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Devastating Earthquake Coming On A Passover!


Prophecy Excerpt of the soon coming Earth Quake:

I was standing in a room. Suddenly the earth started shaking extremely hard. And I said, "There's no way the earth can take this!" It felt like it was falling apart.

Then I yelled, "YAHUSHUA, HELP!" There was a large TV on a stand that started to slip off onto the floor. I reached out to grab hold of the TV before it slide off the stand. Then the shaking stopped.

When I thought the earthquake was over, I heard a voice say...


Then the shaking stated again and it was just as violent as before.

My family and I were not harmed while there was massive destruction all around us. This earthquake occurred during the day.

I walked outside and memebers of my family said they have to go to the store for emergency supplies.

I said, "No, please don't. Stay with me."

Then I looked into the sky land said, "Look! Look!"

My family and other people standing around me were looking up where I was pointing.

They replied, "Look at what?"

I said, "Can't you see it?"

They said, "See what?"

And I started describing what I saw. It was like a colorful oil painting of the Last Supper that had come to life. I saw YAHUSHUA (Christ) surrounded by His disciples, taking communion. It was so beautiful! It was life size.

-- End of dream --

When I awoke, I asked YAHUSHUA why I dreamed of seeing the Lord's Last Supper, and He told me...


I don't know what year, on the Passover, this will happen.