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Dead Birds, Chemical Warfare

20 September, 1998

Given to Elisheva Elisheva

My dream is below. On 9/20/98 at 10:30 am I awoke, then I will give you interpretation....if anyone has more... please e-mail me and Pass this on please! Pray against this dream! That YAHUSHUA will spare People! I still believe the word given to me..."What IF Rosh Ha Shanah is the day I come?" means NEXT year! But who is to say? But when IF is used and he tells me to wake up the sleeping bride under HIS anointing that means there is little time left! Now after Rosh Ha Shanah we are SECONDS UNTIL MIDNIGHT HOUR! He said pay attention to Yom Kippur next!

I was in a store surrounded by DEAD BIRDS in cages...yellow canaries mainly, is what I remembered. (don't normally dream in color) No one cared, or took notice of the dead birds! No one listened! I wouldn't touch, or go near, the cages. Little legs stuck up in air.

Then I saw Clinton and he was in the airport on the way to Iraq. I saw a detective rush in and grab him and handcuff him, and take him off to the police car. He ducked his head to get into the car. Then I saw Tony Blair and also three spiritual leaders surrounding Clinton, the ones he has said are his advisors. There is one that is a minister, to put it loosely, but stands up for homosexuality. The other is known for his adultery! And I saw a guru type guy on TV, you will know his name, he sells courses on positive self image and getting whatever you want! Anyway they all were in the dream and they were silent and ashamed of Clinton, for he had been exposed.

Now for the interpretation. If you don't already have it, I just learned it.

The birds are dead and in the store representing chemical warfare! (Remember the miners took canaries into the mines to see if poison gas was in the air. The birds would die! No one is noticing we are heading for chemical warfare!

Clinton is in Airport heading for Iraq, for he knows the way NOT to get impeached is to get the USA in a WAR with IRAQ! But he is stopped! This is encouraging, except I have been told in other visions when I hear the words Al Gore...I hear BLOODY GORE! And I see a CHESHIRE CAT GRINNING like in Alice in Wonderland! Also I see him in a warlocks hat standing next to a TREE! He is always dressed in Black, like in pilgrim clothes. He is always MOCKING! with that Grin!

And on November 1st, I had another dream where I was standing over a dead yellow canary again. When YAHUVEH speaks once we listen, when YAHUVEH speaks twice we had better really listen! Pray against biological warfare heading towards America. Especially November 17th, 1998 when the most severe meteor shower is supposed to hit our communication satellites in America.

Pray for a miracle that this does not happen because we will be vulnerable to attack at this time.