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Jacob’s Ladder! 100 Levels Up!

It was a birthday of a dearly beloved son of mine on January 5th, but we had been in a time of mourning. I prayed what gift to give him. YAHUSHUA (Hebrew for JESUS) gave me a promise of a gift that would not only bless this son, but many others.

We all will be celebrating soon, as the Bride of YAHUSHUA and also all those who will attend the Marriage Supper of the LAMB! I heard the chorus of a song in my spirit, called “HE’S Coming Soon”: “HE’S coming soon. There’s no doubt. I am going to leave this world with a shout!” Again and again I heard it as I went to be on January 7th, 2016.

I heard this song non-stop in my sleep and when I awoke on the 8th, the words and tune were in my head, as if I had been singing it all night!

This song encouraged me and so I was praying, asking, “What will it take to reach 100%—to be accounted worthy to be taken up in the Rapture?” Then on the 10th of January, 2016, I had this dream.

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

I dreamed about an elderly man. As if I was him, I walked in his shoes and experienced what he experienced. I know the elderly man was like unto Elijah of Old, who represents the Revelation or Rev 14 Bride of YAHUSHUA, HIS Firstfruits Bride.

This man in my dream was 100 years old and he had to climb up 100 flights of stairs! His enemies didn’t want the man to go up higher and higher.

It was a fearful thing for this old man. They kept taunting him with words like, “You will not make it! You will not have strength! You are old! You will give out! You’re body is too old!” They also threatened his life.

(They reminded me of enemies of mine who have also threatened my life, one named “Roger” and another calls himself after the word “Mimic.”)

But the elderly man declared, “No. I’m going higher! I shall live and not die!” And he made it! He made it to the 100th level even at the old age of 100! It was a staircase that went up and up—all the way to the sky, to Heaven! I wondered if it was like Jacob’s ladder.

Each time the man went up another level, his enemies would call, “You will not make it one more level. You are too old! You will die! You better come down now! Now! You will die!”

As he went higher and higher, his body became even stronger, more youthful—not weaker or frail with age or exertion. When he made it to the top, they wanted to hurt the elderly man, but of course they couldn’t.

There was a dog. The enemies had been trying without results to command it to do this or that to sabotage the old man’s mission to climb to the top, but the dog refused. And so of course this didn’t work in any way to stop the old man.

So now they said to the man, “Because you made it to the top, this is what we’re going to do to punish you” and they proceeded to cut off half of one of it’s ears. (Although I can’t name the specific breed, I know somehow it was a dog breed of the ancient world and of Rome.)

End of Dream.


I know this dream was not just for me, but for all of you who love AmightyWind Ministries. I know the 100th year, the man’s age, and the 100th level of stairs means 100% percent. This is a message for us all from YAHUVEH (GOD’S Hebrew name, i.e. YAHWEH).

Remember, when I get to the top level of percentage, I know so will all Rev 14 Bride. I am thinking Rev 7 has to be ready also, because they need the new Anointing. I do not know how that will work, but just know they must also be ready.

When I awoke, I found I had a previous years’ Hanukkah card at the edge of the bed, under my pillow with a greeting inside that mentioned the “elevation of your faith”! Confirmation! The funny part is I didn’t realize it, but the ones who gave me the card later told me it was quoting part of a Prophetic Word given to me. (See below.)

I’m not Elijah of Old and don’t have an old man’s body, but YAH calls me HIS “Eliyah of New.” Elijah of Old was an older man and he even lived almost like a hermit in a cave, yet miraculously he could outrun chariots (1 Kings 18:46)! This reminds me of my dream.

Of course, I also do not expect to reach age 100 because I believe I will be caught up alive to meet YAHUSHUA in the air as HIS Bride. I do not take this for granted, but pray daily to be accounted worthy!

