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YAH’s true servants have nothing to fear

Prophecy 1:
But MY Children have nothing to fear, those who truly love, worship, put ME first in their lives. I am going to clean house in the temples. I am going to prove I am a GOD to be greatly feared. I am still a GOD who demands Holiness from MY Children. I am not speaking of outward appearances; this is vanity and man-made holiness. True Holiness comes from within.

Prophecy 2:
Thus sayeth the Lord GOD of Hosts, "I will show I do reward those that diligently seek after ME. Prove ME and see this is the year you have waited for. Join together around the world through the miracle of the computer, link together, stand together and you will see a greater outpouring of the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) as never before.

MY Children you have nothing to fear, for I know MY Sheep and you know your Shepherd. You have nothing to fear. Again I say unto you, look up, your redemption draught nigh. MY coming is closer than you can even imagine, but the enemy knows this and now tries to speed up evil.

Remember when the enemy comes in like a flood I will raise up a standard against them.  

Prophecy 4:
I am protecting those that are MINE, and I know who is MINE.

I have even shaken the prison doors like in times of old, so the prisoners who preached the gospel, this was their only crime would be freed.

But you who are faithfully loving, serving ME and washing yourselves in the Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH so you remain Holy in MY sight, you have nothing to fear during this time, you will not be caught unaware.

Prophecy 5:
But a time of blessings for those who obey and seek MY face humbly, those who listen for MY voice and MY Sheep know MY voice and come to no stranger. These have nothing to fear.

Though death surrounds them and you tell them, it will not harm those who are MINE and if they are martyrs the blood goes into the soil only to bring forth more Paul's who used to be Shaul and birth forth more Stephen's. You are like a Stephen; you are MY secret weapon I have hidden.

You are MY hidden treasure, MY hidden weapon and I will begin using you mightily in these end times, and do not be deceived they are the end times. But not the end for MY Children, for them it is a wondrous new beginning.

Prophecy 9:
MY Children need not fear, but MY enemies will tremble, and do tremble for they know I am a GOD that will take vengeance on MY enemies.

At times yes, I have to spank you, but also MY hands shelter, guide and protect you. MY hands for MY Children, who try and obey ME, have nothing to fear, those that are washed in MY Saving Blood.

Prophecy 10:
MY Beloved know this; everything that happens is orchestrated by the Master's hands. Though it appears to be evil, I will turn it around for good. Even satan's plans, I shall turn around and deliver you in such a mighty way. People will have to acknowledge that the GOD you serve, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH still rules and reigns and lives and there is none like unto ME.

Thus sayeth YAHUVEH of hosts for it is a fearful thing for MY enemies to fall into the hands of a living GOD but there is shelter and love there for you MY Beloved.

Prophecy 11:
Fear is the opposite of faith.

As they (pastors) teach the babes to sin and that MY Words are no longer for today, they are going to pay in a mighty way. I was only the sacrificial Lamb once; I come back as a Mighty Warrior next time. But first I gather MY Children home. MY wrath is reserved for MY enemies not MY Children. MY Children, those loving and serving ME, whose sins are washed in the Shed Blood of Calvary, have nothing to fear.

Prophecy 12:
Run towards Goliath like a David. David did not run away from Goliath though he mocked and threatened, though he towered over all men. David ran towards Goliath. David showed no fear for he put his confidence not in man or king, but in the great I AM and I did not fail him, nor will I fail you. Fear is the opposite of Faith. Hear ME. Fear is torment I do not send. David when he was mocked and threatened did not reply what he would do but instead what his GOD would do.

I am with you and no one can do anything I don't allow.

I have ordained you. This is all that matters. I will guard and protect and bless all you do and say.

One with YAHUSHUA on their side is a majority. A million without YAHUSHUA on their side is a minority. The time is now.

Prophecy 13:
Do not fear the enemy's hatred, wrath, or rejection, and threats. As the world hated ME so they will hate thee and all who truly belong to ME.

Prophecy 14:
YAHUVEH's people have more power in YAHUSHUA (Jesus) than the heathens and their false gods. Prove it, by rising up in MY NAME. Let the government know enough is enough (abortions).

Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

You have your Heavenly Father's power within you; use it to defeat the enemy.

Come forth MY Children, rise up, speak up, tell the heathen and devils to shut up in YAHUSHUA's NAME and you have the power, use it wisely for MY Glory and the sake of all mankind.

Come forth MY Children who have the Spirit of the Living GOD within, all those who know, and have the power of the RUACH ha KODESH, come forth all those who know you are more than a conqueror in YAHUSHUA's NAME.

Prophecy 15:
You have your Heavenly Father's power within you; use it to defeat the enemy.

Prophecy 18:
You MY Beloved treasures more valuable than words can say you know what NAME you rely on to deliver you and your souls. Your children are safe and secure in the palm of MY hand and MY other hand shelters them like they were a newborn chick. I will protect those that belong to ME, those that desire to belong to ME, I wait for you. I do not have any desire to beat you with MY ROD of affliction. MY ROD and staff is to comfort you to protect and guide you.

MY ROD is to protect MY Children as I pour vengeance upon their enemies and MINE. MY ROD is also used as chastisement as you are to spank your children so I must spank MINE also at times when needed. MY ROD of wrath is reserved only for those that are in utter rebellion. Beware the ROD is coming to America. Beware the ROD of Wrath is coming to other nations of this world that have decreed they will serve another god. MY desire is I want to lead you with MY Shepherd's ROD that protects you and guides you and only beats the enemy away, the wolves that come disguised as good and instead are evil.

Prophecy 20:
There is a new plague coming that will not touch anyone that is Holy and not doing these things, so you need not fear. It will be a sexually transmitted plague and this sinful world has taken the bait I laid down.

Prophecy 21:
Gabriel has blown his trumpet! The sound waves have been blocked with the raging battle that is going on in the Heavenlies now. Michael and satan and the angelic hosts fight, good against evil, but good always triumphs.

As in the days of Moses, so shall it be again. I will separate the Israelites and the Egyptians. MY blessings and MY curses, blessings to those that obey ME and curses to those that disobey ME. Did I not provide a place for them, when the evil pharaoh made it impossible to live there in the heathen land? Is this not also happening now in America? Do you not also see the evil pharaohs arising in the form of government taking away your Christian freedoms? Passing laws that says you cannot speak against that which I call an abomination. Forcing you to pay for these abominations with tax money I did not decree for you to pay. Lifestyles I have stated plainly in MY Word are an abomination unto YAHUVEH.

Did I not provide a safe place for Lot who fled? Only Lot's wife who looked back was destroyed. For she wanted the life style she was fleeing. So I gave her the same reward. Destruction! Did I not provide a safe place for Noah? Why would I not provide a safe place for MY Children who are filled with MY RUACH ha KODESH? Why would you doubt MY Love when they did not? Oh, how you grieve ME when you do this. Am I not able to take care of all those on this earth that belong to ME and MY Father? Stop doubting ME. In the times of Moses did I not even force the Heathen to give up their silver and gold so those that were holy did not leave empty handed and poor? The wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous.

Do not listen to the economic woes. These are the heathens woes, not MY Children's woes. For the Glory of YAHUSHUA, YAHUVEH and the RUACH ha KODESH, I will bless MY People in ways they have never dared dream, not for their selfishness.

In the time of Moses, did I not provide for the children of Israel?

In the time of Moses did I not provide water for their thirst, from a rock, a hard dry rock? Yet it flowed forth MY Living Waters which sustained them. MY Children were thirsty so I gave them water from a rock and I can do it again and I will, I am no respecter of persons. Only believe and believe I will raise up and I have raised up Apostles and Prophets who will do these things and more. I'll do it again. Those who do not receive MY Living Water will thirst, will die and go to Hell. For MY Glory alone I will bring forth Living Water from rocks. Did I let MY Children go hungry in the desert? Do you understand how many I had to feed? Did I have a problem? NO! Without even firing an arrow, without even searching for the birds, I had the birds sacrifice their lives so MY Children could have meat when they tired of the manna, Angel's Bread from Heaven.

I fed them food from Heaven which they complained and grew tired of and so I shall feed them again. Then when they complained because they tired of food from Heaven, then I gave them the meat of this earth which they gorged on and thousands died. I was angry for their ungratefulness.

I will still have a people. I will still protect that which is MINE. Yes, some of you will willingly give your lives for ME, but I will only give you your life back. Some will awaken in Heaven knowing this blood only raised up more Stephens. For remember Shaul held the coat of Stephen when Stephen was stoned and Shaul became Paul. This martyr Stephen saw ME as Heaven opened up and MY Glory radiated his face, so think not the same kind of martyrs raising up that have already given their lives did not also see the same. Some of MY Apostles, Prophets and Children will be killed and yet live again and the devil can't stop it nor can mankind

I will show forth more miracles in these end times than all the Bible put together. Will you be ready? Will you be on the side that denies ME or confesses ME as Lord and Savior?

I am going to do all of this and even more for MY Glory to prove I ALMIGHTY GOD alone has the last word, not satan, not the anti-christ, not the false prophet and not the government. I will prove YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (Jesus Christ) can take care of the sheep that belong to HIM. Even Moses' shoes did not wear out. So it shall be again. Take ME at MY Word. Know that I am ALMIGHTY GOD and with ME all things are possible.

For the truth is YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH's NAME is Victory and I am coming again to prove it.

Michael and satan and the angelic hosts fight, good against evil, but good always triumphs.

Prophecy 24 part 1:
Remember how I asked her (the Widow of Zarephath) to use her faith to give the last of what she had. Remember this MY Children, she had to borrow pots and jars from neighbors and when they asked her what she was going to put in it she had to say her GOD was going to fill the empty vessels. As I did for her so I will do again. Only believe! Faith without works is dead. I will do this for those who believe I will provide for them also as I did the widow of Zarephath for those who bless MY Prophets. You will want ME to bless you when your paper money and cards are worthless. I will remember now whether you tithed and gave alms when I told you to share. Does not MY Word say, "Store up your treasure in Heaven where thieves cannot steal nor rust corrupt." Store up your blessings the way you would store up your treasures. Where your heart is, what you put your trust in, is your God.

I shall put America to open shame before the entire world. Your leaders will weep openly for what I am going to do. But not MY Children you will know what to do when the time comes. The reason you don't know yet it is not time. I am never too early or too late, I your Lord GOD is always on time, you just think I am late. MY timing is prefect. You can't go ahead of ME or behind ME but must stay right by MY side. All MY Children, those who belong to YAHUSHUA long for HIS coming again around this world, hear ME, the voice of your Creator, the great GOD 'I AM.' I will, for your sakes, send miracles like you have never seen thus far. For you see MY Son YAHUSHUA your MESSIAH approaches this earth, as this Handmaiden Sherrie Elijah has told you before, I repeat once again.

Prophecy 24 part 2:
But I say to MY Children that live in America don't GIVE UP YOUR BLESSED HOPE!

Just Believe that the heathens woes are not MY Children woes. Just believe I am a GOD that rewards those that diligently seek after ME. MY rewards are with ME. Just as in the Days of Noah you shall be watching the destruction from above MY wrath. It was too late when the Ark door closes and no matter how the heathen beat upon the Ark door they couldn't get in. When I take MY Bride home, all left will be forced to go through the time of the Tribulation. Depending on the faith of those that call upon ME to save them will determine whether they die or are able to escape the Mark of the Beast. Only hearing MY voice and obeying ME will determine this.  

Prophecy 25:
Destruction and weeping is coming yet MY Bride that is waiting for ME, YAHUSHUA will not allow satan to touch. Hang on to your faith, depending on your faith is how much I your GOD, will protect you. Hear the screams. Look over the land and you will see destruction as far as you can see but not for MY Children, not MY Babies, not MY Bride. I shall hide you under MY wings. You must walk by faith and not by sight. If you think its hard now to walk by faith and not by sight, how much harder will it be for those who must taste MY wrath?

