over others? Your enemy is not that which your Government says is your enemy, your enemy is Lucifer. Your enemy is anyone who calls themselves MY enemy. Your enemy is against all that is Holy. Your enemy tells you that what is wrong is right. I am watching, MY eyes go to and fro across this earth, to see who truly cares and I know this MY Children, for you will be lifting this up in prayer. Your enemy is those that rip the innocent babes from their Mother's wombs and throw them in a garbage can or grind them up and put them in cosmetics. These are your enemies.

Prophecy 77:
I have not changed just for the convenience of man. If you would just receive MY Holy Feasts I still want you to observe. It is because this is a blessing unto you Pentecostals and I speak only to those that have a heart after ME. Those who have put the Father GOD YAHUVEH , YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH first in their life and their love, I know your hearts and you desire to obey ME, you are anointed, you fight for Holiness but there is a greater anointing coming than that which you already know. You need it to fight against the evil. Does not MY Word say, "When the enemy comes in like a flood, I will raise up a standard against them." This is the flood, MY Children if you will but just receive, if you will but believe, if you will but just lay down man made doctrine and days and pick up the truth.

Prophecy 80:
In 2006 and hereafter, MY Holy People will grow in Holiness striving hard to obey, love and serve MY Son YAHUSHUA and I, YAHUVEH in all ways. MY Holy People will not compromise with the enemy. The Bride of YAHUSHUA has MY permission and authority to call upon I, YAHUVEH in YAHUSHUA's NAME and ask ME to put the demons tormenting them into MY Heavenly Winepress of wrath called MY meat grinder, demons that have been sent who torment you or your redeemed loved ones or the redeemed people. You have been given a mandate to intercede in prayer for deliverance.

Prophecy 83:
I, YAHUVEH say, "Prepare beloved ones, the end is nigh." As I prophesied through Elisabeth years ago of the Boiling Black Blood Plague, that would come as a sign of MY wrath, I now speak this forth from MY Ring Maiden. It is has already been loosed. It has begun. The disease is in the incubation stage and there will be no cure. But beloved ones, be assured all who are Holy before ME, living Holy and putting I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their life and love, doing their best to be obedient unto the Holy Scriptures, the Boiling Black Blood Plague will not come upon you. It will be as in the times of old when the plagues were loosed by Moses, speaking forth under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH. And the plagues did not touch the Children of Israel, only the Egyptians who served and worshipped other gods and so it shall be again.

Prophecy 84:
Oh, but America, you who are the bureaucracy and hypocrisy, you who trample the little ones underneath your feet, the rich and the powerful that take the little that they have from the little ones and give it to these. What a price you will pay. You think your black schemes will work? You think you've been protected from that which you've done? You think you're going to kill the masses of the poor, and MY wrath will not touch you? Oh, you foolish scientists. Oh, you foolish physicians, I will confound you. For those who are truly of ME, YAHUVEH for those who truly put MY Son YAHUSHUA as Messiah and Lord of their life, for those who love US and obey and strive to be Holy each day. I have put what is a true vaccine in the air, I have put supernatural antibiotics there and it will be as the children of Israel and these plagues did not come nigh them.

Prophecy 85:
Despite whatever the enemy tried to do, all of Heaven cheered, the angels cheered, in Heaven the shofar horns sounded, for in America they say, "Nothing is stronger than Homeland Security." But I proved as I will prove to everyone who tests and believes in ME, who obey ME, who knows the power of MY Sacred Names. I, YAHUVEH make this solemn oath: Those that follow the truths that I have given and spoken forth in this Ministry shall have the same victory over Homeland Security or by whatever name in whatever nation it is called. For similar agencies are set up to entrap not only the criminals but the innocent.

Those who honor MY Sabbath Day, those that MY Torah they truly do obey, those that worship YAHUSHUA, I will answer you, I will deliver you. Those who have loved this Ministry, for only MY Words have been spoken forth, I will answer you, I will deliver you, if you will but just obey. If you stay back because you say, "Oh, but my husband isn't saved," if you stay back and say, "Oh, but my wife isn't saved," if you stay back and say, "Oh, but my children are not saved" need I remind you what happened to Lot's wife and so too it will be again.

