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Rubicon Weapon Will Be Used against Humanity

Dream given to Prophet Elisheva Elisheva
June 24, 2008

Update: I did not know the site manager posted this dream on the ministry site and on July 6, I saw a TV commercial for Rubicon Papaya Juice. Now I am not saying this juice is related to the dream in anyway but for me it was definitely confirmation.

Elisheva on audio tape: I actually heard myself yell in my sleep but I screamed, I don’t know but I couldn’t wake up. I just kept on sleeping. And when I…this is the dream that I had. I don’t know if this is right now. I don’t know if it’s being developed but the government had a weapon and I know it’s used in the Great Tribulation and the weapon is used against those they want to control. Of course that will mean in the Great Tribulation, the true Holy ones.

The weapon is a poison and the poison doesn’t kill the people. The poison controls people and if I remember right, the name of it is "Rubicon". What Rubicon does is it causes great fear. People don’t want to fight back because they’ve been injected with this poison and they think it’s just their own emotions but they’re in great fear. And they won’t fight back and even the little children—there was a little girl in the dream and my job was trying to protect the people.

There was a childrens’ room and there was a little girl. And the children all slept in one room together and the enemy had infiltrated the childrens’ room and the little kids were brave little kids. They knew that YAHUVEH was going to protect them. Except one night I started hearing a lot of commotion in the childrens’ room and I went in there and it was a huge room full of just the kids. They each had their own little bed and they were all crying, especially this one little girl. I went in there and I said, “What happened?”

Then I saw someone dart out of the window and she just kept saying, and the main thing is they forget that they have been poisoned, it’s an injection, and they forget that they’ve been poisoned, but I was able to get to her in time and she just kept saying one thing. She said, “Rubicon, poison, Rubicon,” and then I knew—because this little girl, she was like my daughter or she was my daughter, I don’t know which one—and that’s when I screamed (in my sleep) because I realized the children had been injected with this Rubicon and we had no known cure.
Then I went back in with the adults and the other parents of the children to go and tell them and when I did they were just devastated because we were like, well we were all warriors but we knew there was one thing we did not have an answer them. And did not know how to fight back and one of the signs of this Rubicon was/is intense nausea. The children were really nauseous and we just started praying.

I wish I could tell you the dream ended up happy but it didn’t.

Elisheva starts praying:

In the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, ABBA YAHUVEH, that which in my dream was called Rubicon, we now pray ahead of time: We pray that this will not be developed. We pray YOU’LL not allow this to come to pass. We pray that YOU raise up an antidote against it and the YDS's (YAHUSHUA's demon stompers) are going to start, that is the Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is going to start right now—praying ahead of time: That which the government, just like now they say they’ve got a drug they can give that will stop shyness—they’re out to control the emotions. When I say the government I mean the scientists that the government uses. And we’re saying it ahead of time. I’m asking the YDS's ahead of time to pray against this.

We pray that this does not come to pass. We pray that YOU’ll make it fail. We pray that YOU’ll not allow sa-tan to complete what he has started because YOUR Word says—and we stand on YOUR Word—that YOU, “have not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind” and we claim it!

End of Prayer

The only weapon we have against this weapon, when I was talking to [others] afterwards and I said, “What are we going to do?” Just like right now, the scientists say, it all started with the stem cell research, when they were allowed to do that and that’s with the embryos and it all started there, the floodgates of the evil was opened like a Frankenstein and YAHUVEH calls them, “designer ‘babies”, “mans’ “designer babies’”.
Just like right now, I just read where they know how to be able to keep a person from being shy—so they can control what they think are bad qualities in a person—forgetting that YAHUVEH made some people extroverts and some people introverts and some people, our CREATOR, HE wanted them to be more shy. HE wanted them to be more quiet.

I’ll never forget that when I was younger I just wanted to be calm. I said the other pastors are so calm and I would pray and I would say, “I’ve never been a calm person. Since I’ve been born I haven’t been a calm person. I’m an excitable person. I’m an emotional person". And HE told me when I was praying, YAHUSHUA told me when I was praying, “If I wanted you calm I would have created you to be calm. I created you just the way that I want you.” YAHUVEH doesn’t want us all to be the same.
HE likes our various personalities and so when I was talking to [my household] and I said, “I don’t know how to pray against this. I don’t know if they’re already doing this in the chem trails right now. I don’t know if the scientists have done this through the water, through the food. I know this: The masses are being controlled by fear already. Things are being done by the government and the people are just dummied down. And we shake our heads in amazement. Why people? Why are you allowing yourself to go through the airport and for strangers to see you stark naked? Why are you allowing this?