Prophecy 26:
In 1999, the words 'Fear of Flying' will take on a new meaning. MY Babies and Bride will not fear. Rumors of war will no longer be rumors and will be more than one country at a time. I see and hear MY Babies, MY Children, I feel your pain as you listen and run in terror in every direction or you are overwhelmed and paralyzed, as if in shock and your faith draining daily at the world's news reports. Many of MY Little Ones are in a panic for they say, "I cannot hear YAHUVEH's voice." They weep and wail in fear and pray, "Please YAHUVEH, tell me where to go and what to do." MY Children, hear ME, you have not heard what to do or where to go for it is not yet time. Tarry a while longer, I will speak and confirm to your Spirit in many different ways. I have not forsaken MY Beloved Babies, Bride, Chosen ones or Elect. Nor will I. Your names are engraved on MY Palms.

Many of you are making decisions based on fear. I have not given you the fear of your Heavenly Father forsaking or forgetting MY Children. Satan has given you this fear, along with spirits of depression and hopelessness. Keep your hope alive; keep your faith alive by renewing your mind. Read MY Word, all that I have done in times of old, since the times of old, I have taken care of MY Children, who serve and worship, try to obey ME, have I not? Many spiritual leaders frighten you with facts, how MY Children are tortured and murdered for MY sake. But I say onto you now, yes there are martyrs, I have always had Beloved Children willing to lay down their lives for MY sake. I always will have martyrs; their blood is so precious to ME, as MY Son willingly gave his life at Calvary so these also spill their blood for MY Glory. 'I AM' who 'I AM,' and I change not neither for man, nor woman or your seasons nor times.

I will reward MY True Children, who diligently seek to please ME in all ways. I will protect MY Children in 1999 with the coming trials and Tribulations, for MY Glory's sake. Not their glory's sakes. I will protect all those who insist on being Holy as I am Holy, living Holy, thinking Holy, speaking Holy, a living witness to the heathen. MY Bride, MY children you have been set apart for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's Glory alone. I delight in blessing those who do these things.

Soldiers take orders from the commander-in-chief, yet MY soldiers question ME when I give commandments.

Why is this so, am I not the same great GOD 'I AM,' that parted the Red Sea? Am I not the same great GOD 'I AM,' that provided for Noah and Moses? Did I not send an angel to shut the mouth of the lion for Daniel? Did I not protect Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace? Can you believe that I will do it again? It is the aroma of MY sweet anointing that kept them from smelling like smoke. Pray and believe in faith I will keep you from bowing down to other false gods. Put ME first in all your ways as these three Hebrew children did. Am I not the same great GOD 'I AM,' that used a woman named Deborah as a judge to defeat thousands, taking MY enemies to the grave and the pits of Hell? Am I not the same great GOD 'I AM,' that used a shepherd boy and one small rock to cause Goliath to forever fall? Am I not the same great GOD 'I AM,' that cursed evil Pharaoh? I created him for destruction to prove 'I AM' who 'I AM.'

The river of life flows forth from MY throne with great love and mercy. For MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect 1999 will be a year full of deliverance for those who put ME first. MY Children will know great blessings for boldly keeping MY Sabbath Holy and who know the importance of keeping MY Commandments. MY Children also know when they sin against ME and repent; turning away from that sin only YAHUSHUA's Holy Blood shed at Calvary will wash them clean again.

MY True Children will arise in victory, for they have given their all, they hold nothing back. Even if need be, they will give ME their lives.

For at last MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect will see the hand of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA deliver and slay the Goliath's of this world, causing their enemies to flee in seven different directions. MY Children who can trust ME in this new year of 1999, in a world seemingly filled with chaos, and yet in that chaos, MY Children will sense the peace that passes all understanding. MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect will have more blessings, wisdom, knowledge, revelations to know how to evade the enemies' traps. MY Children will be as a Joshua and watch the enemies and their walls of evil come tumbling down upon these evil ones. This year 1999, at mid-point especially, you will see and remember what has been spoken this day through this Handmaiden on 12/31/98.

1999 is not only a year for great deliverance, for it will come to MY People, remember 9 is the number symbolizing deliverance and you have it 3 times. 3 times is the number of MY Trinity, therefore you have complete harmony, Father, Son and Ruach ha Kodesh.

For the people who live to see the end of 1999, even the atheists and heathen will have to admit, signs, wonders and miracles, delivering power, followed all those that believe, serve, hung on to their faith, obeying ME and because of this multitudes will be saved, for they kept their faith in YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and boldly spoke out that their GOD would save them.

But oh for MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, you have nothing to fear. The heathen's woes are not MY Children's woes. I am the GOD of the past, present and future and all MY Children have to do is be as a little lamb or sheep, trust the shepherd, they do not worry or fret, they have faith in the Good Shepherd providing for them. That's all I ask of you, hold on tight to your faith in 1999 and don't let go. I will deliver you.  

Prophecy 26:
Soldiers take orders from the commander-in-chief, yet MY soldiers question ME when I give commandments.

Why is this so, am I not the same great GOD 'I AM,' that parted the Red Sea? Am I not the same great GOD 'I AM,' that provided for Noah and Moses? Did I not send an angel to shut the mouth of the lion for Daniel? Did I not protect Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace? Can you believe that I will do it again? It is the aroma of MY sweet anointing that kept them from smelling like smoke. Pray and believe in faith I will keep you from bowing down to other false gods. Put ME first in all your ways as these three Hebrew children did. Am I not the same great GOD 'I AM,' that used a woman named Deborah as a judge to defeat thousands, taking MY enemies to the grave and the pits of Hell? Am I not the same great GOD 'I AM,' that used a shepherd boy and one small rock to cause Goliath to forever fall? Am I not the same great GOD 'I AM,' that cursed evil Pharaoh? I created him for destruction to prove 'I AM' who 'I AM.'  

Prophecy 28:
Do not think for a moment that this weapon (a laptop) is not powerful. Satan seeks to control the internet, to silence MY People but he cannot do anything I do not allow.

Your time is short but I will connect you with those that have computer knowledge. A network of MY People shall be a loud voice in this end time. MY computer geniuses have been hidden for such a time as this. Those with the wisdom of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA have been hidden for such a time as this. They work in the world to learn the ways of the heathen, to be able to be used against the heathen and their ways at the appropriate time. I have MY People in all areas no matter where you have feared, from the police, to the military, to the IRS, to the government, to the grocers, to the internet providers, look for MY People. You will find them. Now is the time they will arise and shine. Like the sun they will shine forth.

The knowledge that has been learned in colleges provided by the enemy will be used against the enemy to protect those I call MINE. They shall know ways around laws you think are impossible. I have lawyers, doctors; I have teachers in all areas. Think not the heathen have more wisdom. MY Geniuses have been kept hidden until a set time. MY Geniuses have the wisdom of I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and can learn anything quickly, even though they never thought of learning this before. Communication will be a valuable tool in these end times. Ways around what the world intends to do, to silence MY People, are there. I will not reveal now the ways, but you will recognize them when you hear them. I tell you this they can build their towers of Babel; I will provide a way for MY Children to always keep in contact. Trust ME and learn MY ways, be aware MY People have been hidden, have hidden gifts of the RUACH ha KODESH, have walked alone without counsel of one another, to be taught, and yet have been taught of MY RUACH ha KODESH.

Travel will become increasingly difficult to get from one country to another without permission from that country. But I tell you I have MY People already working in these fields and MY People shall escape when the time comes to flee. I have planes, pilots, and stewardesses. I have MY plan in force. I am a GOD that cannot be surprised no matter what the enemy thinks. I have a plan and MY plan for you is for good not for your evil. MY plan for MY Beloved Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect are for blessings, so many blessings you will not be able to name them all. MY plans for MY enemies are for curses, so many they will not be able to name them all. Get ready enemies, the curses are coming to you. Natural disasters they shall call them, but there is nothing natural in the disasters that come from the hand of an ANGRY YAHUVEH! You boast of your surpluses but there shall be no surplus because of MY wrath that will fall undiluted, but will not harm MY People. I will protect MY People as I did in the time of Noah, as in the time of Lot, as in the time of Moses.

The enemy will gnash their teeth in anger and rage for they will see nothing can stop nor hinder those that obey and trust in YAHUSHUA as their Good Shepherd. No wolves can surprise MY Sheep. I go before the wolves and speak words to MY Prophets and Apostles warning ahead where and when the wolves will attack. You see these wolves are not merely wolves with sharp fangs, they are rabid and when they bite once, their bite is deadly. So it is not merely a bite but your very soul and life is at stake. The snakes sent to surround you are not only one, but many. The snakes will try and surround you and their bite is not only a snake bite but there are cobras which inject venom into your Spirit telling you that YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA can't take care of their sheep, it is hopeless, they will inject you with a lying venom saying, "Trust the government not your GOD." Then they will use boa constrictor snakes to try and squeeze you everyway they can financially, spiritually, physically, and mentally the government will squeeze you like a boa constrictor at the same time using the cobra to inject the poisonous venom of lies to cause even the strongest in faith to quiver in fear.

But I am speaking forth out of this Handmaiden now to tell you MY Beloved you need not fear the wolves or snakes. I have told you I have always had a people that worship, serve, and obey the Great GOD 'I AM' and always will. I, YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA quietly watch and survey what the enemy is doing and we report it through our Prophets and they in turn not only warn you but encourage you like now, to let you know in MY timing I will tell you when to leave, what to do, how to avoid the boa constrictors, and the deadly cobras. Merely wait on ME, for I the Lord your GOD am never too early or too late. I will rescue MY People in such a way you will find miraculous. Yes, there will be those that will be and are being martyred but their blood falls into the ground and only raises up others to speak forth and do greater works in MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME. Grieve not for the ones I allow to be killed for MY sake but rather grieve for the one that did the killing and torturing. They will have eternity to suffer for what they have done, for what they have done to MY Children who laid their lives down for ME. They will be tortured the same way in Hell for eternity. Those who are martyred suffered in life but for eternity shall never suffer again. Their rewards are GREAT in Heaven.

In this world all is not what it seems to be. In this world the god of lies and destruction is ruling many countries. But the GOD of Truth is YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and I have placed in all those that worship, serve and obey ME and the RUACH ha KODESH and WE will separate the truth from the lies. WE will shelter you from the coming destruction and devastation. Do not allow your eyes to only be focused on the darkness, the negatives of this world, but rather think on the good thoughts, the protection, the miracles I will do to save MY Children. Just as in the time of Moses, so I shall do it again. In a new way, with new modern day tools, but nevertheless I will protect MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect. I will not only protect but I will bless MY Beloved Bride in ways they have not even dreamed of. Just TRUST ME!  

Woe be unto those in these end times that accept the ways of satan and live a life of ungodliness, for your life will be fruitless and every blessing you have shall be cut off. But for those that do try and keep MY Commandments, have no other GOD but YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and only listen to the voice of the RUACH ha KODESH and follow not after the seducing spirits your life will be full of blessings on earth and in Heaven. I will never leave nor forsake you, just believe. Cast not your faith away as you see the coming Judgment day.

Prophecy 30:
Man's heart will faileth them with fear as they see what is coming upon this world in the year 2000 and beyond. Because those who mock them that warn, you shall taste of what is to come. Beware, for take not MY mercy for granted, trample not MY Son's Blood under your feet, making it unholy, sinning and saying, "Oh well, I am forgiven." For I say unto you there is no forgiveness for doing this. Beware for those that think I am a GOD to be mocked. Beware of those who take MY love and mercy and long suffering for granted. Beware of those who say, "Vengeance is not mine sayeth a God of balance, both love and war." This world shall reap what it has sowed. MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones, and Elect who live Holy as if this is the last days and honor ME on the True Sabbath and keep it Holy, watch for ME, I will return and find MY Bride has oil in her lamp, and awaiting her Bridegroom, her Savior. I shall take her away as MY Bride. But those that have only the lamp and not oil will find they have a form of godliness and no godliness within. They will go away and seek ME and I will not be found.

