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Black Ring of Death Plague!

Given Elisheva Elisheva 3.17.20

I dreamed I saw many scientists wearing white lab coats and some were women scientists and they were over microscopes in a lab and doing lab tests. A security guard was standing by the door and getting ready to leave for a lunch break. One of the women scientists walked over to him and spoke to him. He said he was leaving for a greasy hamburger.

The woman that was speaking to him said, "What happened to your diet?" and he said, "It’s too late, I got it." She then pulled out a small pen like flashlight and pulled his lower eye lid down shining the light into the white of his eyes. I saw what she did....there were small black rings like tiny circles in the white of his eyes.

She got a sad look on her face, for she knew it was too late. He had a plague. The security guard knew that this plague was fatal and so it was no longer necessary to diet. He left the room. The dream ended.