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Mary Barnes

Address: 2101 NW 16th Street
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma Occupation: Vice principal. Preacher of false doctrine Info: Mary Barnes is a New Age Witch and satanist in disguise as a Christian. Youtube name is TheKathleenBean Description: It is common knowledge that although Kelly Greene is married, he commits adultery with Mary Barnes (Youtube user names: "TheKathleenBean," "WisdomHunter93," "Abandoned2God"). They worked together previously in a hospital until she was fired for stealing drugs. Her drug addiction, alcoholism, whoredom, strip joints (did she work there?). . . she says that is her past, but it is my opinion and others that she never changed. She has a split personality and one personality tries to put on a facade. She is a Christian Vice Principal, but the truth is she is like a Jekyll and Hyde. There is a dark side to Mary Barnes and Chris. Her now deceased husband saw that dark side and it killed him. She is a NEW AGE WITCH!

The TRUTH is, Mary Barnes is a defender of satanists, atheists.