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Martyrdom Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Given to Elisheva Elisheva

This is October 3, 2011. I’ve been having many prophetic dreams lately. The word “round the clock”, most of the time, lots of times, too many times my husband has said this, it’s 24, 48 hours before I sleep so it’s rare that I can remember my dreams and all of a sudden ABBA YAHUVEH has put such an urgency in me to make sure that I’m recording the dreams.

I will start out with the one today. And then I have to do another one that I did not record yesterday, and these are put into videos for a purpose. And that is because YAHUSHUA said that we have to entertain as well as inform this hardened end-time generation. So I will have these made into videos also.

I firmly believe, from everything I’ve heard of people who’ve had to be martyred because they love YAHUSHUA, the one called JESUS CHRIST and I believe with all my heart that they don’t suffer, from the testimonies I have heard, that the devil will not have the satisfaction. I believe with all my heart and I want to encourage people.

This dream… and they were back to back and they were similar and yet you’ll hear, it was about martyrdom. It’s so close now people. If you’re afraid to stand up now and defend YAHUSHUA and defend Holiness and defend others who are preaching Holiness and you’re afraid of just having a bad word spoken about you or on YouTube to have a sub or a friend, that you’ll never see, drop you, what are going to do?

I’m talking about those calling themselves “born again” Christians. What are you going to do when they’re going to come to you, the governments of this world, and they’re going to say, “This is your new god. I demand and the law demands that you worship this new god, this leader of the world, or we’re going to chop your head off or we’re going to chop your body parts off or we’re going to make you suffer untold agony; you’re not going to have any food anymore; you’re going to do when you see your family starve, your children starve if you don’t worship the one that we call god and give up the one you worship, the one you call ‘YAHUSHUA’, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You have a new god now and if you don’t accept him and you don’t carry the mark and if you don’t gather together and worship on a mandatory Sunday, this is what’s going to happen to you.”

What are you going to do people? You’re cowards now, ok? And the Bible says in the book of Revelations that cowards are not going to go to Heaven. [Rev. 21:8] Do you know why? Because they’re going to sell YAHUSHUA out!

You see, it’s not a sin to be afraid. I’ve breathed fear like oxygen since I was born! And I know what the Word says, “For GOD did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.” [2 Tim. 1:7] And when I said that, “I breathe fear like oxygen”, that’s a spirit that torments me continually but you know what the sin is? The sin isn’t being afraid. The sin is letting that fear stop you from obeying ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the precious RUACH ha KODESH, in other words, [letting that fear stop you from] obeying GOD. That’s the sin!

Yet YAHUSHUA HE said, “If it at all be possible take this cup from ME,” and HE wept tears of blood, of anguish! HE knew what HE was going to face for HE was in a body of flesh although HE was GOD in the flesh and HE is GOD! So I have to start this with just telling you, it’s going to come, it’s going to happen very quickly.

And this ministry, Amightywind Ministry, has been so brutalized because you see, this ministry isn’t for everyone. Just like Elijah of Old wasn’t sent to every widow of Zarephath, so too I, the Pastor, Apostle, Prophet, the one that YAHUSHUA used and ABBA YAHUVEH used to put on this internet nearly 17 years ago...but it’s hard for me to count years, lol, if we’re going to keep counting years, it means I have to keep getting older! The ministry is over 25 years old, ok? It’s hard to believe I know.

I don’t want to say what this dream was but I’m telling you, it’s going to happen and I have to record it! GOD warns through HIS Prophets. HE shares secrets with HIS true Prophets [Amos 3:7] and I pay a big price to be able to warn you but I have Ezekiel 3:17-21 that tells me I must warn you! I have no choice! You see I fear offending the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob more than I fear people.

In my dream, I just want to say when I woke up I felt, and I’m waking up now, after going 24 hours without sleep, ministering, [chuckles] battling lies. Oh man, it just gets more ridiculous everyday! And I feel like I’ve been travelling. I don’t know what we do when we dream but I felt like I really was in another place.

