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Dreams of the Rapture and Bride
Elisheva sat on DADDY YAHUVEH's lap!

Just imagine, no more children in the future!

On June 20, 2010 in her sleep Elisheva spoke with DADDY YAHUVEH and sat on HIS lap. It was not a dream and it changed her entire mood when she woke up.

Here is how she describes what happened:

"It all started with me praying to YAHUVEH and crying in a loud voice at the newest slanderous lies said by the enemies of this Ministry for the purpose of chasing away the sheep and lambs away from this Ministry. My emotions could take no more. My husband heard me say, in a loud voice, 'ABBA YAHUVEH in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, PLEASE TAKE ME HOME TO HEAVEN, I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE ON THIS EARTH ANYMORE, I AM NOT ASKING TO DIE. I JUST WANT TO COME HOME TO HEAVEN LIKE YOU TOOK ELIJAH OF OLD. THIS WORLD IS SO FILTHY AND I AM NOT ASKING TO DIE BECAUSE I NEVER WANT MY BODY THAT HAS LIVED HOLY FOR YOU TO BE BURIED ON THIS FILTHY EARTH.'

I was looking at the form of a very large man but I never saw HIS face and yet I know it was ABBA YAHUVEH. HE was sitting in the upholstered chair across from me in our bedroom.

HE said, 'Come here,' in a stern voice. I was afraid that I had said something wrong and I didn't go to HIM. Instead I remembered how Job got in trouble for questioning YAH and then HE stretched out HIS arms and in a softer voice said, 'I said, 'Come here,'' with HIS arms stretched out and like a little child I went to my DADDY and I sat on HIS lap and I just started pouring out my heart with all the reasons I did not want to be on this earth any more. I told him I was fed up and I just vented my frustrations. It seemed to be without taking a breath I talked so fast. I just remember the light all around the figure of my DADDY YAH and the whiteness of the hair but I could not see HIS face. Then HE took HIS hand without saying a word and HE laid my head on HIS shoulder.

When I awoke I had such joy because I knew that it was more than a dream. I know that I had sat on DADDY YAH'S lap. I can't explain it for I know that YAHUVEH uses the earth for a footstool so HE certainly couldn't have fit in that chair or this house and yet HE came to me in the form of a man. Now I know not only in Heaven did I lay my head on MOMMA WISDOM, MOMMA RUACH HA KODESH'S shoulder, but now also ABBA YAHUVEH'S shoulder right here in my bedroom. Let the enemies mock. I swear on my soul this is true.

I went to sleep so depressed as these enemies had so brutally beat me with their words and I awoke with joy and my husband can testify to this. This is how powerful our words are. When we speak even out of frustration, YAHUVEH listens to every word. I don't know if this has anything to do with it but the One Minute to Midnight painting of the vision of Heaven where YAHUSHUA is weeping hangs on a wall behind that chair where YAHUVEH sat. Now I love this old, ugly chair! I look at it many times a day and I always remember how much our Heavenly FATHER loves HIS Children."

July 6, 2010
Dream from Adam

"I dreamt I was lying on my back in a room where others were laying too but I was focused on rolling from one side to another, moving my arms and legs like a baby does. I knew others, Elisheva, Niko, Kathrynyah, were beside me and I heard in the spirit 'Five Wise' and I knew in the Spirit as well there would be a photo taken, that someone was waiting to take a picture of us but I didn't see anyone standing around us. Suddenly I heard this warm, caring, gentle and powerful voice coming from everywhere saying, 'MY Beloved Bride'. Then the dream ended."

July 10, 2010
Dream from Todd

"I had a dream last night (7.10.10) about the rapture! Whohoo! This is what I remember. I was in a room when suddenly I heard a horn and I turned around quickly and listened to it pondering for a second, then my heart started to beat faster with excitement and joy as I recognized it to be the shofar horn which would signal the rapture. It eventually stopped and I looked up with such expectancy and joy in my heart, waiting for YAHUSHUA, then I started to feel my body changing which was incredibly awesome! So that's the dream =). There was more but it's hazy and I wouldn't want to add anything =). YAHUSHUA is coming! Yay!"

June 24, 2010
Dream from Kenya: Invitations Dream

"My mother was in the dream with myself and we were in this huge congregation with Elisheva Elisheva and a few others, we were all praising and being joyful in the Lord. A messenger came to Elisheva and handed her invitations for her to pass out, some to the guests and some to the bride. He blew a shofar horn and it grabbed my attention. Those who were apart of the congregation fell to the floor and prayed to the Lord, my prayer was: Dear Lord please allow those who are your guests to know who they are and those who are your bride to know who they are.

End of Dream I remember upon awaking I asked the LORD to please let me know if the dream was from HIM, when I fell back asleep HE said: to be apart of MY Bride you must not be worldly or of this world."

Also from Kenya:

"There were three groups of people and a woman was preaching about preparing the readiness of yourselves.

The first group, although quit small, was already preparing.

The second group, bigger than the first (about medium), I was apart of, we still needed lead way (help).

The last group was huge, very big compared to the first and second, if not combined, they didn't seem to hear or see this woman preaching (so, I believe she was spiritual).

Then I (the second group) asked 'what did she mean by preparing the readiness of ourselves'? Instead of her voice answering, a man answered and said, 'You must prepare the Judgments of yourself.' I understood what he was saying (the Lord previously was teaching me to judge myself).

Then a vision came across my face, like a projector screen, which showed millions upon millions of people mocking the Rapture, saying, 'The rapture, ha! That won't happen for another thousand years or so.' I knew they were believers, but I didn't think they were true Christians.

Then the man's voice said (which I believe to be JESUS CHRIST (YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH)), 'Many don't believe I am coming, but I am coming VERY, VERY, VERY, SOON.'

End of dream

I remember HE stressed the 'very', plus HE said it three times, like HE was serious and HE'S coming back sooner than most think.

I wrote this to maybe, hopefully encourage you to fight the good fight and I would love your prayers, so I may fight the good fight as well. Bless you in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! (hope I spelled that correct :)"

Kenya B.