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Beware! Antichrist/Alien/False Prophet Hypnotizes People With TV

Dream: Elisheva saw people watching TV and she was in this woman’s house. The woman had a portable TV, meaning it was not on the wall. The woman was staring at the TV and hanging on every word a person on TV was saying. And she didn’t even know Elisheva was there. Elisheva had even taken her hand and moved it in front of her face and she saw the woman was in a trance. Elisheva shouted at her and she didn’t hear her. Elisheva tried to turn the TV off. It wouldn’t turn off. So she picked up a hammer and she hit the monitor screen. And it went off and of course there was a big hole in it and all the cracks. And the woman started shaking her head, coming out of the hypnotic trance like she didn’t know where she was. She looked at Elisheva for the first time with a look on her face that said, “What happened?” As Elisheva was rejoicing that the hold on her was broken, she heard this crackling noise and before her eyes, she saw the TV repairing itself and it came back on. Then the woman’s head went back to watching the TV again. End of Dream.

This dreams reminds Elisheva of a dream given to her in the mid 90’s and it isn’t the first time she had this dream. For reasons of safety she will not devulge all of this dream but in the future it will be mandatory 24 hours a day. In the dream a false gospel was on the TV set and no one was allowed to shut it off or they would be arrested. Elisheva saw someone do something to interrupt their broadcast so the true Gospel of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH could be preached, exposing the religious lies that were being broadcast and when this was intercepted for 3 minutes, people were set free from that hypnotic trance on them causing them to believe the lies. When this happened two men in black showed up at the house of the person who had intercepted their broadcast and the men accused the person of doing it, saying it was tracked down to this house. But then when they saw who lived there, they shook their head and said, “No, we must be wrong. It couldn’t be coming from here.” There was more to this dream that cannot be divulged at this time but reader, be warned. In one of the Prophetic Messages posted, YAHUVEH gave a warning that the world will see an alien interviewed on the TV worldwide. Be cautious who you watch on TV. For the day of the antichrist quickly approaches, the son of satan.

Elisheva just saw Oprah Winfrey on TV, December 8, 2007, promoting Barach Obama in Iowa where there were 18,000 in attendance. And they all said they were going to support Obama because of what Oprah Winfrey was saying. Listening to her, if you didn’t know better, you would think that she was running for President. Beware of this false prophet with a serpent’s tongue who wrote a book called, “The Gospel of Oprah.” In her book, she says there are many paths to Heaven. She refuses to believe that JESUS CHRIST/YAHUSHUA is the only way. She does not acknowledge such a thing as sin or hell. Reader, beware. In one of the recent PropheciesYAHUVEH says she will lead souls to the antichrist, the son of perdition. Is she the true false prophet sent by satan to deceive the world?