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Commands From YAHUVEH to HIS children

Prophecy 5:
The footsteps of the Godly are ordained by YAHUVEH. Keep following MY footsteps and lead others unto ME. Follow MY footsteps and lead others to the tree at Calvary. Follow MY footsteps and lead others to the gates of Heaven.

Prophecy 6:
Do what you know to do and do it quickly.

Love one another; this is MY command to each of you.

Prophecy 8:
Whatever I have called you to do, do it now for soon it will be too late.

Prophecy 12:
Weep not when the enemy falls.

Be ye not unequally yoked in anything you do.

Now go forth and take back what the devil has stolen in MY NAME . Thus sayeth YAHUVEH, GOD of hosts.

Prophecy 13:
Remember whatever, whomever you love the most is the GOD you serve.

Prophecy 14:
WAKE UP! How long before the government will force Christians to have abortions? Never could happen? They already did it to the Jewish people. Hitler almost wiped out an entire race of people. Who is next? What race? What age? Now they say kill the elderly, they've outlived their usefulness. The unborn never lived so what does it matter? It matters to ME, the Great GOD of all Creation charge you, don't stay the silent majority anymore.

Come forth MY Children who have the Spirit of the Living GOD within, all those who know, and have the power of the RUACH ha KODESH, come forth all those who know you are more than a conqueror in YAHUSHUA's NAME.

Prophecy 17:
No one should go to a church and leave spiritually starving, yet they are. No one should physically starve; share what you have to those without. This is MY commandment.

Prophecy 18:
Does not MY Word say, "When you sin in your heart, you have sinned against ME?" Your imagination is not yours every imagination, every thought is to be held captive for MY inspection. If it sins against your brother it is sin. The greatest of all the Ten Commandments is love thy neighbor as you love yourself. That also includes thou shalt not murder.

Prophecy 19:
Lean not unto thy own understanding but acknowledge ME and I will direct thy paths.

Prophecy 22:
All of you get busy and feed MY Sheep and prepare MY Bride. Help her to be without spot of wrinkle by proclaiming that which makes satan shudder with fear.

Shout it from the internet; Shout it from the Housetops. Proclaim it in the streets and churches, radio and television YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is on the way! Gabriel has Blown his Trumpet!  

Prophecy 24 part 1:
As I had a Noah to warn of the flood, Moses to warn of the curses and LOT to warn that the fire of Heaven would fall, so too I will do it again, I am warning now through MY Handmaiden. It would do you well to study every word I speak and write through her now. Always there is a remnant who I have that will listen and hear MY voice. Always there is a multitude who will scoff and mock just as surely as the heathen mocked Noah, Moses and Lot.

If you believe I am a GOD that rewards those that diligently seek after ME, diligently listen for MY voice and do MY will and not your will, walk when I say walk, run when I say run, stand still when I say stand still, speak when I say speak, be silent when I say nothing or do nothing until you hear from Heaven. A soldier doesn't just follow his own orders; he waits for the commander in chief to speak orders. So wait, though MY answer seems to tarry, it shall come forth. The war in the Heavenly rages on. The sound waves have been blocked thus far. How could MY Prophets speak like this Handmaiden if the sound waves were not blocked, they would be gone. It's for your sakes I have let the war in the Heavenly rage. The seals of the redeemed have been sealed as satan has marked who is his.  

Prophecy 26:
Keep MY Commandments; put them into practice, stray neither to the right nor to the left. To truly love your Creator and your MESSIAH, YAHUSHUA is the essence of the law. MY Babies and Bride all have broken MY Laws and none can say otherwise, or they lie.

MY Beloved Children, who are MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect, the heathen calls you narrow minded when you say there is but one way to GOD the Father's throne and in one NAME, the NAME of YAHUSHUA, that I will answer prayers. You tell them, "Yes, I am narrow minded for the Word of YAHUVEH cannot lie and YAHUVEH says, only in the NAME of YAHUSHUA will I hear your prayers and the pathway to Heaven is narrow and he road to Hell is broad!" You tell them "It is the broad-minded that will end up suffering in agony, first in Hell, then in the Lake of Fire! Because you love YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and them, warn them MY Children. Love them enough to incur their wrath. Love them enough to be an offense. I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH speak the truth, the majority doesn't want to hear and we are an offense to many.

Prophecy 28:
The weapons of your warfare are not carnal but are mighty in pulling down satan's strongholds. A laptop computer will be one of those weapons used to expose the enemy, used to warn of the enemy, used to stop the enemy from destroying MY People for lack of knowledge. Tell MY People to invest in this tool of today for when they are to flee they cannot travel with large computers. I created the computer for this time and this purpose. This is the knowledge that increases running to and fro. This is how you are able to be in one place and yet in another place speaking to MY People all over the world. Do not think for a moment that this weapon is not powerful. Satan seeks to control the internet, to silence MY People but he cannot do anything I do not allow.

Prophecy 31:
Eat the bread of affliction called matzoh bread. Eat it not only because this is a symbol of what the Israelites ate when they fled before the bread could rise. I also want you to partake in the days of unleavened bread and eat the bread of affliction as a reminder of YAHUSHUA and how he paid the price as the bread of affliction. He was afflicted for your sakes. The bread is hard for the price HE paid for you did not come easily. Partake in the Lord's Last Supper as YAHUSHUA did. Do this on the eve of March 31, 1999. Do this in remembrance of the Blood that YAHUSHUA poured out so that you would be saved and the Bread that was dipped in the Blood, for YAHUSHUA is the Bread of Life and his Body was sacrificed so you could have fellowship with 'I AM' and the remission of sins so you could have a way of escape from the flames of Hell. Satan has no claim to those that are truly MINE.

Prophecy 33:
It is wisdom to fear the Lord. It is wisdom to try to be pure. It is wisdom to keep living Holy and shun unholiness. You take the Word of God and you hold it in the heathen's face and say, "Thus saith the Lord." Watch and see, your neighbor's house will be flattened; plagues, sickness, death, destruction and poverty will come and watch how I cover those who are MINE. I cover those who entered MY Passover. Those who are MINE, who entered into MY Passover, you will Passover the HORROR of MY judgment to come."  

MY children are the ones I protected. Their enemies were destroyed. I did it then and I will do it again. The Israelites disobeyed and were delayed from entering the Promised Land by MY chastisement. See the destruction come upon the whore of Babylon. Remember Hitler? As I have told MY Prophets, learn from Hitler and you shall see what has been in the past shall be in the future.

Prophecy 34:
I command this prophet now to pray for a day set aside when together you will shout and do a Jericho March over whatever you want removed in your lives that does not bring ME Praise, Honor and Glory! Even those that need not have anything removed I command you to join in this Jericho March for your Brothers and Sisters who do need deliverance! Stop being smug in you own blessings, unless I take them away from you and give them to another. You need not even physically be together only know what is needed to be removed. March around your own houses for the sake of those whose houses are divided by unbelievers and believers.

Prophecy 36:
Seek ME while I can yet be found. I am not a God to be mocked! You shall see in the coming days ahead. I shall speak forth out of this handmaiden feeding you as if you're a child, spoon by spoon, since many who read this can't yet swallow meat or choose to. I shall give you small portions to digest, not large portions for you have missed so much and choked on it, or regurgitated it for it was not pleasing to hear. Others who long for more for they digested the meat I say go back and re-read what I have spoken, even the handmaiden I have instructed to do the same. I tell you ALL have missed something and if you seek MY RUACH ha KODESH you will see what you have missed.

