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Angel appears to Elisabeth and calls her Ma'am

On September 5, 2008 Elisabeth was awakened by a voice speaking to her as if a person was standing over her head. A male voice she had never heard before was saying, "Ma'am? Ma'am?" Waking her up to get her attention. She woke up and said, "Yes, who is it?" She was thinking to herself, "How did the mailman see me in my bedroom?" Elisabeth got excited and said, "Then it must of been a Holy Angel who just gave me a special delivery from heaven." Elisabeth says she will never forget that voice. Elisabeth has had many visitations of Holy Angels and she realizes they have never addressed her by her name. This is the first time they ever addressed me and used the word ma'am and Kathrynyah says Elisabeth should be honored because it shows how much the Angels respect her. In our english vocabulary using the word ma'am is a sign of respect.

Later during prayer Joainneyah heard that it was a Holy angel and she saw a Scroll being given to Elisabeth. She also heard Colossians 1, a verse meant to encourage Elisabeth. (Please read Colossians 1)

Last night during prayer YAHUSHUA confirmed to Elisabeth it was an Holy angel. Elisabeth asked Yahuveh what was delivered to her. During prayer Kathrynyah heard, "Rapture ready." Kathrynyah saw white ping pong balls bobbing to the surface of the water, waiting to be picked up. They were egg shaped. K saw two wires coming into contact which she interpreted to mean our earthly flesh meeting our spirit bodies and "boom!" Something new created when the two come in contact. Elisabeth heard our "spiritual DNA will combine with our fleshly DNA and our new bodies will be formed."

We have been given sign after sign that we are on the brink of the Great Tribulation, but we know this the Great Tribulation can not happen the ac can not be revealed until the true Bride of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH of Rev 14 the 144,000 has been raptured.

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Dictionary definition of the word ma'am

In the U.K. ma'am is mostly obsolete, with a few exceptions. It may be used when addressing the Queen in place of Your Majesty; after having first addressed the Queen as Your Majesty, Ma'am may be used for the remainder of the conversation. In addition, the term is still in common usage in the police service as a form of address to a senior female officer.
Madam may be used in place of ma'am to express respect, but its usage is nevertheless far less common as that of ma'am in the U.S.