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Sherry Shriner

Sherry Shriner, who she really is

Sherry Shriner - Alien on the internet

Address: 4240 Milo Road,
44615 Occupation: False Prophet Info: Selling organe. Claiming organe can chase away demons. Where organe in reality attracts evil demons and aliens to your home and neighborhood. Description: Sherry Shriner is evil folks. There is no disputing this fact, it is so obvious. The first thing to look at is her last name, Shriner. We don't believe this is her birth name, it is a name she gave herself, so why would she call herself the name 'Shriner', because she is one, that's why. And if her real name is Shriner, then YAHUVEH is exposing her for what she really is. Either way she is being exposed for what she truly is, a shriner of the freemason order. Shriners are evil people in a satanic group associated with the freemasons. Freemasons are of satan and so is Sherry Shriner. It is so obvious and blatant that she doesn't even try to hide the truth, it is right before our eyes. She attacks Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah and this Ministry, and this is Elisabeth's real name, it is on her birth certificate, but just look at the difference in their last names, one is an Elijah and the other is a Shriner. What does that tell you. Wake up people if you believe the lies of Sherry Shriner, she is telling you what she is with her name.