Prophecy 31:
You (America) send missionaries to other countries and I bless these missionaries with MY anointing and heathen lands come to know YAHUSHUA as Lord and Savior. Yet your own country mocks the same message. Not all do this for I do have a people. I have a remnant that will not be moved. They will not bow their knee to satan and the doctrines of the anti-christ but oh so few. Oh I weep, so many are going astray. Multitudes listening to strange fire teachings, demonstating strange fire in their churches and even praying strange fire prayers. Come out from among them. Listen to the voice of MY RUACH ha KODESH you know the voice of your Good Shepherd. Test every action with the word of YAHUVEH. Test the Spirit that speaks. In this time and season the false prophets look so good. They speak words saying, "All is well and only blessings are ahead." Yes, for MY children I will protect.

But remember Moses and learn the lesson of the children of Israel. The plagues did not come nigh those that had their faith in ME, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But they did see the plagues that came upon the others. I am sending MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA, your MESSIAH to come and catch MY Bride away. Didn't I give you signs in the Holy Scriptures of what to wait and watch for? Haven't you seen these things come to pass? Didn't I say, "Truly this generation would not pass away that see these things without the Son of GOD, YAHUSHUA, coming again." Why do you doubt ME? Why then do only 50 percent of you who claim to love and serve ME believe I am sending MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA to rescue those who are not appointed to MY wrath that is to come? For those of you who refuse to use your faith to believe in this BLESSED HOPE I have news for you HE is not coming for you.

Don't just recite the prayers you speak Israel, but believe the prayers you recite. Don't just celebrate 'Passover' believe it is your 'Passover.' This goes for all MY Beloved Children who seek to please ME, who obey ME, who serve ME, worship ME, putting ME the great GOD 'I AM"' and YAHUSHUA above all things. I am sending forth this message and have already spoken it to multitudes through MY RUACH ha KODESH. If you want Passover deliverance from the hands of the enemies, then you must celebrate and believe and encourage one another. This is your Passover and you will be counted worthy to escape the wrath of 'I AM' that is to come. The plagues will Passover you and not touch you, all the plagues, as in the time of Moses it shall be again but you will have a way of escape. You shall have a Passover once again. The Blood of YAHUSHUA is your 'Passover.' If you're reading this then you're held accountable for what you know. What will you do with it?

The 'Passover' is your promise. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the great GOD 'I AM' will deliver you once again in ways you think not if only you can believe. Where your faith is that is where your Passover is. Those who live in America and I have prophesied the wrath to come, this is true but those that believe 'I AM' the Passover and like Moses, I will provide a way of escape for you, you shall not be ashamed that you believed. I will prove the great GOD 'I AM' cannot and will not lie to you. Where your faith is there will be your 'Passover.'

Every time you pray remember now is the time to pray you will be counted worthy to escape the wrath that is to come on this earth. The wrath of 'I AM' is not just a temper tantrum, it has been building and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a Living GOD. But MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones, and Elect need not fear. I will only shower you with MY blessings and not MY wrath.

Prepare a flee bag in case you need it before your MESSIAH comes for you. There are those that are reading this that will walk through the fire of MY wrath and tribulation. Some will do this and I will shelter them in a way you think not.

There is always a way of escape for MY Beloved Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones, and Elect. I will provide a way when there seems to be none. Just because you know it not now, it is like a man with a ticket to ride, they don't need the ticket until it is time to leave. You don't need the wisdom now for if I were to tell MY Prophets of MY ways of escape then beloved, the enemy would know also. I have MY 'Hidden ones' that is all you need to know at this time. Not all will be told to flee. If you don't hear ME speak it and confirm and witness it in your Spirit, then I will protect you where you are. If I don't tell you where to flee now, then I will tell you when the time comes for you to leave.

Prophecy 32:
'I AM"' is MY NAME and I share MY Glory with no one or nothing. You have loved ME, yet not MY Son YAHUSHUA, who was born on earth on your soil from the loins of your own flesh. Yet you still despise the only Savior you will ever know. Yet this is changing and MY RUACH ha KODESH is sweeping over Israel and the enemy cannot stop it. Oh ISRAEL, do not give up what I have told you not to surrender. Oh Israel, do not give in to the intimidation of war or rumors of war or destruction. Believe that 'I AM' will save and deliver you from the hands of the enemy and from the hands of strange children. Believe I will deliver you and all MY Children in all nations from the hands of strange fire. Do not be deceived. Chase the sorcerers out of your churches and temples. Chase the golden idol worshippers away from MY Children. Leaders REPENT today for not taking a stand against unholiness.   

Prophecy 33:
Wherever you go I will keep you safe. Whatever is to happen know that I am with you, and I will keep you safe. Does a Groom allow any harm to come to HIS Bride? You are MY Bride, I am your Groom. Yes, I am coming soon but until you see me do not think I will not shelter and protect MY Bride. Does not MY Word say though 1,000 fall by your side, though the dead surround you, I will keep you safe? Remember when the Israelites and the Egyptians were surrounded by darkness and light? Remember when the Egyptians had plagues and the Israelites had none? They lived side by side did they not? Yet the Israelites were protected. So it was then, so it shall be again.  

GREAT HORROR! GREAT HORROR! GREAT HORROR! GREAT HORROR! GREAT HORROR! GREAT HORROR such as this world has never seen. But listen, I give these words not for MY Bride, Babies, Chosen Ones and Elect to fear. They are not for those who hear MY voice and fear ME.

It is wisdom to fear the Lord. It is wisdom to try to be pure. It is wisdom to keep living Holy and shun unholiness. You take the Word of God and you hold it in the heathen's face and say, "Thus saith the Lord." Watch and see, your neighbor's house will be flattened; plagues, sickness, death, destruction and poverty will come and watch how I cover those who are MINE. I cover those who entered MY Passover. Those who are MINE, who entered into MY Passover, you will Passover the HORROR of MY judgment to come."

There is coming great devastation. The earth will shake and quake in fear. Can the sun outshine MY brilliance as I come closer to the earth? The lava will run, it cannot contain the anger of YAHUVEH anymore. Oh but you will see MY angels encamp about those who love ME, you need not fear. Those of you who hear MY voice need not fear when it is time to go you will know. Did I not open the Red Sea? I did it then, so I will do it again. Just as the evil pharaoh and his troops chased MY children of Israel who just wanted to be free to live Holy and worship ME.

MY children are the ones I protected. Their enemies were destroyed. I did it then and I will do it again. The Israelites disobeyed and were delayed from entering the Promised Land by MY chastisement. See the destruction come upon the whore of Babylon. Remember Hitler? As I have told MY Prophets, learn from Hitler and you shall see what has been in the past shall be in the future.

Prophecy 34:
All of the earth will tremble for "I AM" has begun to stomp this earth and it is only with one foot. When I stomp on this earth with BOTH FEET it will be in such a way no nation or city or land will be spared from the shaking! But again those who are mine and keep MY Sabbaths Holy, who worship ME in power and in truth I will spare, I will shelter you. Learn who "I AM" really is. I have not even begun to blow on this world yet but you shall see what happens when the creator of Heaven and earth and all that lies in between and around, blows on this world with the breath of "I AM" in ANGER and fierce WRATH!

Prophecy 36:
The darkness that is to come shall symbolize the anger of "I AM" when I cover MY eyes at your calamities, wars, famines, death, destruction, pestilence, poverty, disease and the list goes on. Warn MY enemies they have brought this shame upon their own nations, upon their own selves! MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones, and Elect need not fear but they shall wail and grieve also with ME as they see these things come upon those that choose not to serve the God they serve. They shall see these upon those that do not have the redemption seal upon their foreheads. The Blood of YAHUSHUA covering their sins.

Oh MY Little Ones, how I long to cradle you in MY arms yet you shun MY very touch. For MY touch is Holy and for ME to touch you convicts you. So I must touch you in a way I would rather not, like a Father spanking a child I shall get your attention one way or another. But those who trust in ME, those who long for MY touch, I shall shelter you and protect you. I shall cradle you in MY arms and nurse you like a mother nursing a wounded child. I tell you MY beloved the coming days shall not be a thing to dread as long as you keep your faith in the God you worship, love, serve, and strive to obey. I shall not leave nor forsake you! Do not fear man instead fear the God you serve. If you are not listening for MY voice you shall miss your directions.

You will one day very soon answer to the God of Creation. You sell your pills and give your surgical skills I gave to save life and instead take innocent lives. You physicians will pay for using the gifts of knowledge I have given you to murder innocent lives. The babies' souls who are unwanted return back to their Creator and back into MY arms but it is you that shall pay for what you are doing. It is the nations that do these things I shall cover MY ears in the time they are butchered. But again MY anger will not touch those who belong to ME those who weep for the atrocities done in disregard of what is right and wrong.

Satan will unleash the spirit of war on MY children to a greater degree. You have been warned. Say not that "I AM" did not warn you. Fear not, just call upon ME and I shall deliver you by MY ALMIGHTY HAND! But I shall only protect those that are covered in MY Son's shed Blood. There is only one remission for sin, one Blood that is Holy and pure that can wash the stench of sin away. No one is perfect; all must be covered in the Holy Saving Blood of YAHUSHUA, the only way to MY throne of grace. The coming months will only get worse in the eyes of the world but for MY babies that lay in the palm of MY hand I shall shelter and protect them with MY other hand.

Strive not or worry not, be anxious for nothing, lean not unto thy own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge ME, pray to ME, seek ME, love ME, obey ME and I shall not disappoint MY faithful ones who do this. Hide under the shelter of MY wings till this evil passes over. Put the Blood of YAHUSHUA on your mind, body, spirit, and soul. Place it on your doors and windows so the demons cannot enter in. Speak it in faith and then hold on tight to the hem of YAHUSHUA's garment, his robe of righteousness and don't let go. The darkness of man's soul shall be represented in the eclipse, the darkness of the sin covering the land, the darkness where MY light is not welcome. Oh I will grieve for what I have to do, yet it has been pre-ordained, pre-told, you have been forewarned if you study MY WORD.

Prophecy 37:
Beware for all those who do not accept the only true living God will fall under the power of the evil reign to come. Those who seek MY Son YAHUSHUA, will have hidden food and hidden water when they are in need. MY children will find hidden treasure, hidden manna from Heaven when they are in need. Look not unto this corrupt world to care for you, but instead look to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and remember how I have always had a Moses that goes before MY people to lead them forth out of bondage, as it was once I will do it again. Miracles yet untold, you who belong to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA will behold!

Those who reject MY RUACH ha KODESH REJECT both Father and Son for there is no way one can be saved unless MY RUACH ha KODESH draws you into the loving confirming knowledge that YAHUSHUA alone saves and to Heaven there is no other way, no Holier Name. I am coming for MY Bride to be caught up by MY side! But you must long for ME not out of fear but out of deep LOVE! Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear does not honor ME, your faith that I, YAHUSHUA, will care for those who are MINE, this is what honors ME. Because MY Bride has been in fear and not cried out in faith and love, I have not yet come. I come for MY Bride with a pure heart, loyalty and motivations, not selfish pride or lack of faith that I will provide. This is in part why MY Bride is not yet by MY side.

Seek ME, Learn of ME, desire ME; obey ME, more each day. Get under the shelter of MY Father's wings like a baby chick and you will see ME. Realize nothing can happen MY Father has not ordained. He will provide an escape on that evil day when it seems like all is lost. Look up your redemption draweth nigh. Look up and see ME coming in the eastern sky. Hearken your ears and know no fear, you will hear the shofar horn of the redeemed, with your eyes MY glory you will see if only you can believe.

Prophecy 39:
Those reading this that are still baby Eagles, don't worry. The more spiritually mature anointed Holy Eagles shall nourish you, and protect you, and even teach you how to war in the spiritual realm, in a higher realm then you have soared before. Anointed Holy Eagles be warned! The unholy vultures are gathering against you and are going to try and devour you as prey. But you will not become prey if you will seek MY face and humble yourself and pray for MY instructions and soar higher when I tell you to soar and dive bomb the enemy when I tell you to dive. They will be the prey in MY Holy Name, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Anointed Holy Eagles of MINE, I have hidden and taught you for such a time like this. Seek MY face in a new way. Believe that you have heard MY voice in the wilderness for I have called and you have known what to do when the time would come. 

