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Happy Hanukkah!!
Chag Hanukkah Sameach!!

Hanukkah--also spelled Chanukah. Hanukkah--means "dedication" and is also referred to as "The Festival of Lights", is a Jewish festival which begins on the Hebrew date of the 25th of Kislev and lasts eight days, through the 2nd of Tevet. That corresponds to...

Hanukkah commemorates the victory of the Maccabees (led by Judah) over the Hellenistic Syrians in a revolt that took place around 165 BCE (note: Jews use BCE--Before the Common Era and CE--the Common Era instead of BC and AD).

The victory in itself was considered a miracle, but Jewish legend gives an additional explanation for Hanukkah rituals, explained below. Once the Temple Mount in Jerusalem had been reclaimed, the Temple had to be rededicated. According to legend, only one jar of sacramental oil was found, enough for one day. Miraculously, the oil burned for eight days, thus the eight days of Hanukkah.

The most important Hanukkah ritual is the candle lighting. Jews light candles in a special candleholder called a "menorah" or a "hanukkiah". Each night, one more candle is added. The middle candle, called the "shamash", is used to light each of the other candles and it is lit every night. Therefore, on the first night of Hanukkah, two candles are lit (the shamash and the candle for the first night) and on the last night, there are nine lit candles.

It is traditional to eat foods fried in oil during Hanukkah. Some common foods are potato latkes and "sufganiot" (jelly doughnuts).

Another tradition is to play the "dreidel" game. A dreidel (or "sivivon") is a four-sided top. On each side is a different Hebrew letter: nun (nun), gimel (gimel), heh (heh) and peh (peh), corresponding to the words in the sentence "nes gadol haya po" ("A great miracle happened here"). Of course, the miracle happened in Israel, so outside of Israel, the letter peh (peh) is replaced by shin (shin) for "nes gadol haya sham" ("A great miracle happened there"). The dreidel is used for a gambling game in which each letter represents a different amount of money (or whatever...) won or lost.

Another common Hanukkah practice is giving gifts or "gelt" (money) to children. In Hebrew, "gelt" is called "d'mei Hanukkah"

In Israel, Hanukkah is a very festive time. Schools are out for a week and there are lots of parties and special events around the country. We sing Hanukkah songs (like the one playing in the background), eat lots of food and have lots of fun!

What is the SHAMISH?

After the temple was recovered, the temple menorah was lit. It was never to be extinguished but there was only enough oil to last one day. It took eight days to obtain more oil. When they returned with the oil, to their surprise, the lamp was still burning. We light candles in our Hanukkah menorah for eight nights to remember this miracle. The candle which stands higher on the menorah is called the shamish. It is used to light the other candles during Chanukah. It symbolizes YAHUSHUA, The Light of the World! The first night of Chanukah we light the servant and use it to light one other candle. The second night the shamish and two other candles are lit, etc. etc., until on the eighth night all nine candles (including the Shamish) are lit.

Beloved of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA ,
Happy, Blessed, Miracle Filled Hanukkah To YOU!

This is Elisabeth, and I thank everyone who has supported, written and encouraged us through out this year. I know YAHUSHUA will richly bless you. I have been given a mandate from YAHUSHUA to share what He has recently put upon my heart, and that is to tell you what HE has personally taught me about Hanukkah and the importance of celebrating these Eight (8) Holy Days.

During this time we are to read and study all the ways YAHUSHUA is mentioned as the Light of this world (John 8:12;John 9:5) or symbolized as our guiding light. Read about the miracle of the Maccabees. Read about YAHUSHUA's conception and how the Angel Gabriel came to bring the glad tidings to Mary.

Matthew 1:18-20
18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost.
19 Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a publick example, was minded to put her away privily.
20 But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.

If only the orthodox Jews would understand that there is a greater miracle for Hanukkah than the Maccabees' 1 day oil miracle that lasted for 8 days. That greater miracle and that is the living anointing oil named YAHUSHUA's miracle conception.


A Sister in YAHUSHUA named Kathy told me recently on the telephone that she kept seeing a Blue Menorah for me. She looked for a Blue Menorah to buy for me and couldn't find one. (I found one, at least the picture anyway, and there it is!) She said YAHUSHUA told her to tell me to expect 8 miracles for Hanukkah.

I now also feel led to share this with all those that want the same blessings of these 8 miracles as we light the Menorah together each day. Pray for one miracle for each time you light a candle during these 8 days. As it lines up with the will of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, so it shall come to pass. The blue color she saw represents anointing. The Ruach taught me during this time all that I have written below. I learned none of this from another human, but from Heaven in the month of December 2005 which I now share with you.