Parents, why are you allowing your children to be taught as tiny little infants now and to be controlled and to be taught that homosexuality is right and you’re not allowed to be able to discipline your children? If every parent, every parent, would go to these schools—and go to these schools in such masses—all of them and say, “I’m not going to tolerate this,” they can’t put every parent in jail!

I don’t understand it but I said, “I don’t know what to do.” HE’d show me these things and I don’t know how to stop it. I don’t know whether this Rubicon has already been developed and all of a sudden, I heard how to be able to pray.
Elisheva starts praying again:
I pray in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and those who are going to read this will agree with me—and boy are the enemies ever going to raise up against me on this one and I don’t care.

You see the Bible says YAHUVEH has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7) and we’re not going to receive this spirit of fear. And we’re going to fight against this spirit of fear.

And since this is done by artificial means and the scientists are doing it—and I pray they haven’t succeeded, we pray right now in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH—every scientist that tries to control the masses with this Rubicon or any other way, who try to (like YAHUVEH says, “It’s mans’ designer babies,”) in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, we call a curse upon you right now!

We ask our ABBA YAHUVEH to turn your brains into mush. You won’t be able to add 2 + 2. We ask the ONE WHO is THE ONLY TRUE CREATOR, THE CREATION OF TIME ITSELF, we ask YOU ABBA YAHUVEH right now in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH to send a plague on the scientists’ brains, on their brains—those who would devise this wickedness, those who would dare to put animal and human together, uck, modern day Frankensteins are what they are creating.

End of prayer

Hybrid Animal Dream

I had a dream. I was at a bed and breakfast [inn] and inside of a hole—and this has been a few months ago now—and I thought this was the stupidest dream that I ever had; I know it’s not a stupid dream now. Actually I think it was in the beginning of the year, January 2008, so it was more than a couple months ago.

In my dream, inside of a hole of a wall, I saw this creature keep darting in and out. The people at the bed and breakfast, they had pets, cats. And I saw this creature and it had 4 legs but it had a human head. And it would snatch a little kitten and it would go right back into the hole in the wall.

I asked the owner of the bed and breakfast, “What is that thing that lives in that wall?”

They just said, “We can’t do anything about it. It’s part animal and it’s part human. And as long as we feed it our pets, it will leave us alone.”

End of dream.

Now I see where they are combining (animals and humans), especially in the U.K. this is going on. But it’s not just the U.K. They make it part man, part cow. What is the purpose of that?

Elisheva prays again:

O YAHUVEH, YOU must send YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and YOU must send HIM soon. We have no defense against any of this except for YOU and that’s why YOU told me to pray and to have the prayer intercessors to start praying.

The only weapon we have is not carnal but it is spiritual and we do right now ABBA YAHUVEH, YOU told me to pray this—these scientists who play God, these scientists who think they are creator, these scientists who think they can control the masses of the people and they can redesign YOUR creation, right now, on this day, June 24, 2008—we the Holy of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, we pray that YOU loose a plague on these scientists’ brains and as I said, when YOU’RE done with them, they won’t be able to add 2 + 2.

And it will be so fast. They won’t be able to finish mans’ designer babies. They won’t be able to finish their plan to mock YOU—all of them, don’t spare one of them. And let there be no mercy, no mercy and ABBA YAHUVEH, I pray HEAVENLY FATHER in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH that this ends in a quick death. Take these evil, vile scientists off the face of this earth and set an example of what happens when they play creator.

End of prayer

YOU have told me HEAVENLY FATHER that these movie stars—these women who are known to have had so many abortions, they wouldn’t dare let their figure be spoiled by a pregnancy, and all of a sudden they come up with twins and you know who you are. Ha! And it’s not just even those with twins—those who have not been able to conceive, you bought your “designer babies”.

You designed the babies right down to the color of the eyes, the sex, the color of hair, the personality and you think you’re fooling someone and you think you have the perfect child. That child is not going to live out half of its days. It’s just a clone. Some of you have already been exposed.

The media already called you—the child, the little girl names, you know who you are. She’s known as an alien. You can look in her eyes and you’ll not see a soul there. These are the words that I have to say this day.
Our only weapon is prayer. Our only weapon is asking our ABBA YAHUVEH to take vengeance on these evil scientists who recreate life.

They say, “We can do it better as we use science as a god.” So the scientist is looked to as creator. The scientist is looked as god but there is but ONE—and the scientists are used by the governments of the world to do genocide on the people, or to control the people or to recreate them in the image they want to be so they can control them.

And this Rubicon right now, this drug that is injected into the people—in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, the Shed Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH stands against it right now.