Prophecy 45:
My Beloved Son, do you know you never have anything to fear, for I have given you the strength of a Samson. In the Spiritual realm you are MY anointed Samson. There is no good thing will I withhold from you MY Beloved Son. Trust ME and keep your eyes upon ME. As you sow seeds into this ministry that shall be used to not reach thousands as she thought, but as I have brought confirmation upon confirmation and even showed you MY son this truth what the enemy does not want her to know. You have heaped blessings also upon yourself. As you realize it is tens of millions this ministry shall reach. As you obey ME and defend that which is MINE under MY full anointing. 

It is your prayers MY Son, your fasting that will take her from critical care and intensive care to be restored in all areas of her personal and ministry life. It is the prayers of one like a King David that sets this Handmaiden free. Pray all her enemies will flee and like Goliath will realize all their occult powers have come to naught instead that which is meant to destroy her will bless her. That which is sent to destroy you MY Son will bless you for I shall turn the curses into MY Blessings. Does not MY Word say, "All things work together for good?"

The ones that seek to harm MY Beloved Servants they shall pay with their very lives and souls if they do not repent. You do not take vengeance but instead forgive and know "Vengeance is MINE saith YAHUVEH!" She has a man that holds her in bondage in all ways the new can't come till the old is removed. Pray for her freedom now as if it were your own. You don't need to know his name only read her testimony with MY spiritual eyes and ears and I shall show you that which you did not know, that which she does not speak. This man is her Goliath and she has been unable to be freed so I sent MY Son who has MY RUACH ha KODESH like unto David of Old and I say, "But speak unto this Goliath and he shall be no more. Speak unto your Goliaths and they shall be no more. Speak in the NAME of YAHUSHUA and the mountains will become chaff in the wind."

Speak unto this Goliath in the spiritual realm and he shall be no more a hindrance or a threat to her or this ministry in any way. For just as surely as Goliath was reprobate, so is this man who once called himself her husband but never was in MY eyes. Did not David speak unto Goliath and spoke what I would do? Did David not prophesy and speak what the end result of Goliath would be? Boldly speak to the Goliath's. Oh MY Son with an anointing like David, watch the Goliaths fall forever not to rise against you, this Handmaiden and those standing with you in MY NAME and anointing. She is battle worn and weary and at her most vulnerable now. Rise up to her defense and slay the Goliath's that seek to destroy MY anointed Handmaiden and this ministry in the NAME of YAHUSHUA.

Prophecy 47:
TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! MY anger is greatly stirred, and will pour forth in greater measure through the storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, and as 'I AM' hits MY fist on the earth it shall crack open to a greater measure, and as MY anger heats up so will the volcanoes and so will Hell. MY Children who love and serve ME put ME first in their lives; know how to appease a Father's anger, for it is not them I am angry at. They need not fear, they are not appointed unto MY wrath, only MY Love. They are not appointed unto MY curses, only MY Blessings.

Prophecy 48:
Famines not of MY making, droughts not of MY making, all created by man to destroy man to play ELOHIM. Diseased animals that are not of the Creator's making, but rather man created, not ELOHIM created, all for the same reason as Judas, for the sake of greed. People are dying worldwide and healthy animals being destroyed and no one even questions why? It is so the enemies can control your food supply and the cost of it. Starvation in lands that have never known famine, and drought and yet will know famine and drought before the end of this year you shall hear of atrocities done and ELOHIM they say will be the blame. Yet ELOHIM has not done anything to curse MY Beloved Children only bless them. Satan and his servants lie to you and make you think HaShem ADONI is deaf to your prayers, and tormented cries. But that is a lie for your FATHER ELOHIM weeps with you, and will vindicate you and take vengeance on the enemies and deliver all those that dare to believe he is the same ELOHIM that delivered in times of old. Beware, for now is the time that was foretold when good is spoken of as evil, and evil is spoken of as good. How many will stand up and decree they stand for Holiness. The scriptures state what Holiness is, let not man set those standards.

Prophecy 49:
Now in closing I want to comfort MY Babies that come to ME in tears, and fearful of what is going to come to pass. If these words of wisdom go unheeded 'I AM' did not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. Thank ME ahead of time for your Glorified Bodies. Bodies that no bars will be able to hold, bodies that cannot be killed, bodies that will still do what the saints did when MY Son YAHUSHUA rose from the grave. So arose also the saints in Jerusalem as their Spirits joined with their bodies and they arose in the first resurrected bodies, to be a witness YAHUSHUA lives, rules and reigns, he is MESSIAH. Again, I say as it was then so it will be again.

If you believe MY Holy Word then you will know this is not the first time 'I AM' has done this, remember Elijah of Old, and remember Enoch? Why do you think I can only do this two times, is not 'I AM' able to do this again and for those that can believe in faith I shall do it. When the children of Israel were next to the children of Egypt, and yet the plagues did not come nigh them, even the darkness did not befall them. The blood of the sacrificial lamb was over the door posts, now you have another Sacrificial Lamb, the only Holy Lamb without spot or blemish. No sin was found in YAHUSHUA. So all those who have washed their living Temples in HIS shed Blood at Calvary, for the remission of their sins, repented and turned away from sin, loving and seeking YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their lives, filled with MY RUACH ha KODESH.

Just as in the times of the Evil Pharaoh, when the spirit of the evil pharaoh comes again, so too will the miracles come again, like Moses and the children of Israel. If thou can believe, then miracles yet untold you will see. I will still have martyrs for it is predestined and they already know in their spirits and are prepared, but MY Children who put their faith in 'I AM' and hearken to MY voice, will know what to do, and where to go, and will escape the hand of the enemy time and again. Not all will get Glorified Bodies, for not all believe. Some want to test ME and stay with their unsaved loved ones. Have faith for the miracles needed, to try and warn them not to accept the Mark of the Beast, others know they are going to get Glorified Bodies, this is why there is such division, both are right. I have already put it in your spirit if you are MINE, whether you will be martyred, or whether you are to be the dead in MESSIAH, and you will die first, arise, or whether you are caught up to meet ME in the air while you are yet alive.  

Prophecy 51:
When the enemy comes in, like a flood I will raise up a standard against him. Because you have not yet seen it, do not fear that I have forgotten MY promise to do so. MY Beloved fear not, again I, YAHUVEH say fear not, MY Beloved little ones. I have not raised you up for this hour and endued you with the knowledge that I, YAHUVEH have given you to forsake you now. You are one of MY anointed hidden ones. Now is the time to arise and come forth to aid your brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA. I have given you lands, properties, ships, islands, houses and finances. I have secret millionaires; yes even multi-millionaires and you have not been much use to MY Kingdom for you have stayed in the world's eyes and yet tried to walk MY fine line. You have loved and served ME in secret, for you said to yourself, "What can I do for the Kingdom of YAHUVEH? How can I promote the Gospel of YAHUSHUA?" So you stay quiet and hidden, yet pray for someone else to do what you feel you cannot do. Soon, it will be too late to help MY apostles and prophets. Do you not yet understand the price even the one I am speaking through must pay the attacks that must be fended off, not only in the physical realm, but the spiritual realm? Are you helping or are you being a hindrance?

I, YAHUVEH am pouring many gifts into you. MY hidden ones have much Godly wisdom. Not only in this world but also in the RUACH ha KODESH spiritual realm have I blessed you. You have worked alongside the world and yet you stayed hidden. Many of you are geniuses. I have hidden you as doctors, lawyers, teachers, philanthropists, bankers, inventors, investors, artists, computer intellects, electricians, in the police force, all form of governments, senators, congressmen, statesmen, sales, owner of stores, franchises, real estate, captains, owners of ships, restaurants, all modes of transportation, actors, movie industries, singers, investors, brokers, writers, chefs, designers, contractors, there is no career that I don't have MY Beloved children hidden in. These are MY disciples who follow MY Son YAHUSHUA, and desire to obey YAHUVEH's laws and these hidden ones are spread all over the world. The standard they use to measure man's laws is this: Does it line up with the Scriptures? This is the standard they measure everything by; if it is truth the Torah and the Scriptures will confirm it.

I, YAHUVEH have hidden you for such a time as this. Pray how to use your talents, gifts, wisdom, homes, real estate, finances, and spiritual gifts. All wisdom that does not go against MY Scriptures you are to use to help and barter with, at a time when there will be no other way to buy or sell or help others. Your wisdom, revelations, healing knowledge, and the education given to you will benefit others for such a time, and you will know when to use it, and where to help, and who to help. MY apostles and prophets need you to hide them for such a time as this, from the evil ones that seek their destruction, so no one can say they weren't warned before judgment falls.

I, YAHUVEH always send the prophets and apostles to speak, not only to repent, but also to forewarn of the dangers to come and how to escape the enemy's clutches. MY hidden ones are to be bold when you share your hidden knowledge and revelations, that I, YAHUVEH am giving you daily. I caution you, rely not on your own strength, but rely on YAHUSHUA's strength, for it is sufficient enough for you no matter what you face. Is anything too hard for YAHUVEH to conquer? You face what you perceive as insurmountable walls that you can't climb nor go around. With MY RUACH ha KODESH anointing, you will not fail. I YAHUVEH, am breaking down the walls that keep you in bondage in the prisons where you have been set apart from others.

I, YAHUVEH am anointing MY chosen ones in a greater way than I have ever done before. Study and show thyself approved, so that no one can misguide you with the Scriptures. I, YAHUVEH am assembling MY troops on the wall to defeat satan, and the demons that surround you. The weapons you have are not carnal, but spiritual. No weapon can match the unusual anointings that I have imparted in each of you, though you know it not. In MY timing, you shall see the standard that I, YAHUVEH will raise up against those that seek to harm the Christians and the Jews. All Israelites who call upon the NAME of YAHUVEH, those who do not fear to use the Sacred NAMES, they realize that they have been deceived, and thereby taught wrong. There is anointing, saving, delivering, and healing power, in the names of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.

I, YAHUVEH ask you this, will you forsake the promises I have given you? The blessed hope that I have given you? Why would I say you are not under MY wrath, but mercy and you teach others that I, YAHUVEH will allow no escape for the Christians who call out to ME in YAHUSHUA's NAME? I, YAHUVEH do have an ark for you. All MY children who trust ME, will hear MY voice clearly, just believe, and keep asking ME. Do you think that I, YAHUVEH have brought you thus far to fail you now? I, YAHUVEH will not spare Israel because her people are more holy. In truth her sin runs just as rampant, the stench rises to Heaven, as it does in nations around the world! Not one nation or people are better than the other. I, YAHUVEH will not allow Israel to be destroyed completely, for I, YAHUVEH have made a covenant with Abraham, and his seed.

Am I unable to deliver and protect you? The plans I, YAHUVEH have for you are for good and not for evil. Trust ME and stop leaning on to your own understanding. MY children acknowledge that I, YAHUVEH alone have the answers and I, YAHUVEH promise to direct your paths as you walk in MY footsteps. Your footsteps walking alone will lead you astray, but MY footsteps are sure solid steps that lead to victory. Believe and receive victory. Fight for what you know to be right. There are people that you have been dealing with that I am removing from your life to bring others to encourage and help support you in all ways.

Do not say that there is not yet time to do this or that. Instead realize am I not the Father of all time? The keeper of time, I YAHUVEH am time itself. Who else can stop time, speed it up, or back it up? Beloved child and all children of MINE who call YAHUSHUA by NAME and know they can do nothing without that Sacred NAME I have raised you up for such a time as this. You are part of MY hidden anointed ones. Although the enemy will gnash their teeth trying to harm you and they have written down your names, I also have written down their names in the book of damnation and these evil ones shall spend eternity in the lake of fire, reaping for what they are now sowing!

