Menorah For You During The Eight Days of Hanukkah!

Begin by clicking on the a day number of Hanukkah you wish to light a candle for. The candle on the center has already been lit, it represents YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, The Light of the World!

All Other Candles Are Lit From The 'Shamus', Center Candle
It Represents YAHUSHUA, The Light of the World

(John 8:12;John 9:5)

What is the Shamish?

After the temple was recovered, the temple menorah was lit. It was never to be extinguished but there was only enough oil to last one day. It took eight days to obtain more oil. When they returned with the oil, to their surprise, the lamp was still burning. We light candles in our Hanukkah menorah for eight nights to remember this miracle. The candle which stands higher on the menorah is called the shamish. It is used to light the other candles during Chanukah. It symbolizes YAHUSHUA, The Light of the World! The first night of Chanukah we light the servant and use it to light one other candle. The second night the shamish and two other candles are lit, etc. etc., until on the eighth night all nine candles (including the Shamish) are lit.

Candlelight for Hanukkah - How to light the Menorah

[1] First, light the Shamash ONLY and then say the Hanukah Blessings directly below.

[2] After the blessings, light/kindle the Hanukah candles/wicks for that night & read or sing Hanerot Hallalu.

[3] Last, sing Maoz Tsur -- Rock of Ages.

To kindle the Hanukah lights for the Menorah for each night, you "start and end on the right side". You start (by adding the candles, counting up the days) on the right side, then from there you "light from the left" (counting down the days) until you end at the right side.

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