And as I said, a prophet can only do two things if they’re a true prophet; and a prophet blesses those YAHUVEH says to bless and curses those YAHUVEH says to curse; and it comes to pass. A true prophet knows the power of ALMIGHTY YAHUVEH and I have been told how to pray against these scientists.
And now I will ask the Holy to pray against these scientists. And in the end right now I just ask one thing and that is BELOVED YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, the SPIRIT and the Bride say, “Come”—YOUR SPIRIT, YOUR PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT, our PRECIOUS MOMMA RUACH HA KODESH, the SPIRIT and the Bride say, “Come YAHUSHUA, come!” (Rv 22:17).

For we know we are to be in this world, but we are not to become like this world . And we walk on top of hell and demons try to grab us all around. And we walk amongst even aliens. There’s never been a time like this. It’s Sodom and Gomorrah all over the world.

Where is one nation, one country, just one, one island on the face of this earth that will stand for WHO the Bible says is the TRUE YAHUVEH and says is the TRUE MESSIAH WHO is YAHUSHUA? This is the nation, this is the country that will see signs, wonders and miracles follow. This is the nation, this is the country, this is the island that will never go hungry, where YAHUVEH HIMSELF will defend you.

Where are you? We want to live there. The Holy want to live there for we’re coming into the days of Ananias and Saphira again and they will not be able to step foot on the land that truly stands for YAHUVEH.

It’s not Israel. Israel is no longer a Holy land. Israel will be a Holy land when YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH comes again, but Israel does more abortions and Israel has the gay pride parades. Israel, you’re no longer Holy. You once stood for Holiness and you will once again but right now you’re steeped in sin just like every other nation and every other country.

It’s only when YAHUSHUA comes and when HE rules and reigns, when HE steps HIS Foot on Mount Olives and it splits, then you’ll be Holy again. People you’ve got to take this seriously. YAHUVEH is never too early and HE’s never too late.

I’ve got to believe that this drug is only now being devised. I pray that it hasn’t already been completed, but woe be unto the scientists who have done it.

Prayer is your only weapon. Prayer is our only weapon. The Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH—when you see the chem trails in the air, ha, every newspaper around the world would have been reporting it—plead the Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH on those chem trails. Reverse the curse back upon the one who sprays it in the air. Reverse the curse back upon the one who created it.

They think they are immune to it. The rich think they have the antibiotic, but ABBA YAHUVEH, a long time ago, YOU told me to prove to them that their antibiotic will not work. By their own weapon of destruction they shall die, but it is not going to touch those who are covered in the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. That alone is the greatest weapon of all.

To be covered in the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, means you walk Holy. You do not behave like this world. “Choose ye this day which god you will serve” (Jos 24:15). You can’t play church and think you’re going to be saved.
There is a standard for Holiness and YAHUSHUA is our example. When you mess up—and I’m not saying there’s such thing as a perfect person, for all have sinned and fell short of the glory of YAHUVEH. There’s only ONE PERFECT PERSON that walked the face of this earth and it’s YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, but you do your very, very best to be pleasing unto ABBA YAHUVEH.

You who think you’re going in the Rapture, you better have a Testimony as of Enoch. That is our constant prayer. That was given to me in a dream—that we are to be as Enoch and before we’re translated to Heaven, before he was translated to Heaven, he had this Testimony [that] he was found pleasing YAHUVEH.

If you’re not found pleasing YAHUVEH, if you think you can do the stuff that Riley (at 5 Doves) says, and you can do anything you want, and everyone is going to backslide—Pastor Riley, I’m coming for you! This ministry is coming for you! In the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH!

You are a liar straight from the pit of hell to teach people it is alright to sin and they’ll still be caught up to meet YAHUSHUA in the air. You are a liar straight from the pit of hell and I’ve read your garbage and I see you leading the masses astray. People want to hear that. They want to be patted on the head and say, “Go ahead and sin, It’s ok. All you have to do is say this little salvation prayer. I’m guaranteeing you Heaven.”
You are a liar and all those who preach his lying gospel from hell, you are a liar.

When in truth YAHUSHUA said, “Why do you call me LORD and not obey ME? How can you say you love ME and not obey ME?” The truth is, “Be ye Holy as I am Holy.” That’s the Truth.

You are a liar Pastor Riley. You who set your Rapture dates and come and go and people are too afraid to rebuke you! August 1, 2008…I laugh in your face. I laugh in your face.

It’s sad because the ones you’re leading astray are those who truly, truly do love YAHUSHUA, but you have lied to them. And you told them, “Live your life any way you want. It’s ok. HE doesn’t expect you to be perfect. YAHUSHUA/Jesus Christ doesn’t expect you to keep the 10 Commandments. It’s ok. Whether you want it or not, you’re all going in the Rapture.”

You are a liar straight from the pit of hell and I believe you are a government plant. I believe the Rapture that you set these people up for are going to be a permanent Rapture but it’s not being taken to Heaven. And I didn’t know I was going to say any of this but it all goes together. Lying pastors… Lying prophets… Patting people on the head… Anything goes. Feel good prophets… make sure you don’t say anything to upset the people!