It appeared and I believe it was in a Muslim country and there were four people on the outside and they were being guarded and there was a fire in the middle and it was at night. I’m not sure if it was at night. It wasn’t pitch black like it is at night. I’m just going to say there was a fire in the middle, maybe it was even just to keep warm because I could see everybody so clearly. I don’t know what time it was. It was before all the way pitch dark and there was a woman that was very, very pregnant. She was dressed in black and she had a long Muslim scarf on and there was a man and I believe there were two more women if I remember right and they were going to be executed. They were going to have their heads cut off because they were Christian, Followers of YAHUSHUA, JESUS CHRIST.

I say “JESUS CHRIST” for those who don’t know the name of YAHUSHUA but after this I only want to say, “YAHUSHUA” because it means, “YAH saves” and this is the name the devil hates! This is the true, Hebrew Name! In the King James version Bible, they gave our beloved MESSIAH a Greek name, J-E-S-U-S, but in reality, Miriam, Mary, a Hebrew woman would not have given her baby a Greek name but out of the mercy of ABBA YAHUVEH, HE allows that name and that’s the name we all learned, because there’s still saving, forgiving, healing, delivering and resurrection power, miracles in that Name and I’m so grateful! Otherwise I wouldn’t be saved! But you see, now you’re being warned, when the anti-christ comes he’s going to come, defiling that name.

So I want to get back to this. I saw this woman and she was all dressed in black and she had the heavy black scarf on. She was ready to give birth any moment. She was like 9 months pregnant. And there were the two women and the man and I was reassuring them. I was speaking to them and I was praying for them as they knew they were about ready to be executed and were waiting for their name to be called.

I said to them, “I believe in faith and I just know this, please don’t be afraid. Don’t give your executioners the joy of seeing fear on your face, instead you praise YAHUSHUA! Instead, you realize that you’re going to go home before I do! With your last breath just say, “YAHUSHUA save me!” And before that guillotine blade or sword hits your neck, I don’t know what they would use because thank GOD I didn’t see it. I said, “I believe with all my heart and soul as every martyr is killed, that their spirit is taken from their body before death can even be pronounced, I believe it! You see our GOD is merciful.” And I said, “I’ll see you in Heaven and you’re getting there before I do because your job is done!” And then the guards came and they took the three away and then I saw this precious pregnant woman and I said, “They won’t kill you too will they? I mean, you’re ready to have a baby, that’s like killing two at one time.” And she said, “Oh yes they will.” And I felt helpless. I couldn’t do anything but watch and pray.

We’re not praying for these people who are being martyred. I’m guilty of it too. They’re giving their life right now for YAHUSHUA. And just because it didn’t come to America yet, it will. It will come all over the world. How many of you are praying for them?

Then the dream goes into another – oh I just want to add – it was like all of the sudden, as I felt so helpless, all of the sudden I felt peace as I sat there and I told the woman, I said, “They’re home. They’re in Heaven right now and they’re not grieving! They’re rejoicing because, ‘Oh death, where is your sting? Where is your victory?’ HalleluYAH!”(1 Cor. 15:55)

People even if we have to be martyred, even if you have to be martyred, just remember the end result is if you do not allow fear to stop you from worshipping YAHUSHUA and letting the devil know you’ll not serve him, the end result is Heaven! There’s no greater reward! For all eternity to be happy, to know joy, nothing but Holiness around you! To behold the face of your CREATOR and your MESSIAH! Holy angels surrounding you! To be with each other!

Don’t let satan take your soul because of fear. This is the training ground right now. This is what we’re on this earth for right now. If you can’t stand up and if you’re afraid of being insulted with words, you’re in trouble. You’re in real big trouble. Most likely, I can pretty much guarantee it, you’ll sell YAHUSHUA out, you’ll betray HIM like you betray the Holy Ministries like Amightywind, like me. And you sit there and you watch and you’re quiet. You won’t have a chance. You won’t have a choice...You will have to choose on that day which God you will serve. And you’re choosing right now whether you know it or not. You’re practicing right now for your decision, just like I am.

