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Purim Battle against our Hamans, we are Esther lets WIN!

Chag Purim Sameach! Happy Purim! See the animation above & whatever your Hamans are, pray YAH will deliver you! Do not miss NEW teaching & revelations Apostle/ Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu received! Be blessed our Hamans on this earth may take more than 1 day! Remember poverty, disease, illuminatee, rich & famous wicked of this world harming the innocent, Vengeance is mine says YAH & wait you will see a red sea miracle in your life & hamans will be hung by their words & actions!

Just wait until Wuhan virus, they think they are protected in Hollywood and find out vaccinations did not work! Underground cities YAH will bury them with a flood underground! I prophesy this as YAHUVEH EL SHADDAI HIS love is as great as HIS wrath & destruction! Sodom & Gomorrah was no joke! It will happen again! I have had an open vision of sealed prophecy 78! Not time yet to release it! Wuhan virus is everyone’s Haman plus Bill Gates who kills with vaccinations!

We celebrate Purim because Haman gave orders to kill all the Jews. He forced them to not fight back! Esther was a Jew as was Mordechai. Esther obeyed YAHS orders spoken through Mordechai. The weapon formed against Esther & all Jews did not succeed! Instead because of Esther’s obedience, her 3 day fast combined with her prayers (Esther 4:15-16) she was able to approach the King without permission. The King’s sign of permission to speak to him was he had a royal scepter he held out to the person who wanted to ask a request.

The kings heart felt love, he recognized Esther. He favored her because of her beauty & personality. The King held out the Jewelled Royal scepter so she could speak (Esther 5:1-2). Esther set a trap for Haman & caused the King to demand Haman, his wife and 10 sons all to be publicly hung, strangled with a noose on the highest gallows (Esther 7:8-10).

All who Worship YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH are Jews even if not biologically, you were adopted, grafted into YAHUSHUA symbolized as an olive vine (Romans 11:11-24). YAHUSHUA calls us HIS Branch grafted in to be part of the only Vine. It does not matter whether biological Jew or not! HIS Command is if the Branch does not produce good fruit, HE will cut off the Branch and burn with Hells fire! (Matt 7:19, Luke13:9) You must confess you are a sinner & confess with sorrow the sins to HIM, ask HIM to forgive your sins, to have your sins remembered no more. You must humble yourself and asking HIM to become LORD means that you have declared HIM ruler of your life.

You must desire to obey HIM & hate sin, turn away from sins and accept the only way to Heaven. To live for HIM is to say please come into my soul and fill me with the RUACH ha KODESH HOLY SPIRIT, to live inside of me, teaching me how to be obedient & pleasing to YAH. ABBA YAH is the HEAVENLY FATHER of Creation with no beginning or end. YAHUVEH is CREATOR of TIME! YAHUSHUA is the only name anyone can be saved in (Acts 4:11-12).

In Hebrew, YAHUSHUA’S name means “YAH Saves.” Psalm 91 says there is protection from disease, pestilences, to those who call upon YAHS Name! The scepter is YAHUSHUA! No prayers are answered before the FATHER of Creation without praying in the Name & sins washed in the Perfect blood of YAHUSHUA the only MESSIAH! Ask forgiveness when you sin, run back into YAHUSHUA’S loving arms again! Do not give up!

The way we prove our love for YAHUSHUA is obeying HIM! YAHUSHUA said "Why do you call HIM LORD & not obey HIM? (Luke 6:46) HE knows no one is perfect just continue to not give up & do not purposely sin. Ask HIM to help you to defeat the sin where you are weak! Humble yourself do not become like the unrepented Haman, his wife and 10 sons, even the youngest son was hanged so he could not become another Haman.

The King wanted to introduce at his banquet his beautiful wife Vashti, but she refused to come (Esther 1:1-21). Vashti the king’s disobedient rebellious wife was cast out of his kingdom! Vashti are selfish narcissists who refuse with great sorrow & tears to repent. They are called unrepented sinners, no fear of YAH or YAHUSHUA. They shall have the Judgement of hell & the lake of fire! Jeremiah 6:27-30 full of rebellion & say they will live their lives with no respect for the 10 commandments!

There are beautiful women and outwardly handsome men but they refuse to live a life of Holiness, purity, integrity, faithful to the HEAVENLY HOLY TRINITY! The worst are the church of pretenders, with demons of pharisees with no desire to confess their sins & repent with great sorrow, turn away from sin, instead they embrace their sins living for today selling their soul to the devil, every image in the animation above has done this. satan used their diaper salvation to eventually use them to lead souls to worship a demon goddess teaching they cannot go to hell because they are all gods & 14 planets! They all studied the occult, mysticism, evil lies that drives people to insanity as they open themselves to open the 3rd eye so they can say and do what you want, a god cannot sin, they blaspheme with no fear!