We give gifts to one another during these 8 days, symbolizing our love for one another and give them in the love of YAHUSHUA, But...please don't ruin this by thinking it is only about gift giving and lighting a Menorah. It is so much more!

Please remember at Christmas they decorate with colorful lights, but we know Hanukkah is the festival of dedication and also the true Festival of Lights. During this time, put a display of the Menorah on your lawn or window. Use what the world calls Christmas lights, and decorate them and call them Hanukkah lights. Let everyone know that we embrace the miracles of Hanukkah.

We believe The Light of this world (John 8:12;John 9:5) was conceived sometime during the 8 days of Hanukkah. This is why we celebrate Hanukkah...we celebrate YAHUSHUA, the Light, without whose sacrifice we could not be saved! HIS name is YAHUSHUA, which translates to "YAH SAVES." The Greek name given to YAHUSHUA is "JESUS CHRIST," but that name has no translation. We must learn to call YAHUSHUA by His proper Hebrew name his Mother gave HIM. Why would she give her Hebrew baby a Greek name?

In the KJV Bible, HIS name is Immanuel and that means "GOD IS WITH US." But again, when you say the name YAHUSHUA, you are also including our Creator's name 'YAH' who came to us in the form of YAHUSHUA. For YAHUVEH is the FATHER of YAHUSHUA and HE is with us through the name YAHUSHUA. When you read YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, that translates in Hebrew to "YAHUSHUA the Messiah."

If only you can grasp the importance of the anointing in the Hebrew names of YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH, especially during these End Times. It will cause your prayer life to take on a greater anointing. Satan hates the name of YAHUSHUA! The name of 'Jesus' has been counterfeited even by those that have no fear of our Messiah, but seldom does the enemy want to counterfeit the name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! I am not saying there are not some people foolish enough to do this, but it is rare.

The name of CHRISTMAS does not even include our Messiah's name. The name CHRIST translates to anointed. With that translation, anyone that is anointed is a CHRIST! Can you not see how dangerous the word CHRIST is when someone uses it so casually and puts the word Mas at the end, which means Mass? Like in a Catholic Mass? Please understand and study and show yourself approved. Beware of any ministry, evangelist, pastor that calls YAHUSHUA only by the name "Christ."

Our YAHUSHUA is not only the definition of anointed but YAHUSHUA is GOD IN THE FLESH WHO CAME TO US IN THE FORM OF A BABY BORN FROM A VIRGIN! YAHUSHUA was used as a blood sacrifice, for YAHUSHUA never sinned, not in thought or deed. And YAHUSHUA was crucified for our sins, and YAHUSHUA didn't stay dead, but arose on the 3rd day, defeating satan and death. Click here to read about just what YAHUSHUA went through before and during his crucifixion.

And now He rules from Heaven with YAHUVEH our Creator. YAHUSHUA is our one and only Messiah and only through HIS name and Blood can we return to Heaven. YAHUSHUA is the only begotten Son of YAHUVEH!

When I got saved I accepted and said a prayer of repentance and salvation to YAHUSHUA although I admit I didn't call HIM by that name. For I was only held accountable for what I knew and at that time I called him Jesus Christ but at least the name of "JESUS" was included.

Evangelist Billy Graham mainly calls YAHUSHUA "Christ" I am leary of any evangelist that knows the truth and doesn't teach it. How many Pastors know the truth of the seventh day being the Sabbath, and yet refuse to obey or teach it? How many Pastors know the truth about YAHUSHUA's name and refuse to teach it, or refuse to teach about the Sacred Holy Feasts that YAHUSHUA kept. Should we not follow HIS example?

Hanukkah is a reminder of the temple dedication and victory for the Hebrew Maccabees, but we Messianic Jews also believe it is The Conception of YAHUSHUA as HE was dedicated to our Creator YAHUVEH born from a Virgin named Miriam also called Mary. What a day of celebration this is to be! Expect Miracles!

Can you imagine, our body is the Temple of the Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) and Mary's virgin womb conceived the greatest of miracles during this time by immaculate conception with no earthly father a baby in her womb! What a temple dedication and festival of the lights that was! To conceive the Eternal light from Heaven. What a honor! We don't celebrate this on Christmas, we celebrate this everyday but especially we celebrate this on Hanukkah, Sukkot, Passover, and Rosh HaShanah!

