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Mind control

Prophecy 74:
I have instructed this Ring Maiden to start saying a prayer anew. Do not just assume that people are to be martyred for MY sake. Where are the prayers? Need I remind you of Shaul, the one you call Paul? Do you not know it was the prayers for intercession that was going on and that is the reason he was spared. I have instructed this Ring Maiden to start praying ahead of time for a force field that will encompass your bodies that will be a protection from the weapons of man and anyone that comes near you. Those of MY select few, those that are called the first fruits, for you are MY choice. It is as though you go through a vegetable bin; do you not choose the best ones? So to I have chosen MY Bride, MY Chosen Ones and MY Elect. There is a force field that will encompass you that man will not be able to see until the weapon is aimed at you literally. They seek to control your mind.

The evil seek to take your will but they forget MY Beloved, it is MY will, it is MY Spirit, MY RUACH ha KODESH and they cannot touch it. It is not your mind for you have given it over to ME, so your Creator can speak to you, so you can hear ME and I have raised up Prophets after MY OWN Spirit. The false ones say, "Listen not to the Prophets." But I have always had a Prophet, I sent to this earth the Prophet of the Prophets, HE is MY Son YAHUSHUA. HE did not leave this earth until the Comforter came who imparted the true gift of prophecy, so MY Children can hear again.  

Prophecy 91:
Hold on MY Little Ones. Hold on MY Babies. Hold on MY Treasures, you who sparkle as no gem even in Heaven can. Hold on, it won't be much longer. Keep praying that you'll be counted worthy to escape the Great Tribulation to come. But I tell you this, it is like no one has ever written. It's more of a horror tale than you can even begin to conceive for such as in the days of Noah, so it shall be again, multiplied seven times worse off. I'm not telling you I'm going to flood the earth with water. But I'm telling you there's going to be a flood of ungodliness such as never has been. But as I had a way of escape for Noah, so too I have a way of escape for you. As you see the weapons with high technology, know that MY Heavenly weapons are greater, for I have a way of protecting you. So just hang on tight to the hem of YAHUSHUA's garment. Do not let go. Do not let go. For it is only faith that is going to save your soul.  

Prophecy 92:
Elisabeth has delayed this word going forth because every time she would read the prophecies concerning this, she would be fought in the supernatural realm and dreams of aliens would attack her. Yet someone must warn MY Holy Children that are caught up with the spirit of mind control and mind manipulation. Even a visit to Sherry Shriner's site without I, YAHUVEH's permission is dangerous. Do NOT go to her site, do not even look up her name, unless you know you are prayed up, and the devil is bound up along with the demons and you are strong spiritually and you have MY permission. Pray against this evil Sherry Shriner and what she is doing and what she has done.

Prophecy 102:
It's only those who cry out to ME now that are protected from the Mind Control waves that are in the air. They control your mind through the water and through the food you eat. They put the chips when you least expect it to track you like a dog to know exactly where you are. If it's this bad now, can you imagine what it will be in the Great Tribulation?

Prophecy 104:
Beloved Ones, you need not fear anyone will worship MY Bride, for the world will reject, persecute, and hate MY Bride as the heathens hate ME, as they hate all that is Holy. Always remember this, only the counterfeit who are not of MY Spirit are worshipped! Never will MY true Bride allow it. Beware of a counterfeit who is America's President Elect and who has done nothing and yet through mass mind control, hynosis and mind manipulation with words alone, written by others, like unto a Hitler, he is now worshipped and no one can figure out why.

Governments in various parts of the world have been practicing mind control methods on the mass population in various forms, in various ways, and through various methods. All this to prepare for the one called The False Prophet, and the one called the anti-christ. MY Holy children are not decieved and will not worship the counterfeit, they will rebuke and warn against the counterfeit.