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Barbara Gilbert

Prove it, or admit you LIED!

Address: - Occupation: - Info: Her Youtube name is childofyahvh. Description: This woman is a Judas who sold Elisabeth Elijah out for luxury and fame. Just as Judas did for 30 pieces of silver. She once tasted the good fruit of Amightywind Ministry, but now she is making her bed with satanists, voodoo workers, shamans and many others who practice the occult.

She was a good friend of Elisabeth Elijah. A trusted friend for some time. But she became a Judas after she started listening to the lies that are being told against Amightywind Ministry by the unity gathering group. Barbara Gilbert turned against Elisabeth Elijah and she also joined the unity gathering group. Her fruits are exposed now and they are rotten. She chose to go against the HOLY SPIRIT and to join satan's workers of darkness.