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For those called to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA, that are in Unequally Yoked Marriages

August 12, 2008

Transcribed from audio tape:

This dream was on August 12 and it was after reading what .............. had written (on the YDS forum) and my beloved husband did not hear from YAHUVEH, so Niko started working on gathering Prophecies together about what YAH thinks of unequally yoked marriages. And as usual we just wait for a Word to come forth. We already had the Prophetic Words from YAHUVEH so I wasn’t really expecting this dream. When I had this dream I wasn’t going to tell Niko because I thought it was stupid (laughs) and sometimes our most “stupidest” dreams are the deepest dreams.

This time YAHUSHUA gave me a dream that was a parable, my very first parable. (Laughs) “Parables are terrible” if you don’t have (laughs) discernment.My husband gave me a look like you wouldn’t believe, but it’s the truth. I just want to add one more thing, I woke up with the worst head pain right in the center of my forehead, where I know that the seal is, the seal for the Bride. My son saw it before, when I was first ordained as an Apostle. I didn’t know what it was then. Now I do. And it was that horrible, horrible pressure pain. But the miracle part was when I started telling Niko the dream, when I felt led, and I kept hearing, “You’ve got to tell Niko the dream.” And I thought, “No, he’s not in a good mood. I don’t think so.” But (chuckles) as I obeyed and I did tell him by the time I spoke the whole dream, the pressure in my head was gone and not only that, I had discernment. This is for all those in dangerous unequally yoked marriages, we have 5 men right now, like the “5 Wise Virgins”, plus we’ve got K of course but we’re talking about the men right now and all of them are spiritually unequally yoked and all of them are not to be in these unequally yoked marriages as YAHUVEH has decreed. These men are going to prove who they love the most, whether it be their rebellious heathen wives, those that want to walk in rebellion, or whether it be their Beloved YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH. Some of these men have already made their decision for YAHUSHUA, PRAISE YAHUSHUA!

Here’s the dream. Boy I hope I can do this. I need help in remembering because so many things have been coming at us, like an onslaught, like an avalance. Ugh….OK.


I was engaged to be married to a man and the man wasn’t very nice to me. There was a set date for the marriage and I was supposed to be out buying my things that a “Bride-to-be” buys and it was going to be a big, beautiful, fancy wedding but the man who I thought YAHUVEH wanted me to marry, that was the only reason I was going to marry this man was because I thought YAHUVEH wanted me to marry him. And he knew I thought YAHUVEH wanted me to marry him. So he got in this great big huge fight with me on purpose to delay the wedding, so I could not prepare for the wedding or buy my wedding garment. And he knew that any time he wanted to he could manipulate me and say, “The wedding is back on.” But he wanted me to make sure that I do not get all the blessings that a bride would prepare and buy before hand when she plans her big wedding. I was very, very depressed and very unhappy because I didn’t want to marry this man but I thought I was being forced to because of what YAHUVEH wanted.

In between this, I saw Kathrynyah, in my dream. Kathrynyah also was engaged to be married and she was with her Bridegroom. I just knew that she kept popping in and out of the room that I was in and she would say just one thing, “Oops! Gotta’ go shopping!” And she was laughing, happy and rejoicing that she has a loving generous bridegroom. I looked at her sadly each time she did this and I’m thinking, “That should be me! I should be able to go shopping for my wedding!” But instead I was engaged to this evil man. I’m going to call him evil now because I didn’t like him at all. He was controlling and very manipulative and my family felt sorry for me and they kept saying, “Don’t worry. He’ll say the marriage is back on again. It’s just his timing.”

In the meantime there’s another man. He wanted to be my Bridegroom. He loved me so much. He said, “There’s not anything I won’t give you. I don’t want you to be unhappy. I don’t want you to be miserably married. Come marry me instead. I won’t insult you. I won’t abuse you. I won’t be cheap with you. I won’t manipulate you.” And I did, I loved this other man, but because I thought I had made a vow to YAHUVEH, and HE wanted me to marry the mean guy, I was confused and I was torn and I didn’t know what to do.

So the ending of the dream is…the mean bridegroom was laughing at me and he was saying, “Yeah, well, you could be with the other guy you know.” I looked at him and I said, “You know that I really believe that YAHUVEH had told me to marry you.” He just laughed at me because he knew he was in control of the situation. Everything was going to be his way. And basically it would be if I would marry him I was doomed to be miserably married. Then the telephone rang and I woke up with a horrible pain in my head until I spoke this dream.

End of Dream

When I first started telling Niko I didn’t have a clue what the dream meant. Niko kept saying, “I’m not cheap am I?” I said, “Well, in the beginning of our marriage you were but you’re not any more.”

Niko: “Erase that off the tape…”

Elisheva: (Chuckling) I got comments from the “Peanut Gallery” over here. I said, “Don’t worry I didn’t want to tell you. I know you’re not my mean bridegroom. This has got to have a spiritual meaning.

All of a sudden YAHUSHUA said, “I have given you a parable in the dream. It’s the ‘5 Wise Virgins’, and it pertains to the Bride”. And I’m like, “Yeah! Whoa! I now got the meaning”, so here goes. And some of you will even get more of a meaning.

Dream Interpretation:

There are part of the Bride, both male and female, some who are miserably married. They are miserably married and they have put up with the insults, put up with the manipulation, they have put up with the control because they made a vow a long time ago and they think YAHUVEH told them to do it. But YAHUVEH didn’t. And then there are those who are not miserably married yet they are in a spiritually unequally yoked marriages. That is the whole key to all of this. YAHUVEH did not put them in this marriage it was their own flesh. YAHUVEH wants you to be free. Kathrynyah is in the dream. She already knows she can go shopping. She has access to everything in Heaven and nothing is her Bridegroom withholding from her. Kathrynyah is in this position because she has divorced her spiritually unequally yoked husband in March of this year. This is why she is getting ready for her marriage to YAHUSHUA, our MASHIACH.