Well, I’m not afraid of offending you. The greatest offence that I can give you is if you wind up in hell. I am afraid and I fear—in every bit of my being, mind, body, spirit and soul—I fear offending YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and the PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH! That’s WHO I fear.

I know where I go when I leave this earth. You’d better live each day as though it’s your last. You’d better live each day as though it’s the Rapture. Although the truth is how few are going to be in that first Rapture. It’s only, I repeat only Revelation 14, the first fruits are redeemed from the earth. Read it for yourself.

And the second Rapture, it will be when the Two Witnesses are killed and the martyrs are killed at the same time. These are the dead in YAHUSHUA that rise first and the Bible says that we which are alive will be caught up to meet HIM in the air. That is the Revelation 7 who are sealed and protected on this earth as well as whoever else HE wants to take with HIM at that time.

I am not even going to conceive because I don’t have that much of a revelation on the second Rapture but I do know that much. There’s more than one Rapture.

I was given an audible Word, “First one Rapture, then another for those that I love.” And I firmly, firmly, firmly believe I know at least there are two of them.

Getting back to what I say and you know how to pray oh Holy intercessors, these scientists brains are turned into mush.

That’s all I have to say. This is the way I was told to pray. And this is going to be in our prayers from now on. They will be stopped and the TRUE CREATOR will stop it. And woe be unto these scientists who have done this. You created your own weapon of destruction and YAHUVEH is not easily mocked. In the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Amen.

End of Elisheva’s Prayer

When I was praying for the meaning of the dream with another prophet I was given the revelation how Rubicon was first discovered. There is a drug or poison being used to send soldiers into war and they would not have any fear, creating the ultimate martyr. Then the scientists did the opposite of this drug and created the formula for Rubicon that is to cause fear.

I was amazed when we did the research and looked up what the word Rubicon meant because I never heard that word before. Because Rubicon is a river in Italy I have to wonder if they are going to use the water sources to spread this Rubicon.

Transcriber’s Comments: Wikipedia (2009) says this about the Rubicon, a river in Italy: "Crossing the Rubicon" is a popular idiom meaning to go past a point of no return and refers to Julius Caesar crossing the river in 49 BC deliberately as an act of war. The (Rubicon) river is notable as Roman law prohibits the Rubicon from being crossed by any Roman Army legion. The river was considered to mark the boundary between the Roman province of Cisalpine Gaul to the north and Italy proper to the south; the law thus protected the republic from internal military threat. When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his army in 49 BC, supposedly on January 10 of the Roman calendar, to make his way to Rome, he broke that law and made armed conflict inevitable. According to historian Suetonius, Caesar uttered the famous phrase alea iacta est ("the die is cast").[1] Suetonius also described how Caesar was apparently still undecided as he approached the river, and the author gave credit for the actual moment of crossing to a supernatural apparition. The phrase "crossing the Rubicon" has survived to refer to any people committing themselves irrevocably to a risky and revolutionary course of action – similar to the current phrase "passing the point of no return*". It also refers, in limited usage, to its plainer meaning of using military power in a non-receptive homeland.

*The point of no return is the point beyond which someone, or some group of people, must continue on their current course of action, either because turning back is physically impossible, or because to do so would be prohibitively expensive or dangerous. It is also used when the distance or effort required to get back would be greater than the remainder of the journey or task as yet undertaken.

A particular irreversible action (e.g., setting off an explosion or signing a contract) can be a point of no return, but the point of no return can also be a calculated point during a continuous action (such as in aviation).

After I transcribed this prayer I saw three visions as I rested in the SPIRIT. I share them as I believe they are significant to this prayer.

1) A middle aged man of around 33, ordinary white guy with brown hair, wearing neon orange frames on sun glasses, carrying a file box going into a building. Walking or going left.

If he’s a scientist with information re this rubicon I pray against him and all the information in his file box, that YAHUVEH will destroy it in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Name and nothing will materialize of these plans to cause fear in people so they can be controlled by the anti-messiah [through it].

2) Then I saw a bronze buddha, with its eyes closed, facing to the right. I prayed against the spirit of buddha in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. That whatever curses are sent by the buddhists return back upon their own heads in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and have no harmful effect against the Holy ones of YAHUSHUA.

3) The 3 of spades which to me represents the unholy trinity: the anti-messiah, the false prophet and the devil. I pray the unholy trinity will not go before YAHUVEH’S timing and I pray the Holy will be protected from them in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and I pray we are invisible to the enemy’s eyes and ears in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. I pray YAHUVEH protects those who are HIS in Buddhist countries in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Amen.

Apostle Elisheva Elisheva
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