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Boiling Black Blood Plague

September 3, 1992

A dream I have never forgotten and it never made sense until Prophecy 18 on March 26, 1998 mentions the boiling black blood plague. The dream was years before the prophecy came forth.

I saw 14 women and they were running up to me in a group and black blood was spewing out of their mouths like a fountain. They were screaming at me and they were saying, "Pray to your God that he will kill us and end our misery and torment." And I said. "No, I can't do that" and I ran in the opposite direction away from them. Then I saw Pat Robertson and he was approaching me from another direction and he said, "Have mercy on them, pray that God kills them" and I said "No I can't, my God will not allow me too, it is their judgment." And I ran away from Pat Robertson.

End of Dream