Oh, but those whose names I have written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of this earth. Those who cry out to ME, those who cry out in the NAME of MY Son YAHUSHUA, just keep your faith and hold on tight and don't let go. Hang on tight to the hem of YAHUSHUA's garment and don't let go. No matter what happens, don't let go. If I told you to remain then I will protect you where you stay. But If I told you to flee, remember you are disobeying ME if you have not gone.

Elisabeth, you will find a way to get on that Internet. There is one that wrote you and you are to contact her right away, for it is in MY NAME she continually prays. There is a German Bride you are to call forth; they contacted you once before and now you must find them again. YAHUSHUA has an Italian Bride and when I speak of Bride, I speak of more than just one. Italian Bride of YAHUSHUA, come forth. Send your invitations now and introduce yourself to the Ring Maiden. Are you willing to share what you have with this Ministry? Will you cover them with your prayers and love?

Prophecy 86:
Oh, how I LOVE YOU! How I embrace you. When you say, "Tell me the way, light the path, I will do whatever you say even if it goes against my flesh, even if it means I have to financially sacrifice, I will do it your way." These are MY Bride and you recognize one another for you are a family like no other family. You think with one mind and you love with one heart and MY NAME is never far apart.

Each and everyone of you embrace ME with a love anew. These are MY Bride. Your desire to live Holy before ME only grows stronger each day. You say, "Speak to me my beloved, I want a glimpse of you" and I say, "I am here and I embrace you and I kiss you and I love you and I hug you and I hold you". These are MY Bride. They are not a disobedient so-called Bride.

Elisabeth, you feared going to Africa, you say, "My skin is too light what will they think, will they hate me?" I tell you, those with MY Spirit will embrace and love you the way your sister does. They don't look at the color of your skin, just like you don't look at theirs and I send you there to show you this, in Africa that you are one. You will not lack any good thing. I don't care how small it is. I send you royalty to pave the way (She came with us to Africa) you know one another; you see one another in each others eyes. You never experienced this with another.

Prophecy 87:
Hear Oh, Israel, Jerusalem and the rest of the World, because you refuse to listen to MY Holy anointed Prophets whose only desire is to obey and serve I, YAHUVEH, I am sending MY Two Witnesses who will have the anointing like unto Moses and Elijah of Old. They will be sent to torment the one called the anti-messiah who is the son of satan, the false prophet and all his servants who carry the Mark of the Beast, just as Moses was used to torment the evil Pharaoh, so too I will use MY Two Witnesses.

As Moses pronounced curses and judgments on the Egyptians proving I, YAHUVEH's power, so too it shall be again just as Moses parted the Red Sea so the Israelites could pass over escaping their enemies, so too it shall be again. Only a faithful remnant shall be saved in Israel and only because they returned back to Holiness keeping the first laws I, YAHUVEH wrote engraved with MY own finger of authority and that they accept and worship MY Son YAHUSHUA as their MESSIAH and repent of their sins.

I only will protect those who bless the NAME of YAHUSHUA. He was born on this earth from a Hebrew virgin woman without the seed of a man. Proving YAHUSHUA is I, YAHUVEH's only Begotten Son who was sent to earth with MY Words and authority. YAHUSHUA is the Living Torah and you denied HIM Oh, Israel, Jerusalem and the majority of the world, when you deny HIM you deny I, YAHUVEH. I sent YAHUSHUA first to the Jews and than to the Gentiles to demonstrate MY authority and Glory.

I am chastising Israel because I love Israel but the trains will collide because both of them are on the wrong track. The Bride of YAHUSHUA is feeling what is taking place in physical Israel. For the Bride of YAHUSHUA is Spiritual Israel. Physical Israel you will be blessed with Deut:28 blessings when you return to Holiness and obey I, YAHUVEH and the only way this is done is when you accept YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH and admit HE is your only Blood Sacrifice that was given at Calvary. The blessings I have reserved is for Spiritual Israel and for all those who love ME, obey ME and put ME first in their love and in their life, those who obey MY Torah, those who respect the sacredness of MY Holy NAME and those who receive YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH.

Prophecy 90:
I AM MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY and it is MY HOLY light that radiates off of MY Holy Children's faces, those who truly love, worship and obey ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and ME the RUACH ha KODESH. It is through MY anointing that all things are possible, through the NAME of YAHUSHUA. Did not your MESSIAH YAHUSHUA tell you that HE had to leave this earth, but HE would not leave you alone, HE would send the comforter, and I AM the one that soothes your fears, encourages, mentors, and comforts like a Mother, am I not?

