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Richard Keltner

Address: Occupation: False preacher. Internet radio show broadcast Info: BEWARE ALL WHO LISTEN TO WATCHMEN RADIO! YOU ARE IN DANGER OF SEVERE SPIRITUAL SATANIC ATTACKS BECAUSE RICHARD HAS OPENED THE DOOR TO SATAN ON HIS WEBSITE! Description: For through his forum Satanists, witches, warlocks, and atheists are posting and cast the ones who practice magik and spells and sends demons are endangering the few Holy ones that are also posting at the forum. If they want to know why the attacks from Satan has been so fierce this is the reason why.

Anyone who defends what we are saying here regarding Watchmen Radio and Rich Keltner is banned from Rich's forum!

Rich Keltner is in rebellion and makes excuses why he teaches others it is alright to disobey YAHUVEH and break the commandments and teach Baptist doctrines.