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Beware New York, Texas and Florida

April 25, 2008

Given to Elisheva Elisheva
April 25, 2008

Elisheva had this dream today and asks you to pray for discernment on it. She recorded it. Here is the transcript as she spoke it. Elisheva's Dream About Marlo Thomas OK this is April 25, 2008, whooppee, I'm using Niko's new fangled, electronic recorder here and me and batteries usually don't get along as witness to those in this house. Somehow the anointing just zaps those batteries but let's try this.

Here's what happened. After 7 hours of sleep on April 25, 2008, going to bed at 4 a.m. and I get up at 11, I had this dream. It's interesting when movie stars are put in our dreams. I have no recollection why but Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue were in my dream and I was at Marlo Thomas' house and she had a son and a daughter. Her daughter looked just like her. Her son appeared to be, oh I want to say, gosh, maybe 8 to 10 years old.

And Marlo Thomas' house was filled with exotic animals, in her kitchen, she had exotic rare fish, with aquariums, the dangerous kind and I would look at them and they would come right up to the glass and look at you and she had exotic animals and she said, "Every once in awhile she would let all of her exotic animals loose in her great big house and they would just, and I saw them and they would just run wild all over her house.

When I say exotic animals I'm thinking of tigers and lions and monkeys and all of that and I said, "Aren't you afraid your valuables are going to get broken because they were like in a parade and they were just chasing each other" and she said, "Oh well, there's nothing money can't buy again" and then her 8 to 10 year old son brought me a map and he said, "I need to know where Texas is," and I said "Honey, I need a map of Texas. This is a map of Florida." And he kept on looking so sad and he kept saying, "But where is Texas." I said, "But this is Florida. I need a Texas map. Don't you have an encyclopedia. Don't you have a world map or a United States map? Then I'll show you where Texas is but he kept on looking down on a map of Florida and he kept on insisting for me to show him where Texas was.

And then the last part of the dream, of course I couldn't show him and then he went away really sad. The last part of the dream is I'm trying to call somebody, a man and the phone call won't go through and I keep trying and trying and I know the phone call should go through but the phone call doesn't go through. And I believe I was in Marlo Thomas' house when I made that phone call. So I wake up. I go to the internet and there's no internet. (My comment: our server seemed to be down.) Now whether that's a call that's trying to go through so I can warn the people, I don't know.

End of Dream

My discernment is Marlo Thomas is a Jew. Danny Thomas was a full blooded Jew. Their little boy kept insisting that Texas was in Florida so is there a city in Florida that would be named after a city in Texas? I don't know if that's really called discernment or not or it's just me trying to figure this thing out. I know this, there's a deep warning in all this because that little boy was sad. When I asked the little boy the reason why he wanted to know where Texas was, he said, "Because something very bad is going to happen there." But he kept pointing to the map in Florida.

On May 4 I woke up with this discernment of the dream that something bad is going to happen in New York which Marlo Thomas represents and Texas and Florida.