I your MOMMA SHKHINAH love you so much I promised never to leave nor forsake MY Holy Children who have accepted YAHUSHUA's price HE paid at Calvary, those who have repented of their sins, and turned away from their sins, and now love, serve, and try to obey YAHUSHUA. Faith without works is dead. When you are born again it is through YAHUSHUA's NAME and Blood. It is MY HOLY SPIRIT that lives and dwells in each born again believer. It is I that leads souls to YAHUSHUA and convicts you when you have sinned. Do not harden your heart when I your MOMMA SHKHINAH convict you, instead quickly repent so YAHUSHUA can forgive you.

Just as it is written Isaiah 1 (Yeshayahu 1), in Israel you don't run to the pubs on the Shabbat to drown your sorrows and sins in, but nevertheless you have compromised what Holy is. You have not stood against the Government Zionist agenda or defended the innocent. There is a remnant in Israel that are Holy and filled with MY HOLY SPIRIT and they prophesy and protest against abortion, homosexuality, immorality, and they have received YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH.

Where are those with the Spirit of a King David, who was a man after YAHUVEH's own heart? David knew how to repent, praise and pray for guidance and gain victory through obedience to YAHUVEH. King David also knew YAHUSHUA would come as MASHIACH for HE beheld HIS Glory in prophetic revelation (Acts 2:22-39).

Elisabeth, be warned, those with the spirit of religion and have a form of godliness but no godliness within, will attack you. They do not have a loving, obedient relationship with YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA and will feel convicted and will attack you and call you all manner of evil names. Remember this is not your message they attack it is Heaven's message. Be reassured, there are those whose names are in the Lambs Book of Life, who will rejoice and say, they have always sought the answers to know more about who the HOLY SPIRIT is. They will rejoice and know that they know this is the truth that has been told. Many have already wondered this, but dared not ask anyone for fear they would be mocked.

Prophecy 91:
Now, do not grieve and do not weep and say, "Oh that's going to be so many years…" I am going to do things so quickly, faster than your eyes think they can appear! I know who belongs to ME. I know who is washed in YAHUSHUA's Blood. I know who has repented and turned away from evil and their heart is full of MY Love.

Prophecy 92:
Oh, MY beloved Little Ones, I speak to those who worship, love, strive to obey and live Holy to ABBA YAHUVEH. How you please I, your YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. I am the only Good Shepherd and the only REDEEMER OF YOUR SOUL. MY sheep and lambs know MY voice and like a deer pants for water in the heat of the day, so too MY sheep pant for MY next word. They know the taste of the Living Water. As they read MY Holy Scriptures they drink of MY Living Water daily. True Prophecies are Living Water also, each time you read one, you will get another revelation if you study and ask ME what you do not understand.

You who desire to have a heart after MY own heart, you please ABBA YAHUVEH. I have put a boldness in you where others have refused to use this gift of boldness for MY GLORY or used it for evil purposes for their own motivations.

Any true Prophet would rebuke and warn. You know who the true Prophets are, because like this one I am speaking through now, they are loudly crying out Choo Thomas is a False Prophet, who claims she has walked and talked with JESUS. She claims she had an out of body experience and Jesus took her to heaven 17 times in one month and each time it was proceeded by violent manifestations (siezures) at an appointed time.

MY Little Ones, I have put a desire in you not to conform into other peoples images or religions. Instead you desire to be Holy, you desire to be pleasing unto ABBA YAHUVEH. And when you do sin, you hear MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH's soft voice lovingly rebuking and convicting you to return to Holiness. You are shown the error of your ways, and you quickly repent and turn away from sin, and come running back into ABBA YAHUVEH and I, YAHUSHUA's loving arms.

Homosexuality is an abomination, abortion is murder, do not allow your mind to conform to what the laws of your land deem lawful. Rather read the Bible and see what MY Word decrees as sin. Evolution is a lie of satan, you know all of these things.

Prophecy 95:
Those who belong to ME. Those who have given their life to ME. Those who have asked ME to come into their hearts. Those who strive to obey ME. Those who strive to please ME. Those who worship ME and put ME first in their life and their love and in their marriage, lift up this weapon before the enemy. Only MY Name and MY Blood, only through MY Body, can anyone be saved! Only through the Blood of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, can anyone be saved! There is no name on the face of this world, on the face of this universe, can anyone be saved but through MY Blood and through the price I paid with MY Body, as I laid MY life down.