On the website we screen shot what they had written & with your own ears you will hear the before they turned reprobate & after giving their souls to satan for occult powers. See on the front-page reprobate’s wall of shame direct link https://amightywind.com/en/wallofshame.html

The Bible warns in genesis Adam & Eve were allowed to eat from every tree in the garden, but were not to eat off the tree of good and evil, YAH forbid them to touch! (Genesis 2:16-17). If you opened your 3rd eye ask YAHUSHUA to forever seal it with HIS shed blood for forgiveness of sins! Repent & ask YAHUSHUA for deliverance of all forms of the occult! Real names are used at the reprobate’s wall of shame, they have no mercy from YAHUSHUA there is no forgiveness for blasphemy against the HOLY SPIRIT! Who in Hebrew is named RUACH ha KODESH!

You want to be protected from the Wuhan Virus or pestilence. Read & believe, speak aloud over your home and family but you must first realize you must ask forgiveness from YAHUSHUA before the HEAVENLY FATHER of Creation & time will answer your prayers. We must be symbolized as Esther, to be able to claim psalm 91 or the Blessings of YAH in the Bible Deuteronomy 28! The only other choice YAH gave to Haman, Deuteronomy 28 curses of YAH to the unrepented rebellious children of satan!

YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH’s children especially HIS Bride of both women & men rev 14, 144000, revelation 7, 144,000 are all 1 Bride of 288,000, just given different missions & rapture departures. Remember do not believe the lies of tv evangelists, not all people want to be set apart. Remember the 5 wise virgins, the parable YAHUSHUA spoke (Matthew 25:1-11). Be encouraged for all who belong to YAHUSHUA do their best to obey HIM, ask forgiveness quickly when they sin! Can you imagine a Jewish wedding with no guests there to enjoy it? YAHUSHUA says in the Book of revelation "Blessed are All who are invited to the Marriage Banquet of the LAMB who is YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH!” (Rev 19:9)

Remember the old blood covenant under Moses was a foreshadow, the History of what was to come! Moses warned there would be a new blood covenant as a sin sacrifice. YAHUSHUA said "I did not come to cancel the laws of the prophets, but to fulfill them! (Matt 5:17) YAHUSHUA is the scripture the so-called Rabbis fear. In all ways YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH proved HE is the MESSIAH, Isaiah 53!

I have seen YAHUSHUA face to face! HE has the brightest blue eyes! The young artist drew the image in the picture I use. When you get to Heaven, you can remember I told you 1st. Arc Angel Michael as my testimony of May 24 2005 I saw him face to face. I listened as 2 Angels stood farther away. I was looking in awe, wide awake at Arc Angel Michael’s iridescent sparkling wing. I ran my fingers through his wings, touching the feather like a 2-year-old! Arc Angel Michael looked on me with love, he is not just my guardian Angel but Israel’s also & protects all who labor with me in this Ministry.
His massive wing hovered over my edge of the bed as he stood there & Gabriel Spoke to me saying, "good tidings milady." He said this Ministry needed a special group of Prayer intercessors for I had no one I trusted to know my needs. YAHUSHUA sent Him to announce the birth & name of uniquely anointed Prayer Warriors. He called the name off of a golden scroll "YAHUSHUAS demon Stompers".

I was told more, if you want to know more look in the menu Angelic Visitations. Arc Angel Michael is seen in the image above the seal also called the Crest of the Ministry. I have seen Him face to face but there is always urgency when YAHUSHUA sends Him & allows me to see him. Cape Breton South Africa 2006 was the last time in a crowded restaurant back to back with people, yet I saw him as I read the menu. I felt eyes of spiritual love & it was no one sitting at my table. The testimony is on the website & why the urgency to protect me.

In the ending I will describe him I do not remember if testimony is in Secrets of RUACH ha KODESH Book soon to be 3rd edition. Arc Angel Michael is handsome & built muscular like a body builder. He has dark hair, he is tall, look up old tv series called Bonanza, a western you will see the youngest son is called Little Joe his real name is Michael Landon. Arc Angel Michael also looks like young age, Kirt Russell, who is married to actress Goldie Hawn. Both men appearances together, you have my best description.

I pray that during this Purim that whatever your Haman’s may be, whether it be poverty, enemies, disease, pestilence, whatever it may be, may your Haman’s be hung on the gallows and may you gain the victory you need just like Esther did in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Mighty and Holy name, Amen.