You see I thought I gave GOD everything I had to give. I’ve been serving HIM and ministering for so many years... I started out young, really young. The moment I got saved, I was prophesying and evangelizing and of course that’s more than 25 years and never once, have I backslid. Never once did I go back into sin. There’s no excuse for you backsliding, okay? Once you really know the love of YAHUSHUA in your heart, once you really have the HOLY SPIRIT, if you have got head knowledge, ok? and have got a really strong relationship where you know GOD watches everything you do, that everything your eye sees, everything action you do you’re forcing the HOLY SPIRIT within you to take part in it because the HOLY SPIRIT is inside your body.

I never could understand backsliders. They all use the excuse of prodigal son but you know what? The prodigal son didn’t deny the father. These people who deny, who taste the goodness of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and who get saved and born again and filled with the HOLY SPIRIT and then say, “Well, I’ve decided this is too hard. I don’t want to believe my friend is in hell. Yeah, I’ve been going to an apostolic church; yeah, I claim that I have the gift of tongues but this is too hard; surely, I don’t want to worship a God that would send people to hell! I’d rather go to hell myself!” And you know what? You will because Hebrews 10 does not lie! And Hebrews 6: 4-8 does not lie.

Hebrews 6:4-8

For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the HOLY SPIRIT, and have tasted the good word of GOD, and the powers of the age to come, if they fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify again for themselves the SON of GOD, and put HIM to an open shame. For the earth which drinks in the rain that often comes upon it, and bears herbs useful for them by whom it is cultivated, receives blessing from GOD, but that which bears thorns and briers is rejected, and near to being cursed; whose end is to be burned.

It is impossible! Do you hear me? All of you out there who think you’re playing games. You deny YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and you think you can go into Buddha and turn to Muslim and whatever... and you think you can come back anytime you want? [You think] you can go into witchcraft, satanism, you can become an atheist but, “Oh any time I want when it’s convenient, I know the door is a revolving door and I can come back again…” No you can’t! You’re a liar! You’ve been lied to! Either you knowingly know you’re lying or satan has got you deceived to think with your last breath you’ll just come back.

I don’t care even about these who say, “But I have such a testimony and I learned my lesson and I come back.” Oh yeah, right! It doesn’t work that way! It really doesn’t work that way! I believe the Word of GOD and it says it’s impossible for now you have openly mocked YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, the one who shed HIS Blood at Calvary who covered your sins, who you accepted as LORD, GOD and SAVIOUR and had the HOLY SPIRIT but because sin was more important to you, because living Holy was too hard, you went to go find another religion, another belief or no belief and then you start to say, “Oh but I’m back again. I decided I’ve come back again. I know the truth now is in the Bible. I know the Bible better than you do Elisheva.” Oh yeah, sure you do inventorgorilla! Sure you do!

I’ve got news for anybody who plays this game like this man and others, it’s not a revolving door. Before these people die they will, once again, deny the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. It’s guaranteed. You know why I know? Hebrews 6: 4-8. It’s impossible to return. Once the HOLY SPIRIT leaves it’s all over with.

Second part of my dream:

This was very sad. There was a pregnant animal and again I’m sitting right outside. I’m in the same... it’s the same scenario only I don’t see the pregnant woman anymore. I just know that she’s been taken. She’s been executed and she’s in Heaven. But there’s this pregnant animal and this animal is a little... a very pregnant sheep and it’s running and running around and around all around me in circles and there’s a big bear – it appears to be like a Grizzly bear, a brown bear, huge – and it’s chasing this little sheep that’s ready to give birth any moment and I’m helpless (as I) watch. All I can do is I’m helpless and I’m watching and I don’t know what to do because I know that that pregnant sheep is going to collapse any moment, she’s ready to give birth and this bear has no mercy. It just wants to eat that little sheep.

And so what happens is the sheep finally collapses like right where I’m sitting on the ground and I don’t know what to do but hurry and scoop it up and put it in my arms thinking, “I’ll protect this sheep, that bear isn’t going to touch this sheep,” and then to my horror the bear stops at me and eats the sheep’s head while it’s in my arms. I couldn’t protect the sheep. I tried and I failed.