The time is so short now. The lambs become sheep over night. I pour forth MY Truth. I grow them up for there's not time to remain babies for long. I demand Holiness more than ever before for evil rages all around. I look for the sparkles of gems when I and MY Father look upon this earth. See, those who belong to ME, they sparkle as the brightest gem, as MY light shines upon them. But truly you are in and you are surrounded about with the feces of inhumanity. And I look for the sparkles and the gems and I know just where they are and even from Heaven I can behold the most precious of MY jewels. That's everyone of you who put ME first in your life and your love, who strive to obey at all costs. Who rebuke satan and let him know he'll have no part of you. You are MY precious jewels.

For those of you who have not written this Ministry I speak forth out of, you've known, you've learned, you've received the Words I've spoken, your lives have been changed! You desire Holiness where you used to desire sin, what are you waiting for? Why have you not introduced yourself? Why have you not become part of the Holy warriors on the wall? Did I not say long ago, through this Ringmaiden of MINE, "There are no more lone rangers". You need one another. Believe ME. Satan's bride is complete. You can go from one end of the world to the next end of the world and you can find them. They are scattered all over, his networks. I use this Ministry to assemble MY Holy Bride together for they are Holy before ME. What are you waiting for? Oh you say, "I wrote them once, they didn't write me back." See I'm keeping track. What are you waiting for?  

Prophecy 97:
Beware! Beware! Beware! To anyone who seeks to destroy, tear down that which is Holy, and this Ministry is not of you, it is not named for you (Elisabeth), does not lift you up, so when they attack this Ministry, they attack I, YAHUVEH, MY Son YAHUSHUA THE MASHIACH and your IMMAYAH (RUACH ha KODESH), MY SHKHINYAH. They attack the Aleph and the Tav. He is hell bent to destroy what I have decreed brings ME much Praise, Honor and Glory! So Nico Arnold you shall reap your reward. MY Children, the evil grow more evil but the Holy cling to ME. The Holy who strive to obey each Word I say and their hearts only belong to ME. They are as a lighthouse guiding the ship so they do not crash and I place these lighthouses as branches of this Ministry speaking forth these Truths in parts of the world that you know not of for it only takes one and it doesn't take a building for you are the temple of the RUACH ha KODESH.  

And when you pray, picture a lighthouse with a beacon so bright. For each time you pray I look upon earth and I see your light. I see you sparkling like the brightest of the gems. Oh how much I love each and everyone of you who are determined to do it YAHUVEH's way. Oh how pleased I am with you and all of you, your rewards shall follow you to Heaven one day! Keep on! Keep on! Keep on! You've put your hand to the plow, do not look back! Pay no heed to the enemy other than to rebuke them. You know the Truth that sets you free. Not only now but for all eternity.  

Woe, woe, woe, woe be unto this earth when MY patience is done! Pray that you will be counted worthy to escape MY Wrath! This should be your constant prayer each and everyday. I am not angry at those who are obeying ME. I am not angry at those who are trying to obey ME. I am not angry at those who will say, "I am listening for YOUR voice. Lead me and guide me." I am not even angry at those who will say, "Please forgive me." I am angry at those who refuse to obey. And Judgment starts at the House of YAHUVEH. The heathen do not know how to hear MY voice. But I am angry at those who claim they are MINE and belong to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and refuse to obey!  

Prophecy 101:
Woe be unto the evil, evil men who call themselves pastors. You who have taken the name church and use the spiritually hungry people to build your own financial empires. You shall scorch and you shall burn and your financial empires I, YAHUVEH shall tear down with MY own hand and you shall be exposed for the evil that you are. I will not apologize to Sodom and Gommorah, woe be unto the world who are following in their footsteps! You are at the edge of a cliff and only those who truly have a loving and obedient relationship with I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will be rescued. Repent today for tomorrow may be to late.  

Propehcy 102:
Oh MY precious Bride, MY precious Bride, MY precious Bride, at this time of celebration during Sukkot I give you this Message of hope. I speak to those who put ME first in their love, in their life. Who are not ashamed of the Name of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH. All others just go ahead and remain deaf and remain blind. This Word is not for you at this time.  