Prophetic Word Excerpt

I Take You to a New Elevation of Your Faith

Now, MY children I take your faith to a new level. See yourself on an elevator. See yourself where you first began and the closer you get to Heaven I take you to a new floor, a new elevation of your faith. I AM teaching each of you. I AM your INDIVIDUAL TEACHER. Each one of you have MY ear, have MY eye. All you have to do is surrender your lives to ME and say, “I do not want to do this my way.”

I know each one of your fears. You cannot hide them from ME so you might as well confess them so I can alleviate those fears. There is no shame in fear unless it stops you from doing what I have told you to do. There is no shame in grief, unless it stops you from doing what I have told you to do. […]

There are those that will only make Heaven with their last dying breath. But MY Bride you are not counted amongst those. You have rewards that follow you, for you serve ME so faithfully. [….] I AM THE LIVING OIL! And no man can take MY life! I willingly laid it down and I picked it back up and lived again. […]

Oh MY darling ones! Put your faith in ME. Allow ME to stretch you in ways you’ve not been yet. […]

When I first had the dream I had no idea what the part with the dog meant, until I shared it with others for discernment, which is below—a compilation from several AmightyWind Partners and Prayer Intercessors:

Loyal & Faithful

Here is the discernment regarding the dog. It doesn’t represent an actual dog, but what pet dogs are known for: faithfulness, loyalty.

The higher you go, the more the demons and evil ones will punish or attempt to punish those loyal & faithful to you Prophet Elisheva, the Rev 14 Bride and this Ministry. Well they will try.

If the enemy can’t stop us physically, like in the dream, then he tries to stop us emotionally by attacking those we are closest to, those that are faithful and loyal. The enemy knows how much you love and care for those that love you and this Ministry and that is one area he will focus his attacks now and in future, especially at the time of the Rapture and as it approaches.

Aren’t Dogs Unclean?

Although a widely held opinion, no where does the Bible actually list dogs among unclean animals. Yes, in Scripture they are overwhelmingly viewed with contempt, especially all wild, or semi-wild scavenging dogs. However, the tame, trained dog was viewed in a more positive light within Scripture. Dogs were in fact kept among GOD’S people.

Tobiah had a companion dog that was free to go indoors and out (Tob 6:2; 11:4) and Job also spoke of his sheepdogs (Job 30:1) etc. In other words, domesticated dogs were loved as faithful pets and were also valued for their ability to help a shepherd by obediently herding and protecting his sheep.

In addition, one of the heroes of faith was named Caleb—in Hebrew, calev—literally meaning “dog”. He was known for his loyalty, and was blessed abundantly for fully following YAHUVEH GOD (Num 14:24; Deut 1:36; Josh 14:14).

Elevation of Faith

I was reading the Word about Elevation of Faith and I think it shows part of the dream’s meaning.

You mentioned you were praying what will it take to reach 100%? Then had dream.

This Hanukkah, Elevation of Faith Word says YAH knows what we fear, but YAHUSHUA is in control. In the dream, this was a challenge for the old man. It was not easy to have the faith to do this. We need to trust YAHUSHUA even with our greatest fears, even in the face of death. Even in the perilous times that are soon coming, times of war, things we hear in the news, Matthew 24 being fulfilled etc, we trust YAHUSHUA even in the face of our greatest fears etc.

This Word says the Bride will not make Heaven with they’re last dying breath BECAUSE the Bride will not even see death. We stand on that promise.

In this Word, YAH says we should allow HIM to stretch us. Maybe that is the answer to the question, “What does it take to get to 100%?” In the dream, you as the 100 year old man constantly had to stretch his faith more and more at each level of faith! We just keep obeying and striving to go higher, one step at a time.

The Roman Empire

But satan will be angry and unleash his wrath against many guests who will be loyal to YAHUSHUA. When we oppose him, he will take it out on those who keep the commandments but were not yet raptured (Dan 11:30). Regarding Roman dogs—the Roman empire, it has been prophesied (Prophecies 48, 64, 67), will persecute YAH’S people again. So this part of the dream reminds me of those who are and will be persecuted again under the same spirit of the Roman empire.