Prophecy 47:
TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! This is why I sent MY Only Begotten Son to be your ransom, for it is true that I require a price for sin. The Blood Sacrifice that only could appease MY anger had to be Holy and Undefiled, and YAHUSHUA, MY Son volunteered to be your Blood atonement. What you do with that Blood atonement and MY Son and the Word that was made flesh. Study and show thyself approved so you can stand in the coming days ahead, hide it in your heart, where no man can steal it. Do this now before it is taken from you.

Prophecy 51:
I, YAHUVEH am now joining you with others, for these also will be MY hidden ones that I have hidden under the shelter of MY wings. Wait until you see the miracles that I, YAHUVEH will do. You will see, it will be your finest hours as once again you see YAHUVEH deliver those that others seek to destroy, all because of MY NAME. I, YAHUVEH have chosen this prophet to call forth the Clarion Call of the 144,000. Learn the song of Moses. In it is the victory in the NAME of YAHUVEH! MY new mandate to this apostle daughter of MINE is: now is the time for you to seek YAHUVEH's face and YAHUVEH's will and YAHUVEH's marching orders. Walk when YAHUVEH says walk, run when YAHUVEH says run, speak when YAHUVEH says speak and do nothing when you are told to just stand and wait. No matter how small of a decision, learn to pray for ME to reveal MY will, not your will.

Am I unable to deliver and protect you? The plans I, YAHUVEH have for you are for good and not for evil. Trust ME and stop leaning on to your own understanding. MY children acknowledge that I, YAHUVEH alone have the answers and I, YAHUVEH promise to direct your paths as you walk in MY footsteps. Your footsteps walking alone will lead you astray, but MY footsteps are sure solid steps that lead to victory. Believe and receive victory. Fight for what you know to be right. There are people that you have been dealing with that I am removing from your life to bring others to encourage and help support you in all ways.

Do not say that there is not yet time to do this or that. Instead realize am I not the Father of all time? The keeper of time, I YAHUVEH am time itself. Who else can stop time, speed it up, or back it up? Beloved child and all children of MINE who call YAHUSHUA by NAME and know they can do nothing without that Sacred NAME I have raised you up for such a time as this. You are part of MY hidden anointed ones. Although the enemy will gnash their teeth trying to harm you and they have written down your names, I also have written down their names in the book of damnation and these evil ones shall spend eternity in the lake of fire, reaping for what they are now sowing!

Prophecy 52:
MY hidden ones have the knowledge, and a way around every weapon of the enemy that seeks MY children's destruction, and this world's destruction. Lean not on to your own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge I, YAHUVEH and I, YAHUVEH shall direct thy paths. Your own understanding will cause you to fear the unknown. I, YAHUVEH do not sleep. I, YAHUVEH will not slumber. MY eyes are on the nations where MY people cry out to ME in prayer to save them. Listen not to the doom and gloom soothsayers. They speak and write that I, YAHUVEH will not provide a place of escape for MY beloved ones that are following YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and are doing their best to obey MY laws. Why do MY Children seek to obey I, YAHUVEH? Because they love their Heavenly Father.

Prophecy 54:
I tell you this, I depend on you, I depend on the words that I speak through you to reach MY people, to encourage MY people. So you ask ME what it is that you must learn. You must learn to do things in MY timing and not in your timing. You must learn not to be distracted. Keep petitioning ME, true, but you must learn to obey. And the man that I sent your way, he is a Muslim that turned Christian. He was one that is seeking. I ask you this question: How do you redeem bad seed? How do you redeem a bad deed? It is to sow it into good soil. Do not chase away those that I send even if you think they are a scam. There is a lesson to learn in this, MY sons. Next time you take it to three and not to one.

I tell you this, you must give others the opportunity to bless thee. How many do not know that you are in lack? How do you not know that I will not raise them up? There are those that I have used in the past. How would the widow of Zarephath know that Elijah of Old was hungry if I had not sent him to her to tell her. And the widow of Zarephath would not have been blessed. The widow of Zarephath and her son would not have lived. If I did not send MY prophet with a need so she could have the chance to supply it, so I could have a chance to prove that I AM YAHUVEH, the same GOD, yesterday, today and forever. It is not that you go to them and beg. It is a blessing to them to be able to receive the rewards that come to those who help this ministry. It is a curse upon their heads when I send you to them with your petitions and needs and they turn a deaf ear. It's them that one day will fear as they see no one is there in their hour of need.  

So I don't have to repeat it, for you too are being tested, MY Children. I don't call the qualified, I qualify the called and you three are called. Take your needs to Jeff. Take your needs to Wendy. Take your needs to Olga. Give them a chance to be a blessing. I will tell you the others. Chuck, when I tell you to call your boss and stop payment on a check, that doesn't mean to do it in your time, that means do it in MY time.

Prophecy 55:
DEVASTATION is coming, get ready, DEVASTATION is coming! That's why I'm telling MY Daughter now; speak it forth in a spoken word. It is not only in the power of the written word. Years ago I commanded these words to be spoken forth and yet I knew the site managers would not obey. Now is the time, though. These prophetic words are spoken forth. Each day a new one will be added. All of them will be where they are heard, not only read.

Tell them, "Get in the Ark." Find out where they're to be. Tell them to seek MY face. If they don't know where they're to be, fast and pray and wail and lament but find out where their Ark is. As long as they are aware of where they are supposed to be, as long as they are underneath the umbrella of MY safety, then they are in their Ark, no matter where they are in the world. But I tell you again MY Children, call forth the Apostles and Prophets to interpret the dream I gave Elisabeth. DEVASTATION IS COMING!

Prophecy 56:
But MY children who are in the arks, the ark is wherever I have put you to stay as this evil passes by. I tell you this: anoint your houses, anoint your doors, for just as in the days of old, just as when the plagues came, the children of Israel were safe. Those that worship other gods were not. The angel of death passed by and did not touch the children of Israel. But those that worshipped other gods, those that serve no god felt the hand of Almighty God YAHUVEH's wrath.

Prophecy 57:
So this is a message to MY Beloved Children, anoint your houses once again, cry out for mercy on your own house and I, YAHUVEH will hear you MY Children once again. Repent MY Children for your own house for you cannot repent for the sins of America. For the stench of the sins reach Heaven and all of Heaven holds their nose for no nation has done what America has done and yet no nation was blessed like America was blessed. You want to strike out 'One Nation Under GOD' then you will have 'One Nation Under MY Feet.' I YAHUVEH will stomp you, for you just struck out your mercy; you just struck out MY favor. You want to strike out 'In GOD we Trust' from your currency then all you have is 'In (America) we Trust.'

A greater evil is coming, more than you can ever dream or even conceive. Woe be unto America for you played right into satan's hands, you play right into the anti-messiahs schemes, you play right into the blue print that has been laid by the anti-messiah that is to come. It is you America that I charge now. You are the Trojan Horse and for this you shall pay. America enjoy your prosperity, enjoy your luxuries, enjoy your greed, enjoy your fame and enjoy your fortune, for it shall be short lived. MY True Beloved Children who live in America, you must repent that you call yourself Americans, do not let the blood of America be found on your hands.  