I shall prove to MY children once again, if you listen to MY voice and walk in MY footsteps, you will outwit the enemies that seek to destroy you and all MY children that are seeking to hear MY every word and who obey ME, or at least strive too and knowing that when they do sin they have YAHUSHUA's blood for the remission of sins. I your Father, YAHUVEH, shall confound them with the evil ones' own technology. I will confound them with their own inventions. For no earthly or scientific reason the traps set for MY children will instead only entrap and boomerang back upon the evil ones that seek the followers of YAHUSHUA's destruction. What I did once before with the evil pharaoh I will do again. By YAHUVEH's hand alone the Goliaths of this world shall forever fall.

The ones I call evil secret keepers, who seek to use the secrets of the occult, demonism, scientific, political knowledge, and man made laws to destroy MY children, and take the freedoms I have given to MY children away. I, YAHUVEH will have a surprise in store for them; it will confound these evil ones that think themselves wise. They seek to harm MY children. I, YAHUVEH, and MY Son YAHUSHUA, vow to protect those that are called forth, and anointed for this hour.

Trust ME and know that the plans I have for you are for good and not for evil. I laugh as I hear the plots of the enemies, saying all Christians and Jews will die. Do not the enemies yet understand though they try hard to exterminate MY people such as the Roman Empire and Hitler did, the more they sacrificed the more were raised up? The blood of the saints who are sacrificed only will bring more saints to the Kingdom of Heaven. Sauls will become Pauls. The enemies are so foolish. Do they not think Heaven itself will rail against these demonic enemies and the skies themselves will pour forth MY wrath upon MY enemies that seek to use a machine that plays God? I am even now confounding the enemies in ways you know not. Beware oh enemies of MINE, for I shall turn your own creations against you and your loved ones. MY children will be spared.

I am YAHUVEH and there is no other like ME. The standard I raise against the evil ones that use their weapons to manipulate the brains of MY children will find that not only will their weapons malfunction, but instead I shall turn every invention, every machine, every weapon, every disease, all biological weapons and all germ warfare against themselves. Even their own loved ones will be ashamed of them and the evil ones own bodies will refuse to live out their years. This is MY revenge against those that seek the destruction of YAHUVEH's believers and followers of YAHUSHUA. I love you. Yes, even those that hate YAHUVEH. I alone created you and it will be YAHUVEH's hand alone sent from Heaven that will destroy both your body and your soul, sending it into the Lake of Fire if you don't repent in prayer, asking forgiveness in YAHUSHUA's NAME.

Beware enemies of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA; your very weapons of mass destructions will come back upon yourselves. You will send it out one way and the angels in heaven will turn it another way. I shall protect MY children as a mother lion protects her cubs. Beware enemies of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, for you see, I hear MY children cry out in fear and wonderment, for I have taught them to be peacemakers and not warmongers and this causes them astonishment at the level of wickedness of man's inhumanity to men, women, boys and girls. I hear MY children's cries of fear, for they realize in the natural realm they cannot protect themselves, now you see why I call them MY sheep and lambs. What lamb or sheep can protect themselves? Does a lamb or a sheep have sharp claws, or sharp teeth, like I have given to other animals? No! A sheep only depends on the Good Shepherd to lead them to green pastures and clear water. MY true sheep and lambs have no shortage of manna, or Living Water. MY True Sheep trust I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA as the Good Shepherd. MY NAME is YAHUVEH. MY Sheep will come only to the voice of "I AM," and MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA, and will only hear our still small voice by the RUACH ha KODESH. (Holy Spirit)

I am that Good Shepherd! I will protect MY Sheep, and lambs from the wolves of this world. It is true, some of MY sheep are killed by the wolves, and some will suffer great persecution; but this has always been. Their rewards are not seen here on earth but in Heaven, for eternity. I laugh, when I hear how the enemies think that I, YAHUVEH, am blind, or deaf and mute, and will not repeat what I have heard, to MY apostles and prophets. I warn MY children by speaking to their spirits. Is MY arm too short to deliver you MY children? Do you believe I AM your Creator, YAHUVEH who created all in Heaven and Earth? Isn't YAHUVEH the one who created your eyes and ears? Do you think I now have dim eyesight, or deaf ears, not to hear your prayers, and cries, and see, and hear what the enemies are doing? Do you think MY Children that I will not raise up, and already have raised up, a standard against the evil ones? They have their remote viewing, but I have MY angels that stand guard 24 hours a day, watching and reporting, all that the evil ones are doing!

MY children you can be deceived for a short while, but only as long as I allow it!

Prophecy 52:
Be assured, as long as you are seeking, you will find the answers when the time comes. If you do not know what to do, then be assured, it is not yet the time for you to know where to go, nor what to do. I, YAHUVEH will not give you the ticket to ride until it is the time to leave. I, YAHUVEH am never too early or too late, but I am always there right on time. Not a second to spare at times. But I, YAHUVEH will never leave you, nor forsake you. I, YAHUVEH am the Creator of all mankind. You need not fear what the evil ones will do, for I, YAHUVEH am using the simple things, like your prayers, to confound the so-called, wise of this world.

I, YAHUVEH am even able to change your DNA. Did you know that? Yes, if I so choose. I, YAHUVEH can even change the color of your skin and your eyes. Marvel not. I YAHUVEH am the Creator, remember? I, YAHUVEH am able to make you invisible, if I, YAHUVEH so choose. You have no idea what standard I shall raise up against the evil ones. The very bondages, diseases, and plagues that the evil ones, who are called satan's children, seek to loose upon you, shall confound them. Multitudes of MY children will not be harmed. Instead, the evil one's own families shall come down with the diseases and the plagues, and they will have no answer as to the reason why. All they will have to admit is that I, YAHUVEH did it.

Pray that as Elisha saw the mantle fall from Elijah of old, so you shall behold it again, and you shall be endued with even more of the RUACH ha KODESH's anointing power. When this happens, you will not need to be concerned how you will get to a certain nation. When I, YAHUVEH send you, you will just appear. Do you think this is strange? Read your Scriptures and see how many already had the power of translating and know that the evil ones already use such powers for evil purposes.

The evil ones keep dark secrets, and yet I, YAHUVEH will tell MY secrets to those that follow the guiding light, who is YAHUSHUA. I, YAHUVEH will protect MY babies, Bride, chosen ones, and elect! YAHUSHUA is as a lamp unto your feet. When the evil ones take your light away, look to I, YAHUVEH, and I will send MY angels to light your way. The evil ones seek to take your confidence, faith, trust, truth, privacy, freedoms, happiness, joy unspeakable and full of glory, and your finances, away from you. This is easy for them to do if you listen to the spirit of fear, and all the bad reports on the news. More than you listen; read the good reports, they are all written in the Scriptures. At least MY children get in balance. How can you hope to defeat fear when all you're doing is feeding the fear frenzy?

MY hidden ones have the knowledge, and a way around every weapon of the enemy that seeks MY children's destruction, and this world's destruction. Lean not on to your own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge I, YAHUVEH and I, YAHUVEH shall direct thy paths. Your own understanding will cause you to fear the unknown. I, YAHUVEH do not sleep. I, YAHUVEH will not slumber. MY eyes are on the nations where MY people cry out to ME in prayer to save them. Listen not to the doom and gloom soothsayers. They speak and write that I, YAHUVEH will not provide a place of escape for MY beloved ones that are following YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and are doing their best to obey MY laws. Why do MY Children seek to obey I, YAHUVEH? Because they love their Heavenly Father.

The soothsayers have slipped in to the ranks of the five-fold offices of the churches, and of the politicians, and the newscasters. They speak fearful things to MY children. They speak of defeat and not of victory. They plant doubts in your minds if I, YAHUVEH will rescue MY children. They warn that all must be prepared to be attacked, everyone will die or will suffer heavy casualties, without I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH on your side, this is true. What the newscasters and many politicians, and the soothsayers forget is that I, YAHUVEH have not forsaken MY Children. How will that bring ME Glory? Yes, MY Children will one day join ME in Heaven, this is true, but if I had not wanted to provide for a way of escape, why would I say so in MY Scriptures? MY Word will not return back to ME void, it will accomplish that which I purposed. I am YAHUVEH and I have changed not.

What I, YAHUVEH did for Israel in the time of Moses; I shall do it again. What I did for Lot; I, YAHUVEH shall do it again. What I did for Joseph and Mary; I, YAHUVEH will do it again. What I did for Noah; I, YAHUVEH will do it again. What I did for the three Hebrew children; I, YAHUVEH will do it again. What I did for Elijah of old; I, YAHUVEH will do it again. What I did for Enoch; I, YAHUVEH will do it again. What I did for Elisha; I, YAHUVEH will do it again. The gallows that Haman build; I, YAHUVEH will hang them on it. I have an Esther and just as in the times of old, I, YAHUVEH will deliver MY people again. I have a King David and shall use music and praises to defeat the enemies as Psalms are once again lifted up to ME in faith that I, YAHUVEH will deliver again.

Show ME in your Scriptures where I did not deliver MY people that followed MY commands and loved and put I, YAHUVEH first in their lives? I, YAHUVEH will deliver MY children from the snare of the fowler. All you have to do is pray and have faith and believe that I am greater than all these fearful things that try to come upon MY children! I, YAHUVEH will answer your prayers when you call to ME in the sacred NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Come boldly before MY throne, and give ME your petitions. I, YAHUVEH am not angry with MY beloved children. At times you go astray, disobey, and the wolf is ready to devour you, all because you do not obey. So like sheep, I am forced to break your leg, but then I lovingly carry you in MY arms until you mend and are able to walk again. Where does a Good Shepherd ever leave his sheep unattended? Where does a Good Shepherd beat the sheep and lambs? Never! But I do promise I will make the ones that seek to devour you regret the day they were born.

Did I, YAHUVEH not warn Lot and block him with MY angels so he could not enter back into the city of sin? I protected him, and his family, except his wife, who chose to disobey ME, from the fire and brimstone, which was a form of tribulation for Lot and his family also. Did I, YAHUVEH not warn Joseph and Mary to flee with YAHUSHUA as a babe? In the times of old, that was a form of a great tribulation for the mothers with babies, for all the babies were to be killed, because the evil ones were seeking to find the true Messiah to kill HIM! I, YAHUVEH sent an angel to warn Joseph in a dream, and told him where to flee and told him when to come back. Do you think I, YAHUVEH will not do the same for you?  

Prophecy 53:
Truly MY Children, you face the Red Sea. Truly, MY Children, the evil Pharaoh and troops are behind you, but MY Children, just as I provided a way of escape for Moses and the children of Israel, so too I shall do it again. MY Children, in the days ahead, you shall see things come upon this world that will make you shake your head and you will wonder and you will say, "Where is our YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA today?"

But keep your faith and keep your eyes on ME and you shall see the Red Sea part once again and you shall cross over in safety and the enemies shall be destroyed. All those that pursue you, all those that chase you, they shall be destroyed. For I am YAHUVEH and I change not. I am YAHUVEH, and I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. And through MY Son YAHUSHUA's Blood, you come boldly before the Throne and you tell ME boldly what it is you need.

Prophecy 54:
Remember who GOD is. I am the Potter, you are the clay. I mold you, I break you, I restore you, I mold you MY way. I know how hot the temperature is that it takes. I won't heat the fiery furnace up too hot, yet I know the temperature it must be so you can have the faith to trust ME. What you've gone through now has got to do with the days to come. If you cannot trust ME now, how will you trust ME then? How will you teach others to trust ME? There is a reason for the things that have happened.

Prophecy 55:
MY beloved [children], you always remind ME that I chastise and rebuke those that I love. But MY beloved, do you not realize that I also reward diligently those who seek after ME. You three diligently, 24 hours a day, even in your sleep, you diligently seek after ME. How much more will I reward MY Children who diligently seek after MY Every Word?

DEVASTATION is coming! MY Son Chuck, find that dream the last one that I gave MY Daughter. DEVASTATION is coming! Label it this. Warn the people. Tell them I send forth MY Apostles and Prophets to warn the people before devastation comes. Devastation is coming but not to MY Babies, not to MY Bride, not to MY Chosen Ones and not to MY Elect. I am going to protect them just as surely as Noah and his family were protected in the ark, if they can but believe. Tell them I will protect them from the flood of ungodliness. I will protect them from the flood of the dangers that await.

