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Governments Will Shut Down All Forms
Of Communication Because Of Alien Invasion!

October 14, 2009

This dream came to me the exact day that Prophecy 116 - You Must Be Faith Water Walkers! was posted on the Ministry site.

The dream starts out that the Goverments of the world told all hospitals and doctors that anyone who came in to be treated, for even minor treatments no matter how small, were to be reported to the Government.

Then I saw on TV and the internet and heard on the radio of an alien invasion, and ufo's were seen everywhere all over the world and people were communicating with each other trying to figure out how to resist the aliens and protect themselves. The people were scared and angry and demanding to know what the Government was doing to protect them from this invasion. The Government said they were going to take away all forms of communication to protect the people because an alien invasion was upon earth and the Government did not want the people fighting the aliens. The Governments of the world said they would handle it with the alien leader. People wanted to know what was going on and the Government said, you will know when we turn the communications back on. The governments then started to disable and shut down all forms of communication including satellites which affected T.V., telephones, radios, internet and all other forms of communication that people normally have available. They started to shut down everything in Europe first but this was also going to happen all over the world after Europe does it.

The Military was everywhere and they were going in peoples homes and taking over their houses and holding them hostage to make sure they would not retaliate against the aliens. The military was extremely evil and cruel and they were raping woman and shooting anyone who resisted and were shooting anyone they wanted too for no apparent reason.

I called associate Minister Kathrynyah on a satellite phone and an operator came on the phone and she said, "How is this call going through, this should not be possible because the satellite should have been disabled in your area, but you might be last on the list, but your satellite already should have been shut off. There will be no more communication using satellites until the Governments determine otherwise."

The operator then cut off our phone call.

End of Dream

Given to Apostle Elisheva Elisheva
October 14, 2009