There’s people who come to this ministry who think I’m able to protect them. Please don’t look at me to protect you. There is only one Good Shepherd. I’m just the pastor. I’m just ... a woman, saved by the same Blood of YAHUSHUA as everyone else who accepts it, who lives holy. I can’t protect you when it comes time, and if you’ve been chosen before the foundation of this world to be a martyr for YAHUSHUA, I can’t protect you. I can only encourage you. That is two back-to-back dreams. People “it’s” coming. I don’t care where you live in this world. It’s coming. Are you ready?

Are you ready? I don’t know what it’s going to take what I have to go through before I am out of this world. I do know this: my being – suffering the persecution that I’ve been suffering by these enemies –and everybody who is associated with AmightyWind Ministries or any other [holy] ministry [who get persecuted]. [...] YAHUSHUA—HE is not just Saviour. HE is our LORD God Almighty. HE is our Ruler, over our life. HE is our example as HE obeys the Father. We’ve have got to strive to obey HIM also.

So these are my two dreams, and they are martyrdom back-to-back. And I leave them with you now to think about what I said. You better practice being brave now, because that is what you have been put on YouTube for. That’s what you have been put on the internet for. That is what you have been put in this world for. To stand up and defend. There’s another brave one, ironcross66106, Ron. [Pray for him].

Ron was told –and Ron was threatened. And he was intimidated and they make videos about him. And when I say “they”, I mean there’s a “Nehemiah Center” cult with a pastorgeorgec who claims to be a Messianic Jew, but has a church on Sunday. Oh, he’s a real enemy alright. He said he’d stone me to death if he could in his first video. The man don’t even know mean. Over two years, he’s really done all he can do to try to destroy me. You know these enemies, they got... they are like a small army. They get together and they get recruitments. They recruit people! They threaten people, they intimidate them: “I’m gonna write all your subs and your friends and they’ll drop you if you have anything to do with that ministry called AmightyWind. If you don’t make this video against her, and if you don’t make those comments, we’ll make you regret it.

How stupid? How stupid! How many of you people have fell for it? You don’t even bother to go to the website to see that this is a holy ministry. You don’t even bother to read the prophecies for yourself. The newest lie is that I am Sherry Shriner—who is a mortal enemy of mine. Who GOD has put in prophecies 91 to 92 to 93 and ripped her apart and exposed her, a hybrid demon, which is commonly called and alien in this world. I’m sorry people but I have no respect for you. I have not pity for you because you just repeat the lies that are told about me and you don’t even bother to see who I really am and what AmightyWind Ministry and the Youth Ministers really stand for, which is HOLINESS! RIGHTEOUSNESS! The RIGHTEOUNESS OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH!

In twenty-five languages we teach it, we preach it, and that includes Hebrew now. I shake my head in amazement for what I have seen on the internet. Just remember the Bride of YAHUSHUA HaMASHIACH and when the rapture happens –just remember they are few. They’re a remnant, but they like unto a Joel 2 army, and we are not going to be stopped and we are not going to back down. And we run toward a goliath, we don’t run away from them! And no matter what the price we have to pay, we will not betray our YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and we are proving it.

I know it’s easier to stone me than to defend me. I’m mean you have got the occult[ists] joining together, you have got the New World Order [NWO] Church, you’ve got the satanists, you’ve got the athiests, the fake Christians—hey, they outnumber the holy in this world, and on the internet—not to mention just pure heathen, reprobates. And then you’ve got just the lukewarm, who just barely have any faith at all who don’t know right from wrong. And these enemies, they go after these—or the brand new baby converts who just started saying “I found the truth, I know that AmightyWind ministry is preaching the truth about holiness. And I got to get right with GOD”.

And they come in there and like a vulture, they scoop them up and they’ll say, “no you don’t have to worry about sinning. That’s too hard” like this moa373 satanic recruiter. So they got a youth too, that’s him. Going after and trying to take away our Beloved Truthyah777. Don’t worry about living holy, get away from that false prophet, your pastor Elisheva Elijah. ‘She tells you, you got to live holy. Well nobody can live holy—just do the best you can, so what is you sin? It’s no big deal. GOD understands. HE doesn’t expect us not to sin’.

