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Quarantine Dream

While taking a nap, Elisheva (Elisheva) had a dream. In her dream, YAHUVEH was saying, "Warn the people and start praying against this and that it does not happen to them, their family or loved ones. There will be a quarantine in 3 to 5 different ways and between 29 and 33 days." In the dream, Elisheva (Elisheva) told this to a brother, and he said, "I know, I was expecting this." This was the end of the dream.

Elisheva does not claim to understand what this means. So please don't stone the messenger. Since we are cut off from media and television, we are asking anyone with discernment or knowledge what this dream is a warning of. Please Contact Us.

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Discernment From Jerry

A friend of mine, Lawrence Joyce, is a pharmacist. He said if Smallpox were released in America, 125 million people could die in 3 weeks.

Symtoms take 7 days to appear.

Vaccines must be administered within the first 4 days of treatment.

Quarantine for about a month is the suggested safety measure since the plague kills so quickly and efficiently that it becomes safe to come out in a month since people either died or survived and are immune.