One of the many goals of this Ministry is to convey the importance of honoring all the Holy Feast Days and especially celebrating YAHUSHUA during the time of "Hanukkah" and "Sukkot," which we truly believe is YAHUSHUA's Hanukkah miracle conception, as well as Sukkot, YAHUSHUA's Birth. Oh, if only the pastors of the organized churches would feed the flocks the truth instead of man-made days called Christmas and Easter.

The birth of YAHUSHUA has nothing to do with Santa Claus or with the Easter bunny and colored, hard-boiled eggs! What a insult to your beloved Messiah. Now they have passed laws in some states in America where a Nativity scene must have Santa Claus standing by it! America, you will truly be judged for this and many other blasphemies!

Remember, YAHUSHUA is the Living Menorah, HE is the Living Oil that lights all the other Menorah Candles. Without YAHUSHUA's eternal light to guide us, protect us, bless us, deliver us, save us, ha satan would snuff out our lights. YAHUSHUA is the reason we celebrate Hanukkah, as well as the re-dedication of the temple where one day of anointing oil to light the Temple lamp lasted for eight days! YAHUSHUA was symbolized in that oil miracle. The number eight (8) means new beginnings! YAHUSHUA is our NEW BEGINNING! Number nine (9) means Deliverance. YAHUSHUA IS OUR DELIVERER!

Our YAHUSHUA is the LIGHT that will never go out! I was given a mandate to tell the people...even if you have never celebrated Hanukkah before, this Hanukkah give Glory and Honor to YAHUSHUA through this Holy Celebration. Do not be like those who forget the reason for the season. It is so sad that during this Holy Day, it is treated like a pagan holiday and ministries such as this one go in lack as greed and selfishness abound. People forget the reason for the Celebration.

Even YAHUSHUA went to the Temple on Hanukkah and spoke a scripture referring to HIMSELF as the Light. Yes. we are to remember the miracle of the victory of the Maccabees...but the greater miracle is the time of Hanukkah when YAHUSHUA was conceived in Mary's womb, and we honor this miracle.

On the Holy Feast Day called the 'Festival of Booths,' also called Sukkot, we are to honor YAHUSHUA's BIRTH. Not on what is commonly called Christmas. YAHUSHUA was born on Sukkot. Please play and sing the beautiful songs such as Silent Night, and Joy to the World, and sing them at Sukkot. Oh, if only this custom could spread through out the world. Well, it can, one person at a time, one pastor at a time. For who will teach others if we don't?

Please be brave and tell your pastors in your countries the truth...and if they refuse to acknowledge it, shake the dust off your feet and move on. You don't want a pastor that refuses to teach the truth and instead hangs onto man-made lies! We are to conform to YAHUSHUA's image, not man's image!

We are sorry we can't celebrate Hanukkah privately with each person who is reading this and considers this ministry a blessing. But know that we are with you in the Ruach ha Kodesh. We love and appreciate each partner of this ministry who supports us prayerfully and financially. Our Prayers are covering you and we thank you for covering us in the name of YAHUSHUA.

If you can't find a Menorah or found out too late how important this celebration is, we have a on-line Menorah for you so you can light the Menorah with us. Please take this seriously, for if you thought this was a hard year to get through like the ministry team at AmightyWind Ministries, I want you to know you really need to have miracles from Heaven in the name of YAHUSHUA through the shed blood of YAHUSHUA to get through the next year!

On Christmas, the tradition is to have a Christmas dinner, but on Hanukkah we feast for 8 days, and that includes sweets of all kinds. Christmas tradition only has one day and Hanukkah is to be enjoyable and fun filled as well as spiritual for 8 days! Use this time to draw closer to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and expect miracles, because we worship and serve the Creator of Miracles!

We are having a lamb roast because it is a reminder of the lamb of YAHUVEH that was conceived at the time of Hanukkah...As John the Baptist exclaimed when he saw YAHUSHUA coming toward him, "Behold, the Lamb of YAHUVEH that takes away the sin of the world!"

Everyone should do what they can to observe this day. When someone says, "Merry Christmas," now is your chance. If you haven't said it before, say, "Happy Hanukkah!" and then ask that person if they know what Hanukkah is a celebration of? Tell them the story of the Maccabees miracle anointing oil. It was a long process to make Holy anointing oil and they only could find enough already made for one day. However, YAHUVEH multiplied that oil by making it last 8 days!

The sacred Oil was for lighting the oil lamp for the Temple dedication after getting it back from the Greeks, and after it had been desecrated by not only dead bodies filling the temples of the slain...but also when a pig was killed and put on the altar. The Book of Maccabees is not included in the KJV Bible and how sad that is.