Prophecy 59:
Did I not tell you MY Children that you could not repent for America? Instead did I not warn you MY Children, again through this Handmaiden I say, "Repent for you own sins. Repent for your own houses, anoint your houses." Do not take this lightly. Even this Handmaiden's husband must repent for he has not done this. When I say anoint your houses, do not say, "But, Lord, you will protect me anyway." Anoint your houses, I don't care if you hear this message at night, if you want the Angel of Death to pass over, if you want the hedge of protection around your houses, your establishments, your businesses then do what I say for YAHUSHUA's is not coming for a disobedient Bride.

America, you will reap what you are sowing. Again I repeat, the hedge of protection is not around America. The hedge of protection is around MY Beloved, MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect. Look up MY Children, deny not your faith, deny not the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Deny not the NAME of YAHUVEH. Deny not the anointing of MY RUACH ha KODESH. Deny not MY Commandments and MY Laws and MY Statutes, and the Word that was made flesh. Look up MY Children for truly your redemption draweth nigh.

Prophecy 60:
Get ready MY Children but do not be afraid. Incline your ears, MY Children, to every word I say. Discern the spirits that speak, for many false prophets have arose and assure you of false words of prosperity that will come to a nation, a country or a state that despises and thrown out, from the schools to the government, to the laws, all that I have proclaimed as Holy. You will see this nation, this country, the cities, the states, the providences, no matter where they are on the face of this world, come under MY judgment and come under MY decrees. Vengeance is MINE, I will repay.

MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect go and hide yourselves in your houses. Go and bolt your doors. For the time is coming, MY Children, when you will have to hide for a little while. You've already anointed your homes. Stand and believe on Psalm 91 that you are sheltered under MY wings, as the evil ones continue inhumanity to man, as they continue to pass the laws that will make it hard for MY Children to stand. Hide yourselves MY Children under the shelter of MY wings. It is your prayers MY Children, MY ear will hear. It is MY hand MY Children that will wipe away your every tear. But for a little while MY Children, just a little while longer.

I know the names of every one that weep and wail as they [cry], "Come, YAHUSHUA, come!" But don't do it out of fear, MY Children. Do it out of love, for I am still separating and I am still dividing the sheep from the goats worldwide and the goats shall go to everlasting fire and MY Sheep I will continue to shepherd. Yes, MY Children, hold on tight the hem of YAHUSHUA's garment and do not let go as you stand in the fiery furnaces. Remember, I am with you always even unto the ends of the earth. Remember, MY Children, even those of you who will die for MY Son's NAME sake, they can only kill the body, they cannot kill the soul and you will be with ME in Heaven in your eternal home. And when you hear the words, "World War III," you will see the greatest level of iniquity.

Prophecy 62:
Hide yourself, MY Children, for yet just a little while. For all of Heaven rages, and against satan and his demons war rages. It is waged, for the KING IS COMING! The Earth quakes and shutters in fear in various parts of the world. You are seeing floods, these are MY tears. Remember when the floods came in the time of Noah. Remember how he was mocked and they mocked up until the time the rains came. But I told MY Children, Noah and his family to get in the ark and bolt the door, and when the floods came the ungodly ones pounded on that door. Then they wanted in, then they believed who 'I AM', but it was too late for them and the floods swallowed them.

Such it will be again. Those that stand in MY Son's righteousness, those that have anointed their homes, those that hide in MY Word, those that strive to obey, those that love and serve and put ME first, those that know the treasures of this earth will not be what they can take to their Heavenly home. In this world they realize thieves break in. Moth and rust does corrupt that which you think is a treasure on earth you cannot take with you when you leave this earth.

Prophecy 64:
MY True Children desire to please ME. Be Holy as 'I AM' Holy. Hide MY Words in your heart. Memorize Psalm 91 and put ME in remembrance of MY Word. For truly I am coming again and I am coming to catch MY Bride away. But are you loyal, are you faithful? I will not take a wife that is not faithful. I will not take a wife that is not loyal. I will not take a wife that does not put ME first even if it means it requires her life. Worry not what man can do to your flesh. Worry about the destruction of your soul, about going to Hell and the Lake of Fire, for this is where the unfaithful go. It is better that your name never be found in the Lambs Book of Life than to be blotted out for being an unfaithful wife.

Prophecy 65:
MY Children, the churches teach a lie for only the most Holy are called MY Bride! There are requirements to be YAHUSHUA's Bride and one of them is, all though you are in this world you are not to behave like this world. You are to remain Holy and Pure before ME, washed in MY Sons Blood at Calvary. I have anointed you MY Daughter to speak forth from this ministry to help prepare the Bride for that Wedding Day, to help them get their lamps filled with MY Holy Oil and even have more left over to spare. I am using you MY Daughter as the truth is spoken forth. I am using this mighty ministry to separate the chaff from the wheat. Yes the attacks have been great. Oh, but the rewards are so much more. Remember MY Children I said "Go and hide for just a little while, while MY storm passes over." For as I've given you the dreams tornadoes shall come like has never been seen. The earth shall quake and shake as I take both of MY feet and stomp.

For what is coming MY Children, while your in this mortal body of flesh and blood you must be prepared, you must be strengthened, you must be healed, for sicknesses has come upon you that you know not. The air is poisoned and you know not. The food is poisoned and you know not. Because you have asked a blessing on the food that you eat and the drink that you drink I am faithful to show you what to do. Sometimes MY Children protection is not by MY supernatural hands but you must also partake of it in the physical realm. So cleanse your bodies MY Children just as you cleanse your spirit and your soul, prepare your bodies MY Children for there is yet a war coming untold.

Trust not in the governments of this world to protect you for you will find no protection there. Trust in the GOD that created you who knows every molecule, every atom, every cell, every one of your DNA and each one of you is individual but I know each one of you by your GOD given names. Pray to ME and I will give you wisdom, I will bring others into your path for I have raised up the hidden ones to give you wisdom at this time, to take care of this Temple of the RUACH ha KODESH. Use everything that I have given you for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA's glory while you yet have it to use. Satan seeks to strip you bare but don't worry MY Children, I will cover you. They can pass all the ungodly bills they want your politicians and your leaders; it is only what I YAHUVEH allow that will come to pass.

Don't worry MY Children, I will never leave you nor forsake you as long as your ear is inclined to MY ear, as long as you listen when I speak, as long as your prayers are not an abomination unto ME, as long as you desire to be as 'I AM' Holy, as long as you keep the Torah and not throw it out. For this is not two books, this is one book. Man divided, one just reinforces the other for the Book of the Aged and the Book of the New are truly one. Just like I YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA, 'I AM' in MY Son and MY Son is in ME, so it is the same for the Aged Book and the New Book. Study and show thyself approved, study and show the knowledge that I give you. The Book has been translated again and again seek ME to find out which translation to study in more than one language than Greek. Study the Hebrew, Study the Aramaic, read and listen to what MY Word really says follow not the pagan ways of man the heathenistic ways that bow down to idols and just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego I will protect you in the fiery furnace when it comes.  

Prophecy 67:
I, YAHUVEH, tell you, no longer shall you know each other by name, but by the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH, MY HOLY SPIRIT! I am commanding you to join together with those you called strangers and now I join you together to support one another, for you shall recognize each other not by earthly names but by MY Anointing. You shall travel with my anointed ones and one's needs shall be all's needs and you shall share what you have with one another as I YAHUVEH bless you.

