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Pat Robertson in Bed with the Devil and Rudi Giuliani

Elisheva's Dream
November 15, 2007

Pat Robertson in Bed with
the Devil and Rudi Giuliani

Elisheva went to Pat Robertson’s house. He was entertaining aliens. Rudi Giuliani was there. She overheard their conversation. Pat Robertson was saying, “I will guarantee you the Christians’ votes if you allow me to run things behind the scenes because I have always wanted to be President.” (She knew when she was looking at him he was no longer Pat Robertson, that he had been programmed to say the things that he was saying. The real Pat Robertson wasn’t even there.) And, Rudi agreed. He laughed and he said, “Yeah, I am the lesser of two evils aren’t I?” Then he laughed a really evil laugh.

She saw homosexuals come into the room, men and women, along with alien creatures. She got in closer and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, because at one time she too trusted Pat Robertson as a spiritual leader. Now she’s seen him for the devil that he is, a Judas. She knew he was to be used to lead all the Christians who followed him to the antichrist. She started talking out loud because she was so horrified, thinking no one could hear her. She said, “I’m going to warn everyone.” Even though she spoke softly, all of the sudden they heard her. They turned to look at her. The homosexual women (lesbians) were the first to see her and they started chasing her. She heard Pat Robertson and Rudi Giuliani yell, “Get her, stop her.”

Elisheva was trying to run down these steep stairs to get away and any one who knows her knows she has trouble with stairs. So she could only go down them slowly one at a one holding onto a rail. The lesbian women caught her. They started trying to defile her. We won’t go into detail but she was trying to fight them off. They were trying to pull her back into Pat Robertson’s house, saying, “You will fail. No one will listen to you. Pat Robertson has promised us the Christians votes. We will win. There’s more of us who have the power. We have the White House standing behind us.” They were taunting her.

The dream ended.

(That is Pat Robertson’s motivation. He was promised behind the scenes he would be the President.)