Be blessed! Tell the people about our New Testament reason we celebrate Hanukkah which is the conception of our YAHUSHUA MESSIAH.

Teach your children and pass onto them the customs and traditions of these beautiful Holy Days.

Some people give presents to their loved ones for all 8 days. Now don't panic, it doesn't have to be expensive things. Just a reminder of how each day a gift from YAHUVEH was given in the Maccabees' victory. However you want to celebrate Hanukkah, don't forget the scripture reading we have on the live menorah page as a gift to you. Light the candles with us, one for each day, always starting from right to left with the middle candle or main candle. Instructions are there on the Menorah page.

We couldn't send out Hanukkah cards. There hasn't even been time to catch up with emails, so YAHUSHUA put it on my heart to send this Hanukkah card to all our Brothers and Sisters in YAHUSHUA who consider this Ministry a Blessing and we are their family in YAHUSHUA, and we consider you are Partners in this Ministry our Family.

Because this site is visited by people from everywhere, this card is our gift to the entire world!

The reason we celebrate the Hanukkah season are YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! This is not a Holiday, we celebrate the 8 Holy Days. It is not mandatory that you celebrate Hanukkah like the other Holy Feasts, and yet even YAHUSHUA observed it.

We have our Hanukkah lights lit, although I confess Walmart calls them Christmas lights. They are Hanukkah lights to us, and they will stay up even after Hanukkah ends. Take back Hanukkah and celebrate the truth rather than a lie about Santa Claus and reindeer.

Our YAHUSHUA was not born on December 25, but on Sukkot. Celebrate YAHUSHUA's Birth and on Hanukkah. Celebrate YAHUSHUA's miracle conception for without that conception we would have no Messiah. We would have no Holy Blood to cleanse us of our sins so we can return to Heaven.

Without YAHUSHUA's miracle conception, we would have no Eternal light to guide us and light our path to all truth during our lifetime, and we would have no Eternal light to chase away the darkness and Satan. It is only through YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH we have the VICTORY through HIS name and Blood shed for us at Calvary. It is the anointing of the Ruach ha Kodesh that breaks all yokes and bondages.

PRAISE YAHUSHUA for HIS HOLY SPIRIT the RUACH HA KODESH. PRAISE our Creator YAHUVEH for sending us HIS SON YAHUSHUA to be our MASHIACH (Messiah). PRAISE YAHUSHUA! HE IS ALIVE! Death could not hold our YAHUSHUA, Hell could not touch him. If YAHUSHUA had remained dead, we would not have the blessed hope knowing we will return to Heaven with YAHUSHUA and Satan would have been able to claim our souls and taken us to hell.

Read "Why Hanukkah Is Not Just A Replacement For Xmas." Without Hanukkah, we would have been doomed to Hell. After reading this, you will understand what Satan did not want you to know and why YAHUSHUA celebrated Hanukkah. Xmas tried to quench the Menorah flames of Hanukkah. So this year I have received a mandate from Heaven to honor Hanukkah and teach it to you with a zeal I have not done before.

John 10:22-23 - The Menorah proclaims the Good News. Chanukah, also spelled Hanukkah, is mentioned in the Brit Chadasha (New Testament), as YAHUSHUA is seen honoring, observing and celebrating it. Should we not follow HIS example?

It is also seen in Daniel 9:27 with the references to the ceasing of the sacrifices and the descrating of the altar, where the Greek Syrians had mocked YAHUVEH and defiled Him and the Holy Altar by sacrificing a pig in the place of the Holy Sacrifice.

Isn't it interesting that it was the Romans who crucified YAHUSHUA and it was the Roman Catholics that changed the Sabbath Day to Sunday, as well as creating December 25th as the birthday of JESUS CHRIST who we call YAHUSHUA. Why wouldn't it be Rome again that will usher in the antiMessiah (antichrist)? It was the Roman Catholic Pope who changed so many truths into lies. He 'roamed' far from the Truth. Do you ever ask yourself...why does the Pope carry a twisted, contorted cross?

It is the Roman Catholic Church that wants Mother Mary to be included in the Holy Trinity. Mary was not perfect. She called her own Son "Lord". Had she been perefect and sinless, she would have been the one crucified at Calvary as a perfect, sinless sacrifice instead of YAHUSHUA. She also needed a Messiah.

I respect and honor her for being the Mother of YAHUSHUA, but I do not worship her or put her on the same level as my Messiah...and neither should you. I do not pray to her and neither should anyone else. For there is only one intercessor before YAHUVEH for us and that is YAHUSHUA. At the hour of death, Mary should not be prayed to, for she can't save anyones soul. Only YAHUSHUA is the Savior.