Liars. We had that excuse before we had the HOLY SPIRIT. We don’t have that excuse anymore. So I leave you with these two dreams to tell you martyrdom is coming. If you’re a coward now and can’t even face up to a few insults or your friends or your family forsaking you, good luck. And I don’t really mean luck, because I don’t believe in luck. Oh, how you are going to suffer. The worst suffering of all is, if you don’t get refined in the Great Tribulation. And if you don’t... you have all eternity in Hell and the Lake of Fire.

See for me, I know when my job is done, I know the GOD that I serve, and I know how much HE loves me, I have beheld HIM face-to-face. I have seen and I have looked. It will be 24 years ago on December 24th. I have beheld the face of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, who at that time I called JESUS CHRIST. HE sat on the edge of my bed. And just to date myself a little, it was a big water bed, okay. And it was a cushiony leather rail, but HE woke me up. I wanted to know who is looking at me with such love in HIS eyes. I knew it couldn’t be the abusive husband that I was married to at that time. And I was clear on my other side of the bed –as close to the rail as you can get. And I opened my eyes and I saw this bright, bright light. It was such LOVE! HE was staring at me and it was the one I called JESUS CHRIST the One I now know by the Hebrew Name YAHUSHUA. And the love, people... Oh if you’d just get a sample of that love. If you just can ...I pray you do. You will never be the same. You will never betray HIM. You will be willing to go have your headcut off, or be martyred however you have to be martyred for HIS NAMESAKE. And I pray everyone who is destined to be a martyr, I pray right now ABBA YAHUVEH in the Name of YAHUSHUA that you show them that love that I saw coming out of YOUR EYES. It’s like a giant tsunami wave and it washes over your mind, body, spirit and soul and HE has beautiful, bright blue eyes! They’re not brown. They were blue. And HE looked at me and HE said, I’m so sorry you have suffered like this. For I had a sickness that could have led to death. And the doctor wanted to do some painful tests. And I said, “No, either JESUS heals me or I just go Home to Heaven. And I had just given birth to a child. I get stubborn...

But he said, “I’m so sorry you suffered like this”. And I was mocked. And they said, “o well, then you will die”. And I didn’t even know at that time that very well could have been Hanukah time, I didn’t even know what Hanukah was because it was December 24th, the day before Christmas. And I told him that I know that if people stood, back-to-back around this world and said that JESUS CHRIST did not love me, I would know that they are liar. And I believe HE did that—not only healed me of course—but HE did that for that time that I am going through right now, where I have people saying the most hateful things that—they don’t even know me. And they are used by satan to try and destroy AmightyWind Ministry and my reputation that I truly have kept holy because I love my YAHUSHUA and I want to be an example to others. And I pray with all my heart that those of you who are destined to be martyred, those of you who will have your friends and family forsake you because you refuse to give up the truths that you have learned about our Beloved YAHUSHUA. I pray with all my heart you feel the love that I saw –in HIS eyes. And as they take you away, and of course there is the Bride of YAHUSHUA and I’m not talking to you right now. I’m speaking to the Guests at the Marriage Supper of the LAMB. Not all of them, but many of them [will be martyred].

That is my prayer right now, that the love that I saw in YAHUSHUA’s eyes—not in a vision, but face-to-face—you will see also. And HE’ll be right there with you and your spirit will leave your body before even the blade can touch your neck. Forgive me that I have not been saying that prayer for those... There’s so many being martyred right now. There is so many being tortured and imprisoned and killed. Forgive me YAHUSHUA, I have not prayed for them. I pray that this video will stand as a testimony when people hear it. And they will remember to pray for these people, especially knowing this could be you. And if it is you, what will you do?

I suggest you start practicing right now. I suggest it very highly. Because that is what GOD is doing. HE is saying, choose ye this day which god you will serve? And HE is using me as HIS Elijah of New—not because I’m the reincarnation of HIS Elijah of Old [because there is no such thing as reincarnation], Oh please don’t believe these lies—I am a woman, a W – O – M – E –N, like Helen Reddy’s song says. I’m a woman, okay? That is one big difference. I don’t have a long white beard, and I’m definitely not in Heaven, but I will be one day.

