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Elisheva Reads A Scroll In Heaven

A Dream That Stirred Up The Anointing
For Prophecy 81 To Be Spoken Through Elisheva

January 24, 2006

I had a dream that stirred up the anointing in my wife Elisheva and then Prophecy 81, "O Yisrael, I, YAHUVEH, Rebuke You!" came forth as soon as I spoke the dream below.

YAHUVEH said that we were to post two dreams and the Prophets would come forth with the gift of discerning dreams. This is the only reason we share these dreams because the Bible says, 'YAHUVEH speaks forth in dreams, visions, revelations, and prophecies'. These two dreams YAHUVEH says, is very important that the Bride of YAHUSHUA understands and discerns correctly.

Please pray and ask for the discernment and send it to us. We shall then post what the RUACH ha KODESH gives witness to.


I was watching a small group of people walking up a long flight of stairs. Next thing I know, I was up in a room and these people were in this room and they were all sitting at different tables. The impression I got was that they were waiting for something. There was one woman I zeroed in on and noticed, it was Elisheva sitting at a table, alone. I walked over and stood behind her and put my hands on her shoulders.

Then Elisheva got up and three other women at the other tables got up also, and they all went into what I thought was a bathroom. (Elisheva heard the word cleansing room when I told her this dream). When the women were in the bathroom, I saw an aquarium in the room and I went and sat next to it and I was looking into the aquarium but I didn't see anything in it. Then the women came out of the bathroom, and they all stood in the middle of what looked like a dance floor and they started dancing and looking at each other, singing and dancing and very excited, shouting with joy because their bodies had changed. They couldn't believe what they were seeing, their bodies looked so beautiful and different.

Then Elisheva and another woman came over to the aquarium. Elisheva and the woman were looking into the aquarium and they could see and read a scroll in the aquarium that no one else could see. Elisheva started reading it aloud. I cannot remember the beginning of the scroll that she was reading, but I remember she did read this:

"You will hear about and you will know and you will see Elisheva Elisheva, and you had better believe what she is speaking and obey the words I give unto her, because I am going to save 67 people from this scroll alone!"

I looked at Elisheva and I said, "This scroll is from YAHUSHUA because HE is the only one that can save souls. YAHUSHUA wrote that scroll!" We were just amazed and dumbfounded in disbelief.

The next thing I knew, there was a group of people gathering around Elisheva while she was praying. They were expecting immediate miracles while she prayed. Many times the miracles didn't happen right away, and the people were getting discouraged and even Elisheva herself was getting discouraged. I was there to tell them not to be discouraged, that they WILL see these miracles come to pass in YAHUVEH'S timing. Some people were angry and discouraged and started calling Elisheva a false prophet.

Then Elisheva was praying in Holy Tongues over what looked like a chinese cooking wok and holding one of her hands over the wok. I was looking in the wok from above her and all of a sudden, green olives started appearing in the wok. There were 3 rows with 4 olives in each row, 12 olives in total and they were all separate from each other. Then as she was praying, she started shaking the wok and all these olives rolled together to the bottom of the wok. She got real excited (happy) and started showing all the people what was in the wok.

End of dream.

After that dream, as I was speaking it to Elisheva and she heard about the olives, she started speaking in Holy tongues praying and she shouted with joy, "Twelve tribes! YAHUSHUA said the olives are the 12 tribes and HE is going to use me to bring them together!"

Then the next thing that happened was prophecy 81 as she was praying in Holy Tongues. "OH, YISRAEL, I, YAHUVEH, REBUKE YOU!"