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Look Out, West Virginia!

From: Jason Adams
To: Contact Us
Subject: West Virginia
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 07:28:23 -0700 (PDT)

Just read your dream of West Virginia. Having grown up there,I can probably shine some light on it. The entire Ohio valley is occupied by chemical plants,coal mines,power stations so it is a likely target. My personal opinion though, knowing about all the chemical and more than likely bio-chemical plants in West Virginia, even an accident,though not necessarily a terrorist attack,would effectively cause the government to quarintine the entire state .

Tell the people they must humble themselves and fall on their knees and repent for this NOT to take place and pray for YAHUSHUA's Mercy! Only one other time did I have dreams back to back like this. West Virginia is coming under the wrath of Almighty God and only prayer will stop it!

Something is going to block anyone from going in or out it will be as if it wasn't there. I said to someone "What happened? It's like the Government wants to keep something secret." Something supernatural happens and I saw this.

April 24, 1998 1:00 am, I awoke with a dream that was so real. I saw a 3-D map made of what looked like clay. Printed on one of the states sticking out, I saw the name WEST VIRGINIA. Then I saw a HUGE hand come and snap or break WEST VIRGINIA off of the map! IT WASN'T THERE ANYMORE!

It was GRAY CLAY in this big hand and when I told someone about my dream they said no one expected this and no one was able to enter WEST VIRGINIA for it was like there were NO entrances anymore! Then I said "But did you hear how there is something very supernatural going on.

End of dream.

Three hours later, I had a dream again after getting up and answering e-mail and checking the internet Church site. When God gives me a dream I listen, but when he speaks TWICE I really listen!

I was standing by Sheila Walsh who used to be with Pat Robertson. She was very concerned as she listened and said Pat must hear this I need to get you to Pat so you can tell him and he can pray and get the people to humble themselves, repent, and ask for Mercy this does NOT come to pass. We both ran to catch what appeared to be a car waiting for US.

End of dream.

The people in West Virginia must PRAY for Mercy on their state. I have never been to West Virginia nor know anyone there. I live in Indiana. Why YAHUSHUA wants me to sound the alarm I don't know. But he sends HIS prophets to WARN before he sends the DOOM.

In closing, if you belong to YAHUSHUA then you know God did NOT give us the spirit of FEAR, but of Power, Love and a sound mind. But Please PRAY that this dream does NOT come true ...That the Holy Spirit will show West Virginia or Pat or Sheila Walsh what has angered him so. What it means for HIS hand to break off West Virginia as though it was a lump of Grey CLAY and why there was NO entrances in? And what tragedy is planned? A nuclear attack? A Hurricane?