Urgent notice to the Bride of YAHUSHUA and the Guests!

Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah
July 8, 2000

Beloved of our LORD YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, Hear me please! I am sending this email out first to those the HOLY SPIRIT has put on my heart to warn even before it is posted! If you disagree with me please take it to YAHUSHUA in prayer! Don't take the time to argue with me because it won't do any good! Time is short YAHUSHUA is on the way! This must be what Noah felt like as he warned about the flood coming and people grew tired of listening for it appeared to be taking too long!

Today July 8, 2000. One month ago, June 8, I was fasting and on my face before YAHUSHUA praying as the day of Pentecost approached on June 10. Oh LORD, please count me worthy to escape what is to come! I was fasting and praying OH LORD YAHUSHUA please count me worthy to be in the First Fruits Rapture and I mean weeping and not understanding why I was worried about this! I love and serve YAHUSHUA! My personal fruit and that of the ministry believing in faith is good yet here I was praying count me worthy to be called the BRIDE! I confess before you I was quite concerned for the HOLY SPIRIT was dealing with me about June 10, 2000 and it being the Elopement of the BRIDE of YAHUSHUA! GOD even gave me a song that has no words written down "OH LORD YAHUSHUA COUNT ME WORTHY TO BE CALLED YOUR BRIDE."

Then after that song the HOLY SPIRIT spoke to me on June 10, and said...


"It is not for you that you weep and intercede for! You are one of the "Bride of YAHUSHUA's". You have been shown not to take it for granted just because your born again that you are the "Bride of YAHUSHUA too many are taking it for granted! The Bride is few in number, it will barely be noticed when YAHUSHUA takes his Bride away. I have prophesied this to you and will speak it again! The Bride is on their faces before me and saying in humbleness "OH LORD COUNT ME WORTHY to escape what is to come and to be called your Bride! They do not just assume or presume they are the Bride of YAHUSHUA!

Today, so many are presuming they are the Bride and are not, they are the guests! You have interceded for those who are the Guests and who needed more time to prepare to become part of the Bride! The day of Pentecost June 10, 2000, ALL were sealed with either redemption, or damnation! The ARK DOOR IS NOW CLOSED! Even those that have not yet been reached with the saving message have been sealed for I know who are mine and who are not! I know whose name will be BLOTTED OUT in the Lambs Book of Life and already they are sealed with Damnation!

Today June 10, 2000, the day of Pentecost I would have come for the Bride but because of your prayers and others prayers and fasting and not even knowing why? They wept before me and prayed count me worthy when the HOLY SPIRIT had given them peace they were already worthy to be my Bride! I will tell you now it was not for you that you interceded for and wept! I gave more time so the guests could become the Bride! It would have been all over with my 2nd coming on June 10, 2000! Let them scoff and mock but I am preparing my Bride and teaching her and wooing her!

Your prayers and fasting gave some of the guests time to become the Bride! You interceded for the guests who will hear this message and clean up their fruit for that is the Wedding garment that must be without spot or wrinkle! I will accept no Bride that has not come through the fire of affliction and not love me. I will accept no Bride that takes being "MY Bride" for granted! Stop promising when you lead others in the prayer of salvation that they are the Bride! It takes work and fruit that is good to be called MY Bride!

Yes it is not works that save you! But it is work to be called MY Bride! I am coming so quickly but I was delayed because of your intercession and that of others and they knew not why they fasted and prayed! Gabriel has already BLOWN the HORN! The sound waves have yet reached you but shall shortly! IF you knew how shortly none reading this would be off their knees praying OH LORD COUNT ME WORTHY! Tell them what I have spoken and don't worry about the nay sayers that speak leave them to ME to prove MY point!

The fast ended and I was so grateful YAHUSHUA had spoken the words of assurance to me. What were you doing on June 10, 2000, or the 3 days prior to it? Did you hear the HOLY SPIRIT warning you to be prepared for his coming? Did you pray OH LORD COUNT ME WORTHY TO BE CALLED YOUR BRIDE AND GO HOME IN THE FIRST FRUIT RAPTURE? (GOD spoke audibly to me and said first one rapture then another for those that I love) I want to be in the first fruit for that is the Bride!

If you did not even think about these things on that date then you may be one of those I fasted and prayed for that you would not be a guest but part of the Bride! Pray now and please take this warning seriously! I am only the messenger please don't stone the messenger! But if you do then I will be like Stephen, and behold the face of YAHUSHUA!

Then I received a phone call from Israel (Roy) he told me how his 101 year old Prophetess Mother confirmed what YAHUVEH has spoken through me thus far! She only can speak under the anointing now and they live in Israel. When Roy, asked her if I was really a prophet speaking as a oracle for YAHUSHUA and was I really speaking the Truth? She said two words "Yes! Yes!"

It is hard for her to speak so her words are only spoken when GOD gives them to her! This is the greatest earthly blessing I have received thus far as to the validity of this ministry and minister! Roy, has 5 web sites that teach and prophesy! Roy says I won't go to Israel in my Physical body this year but my Spiritual body! When ever I go to Israel if it is not this year then whenever it is I will be in a Spiritual body not Physical body! That is how quickly YAHUSHUA is coming! When I hung up the phone the anointing came upon me and I started praying in tongues in urgent tongues unlike anything I have prayed before!