The Moriah Temple had to be rededicated from the Greek's god, who was called Zeus, back to YAHUVEH, in order to cleanse it, anoint it, and take back what Satan had stolen, and prepare if for YAHUSHUA to come as seen in Malachi 3:1.

Our YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH would never have set foot in it some 130 years later if Zeus and pig were highlighted in its courts. The prophet Malachi foretold the first coming of YAHUSHUA to His Temple. Without the victory of the Maccabees over the heathen Greeks-Syrians, the Temple and the biblical Jewish way of worship (it was still biblical at that time) would have disappeared. Understand this...Hanukkah is a memorial to the Jewish people, for if they had all been wiped out, YAHUSHUA would not have a Holy bloodline to come forth from.

If that had happened, and the Jewish people had not been preserved, YAHUSHUA could not have been born as King of the Jews. He would not have been our blood sacrifice. For without the shedding of Holy Blood, there is no remission of sins. Who would have been our sin sacrifice? How would the Son of YAHUVEH have been birthed?

Those who mock Hanukkah and claim it is just a pagan replacement, or a Hebrew excuse, for x-mass gift giving, are either ignorant or anti-Semitic. The main theme of Hanukkah is the indestructibility of Jewish-Yisrael and the ordained plans of YAHUVEH that He desires to perform through Israel. Do you not understand that if there was no Hanukkah, there would be no Jews. No Jews, no YAHUSHUA. No YAHUSHUA, no salvation. No salvation, no Messiah. And if no Messiah, all of us would be doomed to Hell and the lake of fire! We would have no protection or weapon against Satan.

Now do you understand why Hanukkah is so much more important than even when you used to believe that Xmas was the time of YAHUSHUA's birth? The Maccabees actually prepared the way at that time for the coming of YAHUSHUA. Hanukkah is a time to remember. This is a time for miracles and in these end days and approaching this next year, you need all the miracles you can get at this time.

The greatest of miracle of all was not only YAHUSHUA's conception, birth, and resurrection, but the fact that no one has ever wiped the Jewish people off the face of this earth...and never will. We are the seed of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob and we are the seed of YAHUSHUA, for His Blood saves, delivers, resurrects, heals, blesses us in all ways in YAHUSHUA's name. I am grateful that Israel has been preserved for the sake of YAHUSHUA our Mashiach. (Messiah)

The middle candle of the Menorah is called the Shamish and it is used to light all the other candles. YAHUSHUA is The First To Die For The Renewed Covenant Truth- The Shamish/Servant dies first, setting the example and pattern. YAHUSHUA sacrificed himself first as His candle is lit first. It also dies first. Colossians 1:18. We take our cue from Him as the other candles die daily also after the pattern of our Messiah. It is YAHUSHUA that lives through us, and in our flesh we die daily, symbolized by the candles being extinguished daily during all 8 days of Hanukkah. (Galatians 2:20, Romans 6:4-5).

Like our Messiah, we are resurrected at His coming, symbolized by the REKINDLING of the candles the following day after the flame goes out for all 8 days of Hanukkah (Chanukah). The number 8 is symbolic of new life, so that the "last day" is a reminder of the promise to us that we will live forever in Heaven and in the New Jerusalem.

Shamish, YAHUSHUA's Candle- It provides light to all other candles. It is high and lifted up higher than all others. (Colossians 1:16, Philippians 2:9-11) All other servants of YAHUSHUA get their light from YAHUSHUA the Servant candle in the midst of His disciples, as we in turn reflect His light, as YAHUSHUA is the Eternal light of this world. (John 12:35-36, Matthew 20:28, Luke 22:27)

Even the fact that we start lighting the candles from the right first is a reminder to me that when YAHUSHUA separates the good from the evil, the sheep from the goats, the evil is on the left side and the righteous souls are on the right side. We light the Menorah from the right side because it is through YAHUSHUA's righteousness we stand, not in our own name.

On this Hanukkah, think on all the miracles that YAHUVEH has given you through out this year. PRAISE YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA for the plans THEY have, for us that worship THEM, are for good and not for evil.

In closing, I especially thank the hard workers who labor to translate the prophetic messages in their languages. We are so grateful for them. We ask special anointed miracles for each of these who labor in this harvest field with us. Everyone that is part of this ministry is part of the laborers who harvest in this fertile soil, bringing souls to YAHUSHUA all over the world.

Until we meet on earth or in Heaven,

Love and Blessings in YAHUSHUA's name,
Elisheva, Kathrynyah, and Adam