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You will be used in a mighty way for YAHUSHUA

Prophecy 11:
Fear is the opposite of faith. Again I speak forth the confirmation, but don't keep testing ME, for that which already has been confirmed. Time is short. MY coming is shortly, do what you're going to do for ME now, not later. Now is when I need MY Ministers, MY Warriors. Now is when I need those chosen to gather in the harvest of souls. Now is when I need you to be fishers of men and women. Now is when I need MY Prophets to speak forth. Now is when I need the evangelists, Spirits like John the Baptist to come forth. Now is the time of salvation, tomorrow may be too late. So many of that called wait until tomorrow till conditions are just right for them. Yet tomorrow and the right conditions never come for them. WAKE UP, this is a trick of the enemy.

Prophecy 17:
I will raise up Prophets that will not be silenced like MY Daughter who stands not in her boldness, strength or righteousness for she stands not in her power, she knows all these come not from her but from ME, the Great GOD 'I AM' who sends her to warn the wolves your masks are being ripped from your faces.  

Prophecy 23:
Admit what you have done before all of Heaven and earth RUN, RUN, RUN for I am the Lord GOD ALMIGHTY YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH who you have MOCKED! You say you are not a ministry and yet you pretend to minister or you claim to be a ministry and yet you fleece MY flocks. I shall be the one that chases you with MY ROD and I am raising up an army of Elijah's and Jeremiah's and John the Baptist's and they shall come after you, in MY NAME and in MY POWER for MY GLORY ALONE!  

Prophecy 43:
I ask you to do nothing I have not asked MY other apostles and prophets to do, and that is to obey ME and seek MY will and I will lead and guide you and never forsake you and I equip MY warriors before sending them into the front lines of combat. You never go into a battle, alone, I am there. Nor empty handed or naked. Put on the full armor of God and draw MY sword not yours. Take MY shield of faith and quench the fiery darts that are aimed at you. Beware of Judas' that come to you in the form of sheep and yet are ravenous wolves. Pray for a greater gift of discernment and never think you have enough of that gift for no human can ever say that they always recognize the face of satan. Beware for the devil knows MY plans for you and he knows where you're weak and where you're strong.  

Prophecy 45:
RISE UP, you with a Spirit 'Likened' to a King David. What a blessing you are to ME, Oh MY Son with the Spirit like unto a King David and yet without the sin he committed. You have a heart after YAHUVEH and I am well pleased with you. You wrestle the roaring lion defeating it and wrestle with the bear defeating it putting the enemy on the run. You are greatly feared in Hell for you do this not in David's name but in the NAME of YAHUSHUA and applying MY Blood and Word causing the enemies to flee in 7 different directions. This word is directed to you who loves, sings, dances, prophesies and serves ME like the heart of King David of old. Like David MY anointed shepherd boy, I will use you to slay the Goliaths that come against you and the Prophets, people and ministries I have called you to protect in MY NAME YAHUSHUA. You are a true guardian of MY anointing.

Only then can she have all that I have foretold and shown her, you and others. Rise up oh one I call MY True King David of new. Rise up with the Spirit like David the shepherd boy that slew Goliath. In the spiritual realm slay the Goliath's in the NAME of YAHUSHUA. Stand in the full armor and stand in the Word of GOD that cannot lie. First sing unto ME in MY Spirit for there by lies the victory for you and her. Her Goliath's shall fall at the same time yours do also MY Son David. Rise up and plunder the enemy now of all the riches and spoils he has stolen. Command satan to give back 7 fold. So it shall be done for MY Glory alone.

Prophecy 47:
TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! Satan hates even those that worship him. He is no respecter of persons, because all humankind is made in MY image, and MY Son YAHUSHUA was born in the image of a man, and made a open show at his resurrection, by mocking satan and all satan has tried to do, YAHUSHUA, gave HIS power to HIS Children that call upon HIS NAME and Worship, love and serve YAHUSHUA! Satan hates MY Children for they also have that same power to destroy the works of the devil. Even those that mock YAHUSHUA still are made in the form of humankind and the devil knows this and will one day punish for being MY Creation. You cannot please the devil. No matter who it is, he has no favorites, and will take all to Hell that he can. Satan knows his future but wants it to be humankind's future also.  

Prophecy 64:
Before the Crystal Cathedrals come down, those that are built by silver and gold, I YAHUSHUA shall chase the Sheep and the Lambs out those that are MINE that are filled with MY RUACH ha KODESH I shall anoint them for Mighty Warriors and they shall tear down the gates of Hell in the NAME of YAHUSHUA. They shall set the captives free in the NAME of YAHUSHUA. They shall do healings in the NAME of YAHUSHUA.

You are the ones that can hear MY voice. You are the ones that want MY every footstep. You are the ones that desire to be Holy for ME. You are the ones that I will use and greater works will you do, as together you all join together, all those that I have called out of the churches of Babylon. For the great apostasy has already taken place in the majority of the organized churches, they have sold themselves like a whore to the highest bidder. So grieve not MY Children when I tell you to flee the churches of Babylon instead rejoice MY Children for you need not have to be in a building to sit at MY feet. I tell you the truth MY Children that's when you will be eating MY meat.

Prophecy 69:
Oh, but you see Oh enemies of MINE. Beware the changing of MY Guards. I am putting those with a greater anointing. Those that are humble before MY face. They are MY secret hidden ones; they know how to behold MY Words and MY face. They stand in the gap, they cry out in YAHUSHUA's NAME. To the enemies of MINE around this world, beware MY changing of MY Guards. For they have only become more Holy. They have only become more determined and bold. They will preach Holiness and they will rebuke this world. So beware MY changing of MY Guards who are dressed in MY full armor (Ephesians 6) who do not come to you in their name but come in the NAME of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Who do not carry weapons of warfare that are carnal, but MY changing of MY Guards have the spiritual weapons that are yet untold.

They have the arsenal of all of Heaven and all they have to do is call out to ME in YAHUSHUA's NAME. They are going to put your changing of the guards to shame. So mock ME if you dare. As you evil ones change your guards, for beware I tell you MY enemies, I also have changed MY Guards. They are who you least expect, the lowliest of the man and woman and even children. I speak forth to them not only through prophecies that come to pass but in dreams and visions. These gifts are only going to grow stronger as I change MY Guards who I promote I also dispose.

Watch out Churches who have been warned the changing of the guards have come and they sit in your very pews and they confront the unholiness in you, the disobedience in you. I am the same YAHUVEH and I change not, not for anyone. MY Words do not return unto ME void, not for anyone. Because MY Daughter interceded and wept and prayed before ME when she heard of the death of Richard Eby, because so many of you have written and asked and so many more want to write and ask "Did Dr. Richard Eby lie to me?" No he did not. His only sin was he became impatient and weary, but I fault him not.  

Prophecy 88:
This night I would not give Joainne peace to sleep, I warned you Elisabeth in your dream. Katherine, you had the one that represents peace, security and love enter your room to show you everything would be all right. Do you think it is a coincidence that you were working on this mighty warfare tongue, on the same night all of this happened? There is no coincidence.

Elisabeth, it is true I've changed your tongue to that of even a Mightier Warrior. Every time you pray this, when evil tries to enter into your house, even the warfare prayer keeps it out, for it is under MY anointing.

Katherine, you spoke these words again and again and again, you listen to them again and again and again, they went into your spirit. It is as though a fortress was put up, evil could not enter in. I have confounded the enemy this night. I am accuracy, I am precision, I am perfection. Woe be to any who tries to touch MY anointed. Woe be unto any who tries to do MY Prophets harm. They may try once but they won't live to try again.