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Zeph Daniels

Address: Occupation: He and his wife Patricia (Trish) are false preachers Info: He claims to have been born into an illuminati family. Description: Zeph Daniels, formerly known as Woody Keith, along with his wife Patricia (Trish), claims to be preachers of the Word of GOD. But their actions proof that their fruits are rotten. Zeph is also the author of sexually immoral horror films, and his wife are promoting these films on their "Christian" forum, The Lamb Cafe. The Daniels are conditioning their "lambs" to believe that viewing psychotic/sex horror thrillers is edifying. Watching horror films is edifying in the sight of Satan's followers, not followers of YAHUSHUA [the Lord Jesus Christ]. Watching films of this nature is the same thing as drinking from the cup of devils. (Indeed, films of this nature are teeming with demons who have the right to afflict, influence, and even indwell the people who view them.) The Bible is clear. We cannot partake of the Lord's table and the table of devils (which includes Zeph Daniel's as well as all horror films).