My troops anointed by Heaven will not be concerned with one another's name, for they will recognize the RUACH ha KODESH within MY Children. They will not recognize the name, nor even know their past, but they will recognize one another by the anointing of MY RUACH ha KODESH. You shall gather together in MY NAME and walk in Holiness and Truth to MY statures and walk side by side, traveling together for one purpose and that is to warn people MY Judgment is soon to fall. The year 2003, MY anointed hidden ones will come out of hiding and join together with MY Daughter speaking this and together they shall pray for delay of MY Judgment and if enough people repent, I shall stay MY hand of Judgment another time.

Prophecy 69:
Yes, I will have martyrs for just as surely as Stephens blood spilled into the ground there stood a man named Saul, who I changed his name to Paul. As Stephen's blood splattered on him, as he held his coat, the anointing on Stephen came upon Saul who became Paul. So what am I saying when I say this? A martyr's blood is never wasted. It only raises up more Stephens, more Saul's who became Paul's. To MY Beloved trusted ones filled with MY anointing who look to ME each day and pray, 2003 will hold blessings for you as I burn the dross away. For the trials of your faith MY Children are more precious than any gold. Learn to praise ME MY Children no matter what your life holds.

Richard Eby did not lie. He only wearied of the sin of this world. He will be rewarded for the years he spent but he did not finish the mission of which him I sent. Put not your faith in any woman or man, but only in I YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA stand. Put your faith in the words, the words in MY Holy Books, that is how you know YAHUSHUA is coming again. Man can fail even when I send them back on a mission. You see MY Children, I allowed him to fail, not to accomplish that mission. To teach you all a lesson will your faith still remain? For those of you like MY Daughter that prayed that Richard Eby would come alive again, he did not choose to come back to earth.  

You have the warning; he was the temperature and barometer on the very day he died. As you behold the Sodom and Gomorrah's speak forth, as you saw evil arise. Count down now until Doomsday. Doom to MY enemies and yours, although they think they are the heads, truly they are less than the tail. The coming of the changing guards MY Children, those that held positions for so long, those that wrote your laws now find themselves without a job. Grieve and wail MY Children as you see the changing of the guards. For they which were Holy will be replaced and are replaced with those who are unholy. Those that you could trust, be it your banker or your policeman, your postman, the guards are changing. Your doctors the guards are changing. Your governments the guards are changing. Your Spiritual leaders beware the changing of the guards.

Prophecy 71:
They now pay the price for their names are written in the Book of the Blotted Out, traitors first in Heaven and now on earth. These people start out following I, YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA believing the bible, obeying MY Commands, MY Torah and than forsaking all that is Holy. These souls were formed and put into a human body and are doomed to reap satans reward of Hell and the Lake of Fire. Everyone reading this now, hear this, I, YAHUVEH command you to share this with all the people you know, to reassure them, not one person whose name is written in the Lambs Book of Life will worship the beast or accept the Mark of the Beast! (Rev 13:15-17)

You who call yourself Spiritual leaders but in MY eyes you are no leader at all for you sold yourselves to the highest bidder as a common whore as you take the tax free bribes and allow the Government to muzzle you. You became a traitor and a coward, Need I remind you in the Book of Revelations where cowards and traitors end up? Beware congregations the Spirit of the Pastor or Spiritual leader is the Spirit of the Churches and Temples. You with spiritual ears to listen and spiritual eyes to see have been given the gift of discernment. I, YAHUVEH now give you the command to speak up now before it is too late and your freedom of speech is completely taken away.

Prophecy 73:
But I have a few, oh so very few, who I call MY Children and MY Treasure, who weep and who wail before ME, who say, "Let not this sin be counted against us." And just as surely as I spared Noah and his family, just as surely as I spared Lot and his family except one, just as surely I will provide a way of escape, a way to bless, a way to hide MY Beloved Ones. Go and hide yourselves, MY Children. You had better crawl underneath the shelter of MY Wings; you had better make sure the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA is covering every sin. For MY wrath is mighty, as mighty as MY NAME and the Great Tribulation that is to come is not so very far away.

Oh, you say that I wink at this sin or that sin, surely GOD doesn't care. If you know better and you continue making excuses, saying useless words I do not even hear, I will show you I AM a jealous GOD. Anything you put before ME you have made a GOD. Judgment, Judgment, Judgment even the very word Judge you will see your supreme court of America, sits up there on a hill so piously but I alone am the Judge and one by one they shall be taken down, for they shook their fists at Almighty Living YAHUVEH with no fear. I tell you this MY Children, the agenda of satan has started here. The antichrist system is set up just waiting for the right time and season for him to appear. You have been warned, MY Children, hide for a little while. When I tell you to move, do not question why. Do not procrastinate or you will not be kept safe and then you will come to ME and ask ME why.

First I weep and then I am angry and now MY Children hide yourself for a little while longer for your ABBA is very angry. But not at you MY Little Ones, not those that call upon MY Son, not those that try to do their very best to bring a smile to MY face and MY Son. Not those who say, "Oh, we are so ashamed that we are part of this human race that brings our Heavenly Father such disgrace." I stroke your heads, I kiss your brows, I say, "Hide yourself MY Children for just a little while longer" while Judgment comes upon MY enemies. Around this world sea to sea, Judgment shall come upon MY enemies.  

Prophecy 74:
Beware of the doom Sayers that give prophecies without no hope interred. This Ring Maiden always speaks forth words of warning to the enemies but never do I ever prophesy of what will be, without also leaving you the hope that I have control, that I am watching over and I, YAHUVEH will protect those that are truly MINE. How do you become MINE? By accepting YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH who the Greek call Jesus Christ. For never do I do anything without first warning MY Prophets so I send forth this Ring Maiden now to warn you of what is to come. The greatest way for you to prepare is to seek MY Face, seek MY will, for I have safe pockets still. Picture the hand of the Almighty Creator YAHUVEH in a rock fight from Heaven. But you think that you have rocks to throw back and yet I say, "You have none," America I laugh at your red alerts, for destruction shall come on this nation. Those that I have deemed that are only worthy of destruction and it will come from the hand who created the Heavens as well as the earth.

Oh foolish, foolish man, what will you do when you realize too late, war has been decreed from Heaven. But those who truly belong to ME, those who take the Torah literally, those who believe I am able to protect, those who have put ME first in their life and their love, those who have laid everything on the altar of sacrifice, you will find I am YAHUVEH that cannot lie. Oh foolish earth, the evil ones that dwell on this earth, it is true as I told this Ring Maiden long ago when she saw the earthquakes, when she saw the wind with it combined and the floods and the volcanoes, those that survived that were evil and even those who are righteous through MY Son she heard these words, "Now, end of round one, now for round two." It is as a boxing match, how many rounds? And this will happen when you are least aware, that is why I told you MY Children "Hide yourself for just a little while." Hide yourself in the presence of MY bosom; hide yourself underneath MY Wings for it is only I, YAHUVEH that will protect you then. The same one that protects you now, I will protect you then.  

Those that repent before ME, those that shed tears of remorse, those that turn to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, those who will obey and turn from their evil sins this day, I am faithful and I will forgive before it is too late. But I tell you this MY Children; it is only a small remnant of this human race. Oh, America and England and all those who are puffed up with pride. Need I remind you, pride cometh before a great fall and a great fall is coming and no one will be able to save you? So Children you have been warned. You will know what it means when you see the fire in the sky. So hide yourself MY Children for just a little while.  

