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Going to Singapore! Bride Come Forth!

I had this dream last November, here is the transcript. Associate Minister Shengyah has since told me that Singapore’s official languages are English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. Singapoure is truly a nation that can be used to reach many other parts of the world for YAHUSHUA’S (Hebrew for JESUS’) Glory!

We’ve already been reaching Singapore for many years, but YAHUSHUA is going to bring the Anointing in a new way! If you are the pastor called to work along side this ministry, please contact me.


This is November 18, 2015, Beloved Children, I was looking [at an email] and then I wrote you […] I had written that email after YAH told me to take another look at it, but HE had given instructions how it is so important…

I fell asleep immediately after and I had a dream. And ABBA YAH had already given a word […] how special HIS [Asian Bride, the Chinese Bride and those persecuted in Asia.] There is something so special about HIS [Asian] Bride. And then YAHUSHUA speaking to me and HE was telling me about the price that they pay. And how–just like what?—twenty years ago, I remember it was in my time, they were standing them before the firing squad, if the even had a Bible, or if they did not reject the Name of JESUS.


And so I had a dream and in my dream…It went into a dream and it was Shengyah. I am so excited about this. We are calling this man or woman forth as I speak this.

And in my dream I saw Shengyah. And she was with me, and we had to travel to the Bride in Singapore. I was so excited about it and was making arrangement with Shengyah, which of course I don’t physically go [for now.] But I was so excited about Singapore

End of Dream.

And I don’t even know the language they speak. Somebody has got to tell me if they are speaking the Mandarin [Chinese]…I don’t know anything about this. It’s outside my Anointing to know all the countries and their languages […], but I know I was very, very excited to reach—I don’t know if there is such a word as Singaporean—the Bride in Singapore. And what nobody knows, not even my sister listening right now—I’m not very good at remembering dates […]

Now the good subject, that you don’t know—a pastor I cannot tell you which year, I think it was 1996 and ’97. A pastor from Singapore had read some of the Prophecies and he wanted me to come. He had a huge church in Singapore. And he wanted me to come to help in his church, to minister in his church, and to be Prophet of his church. I was seriously considering doing this at the time. I just wanted to run away [from the abusive household I was then held captive in.]

Thank YAH, HE blocked the door at that time, [because it was not yet time.] There was no Joseph Wong at that time. I hadn’t yet reached anyone that I knew of Asia other than the Singapore Pastor.

To try to convince me, he was even saying “We will find [him, your prophesied soulmate.] He could be here somewhere in Singapore.”

He told me, he said—this is so awesome because look how many Asians we are reaching now—he told me, he tried to convince me and he said, “You come to Singapore.” And he wrote, “We have McDonalds, and we have Kentucky Fried Chicken.” And he really thought that was going to get me to Singapore.

And what I’m trying to tell you is I am now praying that that pastor, who had a large church in Singapore, that FATHER [YAHUVEH] will lead me to him, or lead him back to this Ministry.

Is this the man I that I have just had a dream about? I don’t know. I only know I was called to Singapore so many years ago. Of course it wasn’t YAH’S Timing, but now, [as] in my dream, I am being called to find the Bride of Singapore.

So this is exciting to me, and Shengyah you were with me. Just all of you agree, we are going to reach the Bride of Singapore, and that’s all I know and that’s pretty much it. […]


That’s what I wanted to tell you and encourage you. Another branch of the Ministry, another Bride and that’s going to be Singapore.

Kathrynyah, do we even have…?

Kathrynyah: Yes! These are faithful people.

Elisheva: Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh, this is so exciting! […] This is awesome […] We’re already reaching them. Gosh, but I pray that pastor raises up though, that came to me. […] Oh my gosh, this is going to bless them so much that YAHUSHUA is saying to reach out to the Bride in Singapore.