For, MY Children, the heathen bring devastation and I allow it. But those that cry out to ME, in MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME, they will be in the Ark of MY safety, I will protect them from devastation and pain. In big letters put this date and time down along with the dream and tell them, just as in the days of Noah, just as in the days of Lot, DEVASTATION IS COMING!

Prophecy 56:
But MY children who are in the arks, the ark is wherever I have put you to stay as this evil passes by. I tell you this: anoint your houses, anoint your doors, for just as in the days of old, just as when the plagues came, the children of Israel were safe. Those that worship other gods were not. The angel of death passed by and did not touch the children of Israel. But those that worshipped other gods, those that serve no god felt the hand of Almighty God YAHUVEH's wrath.

Their mouth can only speak slander and destruction to those that I deem are MINE. But those that are MINE are sealed; those that are MINE are protected. But warn them, MY daughter, so they will not say I did not warn them, I did not send an apostle and a prophet to warn them to repent and pray.

Prophecy 57:
MY Children be assure of this, those who are MINE are in MY Ark. Those who hear MY voice and those who weep and cry out for mercy, for you're in fear that I will spank you when I spank the rest who refuse to obey, you need not fear. I have pockets around this world and you are safe in MY pockets for MY wrath is not appointed for MY Children. When I strike I, YAHUVEH knows who to strike, MY hand protects those that I protect. No one can pluck you out of MY hand. Not one hair on your head can be touched unless I allow it and if I, YAHUVEH allow it, then MY Children shall only become like more Stephen's that raised up more Paul's and great shall be your rewards in Heaven. (Acts 6-7)

Prophecy 58:
I have anointed MY Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah to be a blessing unto you and not a curse, and there is no in-between. She has a mandate to not bless what I, YAHUVEH have cursed and not curse I, YAHUVEH has blessed. What will you do with the words you have read this day? I am YAHUVEH and I will protect the few that have heard MY voice and will be a blessing unto her in YAHUSHUA's NAME. As I blessed the widow of Zarephath in a time when you think not, in a way you think not, I will sustain you with miracles.

You hear of the horror and tragedies, you have heard of MY judgment but now I tell you 'I AM' is merciful and for those who belonged to ME the miracles far outweighed the deaths and casualties. 'I AM' the Creator and the one who blesses with miracles yet untold. So Praise YAHUVEH the Great GOD 'I AM' and Praise YAHUSHUA your MESSIAH and only intercessor that stands before ME in Heaven making intercession for MY Children. May all who have anointed spiritual eyes and ears obey and heed these words and obey and be blessed with Deut. 28.

The blessings of YAHUVEH reserved for MY Obedient Children. Woe be unto all others who choose to remain deaf and blind it is your choice.

Prophecy 59:
Dare not say that the hedge of protection is around America for this is a lie straight from satan's prophets' mouths. The hedge of protection is around MY People, those that call out in MY NAME. Those that worship YAHUSHUA and those that honor MY True Sabbaths, those that repent and humble themselves, those that look up and know that redemption draweth nigh. MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Nnes and Elect, these are the ones the hedge of protection are around. I have torn down the hedge of protection around America and you shall see that flag burn. Be not angry at MY Apostles and Prophets that I send to warn the doom will come. Instead thank ME that I care so much to warn.

I warned this Handmaiden again and again, I gave her a word an audible word, I told her to tell the people, "I will do all I promise to do." That not only means the wrath to come that means protecting you. I warned her in 1999, people notice the date, if it had not been for the intercessory prayer warriors that arose and fasted Sept 11, 1999. It would have been the same fate as in 2001, Sept. 11. Because I hold back MY wrath because of the prayers of the righteous that availeth much then the Apostles and Prophets are called false.

America, you will reap what you are sowing. Again I repeat, the hedge of protection is not around America. The hedge of protection is around MY Beloved, MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect. Look up MY Children, deny not your faith, deny not the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Deny not the NAME of YAHUVEH. Deny not the anointing of MY RUACH ha KODESH. Deny not MY Commandments and MY Laws and MY Statutes, and the Word that was made flesh. Look up MY Children for truly your redemption draweth nigh.

Prophecy 60:
How long, how long, how long must you try the patience of the Creator? How long must you try the patience of the Redeemer? I shall stomp MY foot on the ground and everything that can be shaken will be shaken; everything that can be uprooted will be uprooted. I shall shake up your politicians and I don't care what country you're in, you're no longer going to look to a government to provide. MY Children's going to know there is but One provider. It's the same One that poured water from a rock, that put manna on the ground. It is the same One that says I will supply all of your needs according to MY riches and Glory [Phil. 4:19] and I have no lack in Glory. In MY fury I breathed upon not only the United States but in various parts of the world MY hot breathe. Temperatures rose as MY temper rose. Droughts came as MY Living Water was refused.

Did anyone listen? Did anyone wonder why? I stand by and I watch man's inhumanity to man. Know this MY Children; you will not go through the Great Tribulation, those that can trust ME. But this does not mean that you will not taste the tribulation of man, man's inhumanity to man. Man that is power hungry and greedy and evil to the core, that wants to wipe righteousness off the face of the earth, that wants to wipe MY Son YAHUSHUA's NAME off the face of the earth.

MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect go and hide yourselves in your houses. Go and bolt your doors. For the time is coming, MY Children, when you will have to hide for a little while. You've already anointed your homes. Stand and believe on Psalm 91 that you are sheltered under MY wings, as the evil ones continue inhumanity to man, as they continue to pass the laws that will make it hard for MY Children to stand. Hide yourselves MY Children under the shelter of MY wings. It is your prayers MY Children, MY ear will hear. It is MY hand MY Children that will wipe away your every tear. But for a little while MY Children, just a little while longer.

Prophecy 61:
This is what MY eyes behold. Man lying with man, woman lying with woman, babies murdered in the wombs, man bent on being more evil each day. It is no different than in the time of Noah when I destroyed the earth. But I spared the righteous ones, the obedient ones, Noah and his family. So again I say and I warn, "I will only spare the righteous ones." September 11, 2001, is spoken of all over this world, but only of the tragedy, only of the destruction. How few give ME the Glory, for I saved lives that did not even merit saving. But instead of remembering this day to bring ME Glory for the miracles that I have done, instead I hear MY NAME slandered of, "How could God have done this?"

Prophecy 62:
So in these ten days of awe, rejoice for those who know YAHUSHUA as Lord, rejoice that HE is your MESSIAH, your Deliverer, your Healer, the One that I Bless you with when you call out to ME in HIS NAME. For I YAHUVEH am glorified through MY Son YAHUSHUA and YAHUSHUA is glorified by HIS Father YAHUVEH. And I take great delight in protecting MY Children and confounding the enemy in many different ways.

I told this Handmaiden this day to warn you of the coming quarantine for man makes diseases that are not created by ME. Then man creates what they call a vaccine. But beware, MY Children, there's death that they will inject in you. Trust not in the inoculations of man. Trust in Psalm 91. Believe in MY Son's NAME, and call upon ME and on Psalm 91 stand, that I will keep the plagues from your dwellings. And as you honor ME on the True Sabbath Day, as you try your best to obey, as you put ME first in your Love and your life, and as a husband takes the rightful place over the wife, they will be a protection to come upon your homes, for it is MY Son's Blood shed for you at Calvary that will cover and protect you and those that are called by MY NAME, those that have godliness within.

And if you don't speak up as this Handmaiden is doing now, it will be like sheep led to a slaughter. First the very young and then the elderly and then the middle aged will fall. But not any of MY Children who on the NAME of YAHUSHUA call if they will but hear MY Voice and obey, and believe that I will protect them and live Holy for ME as I am Holy and flee even the very appearance of sin. I will protect them. I will give them wisdom. I will hide them. MY angels will camp around about them and war for them.

So repent now MY Children before it is too late. For a great evil is coming. It's on a huge tidal wave, a tidal wave of ungodliness. But look up, MY Children, for I will raise up a standard against it if you can but believe and if MY Son's love, forgiveness and mercy and truth you receive. Repent, this should be your cry to all far and wide for KING YAHUSHUA IS COMING!  

Prophecy 63:
Abraham only thought he had to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham only had to experience that feeling of great sorrow and grief as he held a dagger above his beloved son thinking there would be no ram to offer up as a sacrifice, as a blood sacrifice. But in faith he believed that I, YAHUVEH, would raise up Isaac from the dead if need be just as I did MY Son YAHUSHUA. It is because of who I, YAHUVEH, am. Because of who I am, because of MY love that has no beginning nor end for those called MY Children and only those who are called MY Children are those calling out to me in the NAME of MY Son YAHUSHUA. Only I stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. I provided a ram hidden from Abraham's view until the right time.

YAHUSHUA's Blood sacrifice is the only human sacrifice that is Holy enough to wash away the sins of all mankind. If mankind will but accept and obey this new Blood Covenant I gave at Calvary through MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA, this is MY promise to MY faithful children who love YAHUSHUA and accept this new Blood Covenant. As I didn't leave MY Beloved Son in the tomb, I raised HIM from the dead and He ascended into Heaven, so will I do the same for you. All MY Children have to do is receive, believe, love and try your best to obey MY Commandments. Is this so hard?

Prophecy 65:
Don't worry MY Children, I will never leave you nor forsake you as long as your ear is inclined to MY ear, as long as you listen when I speak, as long as your prayers are not an abomination unto ME, as long as you desire to be as 'I AM' Holy, as long as you keep the Torah and not throw it out. For this is not two books, this is one book. Man divided, one just reinforces the other for the Book of the Aged and the Book of the New are truly one. Just like I YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA, 'I AM' in MY Son and MY Son is in ME, so it is the same for the Aged Book and the New Book. Study and show thyself approved, study and show the knowledge that I give you. The Book has been translated again and again seek ME to find out which translation to study in more than one language than Greek. Study the Hebrew, Study the Aramaic, read and listen to what MY Word really says follow not the pagan ways of man the heathenistic ways that bow down to idols and just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego I will protect you in the fiery furnace when it comes.  

Prophecy 58:
It is I, YAHUVEH, I will have the last laugh. You have aroused MY ire, you have aroused MY wrath. You say, "I will play GOD" with the knowledge I have given you. You create man in man's own image, when MY Word says you were created in MY image. You play your games with the weather. Now I shall show you the creator of that weather. Your own clones shall turn against you. Your own inventions shall turn against you. Any weapon that you try and use against MY Children shall boomerang back upon you. For I am judging Sodom and Gomorrah again, I am looking over the face of this world. I know which ones MY angels have sealed and these things shall not befall them.

Prophecy 69:
So MY Children as you enter into the year of 2003 those who truly I call MY Beloved Children, Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, you just keep looking up to ME. You just keep beholding MY Words. You just keep on obeying and believing and your faith shall not only make you whole, your faith as you continue to spiritually grow will be pleasing unto ME. Call upon MY NAME when you feel the earth quake and shake. Call upon the NAME of YAHUSHUA (some call him JESUS) the only NAME that can save. Put ME in remembrance of Psalm 91 so plaques do not come nigh your dwelling; hide MY Word in your heart, so it is not merely a Book but your body a part. I love you MY Beloved ones. Bride get ready for your Bridegroom doth come. Those that have not felt they can pay the price of a Bride, instead only look upon her and cry. It is true MY Children there is but one Bride. Obedience is better even than Sacrifice.

Prophecy 71:
Beloved ones, this world is not your home. You are just travelers passing through. Your mansions, treasures, and rewards await you in Heaven. Store up not, earthly treasures that you cannot take with you, but store them in Heaven, let your storehouses be full in Heaven. (Matt 6: 19-20) (Mal 3:8-12) So Children, as you see this world consumed by I, YAHUVEH a GOD that is a consuming Fire (Heb 12:29). Know this, it is the Living Water, (John 4:10) the NAME and the Blood of YAHUSHUA that will protect you from the fire of MY wrath. Know this Children, it is only the NAME and the Blood of YAHUSHUA that hides you and only if you are worshipping and serving YAHUSHUA and strive to obey. 'I AM' YAHUVEH and I will not be mocked.