Elijah of Old was a prophet and I’m a prophet of YAHUVEH. Not anything special I did. Believe me, I told HIM, I don’t want to be called a prophet. And HE said “I don’t care what you want to be called, I CALL YOU A PROPHET”! There it is... And the other thing Elijah of Old and I have in common is he was chased by Jezebel, okay? [She had] everybody out after him, literally chasing him. Well I’ve got enemies that chase me with the spirit of Jezebel and they’ve got a small army trying just very hard to find me because they would kill me if they could. They’ve got videos out there saying ‘where is this woman, do you know anything about her?’ ... putting personal information ... when I registered a website, when it was first on the air of course none of this information applies right now. I’m not stupid anymore. I have my information in private registration. I didn’t know better then. Oh man, so they put it in a video—phone number, address ... stupid people, stupid reprobates.

The bride of satan... that is who I am battling right now. How many of you are going to stand with me? How many will stand for Holiness? Anyone hears this and they believe they are the Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and they have identified with what I’ve said, contact me. My YouTube username is yahsladynred because I belong to YAH and, the Red, is for the Blood of YAHUSHUA that saves me, delivers me, anoints me.

So those are my dreams. I love all those more than words can say—who have encouraged me. There are so many prophecies that have been held up—maybe as many as 20—I need your prayers for them to be released. It is brutal on the front lines. We tried going through the legal route to stop the defamation of character. And the names and the lists [of the enemies] are so long—Google was served with a subpoena. I mean, people they’re not just saying they do not like the prophecies. That is there freedom to do that. I don’t care...they’ve got all of YouTube, but when they are falsely accusing me of crimes, where does it stop? You see, it’s not even just about me, it is about the sheep and the lambs being chased away. I care so much when I see a little sheep just starting to walk and I’m over there petting it and the next thing I know it is in a wolves mouth being carried away to Hell. I care, I grieve. And that is what satan has done. And only those truly with the HOLY SPIRIT are going to have discernment to know, who is evil and who is good because they copy and paste Scripture pretty good. And they share they’re little Christian songs...

They are as evil as evil can be. I’d rather battle an open satanist or an open atheist than have these as satanists and atheists disguised and come as fake Christians.

Beware, people. YouTube is a sewer and you have got to know where to step. It has got some good in it, the real, genuine, born again HOLY SPIRIT filled followers of YAHUSHUA who really do strive to obey and preach holiness. They, I call my brothers and sisters, but the majority are cowards and fakes. They are the ones that will say, “Hide us from the face of the LAMB and HE who sits on the throne”. They would rather have a mountain cave in on them to hide them from the face of YAHUSHUA. Just wait. The wrath of the LAMB! HE is not the sacrificial, slain, tortured, humiliated, mocked GOD that hung on that cross. HE is so much more! HE’s not only that. That was for one time he said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”! Now they know what they do and there is no excuse and HE is coming back with fire in HIS eyes. And a sword in HIS mouth. And an army behind HIM. And we, the Bride of YAHUSHUA, will be on those horses behind HIM when it happens, when HE returns for a second time. And HE will slay these enemies. That is all I have to say.

I offend most, But I praise YAHUSHUA there is a remnant that still consider me a blessing. So for those that consider me a blessing this day, I love you and I thank you for everything you are doing for the Kingdom of Heaven and whatever we have to do, we are going to do to finish the work that GOD has given us to do. You know who it is that hinders from the antichrist being revealed right now? That which hinders? [2 Thessalonians 2 :2-8]. It is we, the Bride of YAHUSHUA. We are the standard that GOD uses against these evil ones. We are the voice crying out in the wilderness: choose ye this day which GOD you will serve! Live Holy! Giving the message of John the Baptist: REPENT the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! And when the Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is taken, all Hell will break loose on this earth in a way that people will want mountains to fall on them to hide them from the Wrath of the Lamb and HE who sits on the throne. So do not say I didn’t warn you. In the meantime, remember to pray for those being martyred!