While quickly looking up dogs of the ancient world, I found the oldest evidence of a domesticated dog with man was discovered in Israel (at Ein Mallaha), at grave site of an old man with his small puppy! It reminds me of the dream!

Roger can be used like “Roger that” (repeat) and Mimica is also the same (mimic/repeat). What the Roman Empire did in the past, it will do again.

Roger, in German means “famous spear”…so I think also of spirit of Hitler, who was obsessed with the “spear of Longinus” that’s supposed to have antichrist, occult powers. (They claim this Roman spear killed YAHUSHUA, although the truth is HE gave up HIS life before that even pierced HIS heart.) What Hitler did, so too will the antichrist do again.

A Promise

This same Word talks about how YAHUSHUA willingly laid down HIS life and took it back up again (John 10:17-18). Just like Abraham’s faith, Abraham knew YAH would raise Isaac back up from the dead if necessary (Heb 11:19). We all have the same promise. Even all the martyrs have the promise, they will be raised again.

The enemies cannot take your life just like they couldn’t take the man’s like—the man in the dream! It just wouldn’t work!

Battle in the Mind

Nearly everything the enemies did in this dream was all psychological torment. YAHUSHUA said no man took HIS life. HE gave HIS life. The enemies want us to believe they have the power to take our lives, but that is all a bluff. In reality they don’t. You will not see death, for you are called to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA. So this is more of a psychological battle.

The enemies have a false sense of being in control—satanists feed off of fear, so if someone shows them fear or pain, that is the only way they gain power. The old man did his best not to show any fear and instead said, “No. I’m going higher! I shall live and not die!”

They are very sadistic, smiling, mocking, feeling in control of the old man’s life as if to play GOD. When some plays GOD in a situation like this, they believe they have the power to keep you alive or take your life. They think they decide that, but they do not.

The dog having its ear cut I believe has a dual meaning, even triple? I agree that the dog represents the faithful and loyal, and I also believe it could represent the dog who returns to its vomit as the Scripture says “As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly” (Proverbs 26:11)—those who were faithful and loyal, but later return to sin.

The ear is for hearing and the ear being cut in half represents that they no longer can hear from YAH or that the enemies attempt to attack our faith and ability to hear the truth. (Ear cropping and tail docking is when a dogs ears or tail are trimmed/partially removed against their own will for cosmetic reasons, but it is painful and generally unnecessary Perhaps this is related to the spirit of religion, and appearances, forms of godliness, which do not actually produce Holiness or benefit the spirit and soul, but do more harm than good.)

The levels can also represent the specific attacks that have been levelled against you, including attacks on the mind. The evil ones couldn’t kill the old man, but were laughing at his struggle and pain. The old man was protected, but the enemies still live to torment, but they will be defeated in the end.

I pray ABBA YAHUVEH, YOU completely annihilate and crush such sadistic ones in the WINEPRESS OF YOUR WRATH and those curses sent against Rev 14 return back unto their own heads in YAHUSHUA MASHIACH’S Holy Name!

If you have more discernment, please leave it in the comments below!

I want to encourage you today! The devil may send persecution or try to knock us down or slow us down at times, but getting knocked down for righteousness sake is not a sin. Staying down, giving up and not getting back up by taking YAHUSHUA’S hand is the sin!

We must strive, step by step as in this dream, to become more Holy and pleasing to YAHUSHUA! When you get back up again, you will be stronger than before when doing it in YAHUSHUA’S Name through HIS Blood and HIS Strength.

We can do nothing without HIM! Without our GOOD SHEPHERD YAHUSHUA, we would just be another meal for satan’s wolves!

We shall see the stormy water like Peter, but we will be faith water-walkers and keep our eyes on YAHUSHUA, not on the stormy seas that hit on all sides! ABBA YAH, YAHUSHUA, IMMAYAH LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

We celebrate this fact even during times of mourning or trials and tribulations. We celebrate and hold onto the promise given to me in the song and this dream. It is a promise for all who truly strive to put YAHUSHUA first. We are promised joy and victory even in times of persecution!