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The Red Plague!

6 August, 2000

Given Elisheva Elisheva 6.8.2000

New Message From Apostle Elisheva Elisheva...

Today when I asked YAHUSHUA to have HIS beautiful HOLY SPIRIT open the bible and answer the question IF He is really coming very soon maybe as soon as this YEAR.

The work we have must be done quickly for the GLORY of YAHUSHUA HaMashiach nothing else is going to matter when we leave this world other then WHAT did we do with YAHUSHUA and what did we do FOR YAHUSHUA! and how many did we LEAD to YAHUSHUA! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YAHUSHUA LATELY?

READ Revelation 3:7-21.

Revelation 3:10
Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

PRAY you won't be here to see the RED PLAGUE DREAM become reality!

* * * UPDATE! Dream Received By Partner on 2.23.2003 * * *

Now is confirmed again through another Partner in this ministry.

Another Partner in the armed forces has a similar dream.

Please prayer warriors BEG YAHUVEH for MERCY to delay judgment on America stand in the gap for America...before its too late. I had a prophecy given the same day about Dead Birds especially Yellow Canary's. If anyone has a gift of discerning of dreams please send me your discernment. I don't know who the beloved policeman is. YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA'S loving and obedient Children will not have anything to fear. We were given the mandate during this last Sabbath to memorize Psalm 27 for the evil times ahead and speak it when the spirit of fear attacks.


Hi Elisheva Date: Sunday, February 23, 2003 3:42:34 PM

I had a vision/dream I don't know if I was awake or not. I was on the couch (for real) and I looked out the window (in dream/vision) and I heard the sound of a jet. Then everything outside was red and dusty. That's all I really remember. I wasn't scared or scared for my children.

Love T. F. (to protect idenity I have abbrievated soldiers name)

* * * * * * *


YAHUVEH speaks and warns through visions, dreams, revelations among other ways.

I saw in the sky a dark red mist coming as I looked up and as it got closer and the wind blew it fell on the people! The skin was covered in RED dusty mist (deep red) and the people became VERY sick and there was a policeman who was guarding me and he had this red misty dust come on him and he jumped into a cement swimming pool outside as I stood there I knew the pool would be contaminated but he wanted to get the red dusty mist off of him. This policeman was someone I cared very much for. I grieved for it was NOT enough the minute this RED MIST dust touches the skin it COVERS it and great sickness comes and the skin starts to suffocate.

I watched my beloved policeman who was my guard helpless to help him! Then I saw it come in the sky for some reason I didn't fear it but I could see it coming from afar off. It started like a dark fog only far away up in the sky then as it got closer it became RED in color ! people tried to run from this but could NOT out run it ! People tried to wash it off but it was too late once it touches the skin! This is why Satan is trying to silence my voice anyway he can. Let the MOCKERS mock I am responsible for what I say and I don't say! Ezk. 3 17:21

Here is what another Prophet Gary, said as I called him and asked for discernment on dream. I know why I was protected and why the bride of YAHUSHUA will be also!


When I closed my eyes I saw this finger of God holding a home in a bubble as if protected from the outside world and safe inside the bubble.

My mind then wandered to the Passover where the blood covenant protected the people if they stayed inside their homes after consecrating themselves and putting the blood of the lamb on the doorposts. If this is the case, then we did indeed need to warn the multitudes

Gary, we shall wait on the witness WHEN to sound the shofar warning alarm.

Read Prophecy 31

"Where Your Faith is Your Passover Dwells"

* * * * * * *


Given to Apostle Elisheva Elisheva

My dream is below. On 9/20/98 at 10:30 am I awoke, then I will give you interpretation....if anyone has more... please e-mail me and Pass this on please! Pray against this dream! That YAHUSHUA will spare People! I still believe the word given to me..."What IF Rosh Ha Shanah is the day I come?" means NEXT year! But who is to say? But when IF is used and he tells me to wake up the sleeping bride under HIS anointing that means there is little time left! Now after Rosh Ha Shanah we are SECONDS UNTIL MIDNIGHT HOUR! He said pay attention to Yom Kippur next!

