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Media And Tech Giants Are
Systematically Censoring The Internet!

July 16, 2018

Called “The Censorship Master Plan Decoded,” or also known as simply “The Adams Report,” the paper spells out the cost to society of so much censorship (which, full disclosure, the social media giants deny), and the inherent damage to our political, social, and cultural discussions as a result of suppressing views that don’t align with the groupthink of the Left.

What’s more, the report is revolutionary in that it is the first of its kind: Thus far, no one else has put together such a “compendium” of a data and facts demonstrating clearly that not only is censorship of conservative content by the social media giants taking place, it is designed to have a negative impact on conservative politics moving forward.

Adams notes in the report:

Today’s attacks on the First Amendment are being carried out by a “triple threat” tag-team of institutions:

#1) Tech giants – Their role is to carry out the mechanics of censorship, shadow banning, “doubt interruptions” and other techniques described in this report.

#2) Establishment media – Tasked with promoting the lynch mob mentality of hysteria and hatred which is translated into widespread calls for silencing whatever voices they don’t like: CNN’s insistent demand for InfoWars to be deplatformed from Facebook, for example.

#3) Third party fact-checkers and moderators – These groups, such as the SPLC, Politifact, etc., are given the task of flagging all undesirable political speech (or even speech about natural health, as you’ll see below) as “hate speech,” creating the justification for tech giants to ban or deplatform such accounts without having to accept internal organizational responsibility for discriminating against selected targeted.

He states clearly and emphatically that this triple threat was consciously constructed for the express purpose of stifling news and views that do not comport with liberalism and, increasingly, authoritarian Marxism.

What’s ironic to note, when it comes to the Left’s so-called “fact checkers,” these social media platforms are utilizing handpicked services that share the same ideology so that they can ‘credibly’ claim that the censorship of “right-wing” material is in the public’s best interests. They are, in short, deciding what Americans can and cannot be exposed to when it comes to information.

Thus, we are now faced with a kind of perfect storm in America — a ‘free speech apocalypse’ — where all the institutions that once called for protections of the freedom of expression are now actively conspiring to exterminate it. This coordinated attack on free speech is now taking place in plain view. The agenda is not hidden, nor is it even debatable that this is taking place,” Adams writes.

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