Prophecy 104:
Beloved Elisabeth, those who count this Ministry as a blessing are your beloved spiritual children, the ones who lift your name before ABBA YAHUVEH, who help carry not only the burdens of the Ministry, but help carry your burdens, and fight the Ministries enemies, who are YAHUVEH's enemies. Beware, some of these enemies come as wolves in sheep's clothing seeking whom they may devour. The wolves are sent by the evil shepherd satan and they are sent with one purpose to destroy you Elisabeth and destroy this Ministry. The wolves speak slanderous lies about you Elisabeth, their fruit is rotton and a stench to MY nostrils though some dare to call ME Lord by there actions they prove I am not their Lord. I will say unto them, depart from me you worker of inequity for I have never known you!

MY Spirit has drawn each one of you to this Ministry for MY divine purpose. Now Elisabeth, I share MY earthly treasures with you. MY Holy children who are MY most precious of Jewels. They live Holy because they want to be pleasing unto YAHUVEH and not bring ME shame. Beloved Chidren, continue to abide in I, YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, and I shall continue to abide in you, and for eternity in Heaven with ME you will reside.

I am YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH and all these words apply to all who consider this Ministry a blessing, and to MY beloved ones that bless this Ministry by being a helper. I speak a word of love and gratitude especially to those called YAHUSHUA's demon stompers, MY front line Holy prayer intercessors like none other.

Prophecy 107:
I am YAHUVEH and I tell you all this for the purpose of not only knowing, for you knowing how valuable you are to ME. Those who love MY Son YAHUSHUA. Those who call and honor HIM as MASHIACH, King of Kings, almighty God MY only begotten Son. I tell you all of this to let you know, am I not able to take care of you when I know all things? Where I know where the next trap satan lays for you is. Am I not able to tell you, do not walk that way? Just trust ME. Just trust MY Son. Trust MY Spirit that lives within you. Right now I do not speak to the heathen. Trust the precious RUACH ha KODESH. Lean onto ME, rest you head on MY shoulder. I am your Abba YAHUVEH, trust ME. I know who are MINE and I know whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life.(Psalm 37:3) Just as I know whose names are written in the book of the damned and these are those who are the spawn of satan.

Prophecy 108:
For the Words I will speak will be of FIRE. Just know that you do sparkle before ME, all of those who walk in MY holiness and MY truth, who truly know what Purim represents, what it is about. Just know this, you sparkle before ME, you wear the finest garments for there can be no finer garment than the Robe of Righteousness that MY Son YAHUSHUA puts around you. Just know this, as the enemies plot the destruction of the holy, so I also know how I will destroy the unholy.

Now is not yet the time to speak forth Words of FIRE MY daughter. Be patient. I just give these few words of encouragement to you. That I your Abba YAHUVEH am pleased. I am pleased with MY spiritual Israel, those who walk in the footsteps that I ordain for them as holy, those whose ears are inclined to every word I speak. MY Children, MY Babies, MY Bride, MY Chosen Ones and MY Elect, you who take no pride in who you are or what you can accomplish but your pride is in what I, YAHUVEH do, what I, YAHUVEH accomplish through MY Son YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH.

But know this, I do not tell you this to cause you fear but to reassure you, those who truly belong to YAHUSHUA, those who are covered by MY Son YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH's shed Blood, who truly submit their will and their life to HIM and strive to obey every order from Heaven above, I'M going to keep you safe. Just hang on to your faith for satan wants your faith more than he wants your life. So hang on tight to your faith and watch what I do to the enemy. Watch what I do to those who want to destroy all that is holy. Watch what I, YAHUVEH will do, for their fate will be far worse than Haman and his 10 son's fate.  

Prophecy 109:
I speak this message to all, all, all who put I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the Precious RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH first in your life and your love. I speak to all the Bride of YAHUSHUA. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your faithfulness, that you continually rebuke satan. You will not compromise with sin. Your eyes are ever on heaven. Thank you for your faithfulness and be assured as you are faithful unto ME, I am faithful unto you. MY eye is ever on you. MY ear is inclined to every word you speak.

Prophecy 110:
I speak to all of those who allow I, YAHUSHUA, to be your MASHIACH, to be your Good Shepherd. I will protect those that are MINE. To those who look upon this Ministry as a blessing done by MY own hand, the nail pierced hands of your YAHUSHUA, will receive bountiful miracles from ME. If they believed the words that I have spoken forth and they have not been ashamed and they rebuke any retort. They rebuke the lies. They stand firm in what they believe and they do battle against satan the enemy and his servants that are sent.