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ARCHANGEL Michael appears and tells her to write this down

I had a visitation from an Angel. I don’t know if I was seeing this in my body or out of my body as stated by John in the Book of revelation. The Angel was Michael the Archangel I later found out. I thought I had fallen asleep in the SHKHINAH GLORY RV Bus. The next thing I remember is an Angel was standing beside me where I was laying in bed. The angel handed me a writing tool and paper and the first thing he told me to write down was "The greatest army of YAHUVEH is not registered with the government but instead are registered in Heaven."

Next he told me to write "Again YAHUVEH is telling me to gather together and assemble the Troops on the wall" Then the Angel told me to write down what he was saying and as he was dictating it I wrote it down rapidly.

Now people I have to interject this, no one can read my handwriting for I write as fast as I speak in tongues and even I most of the time have trouble reading it! So as I was writing what the angel dictated and when he was finished I tried to read the message and much to my dismay I could not read it! The angel then told me it was NOT the time for me to be able to read it nor remember what the angel spoke, when it was time I would clearly know the message to give to the world, but now was not the time. I would then write this message down straight from the throne of YAHUVEH. I am still waiting for Prophecy 71 to be finished and have not been given permission by YAHUVEH to share what has been given thus far. Why I don’t know I am only obeying YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Is this new message part of that prophecy I can’t say what I don’t know.