In the dream I have somebody who loves me very, very much. As the Ringmaiden I have to play both sides of the party I guess, those of the miserably married ones and those of the Bridegroom. And I have someone who loves me very, very much and HE wants to give me everything. HE wants to give me all access to Heaven. HE wants to call me HIS Bride. But in the dream I’m torn. In reality I’m not torn. I just want to put that on record. In the dream I have to show the other side of those who are torn in these unequally yoked marriages.

The main message of the dream is you’ve got a choice, you can stay in your miserable marriages, thinking you’re pleasing YAHUVEH when you’re not, for a vow you made a long time ago. Or you can be the Bride of YAHUSHUA, our MASHIACH, who wants to give you a life of happiness and all access to Heaven. One of the blessings is you won’t have to go through the Great Tribulation if your Rev. 14 Bride. HE loves you so very, very, very much, just as HE loves me in the dream. I’ve made my choice. I gave up my miserable marriage of many, many years, thinking I had to keep a vow to a GOD I didn’t even know back then. And now I’m very happily married not only on this earth but I belong to YAHUSHUA who is my BRIDEGROOM, my first BRIDEGROOM. And like Niko said, “It’s no coincidence we have five men right now who are making this decision and some have chosen YAHUSHUA over their heathen wives,” and all of them made earthly vows. So that is the meaning. That is the parable of the dream. If others get more out of it let me know but it wasn’t a foolish dream. It was a dream to set people free. And it’s not even just for the Bride, it’s for all those who love YAHUSHUA. HE does not want people who belong to HIM to be miserably married. That is not what marriage is about.

I remember a long time ago HE told me, HE said, “Elisheva, if you think there’s a reward waiting for you in Heaven because you stayed miserably married, you’re wrong.” That’s what HE told me. I guess I did think I was going to get a reward for staying miserably married but when HE tells you to leave, you leave, because if you don’t, then you’ve chosen that miserable marriage. (Read Elisheva's Testimony)

Niko: You won’t be married to YAHUSHUA if you are called to be HIS Bride and you choose to stay in an unequally yoked marriage, this is the bottom line.

Elisheva: That’s just the harsh reality. The Bride of YAHUSHUA, when they’re told to split, they have to split. And that’s that heathen husband or wife’s choice because the time is now dangerous to be in an unequally yoked household. They’ll be the ones that turn you in and Niko and I also got this revelation, we always thought that the danger would be during the Great Tribulation. We no longer believe that. We’re seeing YAHUSHUA use the dividing sword so many times. You’re not doing HIM any favor by seeing you cry and be miserable and insulted and manipulated and controlled, constantly having to choose, being forced to compromise or you can’t live with that spouse. So this is the meaning of the dream and I look forward to seeing what others say. The new parable of the Five Wise Virgins, get out of these miserable marriages while you can before it’s too late and will cost you your life.

Niko: It’ll cost you being the Bride of YAHUSHUA.

Elisheva: It’ll cost you being the Bride.

Niko: That’s the most important thing. You can’t be married to YAHUSHUA if you stay in this heathen marriage. HE won’t marry you because you’re choosing this other heathen woman or man.

Elisheva: That’s exactly what it means. It means you love that heathen woman or man more than you do YAHUSHUA. I know what I chose and I pray that whoever listens to this you’ll make the right choice too because our YAHUSHUA, our Beloved MASHIACH, only wants the best for you and not the worst. Over and out!

Apostle Elisheva Elisheva

Mat 10:32
Then everyone who shall confess Me before men, I will confess him before My Father who is in Heaven.
Mat 10:33
But whoever shall deny Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in Heaven.
Mat 10:34
Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth. I did not come to send peace, but a sword.
Mat 10:35
For I have come to set a man against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
Mat 10:36
And a man's enemies shall be those of his own household.
Mat 10:37
He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.
Mat 10:38
And he who does not take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me.
Mat 10:39
He who finds his life shall lose it. And he who loses his life for My sake shall find it.
Mat 10:40
He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me.
Mat 10:41
He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward. And he who receives a just one in the name of a just one will receive a just one's reward.
Mat 10:42
And whoever shall give to one of these little ones a cup of cold water to drink, only in the name of a disciple, truly I say to you, He shall in no way lose his reward.

Neh 13:23
At that time I also discovered that many of the Jewish men had married women from Ashdod, Ammon, and Moab.
Neh 13:24
Half of their children spoke the language of Ashdod or some other language and didn't know how to speak our language.
Neh 13:25
I reprimanded the men, called down curses on them, beat them, and pulled out their hair. Then I made them take an oath in God's name that never again would they or their children intermarry with foreigners.
Neh 13:26
I told them, "It was foreign women that made King Solomon sin. Here was a man who was greater than any of the kings of other nations. God loved him and made him king over all of Israel, and yet he fell into this sin.
Neh 13:27
Are we then to follow your example and disobey our God by marrying foreign women?"
Neh 13:28
Joiada was the son of Eliashib the High Priest, but one of Joiada's sons married the daughter of Sanballat, from the town of Beth Horon, so I made Joiada leave Jerusalem.
Neh 13:29
Remember, God, how those people defiled both the office of priest and the covenant you made with the priests and the Levites.
Neh 13:30
I purified the people from everything foreign; I prepared regulations for the priests and the Levites so that all of them would know their duties;
Neh 13:31
I arranged for the wood used for burning the offerings to be brought at the proper times, and for the people to bring their offerings of the first grain and the first fruits that ripened. Remember all this, O God, and give me credit for it.