I was in a store surrounded by DEAD BIRDS in cages...yellow canaries mainly, is what I remembered. (don't normally dream in color) No one cared, or took notice of the dead birds! No one listened! I wouldn't touch, or go near, the cages. Little legs stuck up in air.

Then I saw Clinton and he was in the airport on the way to Iraq. I saw a detective rush in and grab him and handcuff him, and take him off to the police car,. He ducked his head to get into the car. Then I saw Tony Blair and also three spiritual leaders surrounding Clinton, the ones he has said are his advisors. There is one that is a minister, to put it loosely, but stands up for homosexuality. The other is known for his adultery! And I saw a guru type guy on TV, you will know his name, he sells courses on positive self image and getting whatever you want! Anyway they all were in the dream and they were silent and ashamed of Clinton for he had been exposed.

Now for the interpretation if you don't already have it...I just learned it

The birds are dead and in the store representing Chemical warfare! (Remember the miners took canaries into the mines to see if poison gas was in the air. The birds would die! No one is noticing we are heading for Chemical Warfare!

Clinton is in Airport heading for Iraq, for he knows the way NOT to get impeached is to get the USA in a WAR with IRAQ! But he is stopped! This is encouraging, except I have been told in other visions when I hear the words Al Gore...I hear BLOODY GORE! And I see a CHESHIRE CAT GRINNING like in Alice in Wonderland! Also I see him in a warlocks hat standing next to a TREE! He is always dressed in Black, like in pilgrim clothes. He is always MOCKING! with that Grin!

And on November 1st, I had another dream where I was standing over a dead yellow canary again. When God speaks once we listen, when God speaks twice we had better really listen! Pray against biological warfare heading towards America. Especially November 17th 1998 when the most severe meteor shower is supposed to hit our communication satellites in America.

Pray for a miracle that this does not happen because we will be vulnerable to attack at this time

Dream Interpretations

Send in your discernment on the 3 dreams

* * * * * * *

Corrupt Police and Judges From: Lori
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 23:34:14 EDT
Subject: I had a dream last night about chaos!!!!!!!!

I dreamed of Police only they were corrupt and so were the judges. What had happened was the a bill came out of our past we knew nothing about but it was only for $50 to 60 and so Todd went to pay it and then the company files action in court and even though he had paid it they said he had to go to jail for 5 days and I was furious and the police made no sense and the judge was so uncaring. I said they went years without the money why now when he pays the money are you doing this???????? then it was chaos out side rioting and vigilantism every where and factions and military going and were were running and I was thinking it happened so fast. Then I woke up.

This is strange in deed. What is the debt from the past???????? why did they want it paid by jail now?????? Why all of a sudden chaos?????? This dream really bothered me when I woke up as I am not sure what it means. My youngest daughter did get a Mezzuzah on her bedroom for her Bat mitzvah Friday night. Tracy already has one and we have two on the front doors. Well I am stil praying for what I am to do about this dream, But our dreams do have similarities.

Your friend,


Romans 2:13
For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified.

Proverbs 28:9
He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.

Eric writes:

This is what I get out of the dream:

debt --- In reality, they owe God a debt and they do not have enough to pay Him. debt ---- The present religious system they are under is trying to collect for the debt. This person doesn't owe the system anything, but the system (police and judges) want it from them (corrupt). But their system did not free them from their debt. 50 --- year of jubilee. They should be freed, not brought into bondage.

debt --- spiritual realization. They suddenly realize they owe after years of spiritual tradition. police and judges were corrupt --- the present state of Israel they were enlightened to their debt --- being enlightened to their debt only brought persecution from their own system. You cannot mix the traditions of Moses with the traditions of Christ. In your dream also, Elizabeth, there was a policeman. One that you personally held dear to your heart. He represents the spiritual traditions that you thought were a guard and a protection for you. These the Lord is NOW assisting you to abandon so that you can come into the protection of His HOUSE.