The HOLY SPIRIT started weeping and waling through me! Such an inhuman cry it startled even me! So loud the lamenting was! My son said "Mom your scaring the cat" I couldn't stop the wailing and then the screaming of the HOLY SPIRIT! Dear YAHUSHUA the wailing and the screaming and the grieving of the HOLY SPIRIT! I called my brother and trusted prophet and friend I have known for years now, his name is Gary Guillon and has a deliverance ministry in UK and is a mighty man of YAHUVEH that I have never found to be in error when he prophesies over me yet! I wait for one thing to come to pass that he prophesied if there is yet time I know that I will do what Gary, has prophesied!

Right now satan fights this tooth and nail but we have the victory in the name of YAHUSHUA. I called England and asked him to pray because this weeping and wailing and screaming if it was not of the HOLY SPIRIT then cast that demon off of me! As we started praying again the HOLY SPIRIT started wailing, weeping, and yes screaming! Gary, got a witness this was real and YAHUVEH spoke a word through both of us! I will post this later I saw what was to come to this world. We heard the grief of the HOLY SPIRIT as so many will wwep and wail when they realize they are not the Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH but rather the guests!

I saw what chaos will happen to this world! Gary, had to pray for peace on me afterwards as this was more than I could emotionally bare! I saw that the red plague dream is real and so is the boiling black blood plague among other things! My body wracked in sobs as I heard the HOLY SPIRIT wailing and weeping at how many who think they will escape will see these things to come to pass! The HOLY SPIRIT screamed as they will scream! As I write this I get tears in my eyes! Mock me if you want but this is real! If your not helping me get this message to the people then you will stand before YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and answer one day as to the reason why you hindered me by not helping me! I am only one person and at times the job gets so great the persecution, the debt, I just want to throw up my hands and say "I QUIT"! But thank you YAHUSHUA you don't allow me to quit! Even Gary Guillon, said many are called but few are chosen and I have been "chosen" Gary, says YAHUVEH won't let me Quit and he is right! He sends Aaron's to me to lift up my hands when the attacks come and my strength leaves me.

Urgent, time is running out! Please YAHUSHUA let me be found with oil in my lamp and my wick trimmed and because of your mercy awake with GOOD FRUIT! This is my prayer is for all those reading this and saying please YAHUSHUA the same prayer is for them!

Satan is out after the faith of the faithful bride for satan knows who the Bride is!

I have been under such attacks from the enemy that as the HOLY SPIRIT urges me to listen so he can speak them again but I haven't been able to hear above the roar of the enemy! The faithful Bride is just that being loyal and faithful and no matter what this world says about YAHUSHUA we only cling to our LOVE and blessed HOPE YAHUSHUA is on the way!

In the picture "One Minute Until Midnight", I thought that Gabriel was getting ready to blow his horn! I am wrong! Another prophet has heard this revelation that goes along with the prophecy "Get Ready For A Shock! Gabriel Has Already Blown His Horn!" After all these years Bud is the ONLY one that gave me this revelation. IT IS LATER THEN WE think! Read this and pray and test the spirit that speaks! I believe it is a WAKE UP CALL FOR THE BRIDE!

Don't be caught without the oil in your lamps or your wick untrimmed or caught asleep! Gabriel is sounding the shofar horn loud and clear! Are you ready? I know Bride, it is not getting easier to preach the gospel! The enemy is uglier than usual! The attacks are more severe! I KNOW! Have you battled this far to give up and MISS the First Fruits Rapture? YAHUSHUA is coming for his best! Not everyone that is born again is considered his best! The anointing on someone does not qualify them as the Bride it is the Fruit of that person!

Does your Fruit prove you are the Bride? You can be anointed and multitudes will be as they stand before YAHUSHUA and brag they cast out devils, lay hands on the sick, prophesy, spoke with new tongues and YAHUSHUA will say "Depart from me ye workers of iniquity (evil) I never KNEW you! HELL is full of those who once wore the label "anointed" even "Born again!" Evangelists that lead tens of millions of souls to YAHUSHUA (or YAHSHUA spelling is NOT the issue!) have missed Heaven! Why? Because of the fruit of the spirit! Pray not for only the anointing not to be taken from you but for the good fruit to be evident in your life! This is MY constant prayer! That all I do will glorify YAHUSHUA. This sentence should be added to everyone who leads others to YAHUSHUA!

Because I am held responsible by Daddy GOD YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the HOLY SPIRIT Ezk. 3:17-21 for what I say and don't say! Please don't say I didn't warn you! It is not your religion or how much tithe you pay that will get you into Heaven, it is not the gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT and how you use them that will get you into Heaven! Or that will qualify you as the True Bride of YAHUSHUA! It is the FRUIT of your Spirit!

It is your loving relationship with YAHUSHUA! Are you ready for a shock Gabriel is blowing the trumpet in that picture and has been for a long time now! (no longer one minute until midnight but seconds away from our BRIDE GROOM YAHUSHUA coming again! Get ready for a shock! But for years I have had email from those who say they are part of the 144.000! They call themselves "Lurkers" for they Lurk in the background waiting to see what YAHUSHUA is saying next through me. When I need encouragement they email me and let me know the HOLY SPIRIT told them to email me! They didn't intend to let me know they were watching!

The 144.000 are the troops I am to assemble on the wall! Please HOLY SPIRIT let the 144.000 read this and respond to me now in some way. Use me HOLY SPIRIT in any way to help prepare the Bride for YAHUSHUA's coming and please HOLY SPIRIT in YAHUSHUA's name let my fruit be pleasing to your nostrils! And help all of the Bride to have pleasing fruit complimenting the Anointing that will bring honor to our soon coming KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS! The ALPHA and the OMEGA our LORD YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH!

Rev. Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah