Run Enemy Run! (While You Still Can) Vengeance is the LORD’S


Yes, enemies. Consider yourselves warned! Not sure we even know who you are? YAHUVEH (GOD) has been toying with you. This is from the night of Pentecost 2015.

This is against occultists who pretend to be one of us. I’m not talking about those of you who are our brothers and sisters in YAH. I love all of you, and I’m speaking about those who attack us in secret.

Elisabeth: We warn people that ‘Narrow is the way to Heaven, and broad is the path to hell’ (Matt 7:13). And satan is really upset because he can’t stop this Ministry from growing—he can’t stop it.


I don’t take the credit, at all. There’s no way I could have brought all you together. There’s no way I could have brought over 27 languages. There is no way I could have done anything! Anything that has been done!

All that I have done, was just obey, and put up a website. And put the Prophecies there and I relied totally on the Anointing, because it is the Anointing that breaks the yokes and bondages (Is 10:27). It is the Anointing that speaks forth out of this Ministry.

And ABBA YAH did all the rest.

We lift up the Name of YAHUSHUA to draw all men nigh, but you know something son and daughter? Even the enemies are drawn to this Ministry. They are drawn so they don’t have an excuse. They are drawn.

Syl: And for their judgment.

E: For their judgment. And destruction (Rom 9). They would be better off—if people don’t like this Ministry, if they don’t want to hear what we are preaching, oh my gosh, why do they bother to stay? Can’t they see, it’s a trap, for those that creep in, and boy we got them—my emails got them right now—and I saw FATHER—what am I to do with this person?

Both of you know, and all the Y.D.S. know. We know in advance. The enemies have crept in. “Oh, but I love you Momma. Oh! I’m reading the Prophecies, Momma!”

Yeah, right. [Sarcasm].

Right, we know—we know who is really sent by satan to try to divide us from within. Don’t we kids? We know. You think you’re fooling us? You really think you are fooling me by your update! And you will be listening to this. You know.

You better run! You better run! You better run while you can! I don’t want your daily updates—I don’t want your lies.

I know and these who are listening and “YAHUSHUA’S demons stompers” know who has been sent to play the game that they are one of us.

We have nothing in common with satan. We hate satan. We hate evil. Should I not hate those that hate you? Yes, I should hate them with a perfect hatred (Ps 139:20-21).

Guess what reprobate enemies? We hate you (2 Ch 19:2; Ps 31:6; Ps 119:158; Prov 29:27; Rom 9:13). Do you hear me? We hate you.

We hate the workers of iniquity that are bound and determined to destroy the Holy ones of YAHUSHUA. We hate you. But it’s not just our hate. It is a hatred of ABBA YAHUVEH. It is a hatred of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! And it is a hatred of the RUACH HA KODESH, HOLY SPIRIT (Rom 9:13; Ps 11:5; Prov 6:16-19; 8:13).

And you can hear it in my voice. So you who are writing me the emails, you who think you are going to creep in—we know you! We know you.

So run while you can. Stop playing your game. You are playing ‘Russian Roulette’ with your soul and YAHUVEH is toying with you. And my instructions are, “Do not expose this person or persons, yet”—because we are to toy with you. We are to make you think that we don’t know what you are doing.

But what you don’t know is that every curse, every spell, every ritual that you are sending against us—every astral projection—when you do your evil, ABBA YAHUVEH is returning anything evil you have done right back in your own face!

On this Day of Pentecost, I tell the enemies you better run while you can.

You want to see me face in a video?! You want a ‘live’ video? Oh I’ll tell you what you get. ABBA YAH told me…

See, I have a spiritual Rod of YAH’S Wrath that was given to me in the 6th year of my salvation, and HE told me I will be saying a prayer, and I will be lifting that Rod of Wrath. And woe be unto you enemies for you shall be no more, so go ahead.

Go ahead, keep the persecution up. We have a Word that isn’t even released where ABBA YAHUVEH said, “Make MY day.”

You’ll hear it eventually. You see, I’m not hear to entertain you. I’m not here [now] to even try to bring you to YAHUSHUA. We’ve already said the prayers and FATHER said, “Cast not your pearls before swine (Matt 7:6). They are reprobate” (Jer 6:30; Rom 1:28; 9; 2 Cor 13:5; 2 Cor 3:8; Tit 1:16; Heb 6:4-8).

So you’re not fooling anyone. You just think you are. So I speak to the “enemy”—and you know who you are—on this Day of Pentecost, full of the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH, and I say you better run while you can.

You better run off that Internet! You better stop writing those emails to me, trying to pretend you are somebody that you’re not.

I already know that you hate ABBA YAHUVEH. I already know the multiple personality disorders that you have that are rearing up in legions of unholy demons. Of course all demons are unholy, that didn’t even make sense. I’m just trying to say that not everyone with MPD, not everyone, is dangerous. And there really is a mental sickness, but then there really is a satanic, legion of demons.

And this person has got legions of demons. And they come to us as male. They come to us as female.

And like I said, I just feel led to warn them that ABBA YAHUVEH says, “This day, on this Day of Pentecost, you better run while you can!” Because we don’t accept—we don’t accept your curses. We don’t accept your rituals. You know we even have necromancers [who attack us].

Do you know that? They even do necromancy, trying to kill me. This is incredible. This is incredible [how extreme this is].

And FATHER, I just thank YOU and I just praise YOU that not one Y.D.S. has been harmed! Not one Associate Minister! That YOU really do put us underneath the Shelter of YOUR Wings as Psalm 91! We really do have a force field that is invisible around us called the Blood of YAHUSHUA. We stand in the Full Armor of Ephesians 6 and it never, never comes off.

I know there’s some churches, well there were Pentecostal churches that would tell me, “Everyday you better put your helmet of Salvation on and your Breastplate of Righteousness”—you know all of Ephesians 6 Armor.

No. YAHUSHUA told me, “This Armor never comes off!” Our Shield of Faith never comes down! Right kids?

Syl: Amen, we need it all the time.

E: We don’t take it off!

S: Yeah and that is as we continue to live Holy.

E: Amen, that’s the key. That is the key. Because in this End Time generation right now. There are so few, real HOLY SPIRIT filled churches who will even teach people what sin [really] is. They really won’t do it. They really won’t tell their congregation that ABBA YAH says, “Be ye Holy as I AM Holy” (1 Pet 1:16; Lev 11:44).

We have the RUACH HA KODESH within us. We have no excuse to break the Ten Commandments. We have none. We know when we are convicted, and you better fall on your face and repent when you do break one of the Ten Commandments. We are commandment-keepers and that’s how come satan hates this Ministry.

We preach to be a commandment-keeper (1 Jn 5:2-3; John 14:15; Rev 12:17; 14:12). Right?
S: Right. And it is the conviction that is on—that comes from this Ministry that the enemies hate.

E: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! And that’s how come everyone who has turned into a Judas ran!
First, tried to destroy us and they still try to destroy us, but they couldn’t live Holy. And they try to destroy because they couldn’t—they were exposed. They would say things like, “oh yes, I believe the Prophecies,” until they received a Prophecy for themselves of rebuke! They had secret sin they didn’t want anyone to know about.

S: And being jealous of the love we have for one another in this Ministry…

E: Yeah! That’s another thing. We’re supposed to know one another, YAHUSHUA said, by the love we have for one another (Jn 13:35). And the love is so strong. When I get these emails kids—oh my gosh—especially, I’m just going to say from the Chinese.

I don’t know what it is about the Anointing on these precious ones [from China], but they’re so humble and they’re so beautiful.

And of course now, the devil has crept in to the Chinese Ministry because the book [Secrets of the HOLY SPIRIT] is about to be released: big argument about—over how to spell the [Sacred] Names. It was just a distraction to keep the book from being released; false visions and words to attack the Associate Ministers, but they don’t touch me—that’s what’s so ironic; they want to still claim the Prophecies [as true]—and some even try to claim the [AmightyWind] Prophecies are from them.

Do you know others even take our Holy Crest, our Holy Seal and they claim it as theirs?

The things that we have encountered!

And yet there is a genuine Bride of YAHUSHUA in the Chinese—I won’t just say Chinese—I’m saying the whole Asian Bride. And the Anointing, when I read their emails, leaps off the pages! The humble, beautiful SPIRIT that is within these people, is just amazing.

So we’ve got the counterfeit as we have in all the [languages], different translations. [There is] the counterfeit bride there.

S: But it shows you the work that ABBA YAH is doing, because that is how much the devil fears what YAH is doing.

E: Amen. That is exactly right! But ABBA YAHUVEH is so awesome! HE is so awesome! Because our Chinese— the Chinese Ministry and the Asian Ministry—I just want to put it all as one—the Asian Bride has been called forth.

The Portuguese Bride has been called forth. The Polish Bride has been called forth. The Spanish Bride—I can’t even go through all of them.

And we are going to have books and there’s going to be ebooks and the translators in all these different languages have been writing. Have been working so hard to write these translations down.

And enemies, Get Ready for a Shock! The Prophecies also are about to be released [as books] in YAH’S Timing.

But there is so much going on behind the scenes. I have a brand new announcement that is going to make the enemies tremble, on the Day of Pentecost before the world it is going to be recorded and that is we are about to do our own radio shows…
Today is the beginning, my audio—I guess you can call them blogs cause I still don’t know what to call them.

I said ABBA, “How am I going to do this?”

You know [yesterday a Word came] forth. It was a private Word. (And people don’t understand. There have been thousands—and all of you are witnesses, and especially Associate Ministers Kathrynyah and Adam, thousands of Prophecies that have been given and so many of them are for private.) And a Word came forth for one of our Beloved Youth Ministers in direction for his life—YAH’S direction in regards to his career.

And we all received a fresh new Anointing and “YAHUSHUA’S demons stompers” received a fresh new Anointing. And this is evidence of it today.

This is evidence today as I announce the radio broadcast that is going to be starting very, very soon. And this is the beginning of it. So enemies, you can’t shut us up. No matter what you do!

YAHUSHUA said, “When you try to shut [this] Prophet up, she’s only going to yell louder!”

We have all of those that write us and encourage us and let us know how their lives have been changed. And tell us just, keep on, don’t stop, don’t listen to the lies the enemies say. YAHUSHUA was persecuted also.

And they encourage us to keep going. And the salvation reports that come forth!

So is it any wonder the devil is mad. Is it any wonder that all he can do is have his people put up stupid videos full of slanderous, blasphemous lies? They can hurt us through their videos, they think. And they can hurt us through, they’re keyboard—what are they going to do? Type us to death?

The curses are returning back to their own faces for those in the occult. We don’t receive the garbage. It just bounces off the Blood of YAHUSHUA. Right back in their faces!

S: Amen! Mail-not-wanted.

E: Yeah. [Laughing.] That’s what ABBA YAH told me a long time ago. HE said, “It’s called spam.” We didn’t sent it. And all we do is send it back. “Mail-unwanted.” A real long time ago, that’s exactly what HE said—in fact actually, the Word was “Return to sender.”