Prophecy 77:
From henceforth when they say, "What denomination?" Say, "Messianic Jewish Pentecostal" I said, "Messianic Jewish Pentecostal!" You see, they won't recognize the words Messianic Jewish, but they will recognize the word Pentecostal for every day should be a day of Pentecost. Every day I want to fill you with MY Power. Every day I want to speak to you. For the Pentecostals all over the world are crying out and they are saying, "Fill me with your anointing, Oh YAHUVEH." Oh, they call ME by a name of JEHOVAH, but I know MY NAME.

MY Children, this is the Wildfire anointing that I speak of. Take it into their churches. So many of the churches are parched and dry, they have a choice whether to open their mouth wide and receive the Living Water fresh and anew straight from Heaven. I commission you both, feed MY Sheep. Oh, but you say, "I have been." But there has been a separation. They do not understand, so feed those that have not understood, reach the Pentecostal pastors, reach the Pentecostal sheep and lambs. They have put a denomination over them, so I use that denominational name and I say reach them for MY Glory, reach them for I desire to bless them in a greater way than they are already blessed. I desire to use them to raise up a standard against these evil ones.

Remember this, MY Children, one with ME, YAHUVEH; through the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA are a majority, a million even ten million without ME, without MY Son YAHUSHUA's Blood covering them is in the minority. You can do all things through I, YAHUVEH that strengthens you. So this is just one of the new births, MY Children that I have sent you forth. Walk not into their churches smug and even on a Sunday. Do not despise them for what they do not know, do not condemn them for what they do not know, for I have forgiven them for it is only after they know that they are held accountable for what they know, just like you are.

Prophecy 82:
How many times have I said, "If it doesn't line up with MY Holy Word, for I am the Holy Word, I am the living Torah, even if they come from an Angel of light, do not receive that which is not of ME." How many times have I said, "Test the spirit that speaks?" You want to know how your brother was deceived? It does not mean that he doesn't love ME. It does not mean that he doesn't desire to serve ME, but it does mean this is the first step when he walked away, and deception entered in. When satan got a foothold and said to him, "Do not listen to the Holy Word." Instead he started listening to a voice that was not of ME.

'I AM' not a man that I can lie. MY Word is truth. What I say happens. The Holy Angel did not come, for Elisabeth where did I ever tell you I would tell another, to tell the Ring Maiden, expect YAHUSHUA to come on this day for HIS Bride. Why would I not tell you first? That is why I have said again, and again, "Test the Spirit that speaks." Who is going to listen to one that has a testimony that looks and smells like the world? Make no longer excuses for him. MY People have gone a whoring after other Gods, but does that mean I have called you to be a whore monger? The people are drunk with intoxicating beverages. Does that I mean I have called you to be a drunk. The people have turned to other sources of peace, but does this mean I want you to smell like a chimney or shoot up like a drug addict?

Foolishness, foolishness, foolishness, MY Bride will have no part in this foolishness. I said, "Be ye Holy as I am Holy." MY Bride will be Holy or I will have no part of her. You want to know who the foolish virgins are? You want to know why they didn't have enough oil in their lamps? They didn't have enough Holiness. They knew I was coming, but they did not prepare. It is not enough to just love ME, It is not enough to just serve ME, it is not enough just to preach MY Words. I DEMAND HOLINESS!

As your husband, I would have had no part of you if you were not Holy. How much more of a standard of Holiness do I have. Stop making excuses for sin. Elisabeth, you know again and again I said, "Test the spirit that speaks" stop making excuses for your brother. It doesn't mean that I don't love him, but it means he allowed the spirit of deception to enter in. When he believed I said, pick up the cigarettes and drink that liquor, how could people tell the difference between MY spirit and that of the enemy for he preaches MY Word but he smells like the world.

Prophecy 83:
Warn them now so they will become accustomed to using the Hebrew NAME YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH and the RUACH ha KODESH. Satan does not want to counterfeit the NAME YAHUSHUA with MY NAME YAH in it. There are millions reading this that will be the Guests at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and blessed you shall be. However, you will see all or part of the Great Tribulation and your eyes shall be forced to behold the horror. Remember this, MY wrath is not appointed unto you, it is appointed to MY enemies. Stay holy and don't compromise and call upon the NAME of YAHUSHUA and rely on HIS strength and anointing and hang on tight to your faith, for it will not be easy. For there will be mind waves in the air that will try and brainwash you. Learn Holy Scriptures now to use as a weapon during that time, for Bibles will be banned, but even satan will not be able to burn all the bibles.

Prophecy 84:
And now I speak to all the nations of the world , satan seeks to use America to set a chain reaction where all your governments far and wide will betray you in the same way. Some of them already have but I make the same promises to you. Pray a blessing over that water each time you drink, say, "This represents the Living Water of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and nothing can harm me." Don't purposely drink that which you know is tainted. When I give you no other way that is when it is going to take faith.

Prophecy 85:
Americans and Canadians run, flee while you can, if you know that you know I have told you so, obey. Remember, I told you that the countries who are called third world, although poorer, will be the safest from the corrupt, wealthy governments who will usher in the one called the antichrist, and yet I, YAHUVEH call him the son of satan, the son of perdition, who brings the Mark of the Beast. Do not trust any government to protect you in the coming days of darkness, for I am sending Amightywind to be used as a standard against the evil in this world and the evil coming to this world. Memorize the scriptures that will encourage you while you yet can freely read it. The time is coming when the word will have to be hidden in a different way.

Prophecy 87:
Just because your countries label another nation their enemy, do not make it your enemy, for the governments of this world are not of ME. They do not speak for ME, they do not respect ME and they want no part of ME. Your enemies are who I decree are your enemies. The seed of satan is your enemy. Who is the seed of satan it is all those whose names are NOT found in the Lambs Book of Life. They never were MINE when they were born on this earth.

Prophecy 88:
Even the enemies walk into MY trap. For I say, "Here they are, come and get them." Do you not know that I know in advance that that alarm would be off? Am I not able to take care of those who belong to ME? Yes, it is good that you are up. It is good that you do not behave foolishly, for the enemy watches from afar. They know they cannot come near and MY Holy Angels stand guard. Watch Esnart, take her not for granted, for evil creeps in unaware. Joainne you have been so respectful, when she reaches out to touch you and you quickly put the anointing oil on you. But from henceforth, let her know in no uncertain terms, that you have allowed her to do it thus far for you didn't want to be rude but no one is allowed to touch you without your permission. I give you this mandate to do this for I have covered you time after time.

Now you speak up and you speak out. She'll get the message and not want to do it a second time. There's ways to say it and you'll know the voice with which to speak, for she is as a walking death and death reaches out to try to touch you time after time, sickness and disease and destruction but do not fear MY darling one, I have covered you. But you're going to let her know, no one touches you without your permission. This goes for all of you. You must know the spirit with which you touch. Does not MY Word say, "Lay hands on no man suddenly?" Especially here in Africa, take this very seriously.  

Prophecy 90:
I am speaking forth these revelations through you Elisabeth so you will tell the Holy people. If they will receive what is spoken in this prophecy they will once again see signs, wonders and miracles as in the times of old when YAHUSHUA walked the earth. If they will embrace the truths of the True Shabbat and I don't mean Sunday! Learn the importance of honoring YAHUSHUA through the Holy Feasts. Shun the pagan Holidays that try to take the place of the true Heavenly Holy Days, use the Hebrew Sacred NAMES, live Holy and do not compromise nor be ashamed to speak forth what you know to be true. You will see a greater anointing than you have ever experienced in these end times.