Prophecy 73:
But I have a few, oh so very few, who I call MY Children and MY Treasure, who weep and who wail before ME, who say, "Let not this sin be counted against us." And just as surely as I spared Noah and his family, just as surely as I spared Lot and his family except one, just as surely I will provide a way of escape, a way to bless, a way to hide MY Beloved Ones. Go and hide yourselves, MY Children. You had better crawl underneath the shelter of MY Wings; you had better make sure the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA is covering every sin. For MY wrath is mighty, as mighty as MY NAME and the Great Tribulation that is to come is not so very far away.

I speak not this warning to MY Children; I threaten not MY Children, those that are MY Beloved, those that are MY Babies, Bride, Chosen and Elect. You need not fear the wrath of your Father as long as you're doing what I tell you to do. I will keep you safe, I will keep you hidden under the shelter of MY wings, it is in that anointing that you enter in.

JUDGMENT! JUDGMENT! JUDGMENT! For you who are righteous in MY Sons NAME this judgment shall not come nigh on you. You will watch and you will look in horror, you will see those that you know reap MY Judgments be they family, friend or foe. Just as I was able to protect the Children of Israel from the plagues of the Egyptians so I shall do it again. For I am the Almighty Living Judge, I am the Almighty living Creator and I will reap Judgment, for MY enemies will wear them like clothes, like second skin.

Prophecy 74:
Oh, you decree war and you occupy on the seed of Ishmael, but you forget that is still Abraham's seed. MY Children, I alone am your shield. You who live in America weep and mourn, for I have decreed war on America. For she is the bully of all the nations, so puffed up with pride, no longer acknowledging that it is in GOD you have trusted. Even wanting to strip the word GOD and anything Holy out of the peoples view. Oh, but you other nations that listen from far and wide, you also are no better, for your politicians have led you astray. People, you have taken part in that which you do not know. Why do you not know? Why do you not believe that I, YAHUVEH have decreed war on this planet earth? Because you shake your fist at ME. Because you say from your laws I will be set free. Then you will taste of MY wrath. But not for MY Children, not for those that put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their love and their life. Not for those that cry out "We want to know YOU, show us your will, show us your way, show us how we can please YOU today." You are not MY enemy and I will shield you in this day.

Oh foolish, foolish man, what will you do when you realize too late, war has been decreed from Heaven. But those who truly belong to ME, those who take the Torah literally, those who believe I am able to protect, those who have put ME first in their life and their love, those who have laid everything on the altar of sacrifice, you will find I am YAHUVEH that cannot lie. Oh foolish earth, the evil ones that dwell on this earth, it is true as I told this Ring Maiden long ago when she saw the earthquakes, when she saw the wind with it combined and the floods and the volcanoes, those that survived that were evil and even those who are righteous through MY Son she heard these words, "Now, end of round one, now for round two." It is as a boxing match, how many rounds? And this will happen when you are least aware, that is why I told you MY Children "Hide yourself for just a little while." Hide yourself in the presence of MY bosom; hide yourself underneath MY Wings for it is only I, YAHUVEH that will protect you then. The same one that protects you now, I will protect you then.  

You who invent these diseases and plagues they shall come upon you and your own households. You will not be able to figure out why. But the RUACH ha KODESH and the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA is your anti-bodies that MY Children shall use and the plagues shall not come nigh their dwellings, all those that are found pleasing unto ME. This is MY promise to MY Beloved Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect. So hide yourself MY Children for a little while, for again I say, "I, YAHUVEH have decreed war from Heaven on MY enemies, on those who mock ME, on those who rewrite MY Laws, for those who try and lead MY Sheep to slaughter." I, YAHVEH have decreed war from Heaven but you know not which time destruction shall fall. So many dead and no time to bury your politicians will wail. They shake their fist at ME, now I shake MY fist at them. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hand of the Almighty Living YAHUVEH for I am the beginning and I know no end. But you on the other hand oh enemies of MINE, you are just frail women and men.  

I gave you a warning in Ezekiel 9; I am sealing those who will be protected from MY wrath as your eyes are focused on war after war. You forget, Oh enemies of MINE, I will have the last word. I speak from the sky and very quickly you shall see that I am not a Creator YAHUVEH that will be mocked easily. I am reserving MY wrath for MY enemies, for all those that take the word marriage and defile even the name. The same sex marriages to this world they proclaim. They march in their gay parades; they flaunt their sins before the world. Oh, but foolish Men and foolish Women I, YAHUVEH will have the last word. You are only working your way down to the level of Hell of which you will descend.  

Prophecy 75:
You are to remind yourself, as you build your temporary Shelters so very frail, how any shelter created by man, how frail it is. A mere wind can knock it over but when I, YAHUVEH, and MY Son YAHUSHUA are with you in the midst of that fragile shelter, even in your fragile Temple called your body, I am easily able to protect those I call MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect. Test I, YAHUVEH and behold for MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect who do this, see if I do not bless and protect with a more potent anointing, those that diligently love, serve, obey and seek after I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. What is good enough for YAHUSHUA to honor isn't it good enough for you? I, YAHUVEH put you in remembrance. You do not worship and serve a Christian Messiah but rather YAHUSHUA was born from a Hebrew virgin woman on Hebrew soil, walked and ministered signs wonders and miracles on Hebrew soil. YAHUSHUA kept the Torah and was found without sin. YAHUSHUA ministered as a Rabbi on the only True Shabbat (Sabbath).

I will bless you and protect you in ways you think not, when the time of destruction and testing comes, if you will obey all I, YAHUVEH say this day. Keep the Jewish Holy Days Holy before I, YAHUVEH. Remind ME on Passover as you celebrate and remove the leaven from your houses as I protected the Children of Israel as they put the blood of the lamb on their door posts, how much more will I protect those that have the Blood of YAHUSHUA covering them and their homes. On Sukkot as you set up your temporary shelters, it will be a symbol to ME how you depend on I, YAHUVEH to protect your body, for in it dwells your Spirit and MY RUACH ha KODESH, the HOLY SPIRIT, as you are a stranger to this temporary shelter called earth and just passing through to get to your Heavenly home called Heaven.  

Prophecy 77:
Remember this, MY Children, one with ME, YAHUVEH; through the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA are a majority, a million even ten million without ME, without MY Son YAHUSHUA's Blood covering them is in the minority. You can do all things through I, YAHUVEH that strengthens you. So this is just one of the new births, MY Children that I have sent you forth. Walk not into their churches smug and even on a Sunday. Do not despise them for what they do not know, do not condemn them for what they do not know, for I have forgiven them for it is only after they know that they are held accountable for what they know, just like you are.  

Prophecy 80:
Bride of YAHUSHUA, rejoice, again I, YAHUVEH say rejoice. This is the year of your Jubilee. Do not be focused on the judgments and vengeance that I will pour out on your enemies, the reprobate and heathen. For those who worship, love, serve and obey MY Son YAHUSHUA and I, YAHUVEH you are saved and washed in the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA and you are not appointed to MY wrath, but instead you shall be blessed if you can but, in faith, believe you shall receive your year of Jubilee. Bride of YAHUSHUA, so many of you struggle with frail sickly or old bodies that have aged before their time because of constant physical, emotional, spiritual attacks and an onslaught from satan's servant children or demonic spirits. Your enemies have worn you out physically and mentally yet spiritually you keep growing and become stronger in YAHUSHUA's NAME and through HIS shed Blood at Calvary.

Prophecy 81:
This world shall see when MY wrath is poured out in these end times, that I will hide those who are hidden in MY Son YAHUSHUA. All the plagues that were poured out in the time of Moses shall be poured forth in a greater measure on MY enemies from I, YAHUVEH's hands. There will still be martyrs again such as the Apostles and Prophets of old and all those who are Holy, whose blood flowed then and even like it still does now in various parts of the world, because MY Holy will never compromise nor deny that YAHUSHUA is the only MASHIACH and MY only Begotten Son sent from Heaven to rule and reign. Oh Yisrael, I have made you a cup of trembling terror to the world and they shall drink of it. The enemies gnash their teeth at you and bare their claws, envying all I, YAHUVEH have blessed your land with. Your enemies count the number of days before they will try and plunder you and kill your men, women, and children without mercy.

Prophecy 83:
I, YAHUVEH say, "Prepare beloved ones, the end is nigh." As I prophesied through Elisabeth years ago of the Boiling Black Blood Plague, that would come as a sign of MY wrath, I now speak this forth from MY Ring Maiden. It is has already been loosed. It has begun. The disease is in the incubation stage and there will be no cure. But beloved ones, be assured all who are Holy before ME, living Holy and putting I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their life and love, doing their best to be obedient unto the Holy Scriptures, the Boiling Black Blood Plague will not come upon you. It will be as in the times of old when the plagues were loosed by Moses, speaking forth under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH. And the plagues did not touch the Children of Israel, only the Egyptians who served and worshipped other gods and so it shall be again.

Prophecy 84:
Oh, but America, you who are the bureaucracy and hypocrisy, you who trample the little ones underneath your feet, the rich and the powerful that take the little that they have from the little ones and give it to these. What a price you will pay. You think your black schemes will work? You think you've been protected from that which you've done? You think you're going to kill the masses of the poor, and MY wrath will not touch you? Oh, you foolish scientists. Oh, you foolish physicians, I will confound you. For those who are truly of ME, YAHUVEH for those who truly put MY Son YAHUSHUA as Messiah and Lord of their life, for those who love US and obey and strive to be Holy each day. I have put what is a true vaccine in the air, I have put supernatural antibiotics there and it will be as the children of Israel and these plagues did not come nigh them.

But those of the seed of Abraham that are Holy and I do not speak of the biological Jews. I speak to the grafted in ones, grafted in one in every tribe as they were grafted into MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Seek ME, I will not disappoint you. There are ways I will protect you. But now is not the time to play the game of the church of the pretenders. Learn the truth and learn it quickly, follow not the man-made doctrines, the churches of Babylon, the organized churches. I'll repeat, seek the truth that is what will set you free. That's why I've raised up this ministry. That's why I raised up this one I've called MY Ring Maiden to be a Prophet to the nations, to warn them, A SEAL IS ABOUT TO BE LOOSED! But first I get MY Ring Maiden safe and secure or this word will not be loosed.

Prophecy 85:
Despite whatever the enemy tried to do, all of Heaven cheered, the angels cheered, in Heaven the shofar horns sounded, for in America they say, "Nothing is stronger than Homeland Security." But I proved as I will prove to everyone who tests and believes in ME, who obey ME, who knows the power of MY Sacred Names. I, YAHUVEH make this solemn oath: Those that follow the truths that I have given and spoken forth in this Ministry shall have the same victory over Homeland Security or by whatever name in whatever nation it is called. For similar agencies are set up to entrap not only the criminals but the innocent.

Now I speak this forth. Shout it from the housetops, shout it to the world. I delivered you as a sign I will deliver others the same way. I sent you forth out of America, your exodus, never again to return. So to as I have spoken to you, so to I have spoken to others and they have not listened and they have not learned and yet they are called by MY NAME so many will have to learn the hard way. They believe the truths that you believe and yet they still have remained. But I sent you forth in this Messianic Jewish Last Chance Ministry to tell the people of America and Canada when I tell them to flee, they'd better flee. Otherwise don't come crying to ME. Remember there is always peace in the eye of the hurricane. Canada, I warned you not to follow in your sister America's footsteps through this Prophet years ago, but did you listen? No, your mocking only grew louder.

Oh, but those whose names I have written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of this earth. Those who cry out to ME, those who cry out in the NAME of MY Son YAHUSHUA, just keep your faith and hold on tight and don't let go. Hang on tight to the hem of YAHUSHUA's garment and don't let go. No matter what happens, don't let go. If I told you to remain then I will protect you where you stay. But If I told you to flee, remember you are disobeying ME if you have not gone.

