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The Elijah Dream

On July 9,1999, I was given this dream:

I saw myself in a large room with a lot of other people. We were sitting in chairs, like in a meeting room. I saw this man ELIJAH speaking and he was saying he had been looking for others with name of ELIJAH and all were in Jail except ONE a Rev. named Elisheva Elisheva! Then he pointed at me and said, " YOU’RE HER!" I smiled and it was like we were friends. 

Then someone lead him away to a CAVE in the left side of the room taking him of a TOUR OF A CAVE where RICHES were kept! I wasn't invited to go on this tour. I saw him come out of the cave. When I saw this I was on right side of room and there was a desk there and a figure of authority was watching me Stand and TEACH children by showing a Picture. I was holding a picture of YAHUSHUA (Jesus) and he wore a flowing red robe kneeling at Garden of Gethsemane. He was weeping! The children sat in desks like in school and I showed Picture after picture and taught about it. The authority figure behind the big desk approved of the way I was teaching and he was listening intently.

End of Dream     

I do not know the meaning of this dream which was given to me more than a year and a half ago.  Prophets, please pray for interpretation for this dream for the Holy Spirit has recently placed an urgency for this dream to be reposted again on this temple site. 

May YAHUSHUA richly bless you.

Love to all,

Apostle Elisheva Elisheva