YAHUVEH created food, but I created the variety of recipes for you to enjoy the food. YAHUVEH created the tongue but I created your taste buds, I, your MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY, your MOMMA WISDOM, determined what each food would taste like. Would it be salty, sweet, bitter, sour or spicy? YAHUVEH created the rain, and I your MOMMA WISDOM created the scent after the rain and put the dew on the grass. YAHUVEH created snow and I, your MOMMA SHKHINAH created each snow flake to appear different. YAHUVEH created the rainbow and I, your MOMMA SHKHINAH choose the color spectrums for that rainbow. YAHUVEH creates and I your MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH put the finishing touches on all things. See for yourself as you look around with this new found wisdom and you will see creation with new eyes and awe.

I your MOMMA SHKHINAH love you so much I promised never to leave nor forsake MY Holy Children who have accepted YAHUSHUA's price HE paid at Calvary, those who have repented of their sins, and turned away from their sins, and now love, serve, and try to obey YAHUSHUA. Faith without works is dead. When you are born again it is through YAHUSHUA's NAME and Blood. It is MY HOLY SPIRIT that lives and dwells in each born again believer. It is I that leads souls to YAHUSHUA and convicts you when you have sinned. Do not harden your heart when I your MOMMA SHKHINAH convict you, instead quickly repent so YAHUSHUA can forgive you.

Other times you are praying for judgment and vengeance of YAHUVEH on the servants of satan, and those fit for YAHUVEH's Winepress of Wrath. There is no distance in prayer. (1 Corinthians chapters 12, 13, 14) Study and show yourself approved. Did not MY SON YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH say, "John baptized you with water, but I baptize you with the Fire of the RUACH ha KODESH?" I AM also called the HOLY SPIRIT and HOLY GHOST. YAHUSHUA uses ME to fill up those that are Holy, to overflowing with MY anointing which is Holy signs, wonders and miracles for those that truly LOVE and put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their lives and love. This includes YAHUSHUA's Bride, who sacrifice all to follow and obey the Holy Mandates laid out in the Holy Manuscripts, and do it out of love for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and do their best to obey and live Holy. MY HOLY SPIRIT resides within their earthly Temple called a Body.

OUR Beloved Ring Maiden Elisabeth, this is a secret given to you when the voices of the 7 thunders awoke you, and spoke to you, many years ago. To the reader of this word, study and show thyself approve and pray for greater wisdom on Rev. 10 because in the 7 thunders Elisabeth heard were spoken some of the secrets revealed in the prophetic messages thus far. Elisabeth, if you had written down the date you will see it would have corresponded to the exact time the 7 thunders spoke the day and month (8/27) and only at that appointed time and year would this be revealed before the world on the internet, as it is now that appointed time and season.

Elisabeth, I am your MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY. I AM the one that anoints you for signs, wonders and miracles that includes prophesying and praying in Holy tongues of men and Holy Angels. I AM your MOMMA SHKHINAH GLORY. I AM the one that intercedes for all the Holy Children as I carry your prayers to the throne of YAHUVEH like a Kiss is blown in the air, when it is done in the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH this also includes the name of JESUS CHRIST for now, but beware, because the son of satan in the Great Tribulation will counterfeit the name of JESUS CHRIST. I will not be able to send the prayers at that time in JESUS' name, because the devil's spawn will also be using the name of JESUS CHRIST. Teach now the Sacred Hebrew NAME of YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH to all who have spiritual ears to hear, listen and obey. Learn and become accustomed to use the true Hebrew name of the one most call JESUS CHRIST, now before it is too late. Tell the people don't wait until the Great Tribulation to learn it the hard way.  

Shout it until they hear and the message rings around the world, in the Great Tribulation there will be a great deception and at that time, no longer will YAHUVEH be able to answer prayers in the name of JESUS CHRIST, only in the Hebrew NAME YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will hold healing, delivering, resurrection power. Because the one who is called the son of satan will use and deceive millions upon millions doing false signs, wonders and miracles while counterfeiting the name of JESUS CHRIST before the world. Even the elect will be deceived if possible. Beware, right now there are evil men with the spirit of the anti-christ and they use the name of JESUS CHRIST but they hate the Hebrew NAME of YAHUSHUA for it is a constant reminder that YAH saves! YAHUSHUA is the only MASHIACH (Messiah).

Prophecy 91:
Do not weep for ME, MY Daughter. Be not deceived MY Daughter for I am not easily mocked. Weep for John Hagee. Do you not see MY Daughter? I told you as you and your husband were out in that tent on the 27th of September 2007 [Sukkot]. I told you, you heard MY footsteps and I told you I was walking this earth in a form you would not recognize. One after another, those who say they represent ME, those who say they represent YAHUSHUA, those who say they are filled with the RUACH ha KODESH and they have no part of US! OUR SPIRIT is nowhere near them.

John Hagee, you are fit for the fire of MY destruction! You deny MY SON YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH as MESSIAH! You're lining your pockets with gold for fame and for fortune. You sold your soul for it was determined long ago. John Hagee, I Prophesy through MY Ring Maiden now, you are doomed! For you not only lie to the Christians, a mammoth church worldwide, you deny MY SON YAHUSHUA to the Jews knowing not even the children of satan could remove what was written above the stake where YAHUSHUA was crucified, "KING OF THE JEWS!!!"

Satan always has a counterfeit. Beware of the counterfeit, pastors who preach like this John Hagee - he's no pastor at all - follow not this evil wolf or any ministry that has named themselves after a man or a woman. Follow not the prosperity teachings! For what I give you is greater than gold or silver. I give you gifts from your MOMMA WISDOM. MY Glory fills your faces. I'm not angry at you. Continue to wait and to watch! Look up for truly your redemption draweth nigh!

Prophecy 92:
Be of Good Cheer MY Little Ones, for I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH am the only Good Shepherd and I am exposing the Evangelical Prosperity Pimps for the wolves they are! I am beating the wolves away and removing their fangs from your flesh.

Shelby Corbitt though your intentions were originally good, you were deceived by others, and a lying deceiving spirit you received from Kenneth Copeland and Choo Thomas and among others you listened too. I have warned through Elisabeth Elijah that a false rapture is being planned even now, where people will be taken away, or vaporized by governmental weapons in disguise. Satan's elite forces will come in the form of UFO's and USO's (Unidentified Sea Objects) and remove people in a way you think is only science fiction. Remember, much science fiction is a warning of satan's plans.

When you are scorned and persecuted for MY Name SAKE just know that great is your blessings in Heaven. It is not you they attack Beloved Little One, it is I they attack. For when the heathen and the spawn of satan rages against you, they do not see your face when they attack, they see the face of Holiness and they see the Sweet Holy Spirit within you.

You must be a water walker in your faith. Keep on the path of Holiness, for narrow is the path to Heaven and broad is the path to hell. Even if no one else surrounding you follows the path I have laid before you, do not turn back Little One. I am not going to promise the path will be easy, but it will be worth it. The path to Heaven is full of sacrifices, but remember I your YAHUSHUA your MESSIAH, gave the greatest sacrifice of all.