Oh, Elisabeth, you have pleased ME so much, for you walk by faith and not by sight. When I told you to leave, you didn't question ME, you but just obeyed. When I send you to a foreign land, you said, "But I don't speak their language," and yet you just obeyed. Oh, how much you please ME; do you really think I will let you starve? You said, "Oh, but the prices are so high here." Did I YAHUVEH go bankrupt and someone didn't tell ME? Do you not realize you have all of Heaven's gold and silver at your disposal, as I will it?

Prophecy 86:
For there is coming meteors and they shall fall from the sky, all over the world they will run and hide. The earth shall quake not in just one place and the volcanoes shall blow like a chain reaction it shall blow. And only those who are truly stayed in ME, in the Living Rock shall stay protected. Storms like you have never seen, this is just the beginning that shall come. But those who have stayed in ME and in MY Father Abba YAHUVEH you shall remain protected when you are protected in MY NAME. You want to close your ears when I say, "Honor the Sabbath Day and I don't mean the man-made one." You want to cover your ears when I say, "Honor the Holy feasts" and I don't mean the man-made ones, the pagan holidays instead you would rather honor, instead of MY Father Abba YAHUVEH Holy Days. WE are the same yesterday, today and forever MY Father and ME. Just because you change your idea of sin, doesn't mean that WE have.

Prophecy 88:
Even the enemies walk into MY trap. For I say, "Here they are, come and get them." Do you not know that I know in advance that that alarm would be off? Am I not able to take care of those who belong to ME? Yes, it is good that you are up. It is good that you do not behave foolishly, for the enemy watches from afar. They know they cannot come near and MY Holy Angels stand guard. Watch Esnart, take her not for granted, for evil creeps in unaware. Joainne you have been so respectful, when she reaches out to touch you and you quickly put the anointing oil on you. But from henceforth, let her know in no uncertain terms, that you have allowed her to do it thus far for you didn't want to be rude but no one is allowed to touch you without your permission. I give you this mandate to do this for I have covered you time after time.

Now you speak up and you speak out. She'll get the message and not want to do it a second time. There's ways to say it and you'll know the voice with which to speak, for she is as a walking death and death reaches out to try to touch you time after time, sickness and disease and destruction but do not fear MY darling one, I have covered you. But you're going to let her know, no one touches you without your permission. This goes for all of you. You must know the spirit with which you touch. Does not MY Word say, "Lay hands on no man suddenly?" Especially here in Africa, take this very seriously.  

Prophecy 91:
Hold on MY Little Ones. Hold on MY Babies. Hold on MY Treasures, you who sparkle as no gem even in Heaven can. Hold on, it won't be much longer. Keep praying that you'll be counted worthy to escape the Great Tribulation to come. But I tell you this, it is like no one has ever written. It's more of a horror tale than you can even begin to conceive for such as in the days of Noah, so it shall be again, multiplied seven times worse off. I'm not telling you I'm going to flood the earth with water. But I'm telling you there's going to be a flood of ungodliness such as never has been. But as I had a way of escape for Noah, so too I have a way of escape for you. As you see the weapons with high technology, know that MY Heavenly weapons are greater, for I have a way of protecting you. So just hang on tight to the hem of YAHUSHUA's garment. Do not let go. Do not let go. For it is only faith that is going to save your soul.  

Prophecy 92:
Never should the words spoken during Communion be of mere repetition and do this not only in remembrance of the price I, YAHUSHUA, paid at Calvary for you. But praise ME that I shall not drink of the fruit of the vine again until I do so with MY Bride and the Guests at the Marriage Supper in Heaven. Remember this as a weapon against satan, as you continually remind him, satan has no claim on your mind, body, spirit or soul, unless you, through sin, give him the legal right. Be ye Holy as I am Holy, strive to live Holy, in your mind, and body and walk in the HOLY SPIRIT more than you walk in the flesh and know that legions of Heaven's Holy Angels fight in your behalf!  

Prophecy 94:
The rich think only they're going to survive. They believe the lies that satan tells. But MY Word says, "The meek shall inherit this earth," the humble, not the proud and the haughty and the rich. You are rich through your faith in ME. You are rich through treasures that others can't see. I gave you a protection that no money can buy. I am the wings that under you hide. I am the one that encourages you. MY shed blood at Calvary is the only thing that saves you through MY Name, through MY Blood, you have the witnesss, you have the testimony. Even for those who on this earth their life is snuffed out, it's only a shell they're talking about. They cannot kill that which is meant to be eternal. To be absent from the body is to be present by MY side, for those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life.  

Prophecy 99:
Does not MY Word say that I, YAHUVEH, take vengeance? Vengeance is MINE saith I, YAHUVEH! Call on ME and I will cause your enemies to run in 7 different directions! How many different directions are you running now oh Chinese government? But I am making sure the Holy angels are there to protect and provide for your brothers and sisters in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Woe be to the world because watch China. You are going to see what happened to China hit California. I will not mention the other parts of the world but America you want to play a harp? (H.A.A.R.P.) Wait until I play MY harp. You want to control the weather, you have not seen anything yet.

Prophecy 101:
The plans that the enemies have, both in the government and in satans kingdom are for evil, to steal, kill and destroy. To starve, to poison the very air that you breathe. To experiment with the water you drink, where all manners of various poisons already pollute your water. The wealthy want to de-populate the earth, to save all the resourses for them, but I, YAHUVEH say, I will have the last word. I will not be mocked. I will protect those who are MINE and the enemies own weapons shall consume them.

Prophecy 105:
You are coming close now as to the date of the holocaust. Learn the lesson well from those who survived, to those who were not caught. Your allegience is to I, YAHUVEH, not to the laws of a man. If they do not line up with what I say throw them away. You know what the Word says. For I will tell you to do what you think not, I will tell you to say what you think not, I will hide you in a way you think not.  

Prophecy 106:
I know what you want ME to do and now I have told you what I expect of you. Avoid ALL unholiness as if it were the plague for you are surrounded with it. But I remind you of the children of Israel and I remind you of the plagues and I remind you of how it did not come upon the children of Israel. It only came upon MY enemies. Hide yourselves in the robes of MY righteousness. Hide yourselves from MY wrath. For those that I call MY children if you will but strive to obey and truly, truly repent and turn away from evil. I shall hide you. I shall comfort you. I shall Bless you. I shall provide for you. I shall anoint you, if you will but just obey every word I say and stop making excuses for sin.

Prophecy 107:
There are many ways to kill the children now, even poisoning their food, poisoning their toys. Be not deceived, the son's of satan call this population control. It's all part of their plan as even the air you breath is poisoned full of death and destruction and disease. But ask the new world order, those in their secret society and if they were to tell you their secrets they would tell you it's all about population control. Only the rich shall survive. The richest of the rich, but I am confounding the enemy. Those covered in MY Son's shed Blood at Calvary, those who call out to YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. That blood is their immunity. Keep praying, keep asking, keep reminding ME to take MY vengeance on those who spread the poison in the sky and MY vengeance shall come on those who created these formulas of death, disease and destruction (and) the politicians who allow it.

Prophecy 108:
For the Words I will speak will be of FIRE. Just know that you do sparkle before ME, all of those who walk in MY holiness and MY truth, who truly know what Purim represents, what it is about. Just know this, you sparkle before ME, you wear the finest garments for there can be no finer garment than the Robe of Righteousness that MY Son YAHUSHUA puts around you. Just know this, as the enemies plot the destruction of the holy, so I also know how I will destroy the unholy.

Just continue to pray as I gave Mordecia the discernment to know where the enemies were and what plans they had made to destroy the holy. Pray for discernment that I always show you where the enemy is hidden even if it is amongst you. Just know this, anyone that seeks to infiltrate and betray the leadership of this ministry and those who are part of this ministry, those who plot to destroy this ministry, those who lie on this ministry, I with MY own hand saith YAHUVEH will destroy them just as surely as I destroyed Haman and his 10 sons and all those that rose against those that I ordained beforehand to keep safe. You see in these end times I already know no matter what the enemy does I've already preordained who I shall keep safe in the palm of MY hand where no man can pluck them out. Just as in the days of old I'd already preordained that I would keep Mordecia and Ester safe.

But know this, I do not tell you this to cause you fear but to reassure you, those who truly belong to YAHUSHUA, those who are covered by MY Son YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH's shed Blood, who truly submit their will and their life to HIM and strive to obey every order from Heaven above, I'M going to keep you safe. Just hang on to your faith for satan wants your faith more than he wants your life. So hang on tight to your faith and watch what I do to the enemy. Watch what I do to those who want to destroy all that is holy. Watch what I, YAHUVEH will do, for their fate will be far worse than Haman and his 10 son's fate.

Prophecy 109:
I Thank you for all the times that you make your plans and say, "I will do this or that on this day," and I Thank you for your faithfulness even when I rip your plans up and say, "No MY children, you're going to do it this way." You faithfully still give ME the praise and say, "Abba YAHUVEH have it YOUR way." You faithfully strive to please and obey. So then MY children I ask you this question. Why would I not want to abundantly bless you in every way? When I ask you to take the greatest step of faith, why would I not faithfully protect you, bless you as long as you're doing it MY way?

I speak this message to all, all, all who put I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the Precious RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH first in your life and your love. I speak to all the Bride of YAHUSHUA. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your faithfulness, that you continually rebuke satan. You will not compromise with sin. Your eyes are ever on heaven. Thank you for your faithfulness and be assured as you are faithful unto ME, I am faithful unto you. MY eye is ever on you. MY ear is inclined to every word you speak.

Just because I don't answer your prayers right away, in the way that you think that I should, think not that I don't hear you. I will answer, sometimes it's yes, sometimes the answer is no and many times the answer is wait it is not MY time yet. But be assured I am not deaf I, YAHUVEH, am not blind and anything that concerns you concerns ME. I, YAHUVEH, am your Creator and I know what is best for you, even when you don't know what's best for yourself. As you faithfully trust ME, I faithfully will not let you down.

So I just wanted to say and on this day of March 27, 2009, I give you a new Prophetic message for those who are like deer panting for water. They come to this Ministry for fresh Living Water. I can say and prophesy of that which is going to come to pass but you don't need to hear this now. You just need to hear, no matter what happens. No matter what you see. No matter what comes in the sky. No matter what shakes the earth. No matter the weapon that's formed against you, be it by the hand of the devil, be it by the hand of man, be it by the hand of an alien. Know this; I will faithfully protect all those who are MINE. Call upon ME in the time of trouble. Call upon ME. Call upon ME through the Name of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH. I am faithful to hear your cries. I am faithful to deliver you and vindicate you.

You're going to need this, this year. You're going to need this to be reminded, no matter what happens I am faithful. YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH is faithful. The sweet RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH, SHE is faithful. To those who are faithful to US, WE will provide a way for you where there seemeth to be none. Keep your eyes not on the waves and on the storm otherwise you will drown. Put not your faith in the currency of your nation or you'll be cast down. Keep your faith in ME. Keep your faith in YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH. WE are your providers. WE are your shelter. WE are the one that feeds you manna from heaven. WE are the one that gives you the Living Water to drink.  

Prophecy 110:
So I place you in a home where next to you in a pasture the sheep roam to remind you I, YAHUSHUA am your Good Shepherd and as I provide, always remember, as those sheep next to you have no worry or fret, they trust that farmer to led them to the green pasture. So too, I have led you to the green pasture. I protect you. I beat the wolves off or anyone that seeks to do you harm. As those sheep have no worry and the lambs have no worry so you two who live in that home and those who are part of you shall have no worry. It is here MY Beloved that I restoreth your soul as you lay down in MY green pastures and not wander off and try to find your own.

I speak to all of those who allow I, YAHUSHUA, to be your MASHIACH, to be your Good Shepherd. I will protect those that are MINE. To those who look upon this Ministry as a blessing done by MY own hand, the nail pierced hands of your YAHUSHUA, will receive bountiful miracles from ME. If they believed the words that I have spoken forth and they have not been ashamed and they rebuke any retort. They rebuke the lies. They stand firm in what they believe and they do battle against satan the enemy and his servants that are sent.