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No More Kids In The Future

Given to Elisheva Elisheva
December 23, 2009

Just imagine, no more children in the future!

The government was passing new laws so fast and they didn't care what the people wanted (kinda what is happening now but much, much worse). There was no one protesting because it was against the law to protest everywhere.

I (Elisheva) was looking at America but I knew this new law that was quickly passed was worldwide. Women were only allowed to have one child because the government said there were too many people now, but they really didn't want any more children born, they wanted zero population growth or negative population growth. The women were treated so horrible when they were pregnant, there were actually birthing stables -not nice clean hospitals- but birthing stables. All women when they were ready to give birth were all put in one room together. It was horrible, I saw no bed and I saw the women when they were ready to give birth they would just squat and give birth. There was such pain and anguish in that room. The women were in a big room that looked like stables, each woman had a little room with 2 walls and it was open in the front like a stable.

The world governments did not encourage women to get pregnant, in fact, women had to get permission from the government to get pregnant. I don't know how far in the future this dream was but it was really bad. If any woman got pregnant without the governments permission they were immediately arrested as soon as the pregnancy was found out and the pregnancy was terminated.

I saw a woman and her husband and she was very pregnant and she had been trying to hide her pregnancy and she was caught and it appeared to be in something like an airport. She was hiding her pregnancy really good with her clothing but the government was doing x-ray machines on everyone and saw she was pregnant and they arrested her. Her husband was taken in to a room and there was a doctor there and he put a long needle in the husbands back and the doctor said he was doing a spinal tap and this was part of the consequences for trying to hide his pregnant wife.

Then I saw an apartment and I remember everyone was so full of fear, they were all afraid of the government. The people had no privacy, the government's would tell the people, "We know everything that you do, everything that you say, everything you watch, everything your read, we know everyone you talk to and everywhere you go."

There was just so much fear and pet's were outlawed because the government's said it had to do with environmental issues, like this global warming garbage. Instead of real live pet's it looked like people had robot pet's, it looked like a cross between a dog and a cat and the government would tell the people that they did not need live pet's because they had feces and it contributed to the danger of the planet. For the young people in the apartment it looked like this was a normal thing and they didn't even know or remember what a real dog or a cat was. Only the older people could remember what a real pet was.

I just remember so clear there was so much fear. Hardly no one tried to break the laws because they knew they would be caught. The government had the technology and the equipment to watch everyone all the time.

End of Dream.

That is the future. I don't know when in the future but it's a future I don't want to see. As we go into 2010 this is my dream and it will not be pretty and there will be no where to hide.