The plans I have for you MY treasure is for good and not for evil. When you are lonely turn to your beloved ABBA YAHUVEH, and I your only deliverer and MESSIAH. Remember the sweet HOLY SPIRIT within you is your MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH and she is closer to you than your next breath. When you cry allow her to rock you in the cradle of her arms, giving you a peace that passes all understanding.

Remember your body is the temple of your MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH, so whatever happens to your body happens to her also. Stay in truth and Holiness and never allow satan to defile you, for I have given you an anointing and gifts you know not, but in due time it will be revealed. Continue to seek MY footsteps each day, for the footsteps of the Holy are ordained by I, YAHUSHUA, and your ABBA YAHUVEH.

Seek MY face and continue to grow in MY grace, and anointing each day. You do not reject this Prophet, you hear MY voice even when it goes against what others say, and you will not compromise nor back down. Do not do anything that I, YAHUSHUA, would not do.

Homosexuality is an abomination, abortion is murder, do not allow your mind to conform to what the laws of your land deem lawful. Rather read the Bible and see what MY Word decrees as sin. Evolution is a lie of satan, you know all of these things.  

Never should the words spoken during Communion be of mere repetition and do this not only in remembrance of the price I, YAHUSHUA, paid at Calvary for you. But praise ME that I shall not drink of the fruit of the vine again until I do so with MY Bride and the Guests at the Marriage Supper in Heaven. Remember this as a weapon against satan, as you continually remind him, satan has no claim on your mind, body, spirit or soul, unless you, through sin, give him the legal right. Be ye Holy as I am Holy, strive to live Holy, in your mind, and body and walk in the HOLY SPIRIT more than you walk in the flesh and know that legions of Heaven's Holy Angels fight in your behalf!

Prophecy 93:
Virginia Arnke, you do not speak forth MY Words! Away from ME! For you have grieved ME! Beware, beware, beware oh Holy Little Ones. Test, test, test the spirit that speaks for satan is out after your souls.

Prophecy 94:
…From now on, when the five of you take it (communion), this man is not to be left out (of your prayers). And I shall give you more revelations of who he is. For now you can call him Caleb. This day Elisabeth I just command you, "Enjoy this day." I want to see you play. I want to see you do that which you have been enjoying with ME. Let your mind rest. For I'm going to show you and I'm going to reveal to you and a new Prophecy is going to be loosed concerning Israel, concerning the hidden treasures, starting with Ezekiel 9.

All of you, all of you start studying the Scriptures I have released unto Elisabeth. Dig into each word. For I tell you there's a hidden gold mine that is yet to come and it's not far away. As you see these things happening in Israel, know that I am not easily mocked. I've already released a Prophecy and in it I stated, for I YAHUVEH say, you can't give away what I haven't given you to give away. Again put this notice before the world. For I have spoken. There are consequences that are going to be met. For I have commanded Israel to repent.

Prophecy 95:
MY precious, precious, precious ones. I desire, I desire, I desire to deliver you. Do not, do not, do not allow this world to tell you there's no such thing as sin for sinners cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. But forgiven sinners can. Come unto ME all you who labor and are heavy laden with the sorrows and the burdens and the sins of this world. Give them to ME for I will give you rest. This is the Words Elisabeth I have you to say this day, on this Shabbat.

No other planet needs a SAVIOUR but one, the planet that Lucifer was cast down upon. Think about that, for you walk on top of hell. Think about that. As satan strives to make earth as close to hell as he can, to conform you into his image. Think about that. And praise ME, for if I hadn't given that price at Calvary, where would you be?

Prophecy 97:
Oh MY beloved Son Coenrad, so few men have I like you. Look what I have brought forth from your hands. On the internet there is no greater site to behold. The Anointing through everything that you do and the Words that I speak forth from this Ministry, none can compare. Satan gnashes his teeth in rage because Coenrad you only come back stronger with more determination that you will continue to serve ME in this way for you are part of the Amightywind Team. Let no one stop you MY Son. Let no one say, "Turn your head this way. Go work for another Ministry." For Coenrad I have not brought you this far to tell you to turn back now. Although well meaning friends whisper in your ear, and say, "Come on over here," they do not speak with MY voice. And they are not part of MY plan. So beware MY Son, those coming at you with good intentions, can be your downfall. I have told you from the start. I gave you the sign that was written that you could trust this Elijah that I speak forth from. So silence those that would speak against the work that you do now. Even if it comes from your own spouse, know this, you are held accountable to do what I tell you to do and I have yoked you together with this Ministry and you have put your hand to the plow. Now do not look back. And one day, you shall see MY beloved One, in Heaven as you stand by the other side all the souls that have been reached and I have plucked out of that which is called the dark continent of Africa, you were as a torch and you have joined together with other torches and Africa is ablaze with MY Wildfire Anointing! And Nico Arnold will not succeed as anyone else has not succeed(ed) in putting this fire out! For it is the RUACH ha KODESH Wildfire Anointing! And no one shall quench the good work that I have begun and the good works I shall finish for when all of you have left this earth, the Wildfire shall still go forth! Souls will still come to ME on bended knee and when they are not repenting now, they will remember the Words and they will repent then. Well done MY good and faithful children. I am pleased with all of you! There is not one prayer said in vain. You cover one another in the YDS's (YAHUSHUA Demon Stompers, Prayer Intercessors).

And when you pray, picture a lighthouse with a beacon so bright. For each time you pray I look upon earth and I see your light. I see you sparkling like the brightest of the gems. Oh how much I love each and everyone of you who are determined to do it YAHUVEH's way. Oh how pleased I am with you and all of you, your rewards shall follow you to Heaven one day! Keep on! Keep on! Keep on! You've put your hand to the plow, do not look back! Pay no heed to the enemy other than to rebuke them. You know the Truth that sets you free. Not only now but for all eternity.

Prophecy 101:
Now is the time to stand up and take a stand for Holiness while you still can. Stop compromising with the devil and with the servants of satan. Fear offending I, YAHUVEH more than offending mere mortal men.

Prophecy 102:
Weigh your words carefully. Beloved Bride get used to looking over your back for even those you love if they're not saved, will attack. Beware MY Bride. Guard your tongue. Such were the days of old. Sad to say these days have come for some. For others it will come later.

The enemy spies on you. They try to watch your every move. They twist your words as if it's a dagger to plunge into your heart. MY beloved Bride, there's no such thing on this earth as freedom for you anymore unless it's through ME. In MY Name, in the Name of YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH, there is freedom in ME. So hide yourself for a little while until MY rage and MY fury and MY wrath pass over those who are only fit to be MY enemies. For the hateful words and actions that's done unto you, for the persecution that comes to you, it is because they see ME in you.

Prophecy 103:
Remember Enoch. Ask ME. Get honest with ME and I will show you your percentage grade. This is not for you to get puffed up in pride for no one, no one, no one, not even the Ringmaiden speaking has 100% yet. The day that I tell YAHUSHUA MY Only Begotten Son, "Go get YOUR Bride," those that are caught up to meet YAHUSHUA in the air that day will know they have reached 100% of MY satisfaction.

I grade you MY Children. And on that day in Heaven when you stand before MY Throne and the Book of Life is opened, there shall also be your grade.

