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A child exposed in a park!

This morning I had a dream. 4/4/2007, A man had shackled me to a steel pole, the pole was from ceiling to floor and I was hand cuffed and there were short chains on the hand cuffs and the man I know represented satan. He thought he could leave me alone and I would not be able to free myself. Yet in the dream although the cuffs were tight and hurt, I kept on rubbing the short chain against the metal pole. I knew I had to get free to rescue my child that another woman was claiming as hers.

I prayed and all of a sudden, the chain snapped! I ran to a park, and on the park bench was my baby girl. She had long blonde hair and it was warm outside on a park bench. The child was crying hard. The woman had taken off her underwear and she was exposed. I grabbed my child and I said this is my baby, give me my baby back! I quickly put her panties back on and picked her up and soothed her, she quickly calmed down and fell asleep in my arms peaceful, because she was back where she felt protected with her mother again. (please send me your gift of discernment for this dream, to see if it is what I have heard."