Ask ME. Do not ask another. Ask I, YAHUVEH, to give you a dream, to give you a sign and if your heart is sincere and if I think that you're able to bear your grade, and it will not discourage you nor stop you from trying, I will show you your grade, how willing you've been to lay your life down for ME, for MY Son YAHUSHUA MASHIACH's sake, how willing you've been and what attitude you have when you share your Testimony of YAHUSHUA MY beloved Son. Are you a help or are you a hindrance to this Ministry? Since you're hearing this Message from this Ministry, you're now held accountable. Do you stand up and defend? Do you tell your family, your friends, where they can go to hear the Truth that comes straight from Heaven?

So now, I share this secret from Heaven that no one has ever yet released. So praise ME and ask what your grade is and if I think you can handle it I will share it with you, but again I do not do this to compare one with another for if I think you'll be puffed up in pride for I, YAHUVEH, know your heart and mind, I'll not tell you. If I think this will be used to beat you into the ground by satan and you're not able to handle it, I'll not tell you. But you have nothing to lose, just ask ME.

So now, MY Darling Ones, be encouraged. Now you know how I, YAHUVEH, grade you and by your fruit I do know you. By the fruits of this Ministry, you do know it, for you know that it has been a blessing unto you and this day I have given you fresh manna from Heaven to eat and poured into you new wine and you have eaten good fruit, for those who truly belong to MY Only Begotten Son, YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH. For some of you the work has just begun, for some of you your work is coming to an end. Ask ME your grade and if I think you can handle it, I will tell you.

And now I end this speaking to MY Beloved Children. Now I end this speaking to YAHUSHUA's Bride and I, YAHUVEH's, Bride. Each day strive to make better grades with ME. Each day strive to please I, YAHUVEH, so you can have a Testimony like unto Enoch. And this is only done through the Name and the Blood of YAHUSHUA MY Only Begotten Son. Beware of anyone that just says the Name JESUS and now calls himself a "prophet" for although I've said there's still forgiving, healing, delivering resurrection power in the Name of JESUS CHRIST, beware and make sure you know which Jesus they speak of. That's why I always tell this Prophet speaking to you now, it is YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, YAHUVEH's Only Begotten Son, birthed from a virgin, died and arose again on the third day, the only ransom for sin is HIS shed Blood. This is the YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. There is no other! And it's only, only, only through HIS Name and Blood is the only path to Heaven! So do not listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. There is no other door to Heaven! Listening to any other gospel will lead you to hell. (Oprah Winfrey's gospel)

Prophecy 105:
Never say I will not do something for I, YAHUVEH, will confound you. Do not assume you know MY will, instead find out MY will. For the Faithful and the True, these are the Words for 2009 I give you and although it is not 2009 this part will be posted before the world. Only through the Name and shed Blood of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH will you be able to stand.

Prophecy 106:
I know what you want ME to do and now I have told you what I expect of you. Avoid ALL unholiness as if it were the plague for you are surrounded with it. But I remind you of the children of Israel and I remind you of the plagues and I remind you of how it did not come upon the children of Israel. It only came upon MY enemies. Hide yourselves in the robes of MY righteousness. Hide yourselves from MY wrath. For those that I call MY children if you will but strive to obey and truly, truly repent and turn away from evil. I shall hide you. I shall comfort you. I shall Bless you. I shall provide for you. I shall anoint you, if you will but just obey every word I say and stop making excuses for sin.

Prophecy 107:
Lean not unto thy own understanding but in ALL, ALL, ALL of your ways trust ME and I promise you I will direct thy path.(Proverbs 3:5-6) Seek ME while I can still be found. Call upon the Name of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, HE will not forsake you, HE will not let you down.(Romans 10:13) Obey ME. Submit your will to ME.(Act 5:29) Study and show thyself approved. Study the Holy Scriptures. Know what pleases I, YAHUVEH, (Ephesians 5:17) and most of all accept MY only begotten Son as the only righteousness and the only Blood and the only Name that will get you back to Heaven.(John 8:29) For those whose names are written in the Book of Life. Heaven is your only true home. On this earth you have just roamed.(2 Corinthians 5:1-2)

Listen to the words through Elisabeth's mouth I have spoke. Strive to be more Holy each day. Strive to be pleasing unto ME more each day. Anything that displeases ME ask for the Blood of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH to cover and wash away. Ask HIM to change you. Ask HIM to change your heart.(Psalm 51:10) Ask HIM to change your mind. That which pleases ME, should please you. For if you can not worship ME and you can not praise ME and you can not obey ME here on this earth.(Psalm 50:23) What makes you think you will do so, or desire to do so in Heaven? I give you this desire now on this earth so you will have the desire for all eternity to please I, YAHUVEH, MY Son YAHUSHUA and your IMMAYAH the RUACH ha KODESH called the Holy Spirit.(Philipians 2:12-13)

Just remember this, MY rage, MY anger, MY fury is not meant for those who love ME. It's not meant for those who serve YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. It's not meant for those washed in YAHUSHUA MASHIACH's Blood. Strive to be Holy. For in these end days does not MY Word say, "The Holy shall become more Holy." That means you will have a desire to obey and please I, YAHUVEH and the unholy, the heathen, the unwashed by YAHUSHUA's Blood will find more ways to offend ME. To throw MY Holy Laws back in MY face. To rip up the 10 Commandments I call the 10 Laws. To tell the people, don't listen no (any) longer to the outdated Scriptures. These are the ones that are fit for MY damnation. The ones who do evil in MY sight and don't even know the meaning of repentance.(Psalm 50:16-22)

Just remember MY Beloved Ones, just because you live in this world does not mean that you have to conform to the image of this world. But be ye transformed into MY Son YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH's image and you who do this shall behold MY face. You shall have untold favor in MY eye, and for all eternity you shall be by YAHUSHUA's side where HE resides.(1 Corinthians 11:1)

So MY Beloved Children, I gather together MY sheep and MY lambs. Warn! Warn! Warn, when you see a wolf. Do not be afraid of offending. Warn especially MY new little baby lambs and do not, do not compromise with sin.(Hebrews 10:26-27)

Prophecy 108:
Each day live your life and say, "How can I please you more Abba YAHUVEH? How can I please you more YAHUSHUA my MASHIACH? How can I please you more precious RUACH ha KODESH, my IMMAYAH, my MOMMA WISDOM?" And your MOMMA WISDOM will give you the wisdom to know this answer.

Prophecy 109:
You're going to need this, this year. You're going to need this to be reminded, no matter what happens I am faithful. YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH is faithful. The sweet RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH, SHE is faithful. To those who are faithful to US, WE will provide a way for you where there seemeth to be none. Keep your eyes not on the waves and on the storm otherwise you will drown. Put not your faith in the currency of your nation or you'll be cast down. Keep your faith in ME. Keep your faith in YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH. WE are your providers. WE are your shelter. WE are the one that feeds you manna from heaven. WE are the one that gives you the Living Water to drink.

And again I want to say, Thank you for your faithfulness that this message you receive. Thank you for your faithfulness although with your physical eyes heaven you've not yet seen, you still believe, for WE do reward those that diligently seek after US. WE do reward those who diligently serve US. WE do reward those who diligently obey US. There are rewards for being holy and there are consequences for being unholy. I am YAHUVEH, and I faithfully will take vengeance on MY enemies. Think not that they are getting away with mocking ME. This world will very shortly see what happens to a people that have forsaken and mocked ME. But MY Beloved Faithful look up, look up Bride of YAHUSHUA; look up for truly your redemption draweth nigh.